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Swine Flu in Zambia

Health Feature Health Swine Flu in Zambia

The three Zambians diagnosed with the Swine Flu in Belgrade have arrived in the country and have been quarantined.

One of the patients is in Lusaka while, two others are on the Copperbelt.

Acting Spokesperson in the Ministry of Health, Elizabeth Chizema, confirmed this to ZNBC news in an interview in Lusaka.

Dr. Chizema said the patient in Lusaka has been treated while those on the Copperbelt are receiving medication.

The patients were part of Zambian students who participated in sporting games in Belgrade,Serbia.

Symptoms of the Pandemic influenza are similar to those of seasonal ordinary flu which manifest in fever, running nose, sore throat, headache and fatigue.

Over 700 people around the world have died since the outbreak four months ago.

There are now over 125,000 laboratory-confirmed cases of swine flu worldwide but the WHO acknowledges the number of actual cases far exceeds that.



  1. If they were diagnosed in belgrade, why on earth where they allowed to travel thus endangering lives of people on the flight, as well as surely bringing it to Zambia??

  2. Every thing is going by plan, they are making us ready for soft kill(Vaccinations)Remember the Vaccine is the real thing and will kill millions.Prepare.

  3. Outbreak of swine flu here and there is to raise the fears,and those fears will be used to bring in compulsary vaccination.The Vaccine is the real thing.

  4. Breaking news(sky news)100,000 confirmed new cases of swine flu in England.
    Again i say “the vaccine is the real thing”.Prepare.

    Twafwa nomba. pantukwena kuno balefwa.

  6. Why didnt they stay quarantined in Belgrade? If this thing gets loose in Zed. There will be Kerfuffle!

  7. now there will be a use for those new hearses the government is proud about. was this the plan all along? conspiracy i wonder…

  8. Nga ba kabolala abo bali kwisa? Mwamona nomba, baibe ndalama shakushite miti, nomba what are we going to do. But Naifwe bene ama Zambians, we like to tolerate ubupuba mpakafye umuntu ayisa nyelafye munganda pa table elyo twamona ati ichi chipuba. Ni poverty yonse yi. Bebeni ati Swine flu naisa, bali busy baleiba. What did we do God to deserve such masquaraders calling themselves leaders? Elyo when you speak out, even your own friends and relatives speak against you because they want money. I am totally dismayed by the way we think here in Zambia, its Poverty, let’s all just pray to God.

  9. Lesa twafweni!!!! They have failed to contend cholera which we have lived with for so long…what more swine flu the latest pandemic pa zed

  10. #14 This is like biological warfare on man kind. Have you heard of the depopulation agenda? apparently, there are too many people on earth so they want to reduce world population.

  11. LT the story is incomplete: did the authorities there send them away from belgrade? did they acquire it in zambia, which would have implications that there are other cases in the country! if they were sent back to zambia, why did not the authorities there quarantine them there and treat them there instead of endangering the lives of the passengers? complete the story – it’s an important one since zed ppo may suffer heavily if this thing is in the country … what with donors with-holding their millions from the MoH…

  12. I dont believe in this myth of swineflue…its a stratege and its funded by wealthy governments so as to shift the attention of people from the recession and globle financial melt down to this so called swine flue……!
    During the war in Iraq, they came up with bird flue…for same reason to shift the attention of people from the war to the pandemic….you wont believe me if I was to tell that the person who came up with this myth is not even a medical doctor but just a government secretary in mexico.Mexico’s health secretary may have thought he was allaying fears about swine flu when he suggested that the nation’s swine flu death rate was 6 or 7 percent. In reality, that would mean a monstrous killer virus — and no experts are close to saying that…CONTIUNED..!

  13. Suspect. Why is this coming up just 2 days after MoH declared its preparedness for the flu and vaccine stock. Did someone know about the athletes condition (i.e. please prepare to receive some flu carrying Zambians at your airport)?
    If diagnosed in Belgrade, a crime was committed by that country and we supported it. This is not an anti government conspiracy theory. Just the plain fact. Like when they “prepared” us for the news of Mwanawasa’s death.
    We need the FOI bill passed to make government accountable.

