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RB explains why he fired Nkole

Headlines RB explains why he fired Nkole

President Rupiah Banda
President Rupiah Banda

President Rupiah Banda has said that government fired former Task Force on Corruption Chairman Max Nkole because he defied government advise over former president Chiluba’s acquittal.

President Banda said Mr. Nkole’s failure to heed advise from the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Chalwe Mchenga following Dr. Chiluba’s acquittal amounted to indiscipline.

The President said this in Matsapha, Swaziland when he addressed the Zambian community living in that country.

He said Mr. Nkole went ahead to appeal against the former president Chiluba’s acquittal in Ndola High Court, ignoring advise from the DPP to allow his office study the judgment first before taking such a move.

Mr. Banda said the DPP had all the constitutional powers to prosecute all criminal cases without interference from anyone.
He said Mr. Nkole should have followed the advise from the DPP before appealing against the acquittal of Mr. Chiluba.

Mr. Banda disclosed that Mr. Nkole’s behaviour also made it difficult for him to renew his contract which expired in November last year.

Mr. Nkole’s contract as Task Force on Corruption ended on November 16, 2008.

“Mr. Nkole defied advise given to him by the DPP and decided to deal with the matter in his own way,” The President said.

Mr. Nkole’s appeal against the former president’s acquittal in the Ndola High Court has since been withdrawn by the DPP.

The president told Zambians community in Swaziland that the country was politically stable although it had faced some economic problems brought about by the global financial crisis.

Mr. Banda said he was happy that things did not become worse because there was fear of massive job losses due to closure of companies especially in the mining sector.

He said only one mine had problems and was put on care and maintenance but government has since sorted out the problem with over 1000 people who had lost their jobs re-employed.

President Banda hoped that the National Constitution Conference (NCC)would conclude its business soon and give the country a better constitution than the current one.

He said due to a strong appeal from Zambians in diapora, the NCC has agreed that Zambians should be allowed to have dual citizenship.

Mr. Banda said the current constitution did not allow Zambians to have dual citizenship but the NCC felt that the constitution should be changed to allow that.

The President said there were several reasons why Zambians seek citizenship from other countries.
He said if Zambians who sought citizenship from other countries still wanted to remain Zambians, they should not be denied that opportunity.

And the Association of Zambian Nationals in Swaziland (AZANAS) has appealed to government to speed up the processing of new passports for Zambians living abroad.

AZANAS President Dickson Mukunda said only few Zambians in living in Swaziland had so far acquired new passports.

Rev. Mukunda said the rest were still waiting for the passport one year after submitting the forms to the Zambian Mission in Mozambique.
The AZANAS president also appealed to the President Banda to extend the deadline for the renewal of passports.

President Banda said he would ensure that the Passport Office speed up the issuance of passports to Zambians living abroad.

Those who attended the meeting included Finance and National Planning Minister Situmbeko Musokotwane, Zambia’s Ambassador to Mozambique Agness Ngoma and government officials from both countries.


  1. This guy is crazy why saying only one mine has a problem when some of the chinese run mines cant even pay their workers medical bills, now those are also problems which sholdnt be overlooked

  2. Now that the courts have ruled that it could not be proved that FTJ stole the money in the Zamtrop account, can FTJ PROVE that the money in the said account is his. Why can’t any citizen of Zambia, or for that matter GRZ, equally claim that the money in the Zamtrop account was deposited there on their behalf by well-wishers?


  4. “Mr. Banda disclosed that Mr. Nkole‚Äôs behaviour also made it difficult for him to renew his contract which expired in November last year.”
    Is the Presido saying that he had permitted MAx Nkole to operate illegally like the Chief Justice ( Whatever happened to that issue ) ?

  5. yes we would like dual citizenship when we finish paying our mortgages 30 years from now we will return with the loot to invest in our country

  6. #7 The man, what are you saying, it seems you have not heard that Kapoka et al are changing their line of defence: Some well wishers had deposited money in the Ministry of Health account for Kapoko and his friends, followin precedence this too is washout!

