Tuesday, July 16, 2024

ZAPD expresses concern at abandoned disabled children


The Zambia Agency for Persons with disabilities (ZAPD)ZAPD Director General Charles Mwape says his organisation is saddened with parents who abandon their children with disabilities.

Dr Mwape says its criminal for parents to abandon their disabled children, instead of accepting their physical being.

He told ZANIS in an interview , today, that parents must realize that children born with disabilities are not different from normal children in society.

He said children with disabilities must be treated equally with other children and should be given their full rights which they are supposed to enjoy.

He said children with disabilities have the right to Education, Health and Shelter hence the need for parents to ensure that all those rights are given to them.

Mr Mwape said ZAPD has a mandate to protect children with disabilities from all forms of discrimination and violence.

He said parents must care for their children with or without disabilities as they are a gift from God.

Mr Mwape said his organization will not sit idle, seeing the many disabled children who are being abandoned by their parents in the country.

He has however called on authorities to make sure, that the culprits are brought to book and face the wrath of the law.

Mr Mwape was reacting to parents in Southern Province who are believed to be abandoning their disabled children.



  1. This is one of the times when abortion should be allowed: when the child that may be born will be severely disabled. What does it help parents that are impoverished to look after a disabled child when they have no resources? Scandolous? Well…

  2. disabled people are not objects but are living beings to be protected by rights.they deserve the best from life and they must be given same chances.as it is it is not wrong to be different but it is wrong to be treated differently from others

  3. There is. a mother who dumped a child at her mother inlaw at the age of 2,now this child is now 12yrs, she does not tallkcoz of her disabilities.this mother is in Kitwe and has never visited her child.the grandmum is getting old now and has really suffered to raise this disabled chilld. Who can assist this mum to bring this uncaring mother to book. Mary Kitwe

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