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Former PF MP Chishimba forms new political party

Headlines Former PF MP Chishimba forms new political party

Saviour Chishimba
Saviour Chishimba
Kasama Central Patriotic Front Member of Parliament Saviour Chishimba has officially resigned from the National Assembly effective July 27, this year and has announced the formation of a new political party called United Progressive People (UPP).

The former MP confirmed both developments in a telephone interview with ZANIS from Lusaka yesterday.

Dr. Chishimba said he resigned as MP on principle and thanked the people of people of Kasama for having accorded him an opportunity to serve them.

He urged electorates in Kasama Central constituency to make sure that they elect a credible person in the forthcoming by-election.

Dr. Chishimba said people should not vote for a political party but instead elect an individual with leadership qualities of representing their views in Parliament.

The former MP also asked for forgiveness from the people of Kasama for any wrongdoings during his tenure of office, saying it was not his intention to offend anybody.

And Dr. Chishimba said his United Progressive People’s party would be launched on August 3, in Ndola on the Copperbelt.

He said he had decided to form a political party in order to bring sanity to the political system in the country.

Dr. Chishimba said UPP has no interim president but would be headed by a party chairman.

Dr. Chishimba also revealed that his party would hold its first convention in less than three months time and that a presidential candidate for 2011 would be elected at the same function.

The former MP explained that UPP has the full support of Zambians within and outside the country.

Dr. Chishimba further said one million of the first batch of UPP manifesto, which were being printed abroad, would be distributed across the country for people to understand the visions of his party.



  1. It would be good to have one governing and one opposing side in this country. This is a big mistake. Perhaps it is time we moved from multi-part democracy. Anyways, all the best!!!

  2. Wrong move young man. Please tell the people that you are not a Doctor!! Also tell people that you have always wanted to wallow in Kapwepwe’s shadow and tried all you could to look like Kapwepwe but times do change young man. Kapwepwe is no longer a hero of this generation and very very few people of this generation would ever remember Kapwepwe. Wake up young man and good luck in your failed political career.

  3. The so called doctor is running mad. Please take him to Chainama before it is too late. Power hungary always makes someone to think less.

  4. he should just tell us how much MMD has paid him to split vote and create confusion in 2011, this is crap

  5. What is wrong with this young man? He thinks he can be presido now when the best thing to do now is to join the pact and work as a team. Wrong move!!!

  6. This is a clear indication that all is not well in Zambia under the present leadership and we shall see more new parties in the near future. By the way Dr Chishimba I understand that the late Simon Kapwepwe’s party went by the same name United Progressive Party ( UPP ). Any special reason for adopting this name?

  7. Ba Chishimba, wat you were against is wat you are doing now….boss, how can you bite your own a**.

  8. Bizzare way to wear a pocket square, could this be a sign of a scatter brain. How come everyone’s a doctor nowadays , these titles become useless and common when everyone seems to have one . People are overstaying in schools just to get titles as make themselves feel better about themselves

  9. #1 Imiti ikula,good question….I was scratching my head wondering where i met this Chishimba.Now i remember ,twalinwinepo nankwe chibuku!

  10. Uyu umuguyz webange sana kwati ninebo, but good point #4, he’s a Kapwepwe wanna be but forgetting that time has moved on. Fumya ichushi mumutwe iwe elo walatontonkanyako bwino iwe maambala…

  11. I recently discovered that the majority of our MPs are under educated. check the national assembly website. Out of 150, I think only 5% of them are university graduates. Surely, how do we expect such a group of unexposed, under educated and illiterate MPs to discuss issues that will benefit the country. I think that MPs should be highly educated, well travelled and exposed and generally knowledgeable about the internal and external environments so that they know what kind of development to bring in Zambia. The current crop are limited in skills, knowledge and expoose needed for the 21st century…. My Opinion. Chishimba was one of them.

  12. It is not Chishimba’s decision to form a political Party, but he has been sponsored to spit votes by a certain political party that is affraid of the PF/UPND pact. Well, we will be there to help you chew that money together by making sure that we do every together but in the end we vote otherwise kwasila!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Ba chishimba! if you think being Dr. or Bemba will lead you to state house,am a fully baked bemba who says NO to that nonsence…how much did bwezani give you?

  14. This iz really taking the people of Zambia and Kasama in particular for granted. You can fool SOME people ALL the time, you may even fool ALL the people SOME time, but you can’t fool ALL the people ALL the time.

  15. I actually like the guy but I’m afraid his move to go at it solo will fail. I think he will eventually join the pact. Good luck young Kapwepwe

  16. The failed part of democracy in Zambia, people just wake up and dream of forming a party. What other methods apart from democracy can we use in this poor-rich nation? All these confusions are caused by our selfish leaders. Who can blame him anyway cause MMD is smiling that they have someone to split the votes in 2011. Our opposition is also fake, people like Mr SATA would have agreed to take this so called Doctor to the convention when he was thinking of contesting on PF presidency so he can lose and end his political day dreaming. Anyway, welcome Mr (Dr) Chishimba and join your friends like Cosmo et al. Hope you don’t take a Govt position like Dr Nevers (Peacefuly enjoying in Canada using tax payer’s money) Mumba.