  7. Banda wachita bwino pali dual citizenship.I cant imagine myself giving up my birth right, but I really want other citizenship afterall its my prerogative.

  8. Mr. Banda disclosed that Mr. Nkole’s behaviour also made it difficult for him to renew his contract which expired in November last year. Mr. Nkole’s contract as Task Force on Corruption ended on November 16, 2008.
    MY QUESTION IS… Why firing him at stage 9months afterward?. In another article the president was saying there is seperation of power whereby he does not interfer with task force’s operations. What now??? No sincerelity… REINSTAL NKOLE … Cos he wants to start new cases not the quashed one … querulous will come to an end.

  9. Bane Bonse Mulishani? I am back on the block. Was out on business trips kufyalo fyabene. In the meantime I am visiting Swaziland. Attending the meeting was the most dissapointing thing I ever witness. As usual nothing much comes out from that God forsaken prezdo of ours. Lets wait until they start giving us dual citizenship. Otherwise I hve neve trusted that man. His dealings with the king of Swaziland leaves too much to be desired. Soon you will see the king owning a mine in Zambia. Your guess may be as good as mine RB will end up being a hidden partner.

  10. Chiluba’s wife was sent to prison for having been found to have received stollen propety from her husband. Now the husband has been aquited for the same cases. What nonesense is this?

  11. this new passport thing is really crazy and i dont even understand how the passportoffice is handling the issue. applications were sent together but only few got passports here too. our passports ar expiring early next year so the countries cant give us full academic year visas. seems the govt doesnt care how much money, time and effort is spent on this visa applications. no wonder many zambians turn to seek the citizenship of foreign countries. its just insane for the govt/passport office to take a year to issue a new passport.

  12. Did you know that you can now find Zambian Music on itunes like Northmead Sanctuary Choir, Stan Chipuma, Jojo Mwangaza, Agape Voices, Potipher Mpundu, Zambian Gospel Hits, African gospel Rhythms, Nana Margaret Tandoh, Akaman and Ngosa.

  13. I saw it coming from the time you fired Magande; that you were to undo what Levi put into place verygood we shall see how you will chartter your own plane;; you brought in those who ran away from Levi and those he fired you brought in

  14. Nkole ntota, WAONA!
    As a subordinate ukazilemekeza ma bosses.
    That goes for all you other chumps, Ki55 up to your bosses a55e5 otherwise.

  15. Dual citizenship yeve you have hit the nail on the head. Thats the advantage of having a president who has travelled before getting to plot 1. Ka chiluba could not comprehend the idea, Levy had no interest as he had never lived anyhere except Z himself.

  16. I can do the same if i was presido, we need discipline in the country, actually the Task force should be disbanded.

  17. Mwapoleni bonse bane
    I have been following this matter at first hand during my brief stay when I travelled home lately. I can only say that a lot of Zambians are very unhappy with this decision and many others from the ruling government. I hope it all does not biuld up into an explosive temper tantrum.

  18. Power speaks volume,on other hand Nkole was exercising his constitutional rights to appeal against judgement on matters of national interests as a citizen of Zambia. unfortunately the state machinary warned him against exercising his constitutional rights, besides his contract to serve as chair of task force expired sometime and that had put him in a more vulnerable situation and thats how RB took advantage to use his powers as president to fire this poor Nkole.

  19. The Gambino, # 23, wat is discipline? Is it within the province of discipline to breach justice as witnessed in the Chiluba acquittal. Max Nkole, like any other well meaning Zambian took the most appropriate channel. And why shud people be fired everytime a wrong is percieved in lieu of counselling. And you call Rupiah disciplined?

  20. Banda you are always contradicting your self. Now you are admiting that you fired Nkole…..why do you always tell lies Banda??? Please change for good. We are tied of this nonsense. By now you should have known that Zambians have no faith and trust in you with your fellow MMD-thieves.


