RB tells off Magande


magande-1110President Rupiah Banda has said former Finance minister, Ng’andu Magande should not talk about the privatisation of Zamtel because he failed to do anything to save it from collapse when he was in Government.

Mr Banda said in Lusaka yesterday that Mr Magande should not talk about Zamtel because he served as Cabinet minister in charge of Finance for seven years but allegedly did nothing to redeem the telecommunications company.

Mr Magande sold 75 per cent shares of Zanaco and didn’t tell us anything,” he said.

He was responding to questions from journalists at the Lusaka International Airport upon arrival from Uganda where he attended the Smart Partnership dialogue meeting.

Mr Magande was quoted in yesterday’s edition of The Post saying the Government should not proceed with the privatisation of Zamtel before announcing to the nation the results of the evaluation process conducted by RP Capital Partners.

Mr Banda said it was surprising that Mr Magande who did not make public the evaluation of Zambia National Commercial Bank (Zanaco) at the time it was being privatised now wanted the Government to do so with Zamtel.

Mr Banda said Mr Magande, who spearheaded the sale of shares in Zanaco was now against the privatisation of Zamtel, which was faced with the same problems.

“Those who are against the privatisation of Zamtel have been in Government for a long time, they did not do anything about it when the company was bleeding to death,” he said.

Those opposed to the sale of 75 per cent stake in Zamtel were not concerned about the future of the employees at the company.

Mr Banda said now that his administration was in charge, the challenge to save Zamtel from total collapse lay in his hands and he would do everything possible to save it.

“They are not in Government now and the responsibility falls on us now. He (Magande) had a chance for seven years as Finance minister. Mr Magande sold 75 per cent shares of Zanaco and didn’t tell us anything,” he said.

Mr Banda said the Government wanted to grow the economy and one way of doing that was through Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

And Chief Government Spokesperson, Ronnie Shikapwasha said the Government would publish the evaluation report of Zamtel by RP Capital Partners.

Lieutenant General Shikapwasha in an interview said once Cabinet finished deliberating on the matter, the public would have access to the documents on the Government website.

Gen Shikapwasha, who is Information and Broadcasting Services Minister, said insinuations that Government officials had deliberately made Zamtel bankrupt so that it was sold to their friends was baseless and malicious.

He said Zamtel required huge sums of money to be recapitalised, which the Government did not have.

Gen Shikapwasha said claims that the Government was deliberately not paying its debt to Zamtel so that it was presented bankrupt was aimed at gaining political mileage.

He said the telecommunications company also owed the Government money.
Lt Gen Shikapwasha said the Government was ready to sell the 75 per cent shares in Zamtel to Zambians as long as they had funds to take over.

He said a good example where the Government had sold a parastatal to Zambians was Copperbelt Energy Corporation, which had proved to work well.
[Times of Zambia]


  1. RB has nothing to show to the world what he has done for Zambia, and can never be compared with Magande. Ng’andu is real.

  2. We Chipuba weh chi Nyama Soya.Magande Did better than u and i think he can be a good president than u.

  3. Ronnie should remember that Zamtell has failed because the govt owes most of the debt and have not payed in many years…he should ask himself when lat he payed his home phone bill? as of RB nzelu chabe ndiye ze alibe. he will continue to pushe around the threats in his way. honestly magande has more brains than Teta,Ronnie and mike even RB himself.

  4. Is it necessary for the president to answer back to each and every attack? and what annoys me most is that he does it in the presence of his cadres. This is what happens when you a elect a cadre as your president.

  5. Yaba,

    What is real about Magande? Bring Lima bank to its knees, giving away 75% of ZANACO at US $8 million, KCM at US $25 million and forefeiting US $10 billion to infesters from the 2004-2008 boom years? What quantitative or econometrics can you lecture as about Magande’s realism? I presume you are just registering on us your “fallaccy of reification”.

  6. The problem with RB is he sees every advice given to him by anyone other than Teta, Mulongoti and Shikapwasha as an attack, what kind of a human being is this who does not take advice????