  17. People while politicians keep mushrooming political parties ordinary Zambians who have atleast a source of income should be investing in Zambia thats the only hope NOt politics.IN ZAmbian politics for developing a nation is crap….all politicians think the same in Zambia all want to be presidents….their power hungry

  18. Copper Bullet, Yes, we’ve uneducated MPs & we’ve the NCC that still wants to insist that Ministers should come from there. WHY??? Ministers are high calibre citizens in countries that pick MPs outside parliament.

  19. Leave the Doc.alone we have been used by Sata a Bisa for too long.Like UPND’s Tonga only political doctrine, we need a pure bemba party led by a pure bemba.Bisas are not Bemba.We lost with Kapwepwe and Sata has abused our tribe when he is not one of us.If UPND did it why can’t we did? Time is here for a Bemba presidential candidate

  20. People consider and ponder on this:

    Catherine Namugala – Minster of tourism and natural resources – Education Level: Diploma in Catering.

    Mutale Nalumango – Deputy Speaker – Education Level: Diploma in Secondary School Teaching. Saviour Chishimba, former MP – Education level: Advanced Certificate in business adminstration plus other certificates.
    Micahel Mabenga – Deputy Minister of Lands and MMD Chairman – Education level: Primary School teachers Certificate.

    Benny Tetamashimba – MP Local Government MInister and MMD Spokesperson – Education level- Diploma in Human Resources, Certificate in accounting and finance.

  21. #33 I’m also a bemba but notions like yours are counter productive and retrogressive.Hey,come off it !!

  22. straight: I agree with you I think we need a different system. Demon (Democracy) has failed us. Shame

  23. Stranger than fiction. Last week I dreamnt that I had joined a party with initials UPP! Is this a Godsend? I wondered whether ba shimpundu was coming back to take what was taken away from him.

  24. He doesn’t scare me, after all even the provincial PF Leaders in kasama asked for his resignation, apperently the MP was not delivering. I don’t see him pulling any crowd and who ever advised him to this line just wanted to chew his money for campgains, he will not divide any votes he is being over ambitious. and # 13 you must be a tribalist yourself this is not about tribe but a one foolish chisimba.

  25. # 19 Simucita panono, mulishani yama, kwena yama tamumfwa ati mwali nankwe pakunwa chibuku. Next time you meet him kindly advise him to think twice about forming a party

  26. Voters use both persuasion and money on Chishimba. Voters buy him so he joins the PF/UPND pact. Voters persuade him to join the pact. The new pact shall be called PF/UPP/UPND pact. Then, Voters persuade the three leaders to go to a party pact convention, so a president amoung them can be elected. The elected leader then should stand come 2011 elections. Try it!!!

  27. Thank you Chishimba. Go and rest in peace with MMD – thieves. Use well the money you have amassed from paliament otherwise you will cry like Sondashi that you are suffering. I wish you all the best with your one party UPP……..the name of your party is so sujestive- very childish party. Ati u pi pi pi pi.

  28. Ba “Dr” Chishimba . My brother this is the end of your political career. You should have been royal to the PF leadership and they could have groomed you to fulfil the Kapwepwe dream But here waitaya mwana.

  29. The atitude from most of the comments here is exactly the reason why Zambians are not progressing and a nation at large. Its from such atitudes that we lost leaders like Miyanda. Whenever someone does something extraordinary or just unusual, everyone is ready to stone them to failure. Isnt it a new leader with fresh brains and a passion we have been crying for? We need to look beyond today, we need to see the bigger picture of having a new leader who might make a change. He could be what we just need. Chishimba hasnt even had a press release to put his plans and ideas on the table and yet we are ready to trash him…. I support you Chishimba, save us from the greedy leaders and their ignorant supporters. MMD, whatever Pact non$en$e and SATA….. May the lord bless your path

  30. Time has come for us bena lubemba to demand and birth what belongs to us.If Tongas declared publicly their doctrine as UPND for Tonga only which they got by kicking Bob Sichinga, Patrick Chisanga, Henry Mtonga, Sikota Wina, and Kahaye but their son HH from nowhere, what should stop our own Party led by a pure Bemba and not Bisa Sata just abusing our respected identity for nothing?

  31. …………give the guy a break! Maybe he’s just what Zed needs. 1good party who’ll free us from the skackels of poverty!

  32. Ronald Shikapwasha – Education Level: Form V, Airforce / defence training. Moses Muteteka – Education level: diploma in marketing. Gabriel Namulambe- Education level: grade 12, ILGAZ. George Mpombo – education level: diploma in purchasing and supply. Regina Musokotwane – Education level: advanced diploma in Special Education. There is much more on the national assembly website.

  33. Collection form of nonsense displayed by a buffoon of a Doctor. Shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. this guy is a scatter brain when is this country gonna be saved from such.what doctor is he? we must know

  35. I once thought this guy was kuku now i know i was right. You need a check up buddy you thinking pattern aint right.

  36. Well, I suppose it’s a mark of the freedom we have in Zambia. Let them man form the party. He’s free to do so and has the right. It’s upto voters to decide whether to vote for him.

    Please put your manifesto online so we can read it. It’s also cheaper.