  22. RB & Muswati suddenly have something in common. He needs to tell zedians what it is they are agreeing. Next we hear the his knees are swollen after visting Swaziland. Could we speculate they (knees) were used to anchor his torso to the ground with those BBW.

  23. How much money did Nkole spend to prosecute Chiluba? He did not do a good job full stop. The task force set up by pres so the current pres can also disband it which is what should happen as it has cost too much moneny. Dont like Chiluba, but if Mwanawas was honest he would have declined the presidency in 2001 because we all knew that Mazoka had won. To gain legitimacy, he turned on Chiluba. Yes, Mwanawasa is dead but he was no angel. We need to be even handed. We can not condemn Chiluba’s and Banda’s alleged corruption and turn a blind eye to Mwanawasa and his family tree’s kleptocracy. Just like we have to condemn violence whether it perpetrated by PF or MMD.

  24. It was clear why Mr. Nkole was fired. I think the firing is not the story. The story is really the undercurrents surrounding this whole deal. Anyway, the truth is gonna come out eventually. Posterity will make their own judgment.

  25. On Dual Citizenship for Zambians, thumbs up to the people behind this call. Its been long overdue and the benefits far outweigh the risks.

    However on the firing of Nkole, one thing is clear RESPONSIBILITY WITHOUT AUTHORITY is will ever be foolish. Nkole was tasked to pursue plunderers and it was his responsibility to see to it that those identified were taken to court and convicted.

    If he had any authority over his task, it meant that it was his responsibility to register his dissatisfaction to the courts about the outcome of the case by appealing against the judgement.


  26. Mr. RB did very well by FIRING Nkole. He thougt hi was clever by taking the whole country into his socks. You mean there is only Chiluba ? Why all your eyes are forcused on him ? Miss NAWAKWI even complain about it . I concur with her. Please, all of you from now on;?leave CHILUBA alone. He needs to relaxe for a while. I hope Nkole you have gone to your village to cultivate cassava.

  27. President Banda must not waste discussing or giving reason why Nkole – an agent of neocolonialism was dismissed. Zambia is not run by NGOs or tabloids, but by a competent central government. Mr Banda must brace himself as we go towards 2011 election, doubtless the people will retain this government.

  28. #34. Zambian Samurai says: All cases can not be brought at the same time. Nawakwi whom u mentioned is one of the signatory to CHILUBA IS A THIEF article written when Chiluba was still the president. Maybe u are one of the beneficiary from plundered resources. Most Zambians want to exhaust the cases levelled against Chiluba b4 he can walk the streets as a free man.

  29. Does anyone remember that the much lauded Mwanawasa was against dual citizenship? So was Mrs Ndiyoyi Mutiti (while Chief Immigration Officer, now PS)? I think we may had prejudice against RB but as Bob Marley sung, ‘when you analyse…’ RB has done well. Things could have been worse. The problem at the moment is that there is no one to sell his achievements. It was once mentioned here that he seems to be reacting to someone else’s agenda. There are just too many rebuttals! The best defence is offence. Your excellency go on the offensive before the damage is irreparable. I would suggest a monthly Presidential press conference and a weekly press briefing through Dickson Zulu… live on TV. Oh! Nkole’s appointment is by the President so he can also fire him.

