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I did not rejoice over the death of President Mwanawasa-Chiluba

Headlines I did not rejoice over the death of President Mwanawasa-Chiluba

Second republican president Fredrick Chiluba and his wife Regina worshiping during thanks giving prayers in Lusaka at the weekend
Second republican president Fredrick Chiluba and his wife Regina worshiping during thanks giving prayers in Lusaka at the weekend

Former President Frederick Chiluba has refuted media reports suggesting that he celebrated the death of his predecessor, Levy Mwanawasa.

He said some sections of the media misunderstood him when he observed that whenever there is a change of leadership the country’s environment also changes.

The former Head of State said this at a thanksgiving service dubbed ‘Thanksgiving Service for the Acquittal of the Former Republican President’ organised by the clergy from various Pentecostal churches in Lusaka yesterday.

He said no-one should rejoice over another person’s death because all human beings are destined to die at a certain time.

“I did not rejoice over the death of President Mwanawasa. I meant to say that change of leadership in the country changes the environment but I was misunderstood by our colleagues from the press. No one should celebrate the death of another human being because everyone will die,” Dr Chiluba said

And Dr Chiluba has described his acquittal by the Lusaka magistrates court as God’s act and that President Banda did not in any way influence the court’s decision to acquit him on six counts of corruption charges involving US$500,000.

“President Banda had nothing to do with this acquittal. This acquittal is purely by the grace of God nothing else,” Dr Chiluba said.

He reiterated that Zambians must continue to uphold his declaration of the country as a Christian nation when he was President.

Dr Chiluba said that now that he has been acquitted he will concentrate and spend more time preaching the word of God.

He said that the eight years he spent facing corruption charges in court have helped to bring him closer to God because he met a lot of people who spent time praying with him.

“I did not rejoice over the death of President Mwanawasa. I meant to say that change of leadership in the country changes the environment but I was misunderstood by our colleagues from the press. No one should celebrate the death of another human being because everyone will die,” Dr Chiluba said

“I am a great friend of all the Christian denominations in the country. The past eight years has brought me closer to God. Had it not been for the false accusations, I would not have been closer to God,” he said.

He thanked his wife Regina for having endured the times he had been sick and going to court.

Dr Chiluba has also hailed his spokesperson Emmanuel Mwamba, Dr Justine Kangwa, lawyers John Sangwa and Robert Simeza and all support staff for not deserting him when he faced the corruption charges.

Liberty Christian Centre bishop, Eddie Mulenga, said the declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation has been further strengthened by Dr Chiluba’s acquittal.

Bishop Mulenga said Dr Chiluba’s acquittal is an indication that God has delivered the former Head of State because of his honest leadership when he was Republican President.

He commended the media in the country for their consistency in informing the nation about Dr Chiluba’s court proceedings.

Dunamis Church apostle, Dan Pule, said Dr Chiluba’s acquittal is a victory for all Christians.

[Zambia Daily Mail]


  1. If you did not celebrate his death,then why did you choose to attack him in death and not when in he was alive.You hypocite!!

  2. “I am a great friend of all the Christian denominations in the country. The past eight years has brought me closer to God. Had it not been for the false accusations, I would not have been closer to God,” he said.

    Well then Titus Mpundu Fredrick Jacob Chiluba (running out of space because thses names) it`s between you and God.

  3. So ba LT, how long are you going to contnue bombarding us with this Chiluba nonsense. It’s tiring, boring and disgusting to say the least. We dont want to contnue hearing more and more crap from this man’s mouth.


  5. Even if you proclaim not to have celebrated,fact remains that if Levy was still around,you would have been in chimbokaila prison by now…and these same pastors,using Gods name for their own selfish gains will one day face the wrath of the ALMIGHTY…what goes around comes around,today its a miracle,i wonder what you pastors would say if the appeal and judicial review goes through and chiluba is convicted,,,


  7. This aquital had nothing to do with solicitor or barristers or lawyers. It was dependent on how the powers that be (the president) wanted this case to go. Cut the powers of the president or this will continue. Next out is Kapoko. We all saw how Miti mitigated even when it was time in that letter to the most powerful man in Zambia.