  37. Hello bloggers
    Well, as a Zambian, the man has every right to form a political party and there is nothing wrong with that. We desperately need young blood in Zambian and African politics as a whole. Africa needs a new beginning and this wont happen as long as the colonial minds are still holding the sceptre.

  38. #44 Miss Daisy iyo kwena mwa soka but i’m sorry my sister this man in question has no quality of a presidential material.Even worse he was an underperforming MP,how do you expect him to handle national issues if he became a president?It looks like this man is up to something fishy…..a mischief probably !

  39. # 45 UPP. …..You are not bemba going by your rantings? You may ask why I have said so…its because its not a tradintion of Bembas to just come out tribal in the manner you are doing. You want to turnish the name of bembas. What I know is that people of Luapula and nothern all call themselves Bembas and are happy about it. They dont discrimate against bisa, ushi, tabwa, chishinga, ngumbo, kabende etc…they all say the are bembas. SO PLEASE STOP THIS CRAP ….respect bembas they cant reduce themselves to that level you. MMD-thief

  40. Like Chisamba member of parliament Hon.Moses Muteteka has rightly nailed it on Radio Phoenix at 06:45 hours on Monday, while commenting on Bembas and Tongas.

    He was being sincere to say the pact between the UPND and the PF would not work because Bembas and Tongas could not work together. Its indeed our time to rise to the challenge and not waste our time.Bembas and Tongas cannot go anywhere together.

  41. Kambongolo,

    uli ka UNIPiist that betrayed Shimpundu wachalo Mwansa Kapwepwe.The blood of Kapwepwe you killed for his courage over our marginalization is on your head against you.

  42. This boy has a mental problem. Anyway, we shall sort him out in Kasama Central and I have already got a replacement. Senior Citizen, what can you say about him being sponsored by your masters in MMD?

  43. This guy looks like a lunatic to me. The bloggers on LT can do better if they formed a party in my view!

  44. #44 daisy I think people like liers. We need somebody like ka Chiluba to come and sweep us off our feet with some sweet coarted story. But daisy are you a model?


  46. #47 do you know how difficult it is to get a degree in zambia?About 98% of the population is illiterate and you are talking about degrees?For 45 years weve only had one university,so what do you expect?We simply havent invested in that area.

  47. These people thing we are animals or chicken to be kept to governed. thats why even mad people like saviour want to keep us because he is fed up of being kept.
    I dont know when sanity will come to our country.

  48. Must be a dog this one. Why not join any other party apart from PF. Only Monkeys will follow him i hope they even urinate on him. It is very shameful indeed ka chishimba.

  49. Doc, being famous in your house isn’t being popular kin the country. you have failed the people of Kasama and now you are dreaming. Don’t be mislead by your kids. You cant be our President. God fobidal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. UPP #33, You are the waste Bemba I have come across! How do publicly express such kind of tribalist words that way? This is a modern word where “The eath is one and Mankind it’s citizen”. It does not matter where one comes from but what matters is if such persons can really deliver. Now if you say such things do u think that other provinces will be in the position to vote for such characters? or you think one can win election only with the votes of the people of Kasama? Your sentments are uncalled for and baseless!

  51. We mpapa we na PHD yabufi.Koswe nangu walikwata insambu shaku panga party lelo uli cipuba.Who would subscribe to your fake party we cinangwa we.

  52. #66. My dear, that’s how bad corruption is in Zambia that even when you’ve stoped work you can still receive a salary!!!

  53. maaah yangu batata ba chishimba. in as much as its within your democratic right to form a political party . . . i don’t think it is okay at the moment….. maybe you doctor need to bring sanity to yourself . . . because you are confusing us . . . yesterday you reconcile with sata…. today new political party . . . only God knows what next . . . maybe joining RB?

  54. On Mr. also called “Dr. Chishimba said UPP has no interim president but would be headed by a party chairman.… revealed that his party would hold its first convention in less than three months time and that a presidential candidate for 2011 would be elected at the same function“, all the very best for this is a better route than panicking to challenge the PF leader to become PF president since PF does not practice democracy.

    As for Mr. aka “Dr. Chishimba said people should not vote for a political party but instead elect an individual with leadership qualities of representing their views in Parliament“, this is the best way to go.
    Psalm 16:8 I have set the LORD always before me: because he is at my right hand, I shall not be…

  55. You are better off on ur own than to pretend that u belong to a listening party…PF is all about Sata. His word is the manifesto…and we all know how unreliable that is….i hope that over fed ,talkative boy, kambwili will follow suit

  56. #58 Kambongolo, You are the Man and showing maturity of purpose in what you are saying than that Chap so called UPP. I think he is confused coz a normal human being can not utter such kind of words in the way he’s strongly advocating.

  57. What Dr Chishimba as done is not what is expected from an educated man in modern day Zambia. UPP evokes mixed feelings from those of us who lived in a period which gave birth to a one party state. While I appreciate that the man has the right to form a political party, it is imperative that those who believe in democracy consign people like Dr Chishimba to political mediocrity by not voting for him. Let the discipline of democracy show him how backward his thinking he is.

