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MMD warns AVAP in Kasama Central

Rural News MMD warns AVAP in Kasama Central

The ruling MMD in Kasama District have castigated Anti Voter Apathy Project (AVAP) coordinator Kelly Kashiwa for alleging that the ruling party is involved in electoral malpractices ahead of the October 15 Kasama Central by-election.

MMD Kasama Central constituency Chairman Nathan Ilunga has described Mr. Kashiwa’s allegations as highly irresponsible and baseless.

Mr. Ilunga accused the AVAP provincial coordinator of being biased in his claims that the MMD was buying voters’ cards from electorates as he did not consult the ruling party over the matter.

He has challenged Mr. Kashiwa to come out in the open and declare his support for a named opposition political party, which he has allegedly aligned himself with.

Mr. Ilunga also charged that Mr. Kashiwa has failed to publicly condemn the alleged tribal remarks by PF aspiring candidate Geoffrey Mwamba, but has instead chosen to divert people’s attention by talking about what he termed irrelevant issues.

He advised AVAP to concentrate on its civic duties instead of taking a partisan approach to political issues that would undermine its credibility as an organization.

Mr. Ilunga warned Mr. Kashiwa to stop his unwarranted attacks on the MMD or risk being exposed over his double standards in the on-going campaigns for the Kasama Central by-election.

In a press statement issued yesterday, AVAP provincial coordinator Kelly Kashiwa alleged that the MMD was buying voters’ cards from people in Kasama Central constituency in order to disefranchise them.

Mr. Kashiwa further accused some teachers of campaigning for a particular aspiring candidate contesting the October 15 Kasama Central by-election.


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  1. Bonnie Tembo and his AVAP trolls must seriously rethink their role in the democratic space.Its better tembo returned to the teaching profession than playing the agitation role for anarchy which may prove costly.Matero boys would surely welcome him back to pick from where he left.

    Lies can only sustain him but for a moment but not when you are gambling with national security.Produce empirically supportive evidence for every allegation submittable before courts of law for adjudication.This chap has been condoned to make money on such lies for too long without evidence.

  2. Its time to systematically debase and burn his feet out of his malicious practices.If he can’t produce evidence, he better find other things to do like the Citizens Forum’s Gilbert Temba who has gone into the business of corning unsuspecting Zambians of their properties or better join politics like courageous Afronet chief Mwananjiti.Its not a crime to join partisan politics than stealing under deceit of civil society nonsense he is doing.Let the new NGO bill purge out some of these crooks.

  3. Senior fimo fimo, where does it say NGO’s cannot participate in partisan politics? The organization per se cannot, but the people in it just like any other citizen have a right to be all they want? You are people who have been preaching this nonsense of having govt employees, more so teachers not being supportive of opposition parties. Where does it say so? As citizens of Zambia, whether NGO employees or not, people have a fundamental right to participate and support a candidate of their choice. NGOs mean non govermental organizations, it does not say Non Political Organizations. So leave them alone. Dictators.

  4. I think there is nothing better than working with the powers that be. It is so easy to talk down anybody and remind them about the small mistakes they made at every turn in their life if they want to be fun. After seeing what politicians do and enjoy, i will consider retiring together with my friend VJ. I hope GAK ”George Acquital Kunda” SC (State Confuser) will have the energy to campaingn in Kasama the way he did in Chitambo. Bye for today fellow Zedians

  5. # 4, Senior fimo fimo, VJ’s drug dealing is not a small mistake. You are in the US, if you think drug dealing is a small mistake, try it.

  6. Is it me or those in MMD and Gov’t are always issuing one threat or another? Governing by authority is not sustainable in the long run. Senior Citizen, you have spoken wisely about providing evidence. We are still waiting for RB’s evidence on the Zambian Airways saga.