  8. This is Rubbish…….I am a christian but what these men of God are doing is all rubbish. How can they call the fake acquitall as victory for all christians?? Hope they are not including me. I will respect his acquitall as victory when the apeal does not succeed. I will also be part of Chiluba if he hands over Regina back to Mwansa coz Chiluba has continued commiting adultery with Regina. How can Chiluba receieve benedictions from a useless and adultrous PULE??? Hee…Let us not take the name of the Lord God in vain.

  9. Shows you how hypocritical the church have become in Zambia let alone Africa. If Paddy was still alive Titus would have gone in and these churches would have distanced themselves from him. But hey what do you expect from a gathering that has Dan Pule in attendance?

  10. Pentecostal Pastors in Zambia those who put this Thanksgiving for this murderer are no better than prostitutes many people died as a result of this man’s irresponsible leadership, This man has failed to show the christian values court judgement in London expensive clothes,This short guy is a scumbag.

  11. The devil also rejoices when one of his flock returns!! So, all you people who call yourselves men of God better be careful, LUCIFER IS STILL LOOSE & HARD AT WORK!!!!

  12. So it is by the grace of God that you’ve been acquitted. I thought you’ve been acquitted because you did not steal. FTJ your freedom shall not last. You are cursed. Remember the way you used to fool us with god during your third term bid with pastors from Copperbelt.

  13. It’s a crying shame that Zambians have never been equipped to deal with excellence and individual success – and therefore have to either destroy the one that’s so different, or to explain the performance away in terms of crookedness

    So, why this fuss about Mchenga’s decision? Is it really the decision he took that has unraveled this unproductive discourse? My humble experience with Zedians professionals is that there’s always this thing of pulling each other down. All this protests from his colleagues is motivated by the fact that he was bestowed the SC status which some of his folks feel he’s undeserving but them. Then there’s the other aspect of Politicians and political opposition who dreads the alliance of Chiluba – Banda which in turn will be consolidated by other operatives


  15. Some Zambian Pentecostal leaders, the so called Bishops,are a big disgrace to Godly and biblical principles of intergrity.Why not just say it openly that they are after the dollar ($).Thats why most pentecostal churches around the world are such a shame because of the gospel of money,money.money…It´s not any more about people.

  16. Let’s not heap things on Chiluba because of our ignorance of the word of God.Maureen warned LPM against running for the second time,He did not take the precious advise.what happened thereafter was a disgrace to our nation.We got none but Love for you KAFUPI,stay strong.

  17. These pentecostal pastors are just after money.Sunday in sunday out they are just preaching about tithes which they spend to lead lives like P-diddy and let the church ophans starve to death.How much are they going to benefit from the money kafupi stole

  18. IF LPM was happy with taking Chiluba to court after giving Him the presidency for free.Chiluba has all the reason to be HAPPY.50-50

  19. Ludicrous! Umutulo bane umutulo na tythe! These churches know he will send them part of the loot! How diabolical the church have become in Zambia!

  20. Why has Zambia produced more economical refugees in the diaspora?if it is not about issues of BAD governance and the culture of gross corruption among the FAT CATS.And now the Pastors are also jumping on the wagon.

  21. He stabbed me in the back, hence giving me 100% reasons to be Happy.All this talk about the pastors is gabbage.Bottom line,chiluba won LPM lost.now give him the money please.

  22. #26 I agree with you. #27 That is tosh! So are failing to be objective simply because he stabbed you in the back? The worst brain drain Zambia has ever seen happened during the Titus tenure and unfortunately things are looking to get worse especially after 2011 when RB begins his second term. Watch this space!

  23. This is ““I did not rejoice over the death of President Mwanawasa. I meant to say that change of leadership in the country changes the environment but I was misunderstood by our colleagues from the press. No one should celebrate the death of another human being because everyone will die,” Dr Chiluba said” is un-researched because the Holy Bible records that not all will die (sleep) before Jesus Christ my Lord and Saviour return to Earth for His own people that will have seriously repented.