  58. The following was the CV of the educated Mr S. Chishimba now owning a personal political party:

    Constituency Number: 90
    Date of birth: 28th January 1974
    Marital Status: Married
    Educational Qualifications: GCE ‘O’ Level, PH.D in Public Health (Honourary), Certificate in Transformational Leadership, Certificate in Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS, Certificate in Business Administration,, Advanced Certificate in Business Administration
    Year First Elected: 2006
    Sessional Committee membership: Committee on Education, Science and Technology
    Profession: Public Health (HIV/AIDS/TB) Consultant
    Hobbies: Reading, travelling and research.

    All the best in this.
    Psalm 16:8 I have set the LORD always before me: because he is at my right hand, I shall not be…

  59. 81 continued.

    The above CV was obtained from the National Assembly (website) under Find your MP where the brother was MP representing for Kasama Central.

    Impressive to note is:

    Educational Qualifications: GCE ‘O’ Level, PH.D in Public Health (Honourary), Certificate in Transformational Leadership, Certificate in Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS, Certificate in Business Administration,, Advanced Certificate in Business Administration

    Which indicates that Mr Chishimba S. has a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Public Health degree which is Honourary although he is must have satisfied academic research requirements to obtain it.

    Funny how it happened.
    Psalm 16:8 I have set the LORD always before me: because he is at my right hand, I shall not be…

  60. Guys, you must understand. this is for greater good, Chishimba is useless Bustard. Even his mother would not vote for him. PF needed a stronger Candidate in Kasama. Chishimba was used to catching him backside and letting his wife smell his figures afterwards, that he called it work. I always want to put a firecracker up his backside to give him some spark.
    He ‘ll be lucky to get more then 50 votes. MMD would of won this, if Chishimba stayed with PF.

  61. 81 continued.

    The above CV was obtained from the National Assembly (website) under Find your MP where the brother was MP representing for Kasama Central.

    Impressive to note is:

    Educational Qualifications: GCE ‘O’ Level, PH.D in Public Health (Honourary), Certificate in Transformational Leadership, Certificate in Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS, Certificate in Business Administration,, Advanced Certificate in Business Administration

    Which indicates that Mr Chishimba S. has a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Public Health degree which is Honourary although he must have satisfied academic research requirements to obtain it.

    Funny how it happened.
    Psalm 16:8 I have set the LORD always before me: because he is at my right hand, I shall not…

  62. Guys, you must understand. this is for greater good, Chishimba is useless Bustard. Even his mother would not vote for him. PF needed a stronger Candidate in Kasama. Chishimba was used to scatching his backside and letting his wife smell his figures afterwards, that he called it work. I always want to put a firecracker up his backside to give him some spark.
    He ‘ll be lucky to get more then 50 votes. MMD would of won this, if Chishimba stayed with PF.

  63. Kwena ci#21 ulicipuba zoona. I see you come back with your real name. We nkumba we. Why do you alwyas have to come up with crap?

  64. Political spams give us a break, what a political circus, Chishimba recently has proved him self that he is one of those politicians we have in Zambia who have no interest in putting the country forward but to enrich themselves. During his term has an MP he failed to deliver, how ishe now going to deliver if becomes a president? Give us a break ba Chishimba.

  65. Dear bloggers lets also form a political party, i know we have wise men and women on this blog who ar better than most of the politicians we have in MMD,UPND, PF and mushrooming ones like UPP.

  66. Wise men and women? Not sure about that. Copy and paste and the likes of Hakucimfya? Yeah right form a party.

  67. #48, Copper Bullet, Thank you for listing MPs with their qualifications and expressing your dissatisfaction with the qualifications. However, I want to remind you that all those qualifications you have listed are higher than those for Mr. Sata, who actually wants to be President, NOT an MP. You may then wish to guide those people on this blog who support Sata for President inspite of his lack of education and inspite of his character.

  68. #93 .
    BA KAMUTANDA BAPITA BAYA. The question you should be asking yourself is why has he got more votes than eeerrrrmmmm your educated tribes man? We mbushiwe.

  69. there is nothing to moderate you cowards.when some insults rupiah you smile,ifwe tusokeko utubantu ati moderation.pantu fya free?mukatempe ukulipilisha ngamulefwaya pakuti tukalepakala bwino.

  70. #80 KUMA KWEZHIYA…. Dont be cheated by UPP. This guy is not Bemba . I know that 100%. Ask any person who has lived in northern and Luapula province , the people are so welcoming …they welcome even enemies. The guy is not happy that Sata and HH have formed the pact so he wants this pact not to come to fruition hence his inspid strategy to incite the Bembas into something which is not there tradition. SHAME ON YOU UPP. Leave the Bembas alone…..they are civilised people. Just look at how ka CHILUBA was shamed in luapula. Thats the spirit of Bembas. So stop insulting Bembas you UPP-MMD thief.

  71. #34. UPP. You are a wise guy. You speak a lot of sense. Why should a tribe called Bisa or Tabwa call themselves Bemba? What is the connection? Why should some one from Luapula do Chimbuya with Ngonis? These small tribes should come out in the open, and stop eating with both hands. They have their own ceremonies every year, they don’t submit themselves to Chitimukulu, why and how can they be Bemba? Truth must be told so that the next generation is not left in the dark. The only people who are open of who they are, are those from North western; a Lunda will tell that he is Lunda, not kaonde or Luvale, and many people misunderstand that. Be proud of who you are, dont hid in other people’s tribe.