  7. Zambian politics are the same – why don’t we get ourselves a benevolent dictator and let us serfs carry on with our lives in exchange for some kind of tribute? Perhaps we can be spending 1 month or so every year at a state run farm growing some food for the market… not the local market silly! Tesco can give our leader a better deal and even arrange some banking facility in some tax haven. Ahhh!! it happens already! except the dictators do not care for their subjects… I mean what are you going do? When you look at the tinted windows of the ‘beloved’ leader, you just imagine yourself one day to own such a car. Your dreams of materialism are enabling the current system to go on. Why condem something that you might get to do? Fear of losing that job? it is the global – covers all sins!

  8. Kalos2020,

    If such simple and clear statutes governing NGOs in any democratic society can confuse you, how do others engage you on anything of substance? Trust me,you are doing a self collateral damage by voluntarily exposing your protruding ignorance in a public domain without cause to do so.With such degree of illiteracy what are you doing in the USA anyway if i may sincerely ask because such statutes are well articulated in sophomore State and Federal Government PS college curriculum? Seemingly my little ones understand the law better than you.Research on the charter of limitations or barriers of Civil society who are recipients of public funds.Look at ACORN and articulate on it.AVAP receives funding from GRZ and foreign donors. Cannot be partisan you ignoble.Better sing your PF…

  9. Ba senior, can you give the article number that governs Zambian NGO’s. Being insolate and disrespecting others’ statements means nothing but shows how your upbringing was. State facts. Where in the constitution does it state that NGO personnel have to lose their rights to participate in politics? You are such an ignorant Civil Servant who uses the USSR tactics to run govt. Your training with Pravda and work with ZNBC helped you very little but seems like you have not read the Zambian Constitution.

  10. Kalos2020,
    In what country have you seen civic organizations with the right of partisan political engagement at the same time enjoying public funding?

  11. Tell me what public funding NGO’s receive in Zambia. If you mention tax exempt, I will agree but in Zed, there’s no govt funding that goes to NGO’s. So, now answer this question, how come you rush to be so insolate every time you respond to someone?

  12. Kalos2020,
    You are supposed to be a resourceful research guru than a lazy bone before putting up your PF cadre jacket in public domain.The laws of Zambia are very straight forward just like the USA laws governing NGOs if at all you even know them that is.i don’t have to spoon feed you but provoke you into research.You will find very elaborate statutes, articles caps, and sections governing NGOs in the laws of Zambia. Your President Sata should know better since he was part of the legislatures in 1996 when he was busy dancing with Nawakwi on the August House floor that the best constitution ever had fixed KK..Instead of exhibiting rational leadership, he was busy fwenkulaling. .

  13. # 16 Kalos2020,
    Here you are carelessly exposing all your protruding ignorance free of charge.Unsolicited but embarrassing yourself.plain clear. Its now vividly clear that you are just unworthy PF kaponya only fit for insulting leaders and myself which i don’t care anyway.You must have been a street kid in Zambia hence all this unparalleled ignorance.Are you sure NGOs are not drawing supplementary support from GRZ besides Foreign support? Ask or assign researchers to feed you with facts before shoving what you want to show command in otherwise you are hurting yourself irreparably..

  14. Kalos2020,
    You are better off insulting me as your continuous project from time in memorial than daily embarrassing yourself on things you have no footage in. I implore you to heed my brotherly counsel in view of the fact that already you have done more than enough damage to yourself. Hence talking to you is a wastage of time because you come out to be a very illiterate kaponya in the West by miracle.You must be a liability to the USA State and Federal governments.With your ignorance, what would be the grounds for admission to their country other than adding weight to their moral and social responsibility through the DHS – Department of Human Services.

  15. The greatest challenge we have as opposition in Zambia is lack of credible and well knowledgeable activists worth representing and shaping up our party leadership.We depend too much on insults, emotions and hatred all with zero retains at the end of the game.Look at how Kalos2020 has embarrassed himself. How does he stand up to SC on issues again if he has been stripped just like that? We are sliding into a strong none beatable one party system.I fear for our opposition after the 2011 MMD victory.

  16. Senior citizen, provide evidence that GRZ gives financial assistance. In which budget and under which expenditure lines? And don’t mention PONGOs because we all know those are fronts set up by Govt to support its nonsense. An example is ZIMT. These state funded NGOs have the dubious distinction of going out of business immediately the cause they wer supporting ceases to exist.