  30. #34 don’t you think the people of Zambia need to relax from corruption and greed? Do you not think the people of Zambia need a rest from poverty bad corrupt goverment policies?. Don’t you think the Zambians need a rest from doctors and nurses getting paid minmum wages whilst some Zambian goverment politicians are making millions? Don’t you think Zambia needs to relax from begging money from donors whilst a few put it in their pockets and do not improve the standards of local Zambians? Why is Chiluba more important to you than the people starving and dying in hospitals or getting jobs? Is Chiluba more important than Zambia? Zambians are the ones that need a rest

  31. RB must learn to behave as a head of state and not a cadre.RB threw himself in the FTJ scandal by celebrating the alleged frivolous ruling before thinking about the consequences.When Max Nkole lodged an appeal to this flawed ruling,it came as a direct challenge to RB`s lack of good judgement.What`s at play isn`t the fight against corruption but preparation for the 2011 general elections.RB desperately wants to gain ground in Luapula and Northern provinces by using FTJ at whatever cost.What RB doesn`t realise is that FTJ is a spent political force whose actions are detestable among any Zambians that have a heart for the nation.

  32. You cannnot give instructions to your boss. Decision making does not flow down up. Try it those of you saying Banda fired Nkole Nkole could be right but he thought he could defy his boss instructions and get away with it. If i where President i still will fire anyone no matter how intelligent or productive someone may be. Ukupoka icinsenda kunkoko kunakilila ba Nkole. Wish you well and use wisdom next time not emotions.

  33. All Lenjes, Lambas, Tongas, Bembas will not vote for MMD, all Easterners, some Lozis and Kaondes will go for MMD. Plain truth.

  34. One does not have to be a forensic accountant to figure out that the money in the Zamtrop account is not Chiluba’s. Where are the so-called “well-wishers” so that we can place them under oath? Who gave Chiluba the money, and when? As for the so-called pastors supporting Chiluba, shame on them for condoning theft.

  35. Ba pastor mulefwaya ukulyamo. we know you want to start driving ama Benz. that money is for the public. they are building a house for you later you want to get some more. since all confidential matters have been brought to the publics attention then tell us what the DPP advise on chiluba’s case was. that $8m issue needs to be concluded. that money is to be forfeited to the state FULL STOP

  36. The problem we have in Zambia .the President is the law and every thing shame on us Zambians;; untill proper laws are put into place nothing will work for this nation,,The president borrows money for the nation without consulting any body,, if he wants he can sell Zambia for a song just as he has sold Zamtel he does every thing he likes. there are no laws to protect poor Zambians from nyama soya

  37. These revelatiopn Banda made in Swaziland are the clearest testimony yet that the monkey was right to wee on this goon. We all know that Dora also defied government advise (tribunal found so) on the Zamtel saga but she never got fired. If indeed Nkole’s contract expired in November last year, what was he doing in at the Taskforce all this time? We, all with expired contracts like Nkole beware, the next time Chief Justice Sakala makes a ruling upalatable to Kanitundila, he is fired! The most frightening thing though is Banda’s diminutive length of memory. How could he even mention “defy govt advise” as grounds for sacking Nkole when just a few months ago he refused to do so with Siliya? Are these early signs of Alzheimers?

  38. The FTJ and the Dora Siliya sagas have left such a sour taste in the mouth of most level headed Zambians who still believed in the independence of the judiciary. I hope Kanitundila realises the serious corrosion his acts of subverting the course of justice to protect wrong doers has done not only to the fabric of the judiciary but also that of public faith in this very important arm of govt. What I can foresee between now and the 2011 polls is numerous legal battles which the govt will lose because Banda cannot bribe the entire bench. In the end, he will be left fully “chintako” King in his new clothes style that he has turned himself into.



    The MILLIONS OF US DOLLARS in the ZAMTROP account supposedly for Chiluba held as exhibit has been stolen by the Task Force on corruption OVER THE SEVEN YEARS. The plunder and battle for gain from the expropriate funds in millions of US dollars started during Mark Chona’s tenure leading to his unceremonial dismissal. Thereafter the new prosecuting league went full throttle helping themselves on the exhibits. With Chiluba pressing the claim button and leadership change at the helm of the TFC, panic has gripped responsible prosecutors.