  14. The secretary’s comment reflects how much remains unknown about the new flu virus — most notably how lethal it is and why it seems so much deadlier in Mexico than anywhere else.”We’ve begun to knock off hypotheses,” said Dr. Scott F. Dowell, director of global disease detection with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

  15. ok…as soon as i feel a ka headache..am comin to zed…lets get this spread over with…en move on to new problems…

  16. hohooo, yazanda! Copperbelt ubukulu, where are they on the Copperbelt? Tulefwaya ukuipekanya bwino tu bookingne chalimo ba Manda Manda abo mwaleta.

  17. The flu is easly treateble but at the end of the day there has to be a vaccine for it the only problem is its not tryied so the whole world becomes lab

  18. Just had swine flue myself, well it only gets worse for two to three days with a fever, dry cough and experiencing chest pain when coughing It only last a week without treatment. There is nothing no need to panic. Trust me it hurts.

  19. Good afternoon bloggers
    Well, this was expected so I wonder why the outcry now. Apparently, ever since the fall of mankind, we all should know that we shall never stop diseases, war, crime and other lesser evils. My tip: no need to panic, take a deep breath and say your last prayers…see you on the other side.

  20. The government should put up screening measures at the airport please.With this government which is very insensitive to healthcare.OK, lets auction the hearses so that we can put up screening equipment at the airport, buy gel and protective masks.Do we even have protective marks in Zambia, i doubt.

  21. RB should catch this Pig flu from his travels so it finishes him and the minions that surround him.

  22. For those in the know. What are the prospects os Swine Flu in hot weather, which is just round the corner in Zed.

    #35 Govt. Thanks for your testimony. I am sure it will help allay fears.

  23. Swine flue is not that bad people, its not as deadly as you think. Jesus or not it will spread to Zambia. When you catch it just stay in bed, have enough rest and drink a lot of fluids like zigolo. It is going to hit hard in Zambia.

  24. #35, Govt. dude, it only lasts a week without treatment, then wat happens after a week, u get better or u die? am seriuos, i really want to know.

  25. #42 you start getting better once the fever is gone, this only last two days. after one wk the flue you don’t get better but cured 100%. the most painful experience is when doing the test itself.

  26. #39 welcome, People die fome the most common flue and it’s obvious that some will die from swine flue. Most of those that have died from swine had health complications. there is no need to be afraid.

  27. I agree with #28 after the dust settles- this swine flu thing is just to get the worlds attention of the financial crises.first it was bird flu this and that,then they stopped talking about it. What I know is flu virus goes through mutation every year.this is just another variant.some people with bird flu have not even needed the doctors attention so it can’t be dangerous.People die from influenza every year in the states that doesn’t send the world panicking.

  28. The Lusaka swine flu victim has been released – here it comes!

    In other news Livingstone Mayor in Rape charges!

  29. The Lusaka swine flu victim has been released – here it comes

    In other news – Livingstone Mayor, Joram Mwinda in [email protected] charges and he describes the incident in detail. No wonder the town is in shamles!

  30. pipo the H1N1 Flu is not as bad as they put it. Firstly lets not call it swine flu. Secondly when you look at figures of the infected compared to the deaths you will find that less than 1% of the infected die. only about 400 deaths have been recorded yet cases have reached almost a million. Let us not panic but just keep to the basics of hygiene. if you feel flu ish stay home. sneeze into your palms or use a handkerchief. avoid public places if you dont feel well. keep warm and eat healthy

  31. Imwe baswaini tulekeni fweka mwaumfwa .goverment has no reasoning power they are just a banch of astray bullets aimless missles they have just brought a problem for them selves and innocent zambians

  32. I hope this Swine infiltrates Statehouse and cabinet offices so that all these corrupt chimps are eradicated once and for all.

  33. Marie, South Africa says no to swine flu but it is alright to take in leaders with HIV/AIDS and fake heart problems. Morningside clinic!! Please try swine flu, our leaders should not die, we need them to steal more money from us. Especially George Kunda who is working on our constitution to stand the test of time which RSA achieved in two months.

