First Lady challenges Christians to raise strong families


First Lady Thandiwe Banda, has called on Christian women to bring up strong families with high moral standards that will help fight the HIV and AIDS pandemic.

Mrs Banda said a strong family is a basic foundation for any society to fight the pandemic and mitigate the suffering of those infected and affected in society.

Mrs Banda said this in a speech read on her behalf by Local Government Deputy Minister’s wife, Felicity Musosha, at the official opening of the Anglican Church Mothers Union Conference in Lusaka today.

She said Christian families form the essential component of an ideal society that can survive the devastating effects of temptations and HIV and AIDS.
She has commended the Anglican Church for helping government in assisting the less privileged people in society.

The First Lady said such initiatives must be commended by people in the country as they help government in providing social services to its people.

Meanwhile, the Anglican Church Mothers Union president, Fridah Kazembe, disclosed that the church will next year construct a girls’ boarding school in Lusaka West to help bring up girls in a Godly way.

Dr Kazembe said the Mothers Union will also build a multipurpose skills training centre at a cost of K1 billion where women and girls would be trained in various life survival skills.

She said her organization is empowering the vulnerable and women in society while counseling them on the importance of having a strong marriage.

Dr Kazembe further said the Mothers Union has so far raised over K150 million for the construction of the boarding schools and the multipurpose centre, adding that it is expected to empower women who will in turn contribute to the attainment of the MDGs.

The conference was attended by over 600 women from the Lusaka Anglican Diocese and the Mothers Union from southern Malawi.



  1. If you want strong families tell the women to obey the bible instead of branding themselves ‘christian’ and living contrary lifestyles so far away from the bible it’s ridiculous. Am sure these women know hey don’t need the first lady to challenge them all they need to do is reread the torah specifically deutoronomy chapter 5 and simply obey.

  2. Ba thandi mwebo, finshi mungatweba, at your age you married a supposed to be your grandfather and today you can hace the audacity of preaching the bible to us?? You are a big koker indeed.

  3. #4 dalitso udwala kunyu? where did I opress any woman, what kind of boss hulerism’s do you subscribe to think preventing promiscuity is archaic. Don’t obey the torah sleep around and see how quickly we will bury you and drink maheu at your funeral if you think it’s oppression

  4. #5 Slumdog Shalapungu, Promiscuity is not solely a woman’s issue, it is by far the men who go around planting their seed. More times than one women are very good at keeping the family together while most men are dead beat dads, busy poping viagra and obssesed with porn and get in any hole that gives them attention. I have so much respect for women especially single moms!

  5. #6 The woman is the gatekeeper of her jewels. A woman has the power to control promiscuity better than men. If a woman offered herself as a sex object in comparison with a man that offered himself as a sex object the woman would win by a landslide in offers. I have no respect for single mothers unless they are widows. They made the decision to have unprotected sex with a man they chose who is really a sperm donor who you call deadbeat. You cannot blame a man for a woman who opened her legs knowingly without taking precaution in form of contraception or even getting to know the man’s intentions. If men had contraception they would be no such thing as single mothers

  6. So Thandiwe is telling us that she was raised by a family with bad morals. How did she end up with her friend’s father as a husband? That to her is good morals. Ala sometimes people should look at themselves before they utter words or become advocates of something they are not. Her home is cursed. Banda made a mistake, she also made a mistake. It is sad that only the poor are seen to be making such mistakes. Thandiwe, please spare us from the agony of discussing your behavior.

  7. shalupungu,how about the many many who pick prostitutes and pay many times for un protected services yet take the virus to the innocent wives, be taken care of by the same wives until their final good byes,yet these same women are called names and discriminated against for having the virus as though its not enough left alone to raise orphans… most of this problems are man made not woman made.. im sure you are aware that woman have tried to obey the the bible in regard to being faithfull..

  8. #9 Most of the women that stay with unfaithful husbands know that their husbands are cheaters. If you stay with someone who you know damn well commits adultery to a certain extent you are part of the blame. Most of these women know their husbands are sleeping around and yet fail to get the courage to move on. You know the saying fool you once shame on me fool twice shame on me. I see it all the time and some of my relatives are stuck in these situations where they turn a blind eye to the obvious. At the risk of sounding mean most of these women know very well that the men they are with are no good but will stay in cognitive disonance state until the worst happens then they cry victim.