  73. I have personally met Chishimba. I found him to be a friendly and personable guy who is quite funny, but did not come across as presidential material due to the fact that balitemwa ukunwa sana. It is his right to form a party but I personally would not vote for him but would be willing to meet up with him for a couple of pints.

  74. #99 – You must agree that the word ‘Bemba’ had different meaning depending on context. It can mean anybody who speaks chibemba like the various people of Luapula, or sometimes it means people from Northern province which includes the Lungus, Bisa, Mambwe and Namwangas. There is a similar situation in Western province where Lozi can include peoples such as Mashi, Mbunda and Nkoya. Ethninc identity is very complex and can not be stratified into a straight jacket due to the fact that it is always dynamic. It is true that in the past Bemba’s have used the numerical supremacy of Bemba speakers to dominate Zambian politics. If you are a Tonga villager in Southern province you are not aware or care whether somebody is Bemba or Lunda or Aushi, all you hear is someone speaking Bemba.

  75. I respect this gentleman, at least he’s got some scruple and he’s decided to part company with a party he does not agree with. This is how it should be and you bloggers should stop vilifying him. However, this could just be MMD at work , employing the famous old ‘ divide and rule’ trick to jinx people in that part of country.(N.Province)

  76. To all those that are panicking about vote splitting, worry not for Northern Province votes are not a factor in the 2011 votes. The votes that are at stake are those from Copperbelt, Lusaka and the mighty Southern provinces. So, since PF enjoys great support from the Copperbelt province and a substantial majority from Lusaka provinces while the mighty UPND commands almost 80% votes from the Southern and have good enough from Lusaka provinces though just below MMD following the last presiential by-election, the UPND-PF PACT will probablyly win the 2011 or any time soon tripartite elections if president HH or any educated person will be the PACT’s presidential candidate.
    Psalm 16:8 I have set the LORD always before me: because he is at my right hand, I shall not be moved.

  77. Central Province could be won to the PACT following the recent reckless talk by Minister Tetamashimba on the late Mwanawasa legacy especially that PF and UPND have joined hands. The UPND’s expanded business structured party will certainly enjoy more support from the Western Province where ULP slef-appointed leader without any convention elections has failed to command support for himself and his PF-ULP Alliance in 2006 elections. Northwestern Province is just about in the hands of the mighty UPND. So, all that is needed is to convince FDD’s Nawakwi and ULP’s Saki not to stand for Zambian President in any upcoming tripartite elections and we will be in real socio-economic develop.
    Psalm 16:8 I have set the LORD always before me: because he is at my right hand, I shall not be…

  78. While I wish Mr Saviour Chishimba all the very best in his political career and his UPP political party, my analysis is that he may not get any better than Brig. Gen. G. Miyanda’s votes under HP in the past two presidential elections although he has claimed “… that UPP has the full support of Zambians within and outside the country“.
    What he is doing is exercising a right to aspire for anything in Zambia until maybe after 10 years of real electorate convincing and also may be to write that he attempted the Presidency of Zambia at a National election like that Zambian from the UN or so who attempted in 2001, came out at the about no. last, and left quietly todate.
    Psalm 16:8 I have set the LORD always before me: because he is at my right hand, I shall not be…


  80. Shimwalule : You sound very interesting; I have some business to do, I will be back in the next few hours. Latter!

  81. Saviour is still a young man. He is still trying out many things in life, and it is only time that will teach him a lesson. Talakula mwe bantu, mwaice. Talaishiba icalo iyoo.

  82. #45, chagwa mumenso tenga eh! (what the eyes see, you get). why didn’t you suggest chishimba if you thought he was presidential material all this time?

  83. I think Br Chishimba is still young to have taken this root. Something fish is happening. Why should he form his party when PF& UPND are coming together. I smell a tribal issue is coming in play here. As some one has suggested spoiling votes for PF & UPND may make MMD win elections if not checked by this move. Let us wait and see we are still far from the true picture.

  84. we need young men to lead our country but please we need the ones with the nations best interests at heart

  85. # 7 and 43 looks like you failed your third grade English, #108 that is a rubbish idea #99 you speak foolishly #93 and 35 grow up your are too childish.

  86. Ka #103,

    Who told you Mbundas, Mashi and Nkoyas are considered “Lozi”? you are the ignorant and illerate people that like to mislead people. You need to go back to school and stop attending those Ntemba schools coming out of matero compound. It is true 90% of the Zambian population lucks decent education just like #103. Ubututu bwachilamo.

  87. Following the CV for Mr S. Chishimba that I posted on #83, the former MP S. Chishimba will be 36 years old in 2011 and the Constitution alows him to stand for Zambian President unless the NCC change it. Anyhow, seeing that br S. Chishimba is young and linking a rumour my friend told me in South Africa some time back that Clive Chirwa (PhD,UK) was being sponsored by the former President FTJ Chiluba, it appears that these manouvres my be aimed at bringing a Zambian Presidential candidate Dr C. Chirwa whose ambitions under the MMD have been blocked. No wonder some contributor on this blog is busy comparing br Sata MC (Grade 2/6, unknown)’s issues articulation to Dr Chirwa.
    Psalm 16:8 I have set the LORD always before me: because he is at my right hand, I shall not be moved.