    Let us not use the name of God in vain but approach the throne of God with humility.

    Have a blessed day.
    Matthew 6:33 + KJV Bible
    But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteuosness and all things shall be added unto you.

  24. On “He reiterated that Zambians must continue to uphold his declaration of the country as a Christian nation when he was President“, did Mr Chiluba really declare Zambia as a Christian Nation, alone? I thought the declation was done collectively by those who reviewed the Constitution. Anyway, I am very worried by the Pentecostal churches that are making some funnily unscriptural claims like “… declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation has been further strengthened by Dr Chiluba’s acquittal” for Mr Chiluba refused using the Bible in court.

    Let us not use the name of God in vain but approach the throne of God with humility.

    Be blest.
    Matthew 6:33 + KJV Bible
    But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteuosness and all things shall be added unto…

  25. Mr. Bean,your comment leave me wondering…as to how serious and concerned you are regarding the future of next Generation of Zambians.

  26. The Pentecostal Churches in Lusaka are hypocritical. Do they really serve God? They are just as useless as LAZ itself. This bas**tard rejoiced at the death of the president because what necessitated change of government was death, why can’t the foo*l learn at once. Anyway God alone is the ultimate judge, not the corrupt, inept Zambian Judiciary which seems to be in recession.



  28. Yes those that will believe in God will be blessed.But do not use the name of the Lord in such situations especially theft and being happy about somebody’s death.
    It is not by the grace of God that you have been acquitted, but it is that you did not steal from GRZ.Then your statement makes me wonder !

  29. We all know he was feigning sickness all the time, this man knows no level of gutlessness. However, it’s a forgone conclusion that Chiluba will at one point or another pay a dear price for his satanic and stinking sins for which he is refusing to seek redemption from fellow Zambians and above all, god. He will sooner than later be felled by a sniper’s super hot iron balls, cracking his stupid head to pump sense into it.

  30. WTF is rong wit this midgit. I jst wish hed shut up n gloat in private. N thoz wolves parading as pastors shud be hangd. Wat man of God can support a thief?? So th court aquited him **** that!we o know the man robbed the state coffers. Go 2 hell u short shit!


  32. Its always not easy not to celebrate the death of a tyrant. As much as chiluba pretends, he celebrated when LPM died. There are many of us who hated LPM and hates Chiluba More, and we should be allowed to celebrat chiluba’s demise anytime any day. Chiluba is a curse to our dear nation. Rupiah is an eyesore suffocating us.

  33. The relationship with God is a personal one and i think no one should attack anyone on that level only himself and God knows.
    But on “Bishop Mulenga said Dr Chiluba’s acquittal is an indication that God has delivered the former Head of State because of his honest leadership when he was Republican President”
    i think that is pushing it because i dont think it was honest leadership i would rather they say for accepting God as his personal saviour

  34. This thieving midget is a thorn in the *ss.Where can i get a rifle to shut him up forever?

  35. why are the pentecostal preachers bootlicking Chiluba? Bishop eddie mulenga from Liberty christian centre can you clarify how Chilubas acquittal has strengthened Zambia as a christian nation.I’m confused. When Zambia starts upholding christian values then I’ll say indeed the declaration has been strengthened not when someone is acquitted due to a poor defence team.

  36. #42
    LT has no control over your flag you ISP might just be routing your connection through another country.
    More like customer services based in india and the company is in the UK get it

  37. Ka Chiluba wears 5 inch heels to at least reach Reginas breast level.When he wants Yakumbuyo he climbs on a mosi crate!

  38. Chiluba specialises in running his mouth carelessly because he thinks he is smarter and holier and the media and his money spinning pastors are giving him too much coverage which he doesn’t deserve. Now he is saying he will spend more time preaching. What is he going to preach? One renowned preacher once said that the greatest sermon anyone can preach is the way one lives. So Chiluba’s first sermons must be to return that woman he stole to her rightful husband, return all the monies he stole back to Zambians and then apologise to all and ask God for forgiveness. He must swallow his pride and stop his hypocricy.