    The acting Chair Colonel Kayukwa has found impropriate accounting, and internal control practices on held exhibits from everything the TFC has had in its possession. Out of the stolen money one of the Task Force…

  40. The acting Chair Colonel Kayukwa has found inappropriate accounting, and internal control practices on held exhibits from everything the TFC has had in its possession. Out of the stolen money one of the Task Force lead has put up a multi-million Dollar executive class Golf club in Lusaka’s Kalundu while the other one ploughed his share in the Defunct ZA. Experts expect nothing but criminal proceeding against the criminals.

  41. What happened to ka chiluba who was always sick, since getting freedom he has been jumping up and down,preaching ,whining about his immunity, wanting his money, is he now ok, does he still need us to fly him to RSA for treatment

  42. # 9 and the right to vote as well during the 2011 elections. Most Zambians living abroad have to travel to Zed just to vote.

  43. It all lies how possible for one holding such an important position allowed to hold office from 6 November 2008 til this month not have his contract renewed. The truth is Max Nkole touched some HOT METAL. This FTJ issue is something which RB is trying to exploit to his advantage. RB has his eyes set on 2011 elections and would at costs try to use FTJ to penetrate PF strong holds like Luapula & Northern Proivinces. That is all. Its a very interesting alliance.

  44. Before firing Nkole the GOVERNMENT was suppose to convine a meeting between the office of the DPP and TASK FORCE so that views from both parties could be verified rather that just firing NKOLE on one sided reasoning because they have powers to “fire and hire”. I would urge the GOVT. to exercise democratic principals from the grassroot levels so that concret reasons could be explained to the people on every step taken in such a sensitive issue were people expected good result…I still maintain, NKOLE IS BEING USED LIKE A “POND”IN THE GAME OF “CHASE”…SOMETHING BIG IS PROTRUDING IN THE FTJs issue.


  46. Its like a SOAP OPERA. It beats Isidingo and days of our lives put together. Thats all I can say.Afterall the man has the power to appoint even Chiefs for us.

  47. Wow……interesting views indeed. Its clear that Nkole was serving 2 masters…the GRZ and the Mafia…Thats why wen the ruling first came out he praised the judgement . Then 24hrs later he was rushing to Mmembe with half baked information …the mafia even published a headline in their paper that the state had lodged an appeal at the high court…truth be told ,there were no docs at high court at the time the story was published……we all wondered why FTJ rushed for his immunity to be reinstalled,lets also give a thought to the mafia’s behaviour of by passing THEIR BOSS(DPP) to file appeal docs even before judgement was released to the Task Force and more importantly DPP….By the way for a taxfree K100m/ month who can blame Mutembo!

  48. No intelligent arguments in Z only yes bwana,inde mwami FTS!why are we still regarded as backward?it’s because of simple things like this,Nkole should have been given a year’s contract because he saw discrepancies in the way Chiluba’s case was disposed,courruption was at play,but because he saw it,he squealed too bad his squeals cost him his job!dumbass!any ways chiluba has immunity against prosecution which should have never been lifted,we as a nation should move forward like the wind never backwards,never..so now that he is a free man he should wait and officiate at weddings coz he has no advice for any one,except if you want to break a bank………..

  49. I Kafupi Chiluba faked my being sick and now iam up and running so kiss my freaking fimo fimo.LPM tried to do the same but it did not work.Bless you Chiluba, you are a smart man.

  50. Ash Mukanwa mwababa, Zwa Nkole just go, U have chewed enough free money bushe kwena tashilafula? Squash off the task Force and move on with real Issues to develop our mother Zed. Let Dr Chiluba enjoy his freedom.

  51. Mr. Nkole had his fingers burnt. The chap is so unlucky. FTJ fired him as Commissioner of Police and the two had deep haterade for each other. Politics being what it is Max had just to be a collateral damage in the whole web of politics. That is what happens you tread on politicians toes. They say this during the day and do opposite at night. RB is looking at his own interests beyond 2011 and will use every opportunity to his continuity in power. Wapya Max Nkole.