  9. Why is it that every time the First Lady raises a good and responsible thought, everyone comes out happily posting negative comments to degrade her? Some people just can’t live in peace with humanity. I’m out to find some love because there definately is none on this thread…

  10. ………….not every woman in a “christian uniform” is a “christian indeed” many are husband snatchers, witches, shabeen dealers, (brothel mums) hiding behind white headscarves and church uniforms!

  11. #7 Slumdog Shalapungu, on “If men had contraception they would be no such thing as single mothers”,JSYK, men have contraception called abstinence and condoms and a level headedness meaning a real man does not have to sleep with countless women to be validated! You have mentioned that women are the cause of mens promiscuity and don’t have the courage to live their cheating husbands. Did you ever wonder that some women who leave their cheating husbands or those who have been left by their husbands for “greener pastures ” become single mums and discriminated upon by people like you as having opened their legs carelessly?

  12. WHO, the World Health Organisation, murdered Africa with the AIDS virus. That’s a provocative statement isn’t it?

  13. Ata se ba Thandiwe,who are you lecturing on morals when you yourself was bizy sleeping with your budys papa who you later maried,spare us the time,we have bigger things to blog about not this nosence

  14. #13 women have pills, diaphragms, injections, level headedness, abstinence and a whole heap of other things in comparison with men. The fact remains most men that get caught up with single mothers are usually trapped because the women think by getting pregnant that will give credence to the relationship. How many men do you know want to be have children with single women they barely know. One of my friends got trapped when the woman lied to him that she was on the pill. My position still stands if you open your legs carelessly to adulterers then the consequences to bare are yours and sympathy is not an option. It’s time to accept responsibility instead of playing victim, if you had morals like the women in Noah’s age you wouldn’t have deadbeat dad problems.

  15. WOMEN should be respect ..single,widowed or married.They are the mothers of the world and too senior to Man in the line of creation.EVE and ADAM stayed 10,000 years apart and this shows how senior WOMEN ARE TO MEN…..

  16. #11, Nine Chale, the only time we will listen to your so well informed first lady thandiwe banda is when she confesses that she is a criminal and will return the millions of kwacha she has pocketed has a ghost worker. Now at that point, will discuss morals, not now. Stealing is immoral and anyone who has done so, cannot preach to us about morals. Lets hope that you see our side. You are the same people who jump on anything Chiluba says and castigate him to his last drop blood that run in his veins, but fail to do so when it comes to these animals in govt. We want the money back from thandiwe and may be at that point we might consider discussing morals either with her or her supporters. Morals do not only refer to bedroom issues, but theft too.

  17. The issue of raising strong families of high morals should not be one sided, it should be a challenge both to the husband and wife as a couple. With the high prevalence of HIV in Africa even if one faithful spouse does their best to raise the strong family with high morals as long as the other partner is lustful it will be meaningless as the lustful partner will always commit adultery. We have all seen how some faithful spouses have been infected with HIV/AIDS because their lustful spouses were commiting adultery and brought the sickness back home. What should be advocated here is for married couples to raise strong families of high moral standards by
    1) Taking HIV tests twice a year, this will ensure that they know when one is infected and they start taking measures to live

  18. positively and take care of themselves by taking ARV’s,proper food , have protected sex with each other and if there are christians believe God for healing. 2) It has been established by some researches that HIV/AIDS is higher amongst married couples than singles because the faithful spouses trust their unfaithful spouses and believe that they are not commiting adultery, the solution here is for married couples to have protected sex and can only work out a plan after they take the twice a year HIV/Aids test then they can truly trust one another and continue working on a plan to continue being faithful to one another. HIV/AIDS amongst married couples should be addressed instead of pretending that it doesn’t exist and the children are left suffering.

  19. Yes dats commendable for you, even the Bible (Proverbs 14 says a wise woman distroyes her house with her hands, while trhe same Proverbs says train up a child in way he shud grow so thta wen he is old he will never depart from it.Its makes sense for these women to start teaching their children Godly counsel.

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