Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Parents in Mazabuka adandon their disabled children


Education authorities in Mazabuka have expressed concern at the negative attitude by some parents towards their physically challenged pupils at Nanga boarding school for the handicapped.

Mazabuka District Education Board Secretary, Darius Kaluba complained to ZANIS in Mazabuka today, that some parents have completely abandoned their children and do not want to be associated with them because of their physical disabilities.

Mr Kaluba said the parents have found the school to be a dumping ground for disabled children.

He observed that during school holidays, only a few parents visited the school to pick up their children while the majority of them remained at school.

Mr Kaluba charged that there was need for parents to accept the status of their children because it was not the children’s fault to find themselves in that status.

He said failure by the parents to pick their children when schools close was making the school operations difficult especially when it comes to feeding.

Meanwhile, Mr Kaluba says the ongoing construction of new classroom blocks at the learning institution has completely stalled because of lack of interest by parents.

Mr Kaluba said the parents are refusing to take part in the construction projects as they feel they would be identified as parents to the abandoned disabled children.

Nanga is the only school in the district offering special education to the physically challenged. Most children are from the rural parts of the district.


  1. Parents please those children because you donot know why God chose to give you that child GOD HAS A FUTURE FOR THAT CHILD WHICH YOU DONOT KNOW ABOUT donot sin by throwing away that child just accept the situation Gd will finally provide for that child

  2. Sorry for that development. But you should learn to accept whatever God has given you otherwise you may never know what is in stock for you

  3. Where is the love Jesus preached about? that is your family remember, and if you can not take care of your family, how can you do so to your neighbour? Please be serious and treat those kids with the respect they deserve. That is a punishable offence according to the UN convention on rights of children

  4. People in mighty Southern Province seem to have mighty issues. They have mighty chief Mwanachingwala putting underage school going girls on the market in exchange for cows, they have mighty employees defrauding govt. What is it that they are not mighty at? Oh, I forgot, they have mighty maestro inventing rockets that Germany cannot and have hired him to do so for them. Lastly, they have the mighty Foot and Mouth Disease and Anthrax infested animals roaming the mighty streets and jungles of the land.

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