  52. Some bloggers need to have their heads checked. Even rats are more intelligent than they. Is it surprising Zambia and Africa are so poor?

  53. 42 Tribalist – I am not sure those Lozis are going to vote for Banda, was it not one of their ministers who recently told Kanitundila right in his face that without a Lozi deputy he should forget about their vote? Remember how they deserted the stinking tribalist HH when the Tongas conspired to replace Saki with HH? Kanitundila is boxed between a hard and harder rock. Come 2011, we’ll have a hang parliament with an opposition speaker, and if Kanitundila rigs and wins, the first business in the new August House will be to relieve him of the duties of this office he has so pathetically failed to execute.

  54. Fired for ignoring govt. advise, my foot, what is the length of Banda’s memory, Kafupinic? Just how could he forget only a month and half ago Dora did the same thing but he brought her back into government with lightening speed? Something is amiss here, I honestly think Banda’s state of memory is waivering. We might be ruled by an embacile incognito. It’s the one about Banda’s, when Kamuzu appeared in court after Muluzi defeated him, it was suddenly discovered the Ngwazi’s head was saturated with Masalamusi! Mark my word, I see a lot of parallels here!

  55. REF: #37
    I cannot believe it! LT, this is censoring gone too far! Don’t you know that the first name of the Zambian President’s press advisor is not an insult? I am sorry but we should not distort the English language just because words are being misused. The context is very important! DiXon Jere is spelt with ‘cks’ for ‘X’. If you are really modereating your site you would not have put ellipses in the name at #37

  56. Dont understand how the tiny kingdom of Swaziland has grow in stature with respect to Zambias non existant foreign policy

  57. i need to come back to Zambia, seems like my presence is needed… too quiet here in S.A. ..but RB thank for the dual citizenship ,i am now considering causing some chaos here

  58. nkole is the most st u p id person to talk about my former president who know how to do things. He employed him and fired him, again employed by LPM and fired. Then the courts acquites my president then he talks NKOLE FIRED, let this be an example you who have hidden ideas.

  59. It is really difficult to understand Zambian and the way they behave. Yes dual citizenship is good for it will be liberate Zambian leaving abroad to continue having a say on the affairs of their country. Please do not take us back to the chachacha days because these are not the times to throw stones at each other because that is backward thinking. Ba Justice Kafusha (Mulamu) muli shani.

  60. flag Is Zambia's logo and symbol Chiluba? Does MMD love Chiluba more than the hardworking, honest tax paying loyal people of Zambia. What lessons is the goverment teaching the youth about leadership? Should accountability and transparency not exist because o

    When has an ex president become more prominent than the local people of Z or Banda ?One can wonder was Rbanda elected or was it Chiluba? How can the ruling party MMD get into power using Levy Mwanawasa‚Äôs name yet proudly all over the world publicise their HUGE advert Chiluba as their symbol and logo very controversial. How can the whole of Zambia have such short term memories of the policies Chiluba implemented during his reign that destroyed the structure of industries build over years that were the main revenue for Z …forcing Z to beg for money daily from donors. He also freely insults the donors that actually help the hospitals but Z is ready to give him his $8 million dollars whilst they are not ready to increase teachers, doctors wage.Why is one man being allowed to mock Zambia

  61. The problem is not Chiluba, Banda, Sata, Late Levy, HH or Gen Miyanda but the Zambians because we do not understand the decrees of Democracy. MMD has outlived its usefulness and mission. It is not MMD of 1990 but UNIP using MMD as a name and we really need to watch out or the tenets of democracy will not live!!! Come 2011 change Government to allow democracy to flourish and mature!!!

  62. This man has honestly taken us for granted! Does he think we are so dull and foolish that we have forgotten how Chi DORA defied DPP’s directives and NEVER got sacked. FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLISH!