  7. LT circus? I’ve noticed that everytime the president says something LT bloggers are on his neck even if what he is saying makes some sense.Magande sold 75% shares of Zanaco for a song, why isn’t anyone saying anything about that? Zamtel is a useless company run by incompetent people.something drastic needs to be done.As much as I think this is a bad time to sell and the Zambians who can effectively run the company left Zambia years ago, Something still needs to be done. When your president doesn’t act you say he is sleeping when he acts you insult him.Give ba shikulu a chance.Don’t just criticise offer unemotional solutions.If Zambians were given a dollar for every time they criticize, we would have lots of billionaires and I’m not talking Zim dollars!

  8. I personally feel that true Leaders are those that DO NOT become emotional to critism or advise. If I were Rupiah, the first thing to do is to analyse why Magade thinks privitisation must only take place after informing the Public on the true value of the assets? or the reason why himself thinks the 75% is right, then impleament the possible and more beneficial approach! Rather than attacking one another on issues of National importance. Zamtel is not for the President neither will it be for Magande, but will always be and remain to be for the people of Zambia. Anything good coming from Zamtel will be of great benefit to our people and not hounarable Magande or the President!!!!!

  9. # 1 Yaba ,

    I thought it was during the commodity boom years when Magande was Minister in denial that there is poverty in the country while UNZA kids where sleeping and graduating from the roof and tree tops without funding.What did he leave behind out the boom years to build on.Remember the boom generated over US $20 billion.You mean it could not have changed the face of this country, solved social challenges if he was real?????????What is your level of your education?????

  10. MAMA G ,

    Did you see the valuation report on KCK or ZANACO two multi billion Dollar assets that went for a song of US $ 25 million and $8 million each at the discharge of Magande?

  11. You muppets on this blog sometimes should discard your hatred for RB and tell off some villains who wronged in the past. now that they are on the other side of the fence they want to be seen as the voices of the masses.the problem is that most of you are half brains.you forget easily.because of all the people magande should be the last person to be calling Rupiah names over zamtel.you remember how people poured on the strrets to protest the sale of ZANACO to RABOBANK which was even more viable than ZAMTEL.what was magande’s stand?didn’t he defy any protest and logic from the people.ZANACO went for a song as believe me these guys RABOBANK are now reaping of by disposing off some ZANACO assets.already the printing company which zanaco owned has been sold. CONTD

  12. #11. Senior Citizen. Perharps Magande has seen the misteks he made and he is trying to prevent the same from happening.

  13. ZANACO had training hostels in rhodes park.inside sources has it that they have been sold as well.and those are prime assets which have even paid them back the paltry $8 million magande gave them the bank at.infact the grapevine has it that the ZANACO deal was sealed at state house through the former first lady who had magande in her hand bag and the late levy was just a blind
    Passenger So only when we wake up and reprimand those people we know to have messed us up are we going to move forward otherwise we will just be going round in the same circles with this habit of turning villains into heroes.

  14. Its not about what Magande di or did not do, leadership is about doing the right things right. Ba Banda please you are becoming an embarrasment to the Lund University Alumni society.

  15. So if Magande made a mistake in the Govt which you Bwezani was Vice President.Why do you want to continue with the same course.his issue of this one sold this for a song is utter nonsense.You guys sat as cabinet and supported everything.As for Senior Citizen please spare as your street wisdom

  16. A wise man learns from other people’s misteks but a foolish man tries to repite the same misteks. If privatisation has not benefited Zambians in any way, why continue with it. If only our leaders could see how these investors mock us, how they laugh at our leaders for giving away our mines. No investor no matter how many billions of U$ they invest in our indutries will develop our country apart from us, Zambians.

  17. I am just wondering, what time does RB work? He is always busy either responding to Sata, Hichilema and co. or addressing MMD cadres. What is the use of having a spindoctor if he cannot be used? With RB as president development of Zambia will remain a pipedream. All the neighbouring country are going to overtake us.

