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UNIP joins calls for a speedy completion of constitution making process

Headlines UNIP joins calls for a speedy completion of constitution making process

UNIP president Tilyenji Kaunda with his deputy Njekwa Anamela (r) lauching the party's publication in Lusaka recently
UNIP president Tilyenji Kaunda with his deputy Njekwa Anamela (r) lauching the party's publication in Lusaka recently

United National Independent Party (UNIP) has joined calls for a speedy completion of the constitutional making process by the National Constitution Conference (NCC) delegates.

UNIP President Tilyenji Kaunda says UNIP has taken note of the progress made so far and welcomes the commitment by both the Government and other stakeholders in their desire to serve the broader national interest in the matter.

Mr Kaunda said UNIP is for a constitution that enjoys the consensus of all Zambians, saying the constitution has to be one that protects and promotes human rights and guarantees the social and economic rights of all citizens as well as their developmental needs.

Mr Kaunda was speaking at a press briefing at the party headquarters in Lusaka today ahead of the party’s 50th anniversary next month.

He said the event is a great occasion for the party, adding that it has been preparing to commemorate the event in all parts of the country.

Meanwhile, Mr Kaunda said his party was getting concerned over the current debate in the media on the outcome of some recent court cases.

The UNIP President said he would prefer the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) to reflect deeply on the developments and take measures to uphold the confidence of all Zambians in the judiciary’s decisions or judgments.

He said if people are made to lose confidence in the integrity of the judiciary, then even the democratic system that the country aspires to build will be seriously compromised.

And Mr Kaunda said privatization of public media requires careful consideration given the bias towards urban centers.

He said increased investment in the sector is desirable from both the private sector and the state to ensure balanced infrastructure development as well as quality local content from production houses.

He also reiterated his party’s explicit support for media self regulation as opposed to a state imposed regulatory regime.

He said in this new century, it would be totally undemocratic and dictatorial to impose state regulation of the media in any form.

He said it was gratifying to note that members of the press have remained alive to the challenge of protecting press freedom and the rights to freedom of expression and assembly of all citizens.

Mr Kaunda stressed that a vibrant democratic system requires a vibrant press and this results in enhanced voice and accountability in society.



  1. I didnt know thia man is still there. And that UNIP still exists. And that their president is still Tilyenji.

    Why is it that we only hear of HH and Sata? I feel sorry for UNIP. They need to be more relevant to Zambia. If UNIP folded like Nevers’ NCC, no one will feel their absence. A non-factor in Zambian politics. What a shameful state to bring once a mighty powerhouse. Tilyenji should be ashamed and resign.

  2. Recall Rupiah Bwezani Banda back to UNIP for the constitution to be completed in good time for 2011. Mpombo is crying in the Post that RB does not listen to advice and is very undemocratic, which is the sign that RB has taken UNIP ideas into MMD.

    MMD was founded on democratic principles which Titus Mpundu ruined for selfishness. But RB has ruined Mwanawasa’s reestablishment of democracy in MMD because he is UNIPist. Rupiah Bwezani ‘Kanitundila’ Banda belongs to UNIP and cannot change, period.

  3. We need a fresh start; not business as usual. Not just a change of government, but a new system of politics,
    If you are looing for party with moral values, stop looking elsewhere That party is UNIP

  4. Talk, talk, talk…too much lip service is what keeps our people and nation backwards. We need more actions – proactive, progressive and radical action.

    I challenge you all politicians of Zambia to stop desmantling our nation by endless, empty speeches but to pull up your sleeves and start fulfilling the duties and obligations that you owe the people of Zambia.

  5. Wow! Democratic realness coming from UNIP though it’s ironic because they invented dictatorial leadership in Zambia. Thus once we see all political players actually work I mean all, such asthenosphere opposition speaking in unison. Plus us as the citizenry putting our hands to work is the only way Zambia shall move ahead. The new constitution shall be of no use to us without our actually implementing it as citizens; living out our countries blessings as God blessed us.

  6. Unit died a long Time ago currently persons are stuck to the dead cow like ticks ot a dead animal because of the assets it left behind

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