  34. Why did they not leave them in Belgrade until the healed completely. This does not make any sense. They fact is that this flu was created in a lab. We need not even query its a plot by Muzungus as always. If I was not Christian I would think Muzungus hang out with the devil.

  35. I was waiting for 1984 to comment this is his kind of thread, and tada he did appear. When are Africans going to set up secret research facilities of their own.

  36. 1984 is really dull, when are you ever going to stop listening to that fat madman white supremacist. If they really wanted to kill you they would have gone for your drinking water and food supplies. Don’t you even know that biological warfare tactics are easily executable via water and food supplies rather than a vaccine that can be rejected. If they who most likelyt are just a figure of your vivid and alex jones imagination really wanted you dead you would have been dead

  37. Has it just hit Zed or has it been there for long now? I remember reading an article about a woman though not Zambian but at that time was in Zambia who had symptoms of swine flu. Not sure wheather she caught it in Zed or came with it from wherever but she was later flown to SA for treatment. These are the only bits i remember…

    P S: bear with me, i don’t realy remember the story, probably sam1 out there does.

  38. Zambia as a whole recevies lots of tourists each day, thats a fact! Are the officials in the MOH telling us that none of these tourist ever carry with them the flu apart from these 3 Zambians? Its a shame that we have only learnt of it after they were diagonised in Belgrade. There are also other pipo from tht same place in Zed whom we dont know have it becoz we don’t hav the equip n they are infecting poor Zambians, many probably already dead… and we don’t now of it becoz MOH have chosen to be ignorant!

    p s: am sure it’s was in Zim n SA now brought to Zed by Rupiah, Mugabe n King,,. RB nids to be quaratined!

  39. Slumdog Shalapungu, 1984 has some facts that are true. There has always been a plot to keep Continents especially Africa dumbed down. We are very progressive and have natural common sense thus we do not sky dive for fun.

  40. At least there is a known cure. Infact most say the swine flu is just like the ordinary flu so mwi tina sana mwebantu. If it was as bad as the spanish flu of the 80’s then i would have been scared coz that one killed millions. So continue drinking your beer in peace elo lelo ni friday njikata!

  41. They should have been treated there then go to Zambia after…There is now a probabilty that some people in the aeroplane they were in have contracted it and so it may spread around the country…this is sad and a bad move…

  42. during the so called Chinese year of the chicken, we had bird flu and during this so called year of the pig, we have swine flu. Some white friends told me that like HIV-AIDS, swine flu was also manufactured in a lab.

  43. If people have underlying health problems, they are most at risk, plus pregnant women and young children. Hopefully it will be contained. Why did they allow them to leave. The good thing is that they have been quarantined but it’s possible others on that plane are loose in Zambia and could be spreading the flu. Now that Ministry of Health is K27 billion worse off, how will they pay for Tamiflu. Don’t get too worried because swine flu is not as bad as the normal flu (this is what a swine flu sufferer who is now recovered told some colleagues and said a normal flu had him out for two weeks whereas swine flu lasted a few days)

  44. i thik they were quarantined so those officials can get bribes from them. they must have been TESTED for swine flu , definitely not DIAGNOSED with it or else they wouldnt have been put on that plane. those *****s in z just got wind of swine flu something something …. and whfeeew! quarantine ! without ANY THINKING. i tell you those guys wont come out till they pay big bucks. The officers who quarantine them are busy f##cking b##tches and watchin porn and spreading AIDS which is much more deadly than swine flu. shame!

  45. Zambians watch out for swine flu. it is a killing and deadly pandemic. Advise your leaders not to concentrate on putting the Governments money in their pockets. Ala we need a great change abanensu kuno they are being vaccinated against the pandemic using the Governments coffer. Bushe whats wrong with Zambia? Problem we chose retirees as leaders for example Bwetzani Umwine ali fye busy ukwimba imbeba pa farm yakwe, nomba just from no were, cabbage ati isa kuno bu kateka bwapwalala. Nififine nomba kula tulila amasuku pamitwe. UPND/PF PACT VIVA’……………………………………………..

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