  18. And please stop misinforming people that RABOBANK bought %75 shares in ZANACO.Thats a lie that you know or you are peddling street wisdom as usual with your Matero Economics degree.Govt has %49 shares in ZANACO now do your arithmetic if you add your %75 to %49 if it will add to %100

  19. I dont understand why we are making comparisons between Magande and RB?? Magande is history, and to say he should not comment because…………. is just illogical. Two wrongs dont make a right. Is Magande the yardstick for performance? Should we not strive to do better? Is RB saying because Magande made wrong decisions then we should NOT learn from them, but REPEAT them because Magande did the same? Lets learn to analyse issues objectively. To do so, we need to ask the right questions, as oppossed to starting from a misinformed premise. Kaunda has every right to advocate democracy even though he did not practise it.

  20. MAMA G, i feel you, i feel you. RB should have taken time to find out what Magande’s concerns are. It wouldn’t hurt. And every opinion should count, or are all MMD cats supposed to be inclined to their leaders opinionated idea’s? MMD is turning into a circus and then some, by the second,

  21. Senior Citizen, just 3 days ago Bwezani sent a team of 6 delegates to deliver a cow to Kikwete and that costed K68m. That money could been used on other pressing issues. I wouldn’t if he had paid from his pocket but it’s tax payers money. You dont need to be a prof. to understand some straight forward issues. If you have difficulties in reasoning or even seeing beyond your nose please consider night school, it’s never late, it will better your under standing. Are you happy that each hearse US$ 29,000? Your president has no time to attaend to nation issues, ever on the mover, to you thats in order. During campaign he promised to reduce fertiliser to K50,000 which never happened (Liar).

  22. Zamtel /PTC started having problems in Unip. The seperation of Telecoms from Postal Services has some positive advances by the latter.

  23. I agree with RB on Magande, the guy was in government. Even Sata. The only guy worth listening to is HH, since he was never in government.

  24. I don’t know who Magande represents but RB as Prez must behave like a president. The level of his discourse is too often at personal level. This is not a presidential level. I expect my President to remain at the level of articulating the vision, telling us more about the ideas coming from his government, activities going on, expected benefits to the people and difficulties people may go through (sympathizing), etc, for each of the impacted sectors relevant to the occassion. We have a saying that when an elder is saying “NO” he does not have to shake his head. RB must move to his category to earn my respect.

  25. But you guys who do you think could be a good president between R B and Magande. At the time of magande the Dollar was about 3,000 and he managed to work hard so that the economy was good. He knows want he is talking about when he says the evaluation report should be known. There is that issue of Dora siliya or have you already forgoten.

  26. Good RB those critisising should not do that just for the sake of it. Magande sold Zanaco,KCM and Luanhya mines for a song and without any report to the public. If he thinks he made mistakes that should not be repeated he should firstly accept those mistakes, apologise to the Zambian people and then advice. All the sales he managed with LPM were crowded in secrecy how can he now demand transparency. He was minister of finance at the time of the world economic boom, what did we bennefit from it. The mines ripped all the profits that could have cutioned the reccession.

  27. magade the people’s choice not you banda who came through image builders from UK now in your own original image you can’t perform your thinking is kindergarten stuff leave magande he is our leader and your next president learn to respect him ,zambia should never use image builders again.

  28. We need help in Zambia. unfortunately we have a myopic president in place who lacks a vision of his own. Reading between the lines, it clearly shows that RB has something he is hiding. How did he come up with 75%? From his verbal diarrhoea, he copied from ZANACO. Does he know why Magande came up with 75% under ZANACO? The answer is most likely to be no.
    This is the tragedy of having a myopic president in place.
    2011, where are you?

  29. the next election will be between sata and magande not banda the MMD IS OVER banda will only win in mutenguleni

  30. Rupiah is AFRAID of Magande. That is why he keeps on attacking him. Does the whole president have to respond to everything? And that in front of those unruly cadres!

