Mazabuka District Cooperative defrauding the Govt-Magoye MP


Magoye Member of Parliament, Bennie Mweemba has accused the cash strapped Mazabuka District Cooperative union of allegedly misappropriating funds released by government for the payment of maize supplied to the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) by farmers.

Mr. Mweemba told ZANIS in Mazabuka yesterday, that some named board members had allegedly received payment for maize which they had not delivered to the agency.

He alleged that a senior board member was paid for 47 by 50 kilogramme bags of maize he did not supply.

Mr. Mweemba urged Police to arrest the culprits should investigations prove that they defrauded the government.

He also complained that several board members and their relatives had been enlisted to sell maize to FRA and receive first priority in payment while genuine farmers were made to wait for along time.

The MP also urged FRA to investigate why a named commercial bank manager was allowed to supply maize to Mwanachingwala FRA selling depot at the expense of the local farmers who are stuck with many bags of maize.

He has since called on FRA management to immediately send auditors to audit the books of accounts specifically on the funds meant for maize purchase from farmers.

And Mr. Mweemba has directed Mazabuka Municipal Council Deputy Mayor, Richard Malambo to open a docket against the culprits.

When contacted for a comment Mazabuka District Cooperative Union Board Chairperson, Clement Matente said he was not in a position to comment because management had not yet briefed him.

Mr. Matente however promised to issue a detailed report on the matter.



  1. Thanx Mr Mweemba. We need more of people like you who will expose thieves even if it takes you to lose an election. That’s why I’ve been saying that the whole thing about FRA & MACO should be changed whereby the following should be done:
    1. Distribution of inputs be left to social welfare ministry who’ll identify deserving members of the community & met out punishment when one abuses the system by selling inputs. Chiefs, headmen, the church can be included at community level.

    2. Construction/maintenance of storage facilities and feeder roads should be left to local authorities

    3. Put in place a revolving commercial crop production where provinces will be contracted to grow particular crops year-round. At the same time put measures for processing livestock & crop products

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