  39. #44 message taken!Just that my brain blew a fuse because of the nonsense of this midget who wears platform shoes.His mindset is that of a Congolese!

  40. I don’t like how these false churches use the term pentecostal. Do they even know what pentecostal means. These useless christians denominations always quick to pick names from the bible when they don’t apply to them

  41. Shameless prawn, he’s stolen from the poor, he’s been let off the hook and now he even wants to pick pocket $ 8.5million. Whats wrong with us short men in Jesus’ time they had Zaccheus, in present Zambia we have Chiluba .

  42. I can’t believe that people are still choking over Chiluba.You guys need to get a life really.He is enjoying his freedom with Regina on his side; life can never be happier while you languish and have raised blood pressures over him!He has every right to be in church because it is the sick who need a doctor…Secondly I hope this sinks into your stony hearts.READ THE PARABLE OF THE PRODIGAL SON.Make out a sermon on the son who failed to accept his brother’s acquittal.If God has allowed it then let it be so.AMEN.Unrepented sin always catches up somewhere in the future in full view of everybody.Vingeance is the Lords NOT you bloggers.

  43. The other day I was watching a documentary about the rising of Rwanda and was amazed at how the rebuilding process has been conducted.Different people confessed on how they murdered their helpless neighbours…Verdict-forgiven.One can only ask why?One reason was that they wanted to unite ALL peoples both Tsutsi and Hutu.It was also going to be a lengthy process to prosecute everyone involved and very costly to the nation.Some of you bitter bloggers need to take a leaf from them and learn something at least from them.

  44. YES it is true that relationship with God is individual ; none of us can judge his friend you could be living in the past. while your friend has been forgiven and you sin by not accepting that God forgives;; so be carefull with what you say ;;it is only God who is pure all men do sin including you the accuser of your friend

  45. What Zambia needs is to put measures in place that will deter people from stealing government money.We need accountability in every sector to monitor how money is spent.With the technology available (internet)the people can have access to government bodies on what projects are being done.

  46. Luke 15:11-32 (American Standard Version)

    11 And he said, A certain man had two sons:

    12 and the younger of them said to his father, Father, give me the portion of thy substance that falleth to me. And he divided unto them his living.

    13 And not many days after, the younger son gathered all together and took his journey into a far country; and there he wasted his substance with riotous living.

    14 And when he had spent all, there arose a mighty famine in that country; and he began to be in want.

    15 And he went and joined himself to one of the citizens of that country; and he sent him into his fields to feed swine.

    16 And he would fain have filled his belly with the husks that the swine did eat: and no man gave unto him.

  47. 17 But when he came to himself he said, How many hired servants of my father’s have bread enough and to spare, and I perish here with hunger!

    18 I will arise and go to my father, and will say unto him, Father, I have sinned against heaven, and in thy sight:

    19 I am no more worthy to be called your son: make me as one of thy hired servants.

    20 And he arose, and came to his father. But while he was yet afar off, his father saw him, and was moved with compassion, and ran, and fell on his neck, and kissed him.

    21 And the son said unto him, Father, I have sinned against heaven, and in thy sight: I am no more worthy to be called thy son.

    22 But the father said to his servants, Bring forth quickly the best robe, and put it on him; and put a ring on his hand, and shoes…

  48. 28 But he was angry, and would not go in: and his father came out, and entreated him.

    29 But he answered and said to his father, Lo, these many years do I serve thee, and I never transgressed a commandment of thine; and yet thou never gavest me a kid, that I might make merry with my friends:

    30 but when this thy son came, who hath devoured thy living with harlots, thou killedst for him the fatted calf.

    31 And he said unto him, Son, thou art ever with me, and all that is mine is thine.

    32 But it was meet to make merry and be glad: for this thy brother was dead, and is alive again; and was lost, and is found.

