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Zambian Girls tamed at Norway Cup

Sports Feature Sports Zambian Girls tamed at Norway Cup

Zambian midfielder Mary Mwakakapila
Zambian midfielder Mary Mwakakapila
By Chanda Mwenya
The Jubilant and seemingly tactful Under 14 girls team and

the only Zambian envoy at the 37th edition of the Norway Cup which runs from 26th July- 1 August, 2009 in the Norwegian capital Oslo, has lost their opening game in a 2-0 defeat to Tertnes a Norwegian team from Bergen, which secured their goals in the 21st and 36th minute through Cecilie Rediseh.

Although ‘Team Zambia ’ a select of under than 14 girls from community football teams from Lusaka played well they did not score any needed goal. Their next match with is scheduled tomorrow at 19.30 hrs. Matilda Mwaba the delegation leader for ‘Team Zambia ’ has promised that the girls will give us good results tomorrow as they face another Norwegian team in their group.

The Norway Cup is one of the world’s largest football tournaments for youths. This year the tournament has attracted 48 nations and is hosting some 1400 teams, including teams from Brazil , the Philippine, USA , Palestine and Iraq . Other African nations participating are Namibia , Zimbabwe, Mali, South Africa and Kenya which white washed their Norwegian Counterparts a 15-0 in their opening boys under 13 category.

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  1. Do they play the cup in the park from what I can see in the picture with cars parked just outside the wire perimeter. Anyway its good to get involved regardless of where its played. its seems to be some big cup

  2. Matilda Mwaba is just making money for herself. From Judo to soccer since when. I wonder if this “Team Zambia” had the blessing of FAZ. I heard Kalu recently complaining at the tendancy of some NGOs sneeking youth soccer teams without FAZ’s knowledge. We tend to hear about certain events only after the team has lost or won a tournamant. Bloggers whats happening? Are these important tournamants or just another way of making easy cash by assembling boys and girls and name the team this or that name.

  3. LT your headline it too negative. Its the first time the girls are playing in such a big tournament ans expecting them to win everything is just not fair. The girls need your encouragment and support and not your negative reporting. #2 your just a porn frick grow up and show your maturity.

  4. NO LONGER AT EASY #4 … Matrida Mwaba led the boy’s team few years ago at the Helsinki cup here in Finland. the lads finished second out of many countries that cparticiparted in the competation. Matrida Mwaba is experienced, FAZ should appreciate the grassroot provider. FAZ involvement is not needed on such matches as that is for pressure not on international team standard. To make matter worse FAZ does not sponsor the team to go and play. FAZ keep hands off such events.

  5. #4, Matilda Mwaba is a member of the National Sports Council, so she can legitimately accompany any team in any sport.

  6. I personally watched the young girls they are quite dtermined and wil definetely win the next much…Ba Eagle fimofimo this tournament has been held in the same traditinal venue since 1972, not because their are no better felds to host the games.The ideal of The Norway Cup goes beyond football is also a platform for youths to have a cultural exchange.Note that this tournament iincluding the Zambians Girls are supposed to the generious Norwegian Govt…

  7. Nkani #13 that is not Norway cup as those youths do not represent national teams. It should be called by the name of the town in which it is held eg. Here Helsinki cup 5-13.7 many countries participart . Mwba led the KAO team (Kicking Aids Out) which finished second

  8. Let me clarify the last point..What I was trying to say is that ; The Norway Cup the initiative of the 100 year old Bækkelagets Sports Club situated in the Ekeberg community of Oslo City.In 1972 the Norway Cup was initiated.The tournament has acclaimed international record with youth teams coming from all over the world .In fact Zambia’s Kabwata Girls of Edusport Foundation fame claimed the 1999 U-14 Cup. #14 I am sure that also answers your skepticism about the name of the Cup.Norway Cup t is the official name of the Cup.even though the teams do not represent the National teams.About the team the performance of the girls are good.what seem to be the problem ‘No Nshima since the girls came here they have been on a few ounces of meat and potatoes, Can Thandiwe cook for these young…

  9. Nkani 16.. You wrote well BUT the last sentence made you a FOOL. Thats nonsense u must grow up. When the boy team were here we cooked nsima for them. And nsima is similar to crushed potatoes. STOP that nonsense.

  10. #17 Ba Kanjimaano….Thandiwe is not only synonymous to the Zambian First Lady, my own sister is Thandiwe.and I just thought she could cook for the girls…..Does that thought makes me a fool.Not at all it just makes you look like a big fool to think Bwezani’s wife is the only Thandiwe on the Planet.Anyway sorry if I ve offended you and your 1st lady, I dont like to differ with my fellow bloggers.Muziba chabe Ni nkani yamu Kachasu iyi siyo peleka kunyumba visiyile pamene apa.Have a nice day some day will link up in Zeed.

  11. Nkani #17… thats a cover up watch your words. You should have said your sister (Thandiwe) instead of just saying Thandiwe as your sister is not known. What is she doing in a foreign country there??? If u don’t want to differ with a fellower Zam please speak frank and clear as u did in the first paragraph… But any nonsense speach will be greeted with mixed feeling from fellower Zambians. Wishing u all the best.. Lets respect our leaders and their wives.

  12. i wander why we as Zedians are not succeedin in any international competions! i hope GOD will be with our little ones!GoZambia Go!

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