  31. The President (RB) is very right and onto the point. Indeed Magande failed on the zanaco issue in telling the public of the evaluation that took place at the time. Anothing thing that the President forgot to mentioned about magande’s failure was the sale of KCM at a give away price of $25million payable in insttlements when the company was able to make $300million within three months after it was bought. With these fews facts, i therefore totally support President Banda on the move to sell of zamtel and save it from total collapse. Magande’s feelings though, is what i have been feeling all these years (7) he was minister of finance who failed to deliver on a number of issues but rather only save his interests.

  32. #27. Engines. Wheather Magande apologise or not the fact still reamain we have not benefited in the saling of these companies and the question is should we finish saling all our comapnies just because Magande sold this and that? if so what will become of our country?? mind you Zambia does not belong to Magande and RB alone, it’s for us. The gov should make decision which will benefit everyone including the generation to come. Lets stop this altitude of saling companies to benefits few people .

  33. The problem with our political and ultimately economic system in Zambia is not just our politicians but us the Zambian populace. People like ENGINES 27 saying Magande should first apologise and accept his mistakes before advocating transparency!!?? ENGINES, dont you want transparency? Does someone have to ask for it on your behalf?

  34. Would it not be prudent for th eRB to to release the Zamtel Evaluation for th epublic to to make amn informed opinion. Though I know It matterrs less, whether we agree or not ,with the Zamtel sale, whatever the case, it will still be sold. Just in case some one out there want to buy the said shares ( of the 25%).

  35. Commander 33, The issue is not whether or not Zamtel should be privatised! The issue is the manner in which it should be privatised. Selling 75% to a pre selected buyer means that the value of that 75% will not be subject to a bid, and therefore may be highly subjective. Given the background of this Issue with RP capital being given the contract to value Zamtel under very controversial circumstances, and the Knowledge that they (RP Capital) are interested in Purchasing Zamtel (Conflict of interest and obvious subjectivity), do you not think that we should have more transparency? Please answer that question based on the facts and not your own value judgement.

  36. How do you compare Magande an intellectual and recycled stuff Rupiah Banda. I blame whoever brought him into government. We hear he was brought in just to appease the people of the Eastern province. Why can’t he talk about scandals involving himself and his son?

    As other bloggers have already said, ‘ Is it sensible for him to repeat mistakes made in the past when he himself was part of the administration? Even monkeys have condemned this chief cadre.

  37. On “Mr Banda said the Government wanted to grow the economy and one way of doing that was through Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)“, such mentality is for very old people who do not understand that ony small medium enterprises will change the current setup of things to make the Zamban economy grow.

    The behaviour of bringing foreigners from RP whatever to valuate ZAMTEL was in very bad taste and faith when local Zambian companies could do the same.

    Please, MMD GRZ take a leaf from the South Africans who are pro-National and they do not depend on the East only but look at what is best from them from the West and the East including the North if it exists.

    Be blest.
    Psalm 16:8 I have set the LORD always before me: because he is at my right hand, I shall not be moved.

  38. Ifi fyonse ifisushi fikapwa nga baisa mukuteka abechenchebele,abapalwa bakanabesa proffessor clive chirwa.all you pretenders must enjoy your circus for the last time.

  39. I think we need the Zamtel evaluation report especially with the scandals that sorrounded Dora while heading the Communications ministry. Where was RB to question the evaluation process for ZANACO at this time? He was senior citizen and a Veep during the same time but opted to remain quite cause he was begging for a job from LPM, I hope tomorrow, it won’t be people like Shikapwasha questioning the sale of Zamtel when they’re quite and protecting their jobs. Do we have principled citizens in this nation who can stand up and call a spade a spade at the right time without looking at who is involved?

  40. As for MP Magande N., his contribution has caused “Lieutenant General Shikapwasha in an interview said once Cabinet finished deliberating on the matter, the public would have access to the documents on the Government website which will be great.

    Another impressive thing is that now the State Media is covering the PACT because of tension in the MMD GRZ that is now causing negative publicity of the strong opposition which might win like President Obama who gained nice points out of such mis/behaviour by his opponents.

    Nice that 2011 elections are now presenting a fair media coverage of all political players as even bad publicity is ok for media appearance.