  63. But my dear ni Mu Zambia 78. the problem is rigging. MMD have not won any elecetions in the past 10 years but they’ve found themselves mu State house. Even 2011 is just a waste of time ans resources. Fyalirigginga kale.

  64. #79 Corrections, in the Dora saga it was the Arttoney General who was ignored, may be this was POLITNESS. Or may be it is the issues of like poles repelling and unlike poles attracting.

  65. Earthlings, greetings from mars!

    I wonder why blacks were created with heads. You really dont need all that space in the head to think like that.

  66. we are in trouble. 1. someone working for months without a contract. 2. someone being fired for doing his job. 3. someone over-doing his powers without questioning, 4. someone being released when evidence is explicitly against him. Cry my beloved country, Zambia! Lord save us.

  67. mmm…it is sad to see levy’s legacy go down the drain.The only good news here is that living in the diaspora becomes easier coz of the duo citizenship.

  68. It appears like RB has a very shot memory. Mudala if you are very old and tired; better go and manage the pigs at your small farm. Dora siliya disregarded advise from the DPP but you never fired her. Instead you started calling for the DPP’s resignation. Mr Kapitolo, a very honest man, was fired for telling the truth. Where the heck are we heading to as a nation?. RB must tell the nation the real reasons for dismissing Nkole. Did Nkole step on the forbidden territory which RB vigorously defends and do not want to see it in the hands of someone else?. Let good morals prevail in the governance of this nation and leaders should never never well on trivial issues to settle old scores. It is not necessary because this country does not belong to an individual.

  69. Dual citizenship is not a RB concept, but the people of the Rep of Zed at the NCC.Yes he loves the idea, but the majority voted the same at the conference.
    Who should get the hands then?for real it is the participants at the conference.
    The issue of Max Nkole is confusing, one day someone in the morning in Zambia called to say Max’s contract has been terminated by the Ps office.Later in the day another chap said Max been relieved of his duties, today Rb says he fired Max because he is a difficult chap to work with?

  70. Ku swaziland kwaliba tugelo utusuma so i suspect some batter system going on between RB & the king maybe Copper 4 those sweet & but forbidden fruits from the kingdom

  71. f**k am having a nightmare Am out of work, wrecked my car and when I turn on the TV there comes mukulu mpuno determined to drag the country to the dustbins. If I had a god d**n choice i would have chosen not to be born in this god forsaken country

  72. I think Satamashimba is busy packing mwe! It’s about time we had another ichililo of a sitting politician.

  73. # 20 Nshilimubemba, isn’t that what Levy did, embracing all those Chiluba had fallen out with and getting rid of all who were friends of Chiluba. That man, may his soul rest in peace but he was evil

  74. # 86 what Levy’s legacy. I am sick of hearing this legacy thing. What legacy did Levy leave. What new thing did levy do for Zambia apart from glorying in the labours and fruits of what others had planted. For you who do not have an independent mind and have allowed memmbe to condition your minds according to what he wants you to think like, shame. All of you your thinking has been conditioned by membe. In other words you have been brainwashed by Membe and he has suceeded in maiking you think what he wants.

  75. #93 and #92 so overall you are telling us MMD is dodgy because Chiluba whom you are lifting high is not the best person you can give as an example as a great leader who brought prosperity to Z. Overall, KK was not perfect but tried his best for Zambia at least you can remember the prominent structures he put in Zambia like UTH, Zambia Airways, Mine hospitals, University of Zambia , roads etc . The Zambian people need to start working as a team putting the interest of the country’s development first when moving forward. Zambia still has the potential to be developed and be an example to Africa. The fact we have peace loving people is a blessing. The only sad thing it seems some African leaders do not appreciate or treasure the people they serve and put their own interests first

  76. We have heard all explanations on the Task Force and the appeals and the ultimate result of firing the Chairman, Nkole. When will RB and the Zambian Government give us explanation about Thandiwe Banda’s criminal act at MoE as a “ghost worker? We have waited long enough.

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