  88. I am appealing to all progressive Zambians. Let’s be analytica and serious in the way we advance our wish for a young and educated president. I am not an advocate of a young and educated man/woman for president. However, I am an advocate of a highly ambitious, action and results oriented person who has plans to drive the nation to economic prosperity through relentless hard work. This person must be so influential to re-oriented the negative attitude most Zambians have towards work to a positive one. He shouldn’t have a compromised character.

  89. cnt frm 119. He should a chap who is going to wean this country from consumption-oriented to production-oriented by promoting home-bred industries that use local raw materials to produce finished goods for mainly export to neighbouring countries, (abroad), and overseas, and for home consumption, too, to greatly reduce on importation of finished goods from abroad. This leader must be aware that foreign investors have no interest in developing this country, but Zambians themselves.

  90. Political clout is something difficult to obtain anywhere even in Zambia. How will Dr Chishimba manage, even if elections were to be held today between him and Sata, Sata would beat him hands down. So he still has a long way to get that political influence unless he is a maverick like Martin Luther, Malcom X he would have a chance but he is not!

  91. However, vast and practical experience in gvt ministerial positions is crucial. 45 years of independence Zambia does not need a job-on-training president. This will be dangerous. What I have described above has got nothing to do with age and education. If a candidate has both what I have described above, plus young and educated thats just a bonus. But if he’s old with the above qualifications, he’s very fit to be president. Otherwise don’t expect that fresh ideas from young people will automatically mean good ideas. Fresh ideas may happen to be bad ones, indeed.

  92. An idea from an old person may happen to be contemporally and fresh. There4 fitting into the industrial and technological frame-work. So, you young men who have started forming up your brief-case political parties don’t cheat yourselves that, “After all people are talking about young leaders so they will vote for me and not an old man”. Life is not as simple as that. What have you done for Zambia to deserve such a gesture? Don’t think people will be blind next time around. People are biting their fingers for their previous mistakes, and they can’t wait for 2011 to correct them.

  93. Wow! As I have always suspected the rate of I flation is tied to mushato. The more food that is produced the cheaper it is, the more diverse our diets in Zambia the less you spend on mealie meal. Here is another solution increase the tax on all alcoholic beverages by 70 percent like Nkama did early this year in Botswana. There is a direct relation between alcohol consumption and the poverty it generates in a nation. I might begin explaining the truths I have acquired about development. Stay blessed my family and to Christ be the glory.

  94. Those who did not register to vote will register to vote as they can’t make another mistake, again. Those who voted blindly will now vote with their eyes wide open. So, fellow Zambians it’s not about age and education. But, action/results oriented and high ambitions.

    Thanks for reading through my contribution.

  95. #59, Kambongolo spot on. I thought the same. He’s a trouble brewer and unsuccessful impersonator. Seriously, he’s not Bemba. He’s just one of those who hate them. But, don’t let him worry you-am sure you have better things to worry about. Such as your family, and friends, etc. Stay well and remember: “one Zambia one nation” .

  96. Memories of when I was young are hounting me. UPP eh!
    Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe coming back to claim what Kenneth David Kaunda denied him.
    Time will tell. One Zambia One Nation, at peace.

  97. I see no presidential ‘fire/material’ in this ‘guy’, I just wish ‘Miyanda’ had such stamina and gusto!!!

    things would be different……

  98. Honestly, this guy looks like one who would call all his ‘kinsmen’ for a oneday free for all drinkup/rendezvous at plot 1 once he steps foot in there.. anyone got my point??

    ‘ati zaninge wonse’!!

  99. #45 Miss Daisy, what you said was half senseless and half sensible…..much as we cry about the bad MMD leadership, we are not looking for anybody with councillor credentials to come and rule us….this ka guy looks selfish and i do not believe he can even be more popular than Sata or HH. He it too overzealous to just push in his resignation yesterday and announce formation of a new political party in a country that is already saturated with parties…he should have waited and observed the situation b4 he could announce his intentions.

  100. Thenji Stevens(Mrs) says:
    July 31, 2009 at 1:38 amI see no presidential ‘fire/material’ in this ‘guy’, I just wish ‘Miyanda’ had such stamina and gusto!!!

    things would be different……

    That has been my cry all along, if only he knew that at times God calls one to act, alot of Christians have been blessed but they let that blessing go to waste. Miyanda would probably say being mek is the way, but there is a difference between God’s meekness, and since I am formally Catholic worldly meekness pa last ni Ku shishita. Nayo oya vonse.

  101. Miss Daisy on tis one issue I agree with you, Miyanda would have made one if not Zambia’s first great president. He is a true democrat, but his too calm like Zambians have their eyes open enough to discern what they need. At times I feel the need to make him my deputy for as Vice he is a great man. My prayers for you and all on this Blogg for God’s devine wisdom.

  102. Lt Why was my word edited all I wrote was Kupwalala and it looked like a young brother had printed some unholy words. hahahahahahahahahahaha.