    Be blest.
    Psalm 16:8 I have set the LORD always before me: because he is at my right hand, I shall not be…

  41. It takes a Thief to catch a Thief. He who has been there knows it all. Magande knows what he is talking about because he has tested the pill. If Magande is a “Thief” then he knows what he is talking about and he is giving the Nation tips to avoid the next rooming theft at ZAMTEL. KAYA ine nakambako chabe.

  42. UNIP rules… All these guys have failed Zambia. The Problem is that they are in Politics because of there personnal gain. They llok at themselves first and then the Zambia people eat the crams of what falls from their table… Jesus should come quickly and sort out this mess.

  43. #37 RB became VP after dribbiling Godfrey Miyanda! He (RB) was the emissary Levy sent to court Miyanda and bring him to State House for a meeting. The meeting he hijacked and was susbsquently appointed VP.That must have been in 2007.

  44. i really would love senior citizen or engines to respond to the cow thing to Tanzania that cost us K68 million. i wud love them to give a solid justification on this kind of action. oh, and while u’re at it, comment on the vigilantes beating up reporters at airports and police commanding officers looking away when screamed at for help. please, enlightnen me since both of u seem to know sumthin we dont about the goodness of RB and his moronic followers.

  45. At least Mr R Banda is right Mr Magade my brother once was in the same cabinet that privatised some insttutions,did they go through the process he now is demanding the current govement to go through. Is it not being double standard. This should serve as a lesson to those in goverment that they will one time be on the other side and the will be asked to account for their deeds.

  46. Some one near or in the the Corridors of power tell these so called leaders that, Leadership should be borne out of the understanding of the needs of those that will be affected by it. And these happen to be the general populace who are the voters and the poor majority!

  47. By the way those who are still peddling the nonsense that Magande sold 75% of ZANACO shares are either ignorant or just plain gullible. RB is talking nonsense. Rabobank bought only 49% of ZANACO the remaining 51% consists of 21% GRZ shares and 30% held by Zambian Institutional and ordinary shareholders. Rabobank have the management rights but Zambians hold the majority 51% shares in ZANACO. The only mistake Magande made was to sell the 49% for $10m directly to Rabobank. And when Zambians bought 30% of the shares through the stock exchange it transpired that Magande had undervalued the bank because Zambians paid $56m for a 30% holding. This is a lesson Rupiah should learn otherwise he is going to make a very big blunder. All we need is transparency and a bigger shareholding by Zambians.

  48. St pid RB, it doesn’t mean if one made a mistake then you should also carry on on the wrong path. You are just a UNIP Th g. Are we seening the return of vigilantees?

  49. 53 Mbulawa greetings and zou are correct on all your points I believe especially RB is talking nonsense. Rabobank bought only 49% of ZANACO the remaining 51% consists of 21% GRZ shares and 30% held by Zambian Institutional and ordinary shareholders. Rabobank have the management rights but Zambians hold the majority 51% shares in ZANACO. I hope MP Magande will make this his position clear in the POST soon.

    The advice on This is a lesson Rupiah should learn otherwise he is going to make a very big blunder is good and only someone bent on other things will ignore it.

    Take care.
    Psalm 16:8 I have set the LORD always before me: because he is at my right hand, I shall not be moved.

  50. Lets us just go back to KK’s dictatorship.Perhaps this democracy was not just meant for us.Wasn’t RB senior to Magande when ZANACO was being sold?Let this Magande also tell us the difference between Zamtel and the Zanaco that he sold.Hypocrites!!!No wonder you don’t want to educate your citizens cuz you want to be riding on their ignorance and lack of capacity to critic your hidden agendas!

  51. He over reacted but he has his point on the issue of disclosure of the evaluation report . We have had many privatisation and I can not remember us ever receiving an evaluation report, while i think this creates a lack f transperancy they could be a good reason for this. So I amagbreeing with simms ~51. But I would prefer that the evaluation report is realised and if not I would want to know why

  52. #7 Answer to your question: Somebody who is foolish, ignorant, a dictator, arrogant for nothing, and not worth a leader.

