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Mufumbwe farmers besiege DC office over FRA’s delay to pay them

Rural News Mufumbwe farmers besiege DC office over FRA's delay to pay them

Farmers who supplied maize to Food Reserve Agency (FRA) in Mufumbwe this morning besieged the office of the District Commissioner to register their disappointment over government’s failure to pay them their money for the maize.

Mufumbwe District Commissioner Robert Muyutu confirmed to ZANIS in Solwezi that the farmers approached his office on when FRA would pay them their money which they have been waiting for a long time after they supplied the commodity.

Mr. Muyutu said the farmers who had come from distant places have been spending nights at the depot with a view that they would be paid on time but it has taken a long time .

He mentioned that sources within FRA had assured him that the farmers in Mufumbwe who supplied maize to FRA would be paid either today or tomorrow since the money has already been transmitted to the district.

Mr. Muyutu therefore appealed to the farmers to be calm as FRA was making arrangements to pay them all.

And the situation was the same in Solwezi where farmers were found seated at the FRA offices waiting to be paid their money.

A group spokesperson Greenwell Samakayi told ZANIS that they sold the crop to FRA on the 7th July, 2009 and sine then they have not been paid.

Mr. Samakayi who said they had come from senior chief Musele’s area lamented that they were spending nights in the cold without food and each time they approached the FRA offices they were told to wait.

He said even the transporters who they hired to take the maize for sale to FRA were threatening them with legal action for failure to pay them.

Meanwhile, sources within the FRA said it has bought 68,606 by 50 kg bags of maize from farmers in th province and has spent more than K1 billion owing farmers over K3 billion.

The source further said the delay in paying the farmers by FRA was due to poor bank facilities and not a deliberate move by the company.

The sources mentioned that it was difficult to transfer the money to districts like Mufumbwe and Chavuma where there are no banking facilities that is why the farmers have not been paid on time.


  1. Mr. Muyutu (DC) dont mislead pipo who are adults and their right frame of mind. Lack of banking facilities in Mufumbwe is no excus. During the time of Namboard and ZCCF there was no such nosense. Its either there no many available and pipo shoud be advised when to come for their money. If the situation is bad in terms of security. I dont think ZP, Provincial Command can fail to provide armed escort from Solwezi to Mufumbwe. Its either FRA has run out of cash. My advise to Mr Muyutu in future dont try to mess up farmers all they need is cash failure to which they will take their produce to Kipushi for spot cash.

  2. By the way pipo of Mufumbwe I have not bin hearing your MP Boshe debate in parliament on any issue. It time we started searching for a replacement. What developmental projects has he spearheaed since we sent him to Manda Hill. Lets take audit of the performance of all MPs from North Western Province. The men and women from Kasama Central made. Kick them out after all they have alreday got their mid term gratuity. Line up 1. BenTeta, 2,Mwanza, 3 Taima, 4 S Katuuka, 5 Muchima EJ, 6 K Pande,7 Bonshe,8 Mukuma, 9 Kalenga,10 Kakoma, 11Sayifwanda, 12 S, K Konga. What have these representatives done since being elected. Mutanda – Chavuma rd far from completion the whole province is not connected to National Grid. Lets search for fresh blood for 2011. These positions are not permanent like Chiefs.

  3. We should ensure that each MP is only elected for a term the more they stay on the more they become crafty. After Old Daniel from Tongaland said “POLITICS OF BENEFITS” Dont be left behind men and women from Mujika lets join the race to Manda Hill. Come 2011

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