    If AVAP was being sponsered by the state, this guy would not be this ballsy

  17. Chi senior fimo fomo kwena u.l.i.c.h.i.p.u.b.a sana. Your head is full of nothing but ubusushi every day. Grow up man….you are old enough to reason like a man who has fathered children. Kanshi wapakwa shani we chimuntu iwe?? chimoneni ifimilomo…Fuseke!!!!!!

  18. Kambongolo, don’t you see how you look a miserable f-o-o-l insulting someone with a temperate character as SC that has neither engaged nor insulted you? We have really lost the plot and instead sinking deeper and deeper in failure.What has bewitched us in the opposition and why we don’t get intelligent activists to par MMD? I have gone through the thread from entry one and see nowhere SC insulting you yet you are here stripping yourself of any dignity.What has bewitched you?

  19. Ba senior fimo fimo sure u ar confused as others have already said and misleading people, why ar you in the first place comparing politics and governance of USA system to that of Zambia? Where did u see NGO’s in Zambia receive funding from government as opposed to US Government that give funds to organisation like ACORN? kwiibonesha ta” provide evidence. Also who told u that if somebody is an NGO employee should not participate in partisan politics? STOP MISLEADING PIPO HERE.

  20. Joe Bidden,

    Stop abusing the name of a world leader and take on SC on your own.Interesting and suspicious SC knows so much. He is detailed and absolute right AVAP was founded on GRZ support and is one of the many NGOs still receiving supplementary support from GRZ. In Zambia NGOs involved in voter sensitization and poverty alleviating receive some funding from GRZ too. If anything even foreign Government sponsoring them do so on condition that they don’t become partisan NGOs otherwise they become inimical to the host country and diverse donors from where the support is coming from.A right winger donor would not prop up a leftist affiliated Government NGO vice versa.

  21. #3 Kalos2020 I do not know how you have related your comments on political rights of NGOs to the comments in 1 and 2. What are you responding to? That is the kind of poor thinking that I criticised you for in the VJ diplomat story.

  22. natalie,
    You are spot on! These boys have really hurt President Sata they should have rather been blogging on their own than saying they are on PF errands. Just how do people think about PF when they see such clouds of confused blogobogios that is not able to synthesize issues? MMD comes out a very prepared party assigning tasks to the right qualified people.If we sincerely make context analysis of entries, you find that SC is too detailed and loaded in brain power than the opponents.Then you start wondering how such confused minds found themselves to be PF mouth pieces or as SC has put it how they found themselves in America with this degree of illiteracy? What value is America getting from such minds if not increasing to its count economic migrants which Mexican coyotes are already…

  23. This is why i must confess i don’t see momentum or capacity to dislodge MMD in 2011.Insults and unsubstantiated allegation are only registering to voters immaturity and desperation in the opposition camp.Today i predict and stand to be vindicated Kasama and Solwezi MMD is wining.And that momentum will go all the way into 2011 RB victory.MMD will go to the convention and RB will win while Mpombo will be taking his fate.They are playing big time Machiavelli politics right in our eyes.opponents are knocking themselves while RB is in deafening silence but aligning the Party with Katele and party machinery. Look at Mpombo daily in the post when MMD convention votes are not in the post but constituencies.Has gone to the grassroot which RB and Katele are doing around the country? Big no.

  24. Again they are at it. They will never change. The same Kamwala and Lima Tower Bus Station intimidation tactics.

    What wrong has Anti Voter Apathy Project (AVAP) coordinator Kelly Kashiwa committed by alleging that the ruling party is involved in electoral malpractices ahead of the October 15 Kasama Central by-election? 

    He has seen something unusual and has brought it to light so that the election is ultimately free and fair for all contestants..