  53. A Rupiah Kanitundila Bwezani Banda, pleaseeee!! Magande is the only Finance Minister on record to have swung the economy of Zed upwards during his tenure in office. Give him credit. You are a failed businessman who has no business sense and therefore cannot make the right decision about the sell of Zamtel, period.

  54. Who is a good leader? What are the charateristics of a good leader! Unless these are understood we shall keep going round and round, like a mary-go-round. Some enlighten please!

  55. Where did senior citizen get those fake figures of $25 billion buring copper boom? This chap is a liar. Overall overturn during the said period was about $14 billion before expenses and tax.

  56. Ba Rupiah or watever yourname is dont throw trash against propaganda. You how well Ng’andu performed whilst in gov. Tamwalibonse infact iwe pamulu???? you were VP…..so dnt prove to us that walelyafye ubwali mu cabinet.

  57. senior citizen, dude, you using dial-up? i asked a question at # 48 and i was being serious dude, i really want to know your feelings on the pregnant cow saga and the K68 million. wat sayest thou?

  58. RB don’t expose your highest point of dullness,You should even learn to upgrade your profession from a mere piploma in Historical Economics which you studied in the 60s to modern Economics.Magande is a highly qualified Economist and he knows what he is talking about letting the people know the specifications of the privatisation of ZAMTEL.Are you telling the nation that you can’t improve on Governmen7t operations than how it used to be done previously? I thought the main objective of the government bettering the lives of the people through professional operation of the government, not pointing fingers each other looking for failures but to do that which in the best interest of the people.

  59. #6, Senior Citizen, do you really understand what you write? Please try and read what you write and see if it makes sense. You are wasting people’s time and showing how shallow you are. Silence is the best mode for the uninformed and you clearly are one such person, who only needs to do one honourble thing – shut it!!!

  60. When someone reacts in a defensive way and doesn’t address the facts but goes into argumentum ad hominems , it just just shows that theres something RB is hiding.

  61. But Unam student # 68. It is a good question about whether they followed this practise and if not why not. As for who is the better economist, thats trash for me the question is what is the better way if doung things…

  62. for me all this talk of who did better, or is a better economist or who should indeed talk is distracting from the real issue. What should we do with ZAMTEL. Is the govt program the best, if not what should be done

  63. This comment from RB simply shows that he was either sleeping or was not intelligent enough to have spoken up when he was VP. After Magande speaks thats when Ronnie decides to make them public. If it had not been for Magande saying anything, we all would have been left in darkness.

    You bloggers even when someone is trying to show you the light you prefer the darkness. Even if ZANACO, etc was not made public the truth of the matter is that the country was in a far much better situation than it is with this overreacting president. Seriously its like being in Kindergarten!

  64. No speechless, slow down. The over reacting president was LPM by any standard, he had unmatched anger and emotion and probably thats what sent him to the grave. I agree I want the details of the evaluation and for that I give magande kudo’s but I would still love to know why this procedure was not followed with ZANACO , there could be a logical reason. as for Shikapwashs’s statement that they will publish the report, thats positive and has never been done before so even if its reactive thats fine. with ZANACO they was even a demonstration and even parliament voted against, and then Levy went on to say he would not privitaise, so lets be more positive and objective. And actually without distracting from the ZAMTEL issue, it would be great to see ZANACO’s evaluation report

  65. 68 Zambian student @UNAM greetings. On your “RB don’t expose your highest point of dullness,You should even learn to upgrade your profession from a mere [D]iploma in Historical Economics which you studied in the 60s to modern Economics“, I am impressed for Mr President RB Banda claims to have a Masters Degree as it was indicated in a CV that was presented on his now dead webpage.

    Please, provide more details as this man may only have an eqivalent of a Bachelors or Bachelors Honours Degree and not a real Masters Degree.

    This is really HILARIOUS.

    Have a blessed day all.

    Take care.
    Psalm 16:8 I have set the LORD always before me: because he is at my right hand, I shall not be moved.