  49. Pentecostal churches really never cease to amaze me. They will embrace anything with money and influence regardles of immoral that thing his.The case in point is Chiluba. That man has led and continues and live an immoral life both in public and private.Apart from his many wrongs this is the man that has wrecked somebody’s marraige. The church can not even offer counsel to him to repent and lead a honest life because is Chiluba. So much compromise in these churches all because of money. They evn allow a man like him to stand before the church fool their followers in the name of preaching. To them he is a saint.What a shame!!!! What are they teaching us? What a shame again!!!

  50. #59 Bee ever heard of David and Bethsheba? How Solomon was conceived? You will never comprehend the love of God because it is TO much. He accepted people like Saul(Paul) who persecuted the early church and stoned Stephen; He acceped the woman caught in the very act of adultery; He accepted the woman at the well even though she had 5 husbands Mmmmm five men!If it were bloggers like you she would have been instantly executed

  51. #52 Hola you are right! We shouldn’t act like the prodigal sons elder brother.If Chiluba is an unrepentant crook God will deal with him.I will say no more on this man.Thanks for your enlightenment and helping me not to sin further.God bless you.

  52. # 32 Maestro Hakucincha . Iwe ka Maestro pantu fye temu Tonga wachitile declare Christian Nation iwe nishi fyabipa ! Nishani ?

  53. Why do we even give time and space to this bastard called Chiluba? He do0es not respect anyone and does not even know his father. The bastard celebartated when Mwanawasa died and even wore a red neck tie t the funeral. Whoes he want to deceive?

  54. I like what the departed Dean said laws must be put into place to protect zambian taxpayers money;; from these money hungry politicians . donot just say he is a good man infact noone is good , any one in office is able to steall including your self mr perfect that is why our leaders donot want these laws to pass hence they are at pains with the constitution they always want it not to pass when they are in office

  55. Did you know that you can now find Zambian Music on itunes like Northmead Sanctuary Choir, Stan Chipuma, Jojo Mwangaza, Agape Voices, Potipher Mpundu, Zambian Gospel Hits, African gospel Rhythms, Nana Margaret Tandoh, Akaman and Ngosa.

  56. Ba dr Maureen

    Iam waiting for response to your last posting .I hope tizagona….otherwise namumutendeka (i mean the decorated king of blog..lol)

  57. #62 Yes Bee.But what if Chiluba confessed his sins and according to the Bible He is faithful and just…You and me have got a lot of hidden sin.There are things I have done which only the Lord is aware of!And I am not going to publicly confess them on this blog.I have confessed and He who forgives has forgiven me and remembers them no more.Did you know that Jesus died for people like Chiluba as well?In order for you to allow God’s justice to preavail you have to love and forgive all.I forgive people even before they say sorry.Sign of weakness??Not at all!That is when you see the REAL justice from above.

  58. There is only one person who gave victory to all Christians and that is JESUS. Only Jesus went to the cross, got nails in his hands and feet and shed blood. Churches should be careful not to idolise man and put them on a pedestal as that place is only for God.

  59. Since the law can`t even take it`s course,maybe we should just rely on AIDS to purge these demagogues.Already Teta and VJ have heed the call.

  60. Chiluba, shame on you and you think you can cheat us with your cheap tricks. You cerebrated when our hard working LEVY passed away and you want to make us fooled, i wish Zambia was a country like Pakistan or Iraq, i was going to hunt you down like a warthog in a National Park, you are a fool and stop hiding in the name of the LORD, God will punish you for your wrong dids you criminal. Your Pastors also you are only interested in the Dollar , you should know that God is watching you and you will receive your good punishment at the time of judgement.

  61. One does not have to be a forensic accountant to figure out that the money in the Zamtrop account is not Chiluba’s. Where are the so-called “well-wishers” so that we can place them under oath? Who gave Chiluba the money, and when? As for the so-called pastors supporting Chiluba, shame on them for condoning theft.

  62. Watch your step Kufupi, we’re loading our riffles 4 you the later on that fat bustard who got pissed on by some monkey

  63. It is extremely disturbing to see preachers lifting the name of a human being instead of God. Chiluba is just a human being with failings like any other human being on earth. Putting a person as a focal point in church can lead to idolising a human being which can encourage cult behavior. People do not go to church for Chiluba but the word of God .Chiluba’s name is not in the bible it is Jesus name. You can boast about Jesus but not a mere humanbeing. Preachers can not serve two masters and their actions speak louder than their words.