  25. SC you seem to be educated but im very disappointed the side you have taken on this issue.NGO s are not supposed to be royal to the govt, there reason of being in existence is to check the balances not being fufilled by the govt.Kashiwa has really seen something ,for him to say like that.Think about *****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. PWEPWE,
    I support SC in his articulate remarks. Nowhere has SC said NGOs must be loyal to the Government but asked for empirically supportive evidence failure to which AVAP is just playing the alarmist gigs. Do they have evidence, where is it if you have seen it? And don’t confuse yourself that the role of NGOs is to be hostile to Government other than sincere services. You are posting from Kenya where many NGO thrive, review their space. Also I refer you to two friends of mine I attended UNZA with but now big people in humanitarian circles. They are veterans capable of tutoring you good on matters you seem blind on.SC is spot on.

  27. Please consult two wonderful true Zambians there in Kenya:

    (1)-Victor Chinyama, MS
    Regional Communication Officer
    UNICEF Eastern and Southern Africa Regional Office, Kenya
    Victor holds the following academic qualifications:
    MS, Boston University, USA, 1995
    BA, University of Zambia, 1991

    (2)-Musonda Mumba, PhD
    Freshwater Programme Coordinator
    WWF Eastern Africa Regional Programme Office, Nairobi, Kenya
    Musonda has the following academic qualifications:
    PhD, University of London, 2005 UK.
    B.Sc. Ed, University of Zambia, 1995.



  29. Kwathukummawa,
    You are the one in a wrong territory because you believe everyone should be unpatriotic willing to risk the country with Sata a madman.Rationalists like No.3,10 and SC are a thread to your fantasy.If you have wisdom or sense of reflection # 3 is for your taking.

  30. Senior State Citizen says:
    September 29, 2009 at 5:35 pm

    “I think there is nothing better than working with the powers that be. It is so easy to talk down anybody and remind them about the small mistakes they made at every turn in their life if they want to be fun.”
    My statement was . “# 4, Senior fimo fimo, VJ’s drug dealing is not a small mistake. You are in the US, if you think drug dealing is a small mistake, try it.”
    How did that trip you? Are you an agent of VJ sent to the embassy to continue with his trade? Tell us, are you dealing? How does a normal person call drug dealing a small mistake?

    About AVAP, you want them to keep quiet bcoz you say they’re funded by GRZ, but you want Diplomats not to comment on how you stealing their tax payers’ funds. That is double…

  31. Small countries like Malawi, Congo, Tanzania will not comment or get concerned about your corruption, but countries that spend tonnes and tonnes of their tax payers’ funds must have a say in how their funds are used. If you want them to stop commenting, there choices. Either you stop misusing their funds, or you don’t take their funds. The choice is yours.

    About AVAP, I await the budget report from Senior fimo fimo were these NGO’s are mentioned and the allocations. Talk is cheap. Produce evidence. By the way ACORN is in USA not in Zambia. 2 different nations, 2 different constitutions, 2 different budgets. One is begging nation and the other is funding nation. Just in case you forgot.

    Ba natalie, don’t be misled. You will soon find yourself dancing for RB at Kamwala Market…

  32. Kuku # 32, What has these two guys in Kenya have to do with producing evidence by AVAP about the behavior of MMD in Kasama? One guy is dealing with water, the other one is communications officer, what does that have to do with AVAP? Oh sorry, you just wanted to inform us that you have friends in Kenya also working for International NGOs. One is dealing with Wildlife and the is Children Emergency Fund. AVAP deals with voters and for sure are directly involved with voting issues hence their comment on MMD behavior. Asking the guys in Kenya, I don’t know how that will change MMD behavior in Kasama.

  33. Fellow bloggers, what is wrong with spending? If MMD has the money to buy ‘things’ just let them do the buying. For the PF?UPND pact start buying as well. This trend was introduced by VJ and given to MCS when he was MMD GS in the NEC. It worked well for him and this time it is not working for him at all. SHAME on SHAMELESS AVAP, The POST and their MCS. How are the journalists at the Post who are unable to report TRIBAL REMARKS by GBM? Viva MMD

  34. Kalos2020,
    Are talking to SC the other guy called SSC?Secondly i was refering Pwepwe # 30 based in Kenya to get some tutorials on how NGOs work from the people in the act.

  35. All nonsese. I cant comment. Am fed up. I wish there was something called my former brother, sister, black african etc, the I would change to someting more favourable.

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