  66. Banda the so called the president of zambia should know that magande did better than him because he managed to bring inflation rate to a single digit and the exchange rate to 3200 although he privatised zanaco, and the bank is doing better than now. Banda should not tell of an economicist who know better the advantage of privitise zamtel.

  67. Yes indeed Magande performed very well as minister of finance…we saw the kwacha appreciate to k3000.00 per us dollar. He was on that position for 6yearsand not seven. The first in Levys govt was Mr Kasonde who was there for one year.
    By the way Thandiwe Banda has been on the govt payroll for more than two years though she istopped work more than two years ago. What a useles person RB is? No morals.

  68. Will Zambia ever be sole owner of any company or at least own 75%? I give up on you mother Zed and your leaders. you never cease to surprise me with your decisions. I wonder if your advisors ever reason. It seems as if they just do things out of their own interest without taking the well-being of the nation into account.

  69. President Rupiah has no sense of judgement. He behaves like someone who has never been to school. Just imagine mudala claims to have 2 degrees, I doubt whether he obtained these through his brains. While all human beings have 5 senses I doubt whether it is the same with this man. Bwezani has no sense of hearing, sight, feeling, smell and thinking what he has is the sense of hatred, sense of being deaf, sense of being blind, and sense of lack of respect for humans (this demonstrated by the VIP treatment for a pregnant cow), sense of corruption and the sense of apatite for young women. I doubt whether Rupiah and the rest of Zambians are from the same descendants. I am sure Rupiah has his own descendants otherwise he could behave the way he is doing. Are his brains fully developed? Chainama

  70. Rupiah visit US and appear on hard talk. Why always travelling around Africa only. Take your degrees to the UN and EU. Make a speech their. Last time you were supposed to travel to London for some function you chickened out and sent Kaunda instead. Why only travelling in Africa. I am sure Obama and Gordon would like to be given a pregnant cow as well, to be transported on business class with you Rupiah, George Kaunda, Chi Shikapwasha, Tetamashimba, Mulongoti, Dora Siliya and that shameless naked MMD cadre from Mansa as escortees. How I wish Mswati was in Mansa at that time. Next time Mswati is in Zambia take him to Mansa

  71. Bloggers if you could spend just a minute in Mr Magandes presences then you would know that he is one selfless man and whatever advice he is giving is from the heart. When he was working under LPM he had his opinions but accepted whatever the majority (cabinet) ruled he’s that kind of person he is not a dictator although sometimes he would feel so strongly about something that he would sound arrogant but he never imposes. Even him being president of Zambia is not a do or die situation for him if it happens well and good if it doen’t life goes on.

  72. This should be a national assignment to law students at UNZA as their contribution through UNZASU to national leadership and progress: Can you help interpret the legal provisions if it were possible to stop a sitting Zambian government from taking decisions that a majority of Zambian opposed, such as the proposed privatization on ZAMTEL? as said by Prof. Luo in the Sunday Post of August 2, 2009.

  73. RB must note that Magande has a good head on his shoulders, he is not called HIPC Magande for nothing, his fiscal discipline whilst he was Minister helped Zambia tremendously which is more than can be said for a man whose wife is still getting a salary when clearly she is no longer working… I am beginning to hate my country.

  74. And another thing we should note: there are some sectors which we can not open for investment, isn’t this Government worried about National security? Were is the sense in privatising a National Communications comapny, do we not have any honor? We have liberalised our financial sector, just imagine how unstable our economy would become if for some reason all these so called investors decided to leave. God be with us.

  75. #85 what National security are you talking about?what about 500,000 people(Zambians) going to bed on an empty stomach?why should ministers be flown to RSA even if they have a migrane?why should health workers work in the conditions they work in?honor is there in every one of us,but you lose it if you are in power and children and mothers are dying of hunger and lack of basic medical help and all you allow is your hangerson to enjoy the little the country has,mind you God can account for every grain of sand in the desert,what can we account for? nothing!!!!!!!!!!

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