  64. Author of this article please give us some quality..Mwanawasa was not Chiluba’s predecessor but successor….give people to read your articles for editing and gramatical consideration before publishing your wirttings…okay?

  65. #62 and #76. i believe these are not your true reflections about your noble lives. You seem to have taken to much to ALCOHOL, nima HANGOVERS. Take time to read thru the lines not between them. In between the lines are blanks which mean empty spaces. Are you such characters? I believe not

  66. You can celebrate FTJ, but are you going to live forever. Death has no warning: who knows you can die by being too over joyed

  67. I think Church is now geting out of hand. These pastors who are trying to be with Chiluba just what him to start giving them monies for their church so that they also packet. Chiluba has a spirit of thief as he has put in them that spirit also. One we just going to see these pastors marrying other man’s wives. God is see them all. IT is not over atil God says So.

  68. Let’s be honest Mr Chiluba, you’ve been spending sleepless nights cerelebrating Mwanawasa’s passing on. Now you are busy teaching the, not so sharp ‘Ulupiya’ how to steal ulupiya also. What a shame for mother Zambia.

  69. Why do people say bad things about ftj ? Do they hate him or what? He should reflect what bad things he has done and not good things for the nation. No wonder some churches take politicts like water and oil,they cannot mix together !

  70. Ba Kafupi shortie must not pretend. You are very happy that the man that wanted to make you sane is no more. The too many thefts you committed shall forever haunt you and your clan. You are such a shameless person with no morals. If I were you, I wouldn’t even walk in the streets nor talk about the shameful deeds. The best you can do is to keep quiet and share your loot with those that freed you from obvious jail terms.

  71. Am I alone is observing that this pygmy marmoset monkey from the rainy forests of congo has become so vocal. Is his heart ailment now over? A few months ago he could not attend court by pretending to be very sick.. Little actor…….,Now he is all over town preaching rubbish to rubbish congregations, instead of keeping his little mouth shut. Who are these Pentecostal churches? Are they the same chaps who pocketed money from Kafupis slush funds?? It is very painful to see my kith and kin in grinding poverty while this little thing is jolly riding in a mercedes and boasting about $500000 being small change…Zambia what next???

  72. This Chiluba guy is really shallow. A whole former president declaring that he is now going to concentrate on the bible. If he has the brains he should help the country in raising funds for various development projects throughout the country. This is what former presidents worth their salt such as Mandela are doing. I wonder what Zambians saw in Chiluba.

  73. Levy was just full of hatrade and vengence and even if he had not died he would not have managed to get Chiluba behind the bars otherwise he would have done that a long time ago had he the necessary evidence because thats what he wanted more than anything. And all you people insulting Chiluba I feel sorry for you because I see you. God will judge you for all those irresponsible comments. You have been so influence by membe’s reporting and membe must be congratulating himself for what he has managed to achieve in his Post. and he is not giving up on Chiluba oh no, he wants to nail Chiluba but it won’y happen. Too late

  74. #90 people are not insulting Chiluba you have to acknowledge he is human messed up when he was the president of Zambia with his policies. He should humbly ask the people for forgiveness and stop lecturing the country like he was the best gift from heaven for Zambia. The post or Membe have nothing to do with public opinion. People are not animals they have brains, eyes, ears and yes they are also annointed Christians who know their bible. They can see what is going on in Zambia and are not fools. Everyone wishes the best for Zambia and it’s leaders but as they say you need to show they care for the local people

  75. How dose FTJ get equited, the politicians were behind it agian! this shows the weekness of the courts of Zambia Nichekeleko, ba kawalala

  76. Shame if it true that pentecostal churches organized this celebration… of a thief.Anyway, the bible says judge not. This guy is my relative but i didnt like his deeds especially towards the end of ……

  77. Amazing issues here. I am very glad to look your article. Thank you a lot and I’m looking forward to contact you. Will you kindly drop me a mail?

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