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Anti-corruption activists urged to emulate late ACC staffer

Rural News Anti-corruption activists urged to emulate late ACC staffer

Transparency International Zambia (TIZ) has challenged anti-corruption activists in the country to emulate the good works and passion that the late Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) Officer Wendy Mwachilenga exhibited in the fight against graft.

Ms. Mwachilenga was the first woman to walk a distance of 375 Km from Kitwe to Lusaka to raise awareness about corruption in the country.

TIZ Executive Director, Goodwell Lungu said all anti corruption activists should be dedicated in their work towards the fight against corruption and strive to raise awareness against its evils in Zambia like the late Mwachilenga.

Mr. Lungu said the late Ms. Mwachilenga had a passion, energy and enthusiasm in fighting corruption and has since challenged the activists to continue from where she has left.

He said she undertook a 375 Km walk in order to sensitize the Zambian public and the government on the gravity of corruption and the need to work towards eradicating it.

Mr. Lungu said her death has robbed Zambia of a gallant and illustrious person in the fight against corruption.

The late Ms. Mwachilenga died on Wednesday at UTH and will be put to rest in Mumbwa tomorrow. Body viewing will be at Lusaka’s St. Johns Hospital in Woodlands tomorrow at 09:00 hrs.



  1. “ati boss baima nakalufumo ati namotoka ngatwalimupele” it is amazing how good things are said when one is dead.Anyway i cant really say further as the late wendy was indeed an exemplary woman.MHSRIP

  2. Once togethr in the Evelyn Hone ECHODRUMS(doez the drama group still exist?), though not for long. Waz even 1st or 2nd Pincess to MISS HONE 87 won by her friend Felistus Chipako(where iz she?).The passing of Wendy iz indeed sad.

  3. May Her Soul Rest In Peace. Liked her behavior and friendliness at Hone. Hone grads, we have lost a friend and indeed a nice lady. Felistus and her always wore a smile on their faces. Great loss.

  4. Sad for Wendy. I saw her walk with one guy and another fella who fell out on the way. What a woman we ve lost. Mwe Lesa chinshi mutupokela abamano mwatushila fye ababwatabwata fye ne ntungu nge ngefipelebesha. MHSRIP.

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