  103. 103. Shimwalule. If history is not taught well the coming generation will be lost. Your information is misleading. Let it be known to you that Lozi is not a tribe as you supose. Lozi is like Nyanja which is used as lingua franca. This is not the case with Cibemba. Babemba are the people who speak Cibemba and they are found in three districts of Northern province. Most tribes suffer inferiority complex that make them hold on to other people’s tribe. Look at what Richard Musonda of Botswana once wrote, “..Believe me, we Bembas in Zambia deserve what we deserve. WE have made Zmbia. All visionary leader are Bembas, Kalusha Bwalya, KK, Chiluba,” Do you think any of these people he mentioned is Bemba? No! that is how deception has grown in Zambia.

  104. These things must be made very clear so that every one is comfortable in their own skin. Bemba like any tribe in Zambia are great guys. But other people must not use it for political reasons. It is the truth that you know that will set you free. You can’t say you Tabwa and at the same time Bemba? No! The use of Bemba was made possible by the white man during the minning business in CB. Great Kings like Kazembe and his people lost their language this same time. By speaking Cibemba does not make you one. Change your names all you want, you will never be Bemba, history will judge. Bear with my mispells, am tired, had a long day. Bye all. One Zambia One Nation!

  105. i concur and subscribe to the view of # 45 miss daisy.people be serious.let us have so many of these people stand then we can pick one good one.we should not restict ourselves to the tired old recycled ideas of the Satas

  106. Please give this guy a chance!!!! we are tired of recycled politicians.Who ever thought Obama will ever become the president.There is nothing wrong with him throwing his hat in the ring.

  107. There goes another fool. He said at the time of resigning that he was not going to form a political party, but some saviour chishimba movement ……., now here we are. The man has over rated himself, I remember the old man’s remark (Sata). He has formed another nashala neka party like benny mwila’s.

  108. pls we dont needd this nonsense we already have more than enough political parties chishiba think pleeesse

  109. MMD here we go again 2011……go MMD.
    ba winner ba MMD chapwa na 21% PF 18% FDD 12% UPND 17% UPD 10% UPP 12% UNIP10%

    so we are going to split so that MMD can win again…………but zo-ona kuchula uku another 5 years of struggle sure boys and girls………imagine zambia in 30 yrs time…by then ninshi ninkota will there be clean water to drink……..twacula guys twachula zo-ona. Amen

  110. please mwe bantu what has gone wrong with our so called leaders???? MMD is certainly scooping the polls in 2011 whether we like it or not pantu schizophrenia naingila mumitwe ya bantu nga Chishimba and other fools.

  111. My paternal grandfather was a product between a Lungu man from Chief Chitimbwa’s area in Mbala and a Tabwa woman from Chief Nsama’s area in Kaputa. My paternal grandfather married a Luunda woman from Mwata Kazembe’s area. My father, a product of this marriage, married my mother whose father was a Bemba from Kasama (from Abena Ng’andu clan) and whose mother was a Lungu from Senga Hill. What tribe would you say I belong to, dear bloggers?

  112. #143 most likely you are a Lungu from Chief Chitimbwa’ area. Unless you follow a matrilineal descent system then you are Tabwa from Chief Nsama’s area in Kaputa.

  113. One thing for sure is that the young man has lost direction and the best he could have done was quit politics completely and do some other constructive things coz as far as i am concerned the chap will never make it even if he is to re-contest the Kasama seat. One other thing Bloggers lets be serious when we are discussing issues. Can you imagine how shallow Max (No 143 is) Anyway who cares where you come from Max and the tribe you belong to. Take that puzzle to some Chibuku tavern you bastard.

  114. 133 mwanawakwitu greetings. Please, are you serious on your “Miyanda would have made one if not Zambia’s first great president. He is a true democrat, but his too calm like Zambians have their eyes open enough to discern what they need.?

    Brig. Gen. G. Miyanda has been an HP leader without being elected ever since he formed HP in 2000/1. What democrat is he then? What is the difference between him and PF leader Sata (Grade 2/6,?)?

    In fact the PF leader is a better dictator as he has joined his party into a PACT and he also had an Alliance with ULP although Mr S. Chishimba has left him now while Miyanda has never joined others and ZED party left him.
    Psalm 16:8 I have set the LORD always before me: because he is at my right hand, I shall not be moved.

  115. Saviour takaleke ubushilu bwaku Secondary School. After being rejected by the people of Kasama Central Constuency, now he thinks he can be president? pathetic!

  116. #143 you are obvously an ofspring of a Lungu man from Chief Chitimbwa’s area in Mbala. What tribe that is , you tell us?

  117. Dr. Chishimba, smiles at every thing even if its Bad new, like the death of someone. that is very insulting.By the way my friend Alex hammered your wife at UNZA (1997), just to let you know.

  118. Thanks #144 for your worthwhile contribution. But how would you resolve this conundrum, if both Tabwa and Lungu were both matrilineal or both patrilineal? As for #145 and # 147, you seem to be missing my point completely. My idea for posting my blog was meant to highlight the naivete and sometimes futility of pigeon-holing people into exclusivist and hermetically sealed tribal, racial, or ethnic boxes, and to emphasize the complexity of ethnic belongingness in a melting pot like modern Zambia. The illustration given is actually of a close friend of mine who posed this question to me. To make matters even more interesting, his wife’s father is Lozi and whilst her mother is Ngoni. They have three children together. My friends #145 and 147, let’s not belittle or insult each other…

  119. 152.D.J. Is that short for Degenerative Jerk. I guess you want me to boring like you, just Humorless Fart.

  120. I43 Max, You Basturd! Don’t worry at least you are Human. I’ve seen some guys that have definite Ape ancestors.

  121. Forgive me people..i am not normal.. 100% lunatic and i havent had food in 7 days..Someone please help me i have 10 kids and 5 wives but no money to feed them .. I am a so confused as i blog

  122. This is crazy thats why some former cow herdsman has sought the comfort and wisdom of Sata in order to stand again in 2011.

  123. Go to Lusaka Central Park at Farmers House where PF has its secretariat and you will be amazed to find that the picture which has Sata (Grade 2/6, unknown) written Sata for 2011 President or so has been removed and replaced with another picture that has both Sata and president HH together.
    I believe that picture and other internal PF news frustrate Mr Saviour Chishimba who was hoping to probably be PF president and presidential candidate in an event that NCC placed the Degree qualification for Zambian President as president HH (MBA,UK) is the alternative to honourable Sata MC (Grade 2/6).
    Have a blessed day you all.
    Psalm 16:8 I have set the LORD always before me: because he is at my right hand, I shall not be moved.

  124. HH ( MBA,UK , ZPA Plunder Suspect ) can never rule zed as most of you tribalists want to believe. I am not saying Sata will rule either, HH is just some calculator boy that has never thrown ‘political stones’ to be worthy our votes. Uko kwine bakuchonga nama sengo yobe !

  125. Nkandu, kuti wa filwa nokupenda, There is that one full of daaga smokers (Former party for the late Sec Gen Castro Chiluba) and many other cliques

  126. The English are proud that most people in the world speak their language. In Zambia the Bemba nkonko (proper) don’t want us to use their language. We would not mind having our languages also on ZNBC. Some of the great musicians of the pre-independence days sung in their native tongues i.e. Tolomeo Bwalya and Isaac Mapiki. Surely a person who speaks Lamba, Ushi, Bisa etc can understand proper Bemba without an interpreter. We have never claimed to come from the Bemba tribe although we may claim to speak Bemba. We know our place because the Great Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe called people from Luapula “batubulu”. Despite these insults people from Mufulira aka Kwa Milambo voted for Kapwepwe who won the election without campaigning. Those of you from Luapula and Central Province having names…

  127. …names like Bwalya, Musonda, Mwansa etc please return the names to the owners otherwise you will be accused of masquerading as a Bemba. The white man did not introduce Bemba on the CB. It just that a lot of people from Luapula and Northern Province came to the CB speaking a common dialect. This is how the language was introduced in schools. The language the white man introduced was Chikabanga. My heart bleeds that we have come to this stage nit-picking tribal differences despite the gallant efforts of KK to make us into one Zambia one nation. It is this mistrust among local tribes that KK exploited to rule Zambia.

  128. Its a pity every that jim and jack is forming new political parties, even if everyone has the democratic right to form a political party, this is too much. What can such a people can offer when he has failed the people already and forming own parties will not change anything about him. If Dr Chishimba had the nation and people’s interest at heart he would have remained in PF forward his agenda or rather join another political party to contribute in one way or the other.

  129. Give chishimba a chance, let him prove himself. i know he has behaved like a mercenary in the past, which has put his name in a compromising state. But i think he is a man with something to offer; he is not a bootlicker, atleast he speaks his mind against people almost everyone fears to challenge like Sata. He is a guy who is ready to forego his MP privileges which many of our politicians can’t do. i have hope he has something new and different to offer to the Zambian community if only he stands true to his word he said at the press conference when he was resigning. let him produce his manifesto and examine it. then we will be highly qualified to oppose or support him. we are tired with the same, recycled, mediocre, unsympathetic, untruthful and power hungry politicians. manifesto first

  130. The Real people brings you news of another party that is coming on the streets of Zambia.this party will bring development that will stand the test of time my brothers and sisters.This party will work with farmers in all areas of the country and this will involve putting up nitrogen chemicals of zambia in all the nine provinces.We plan to construct roads in all area.We plan to work with schools,colleges and universities in coming up with projects that will see unemployment reduced and the suffering of the people.We plan to increase the market of agricultural outputs through the projects that will make with students.For example we plan to discourage the exporting of raw materials in order to increase production of good in this nation.If you are not happy with what is happening then

  131. We plan to set up an organisation that will help government know how subsistence & commercial farmers we have for government to know how much will be spent to boost the agriculture sector.Look at the land that we have in this nation do you think if we invest in these farmers and come up with a good and standard factory creating for example peanut butter then wll create employment for youths

  132. Lets take for instance our plan on using institutions like universities.For exemple the school of natural sciences cannt fail to come up with projects that will cover technology,social,community and other sectors.Now if you all join this party more will be revealed stay put and wait for the name of this party under construction

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