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Mufulira MP complains against the state of Sabina- Mufulira road

General News Mufulira MP complains against the state of Sabina- Mufulira road

Opposition Patriotic Front (PF) Mufulira Member of Parliament (MP) Marjory Mwape has expressed concern over the state of the Sabina-Mufulira road.

Ms. Mwape says it is disappointing that Sabina – Mufulira road which was constructed last year has completely been damaged making it difficult for motorist and traveling public to use it.

She told ZANIS in an interview in Lusaka today that the road was washed away during the last rainy season but has not been rehabilitated.

Ms. Mwape said it was strange that instead of admitting that the road was poorly done, the contractor was attributing the damage to heavy rains last season.

She noted that government was spending a lot of taxpayer’s money to engage contractors who are in turn doing shoddy works.

The MP said government would continue losing colossal sums of money to contractors on the same roads if it does not take action against such contractors.

She has since urged the Road Development Agency (RDA) to contract construction companies that can do a good job.

Ms. Mwape has since threatened to take legal action against the contractor on behalf of the people of Mufulira, if government does not take any action.


  1. Now that the rains are here, you bring up an issue which youi know you will give us excuses for not working on the road. You proudly say the road was washed by the rains last season. So what have you been waiting to talk about it now?+

  2. You know Marjory, you are raising the issue at the wrong time. You guys are sleeping in parliament. This should have been pushed at the begining of the year. Bu;;;;;sh;;;;;;;t

  3. Irrespective of your comments, 1 and 2, I think the M.P. is in order when she calls for legal action to be taken against this contractor. If you saw the state of the road, and how much was spent on it, you’ll understand where she’s coming from. Do you know how heavily we get taxed buck at home? Almost half your salary goes to the State. And to hear the that money isn’t being put to productive use, surely calls for legal action.

  4. I think 3 is right, its time something is done to stop giving contracts to poor performers and they have to be punished for misusing taxpayers money. I used the Sabina-Mufulira road over the weekend and I cant’ belive it that I was worked on just last year!!, It looks like it has not been rehabilitated for over ten years. Legal action is a good move but knowing our leagal system it can drag for the next five years without anyone being procecuted. JUst find a better constructor to work on the road otherwise its terible experience driving a long that road.

  5. Dont we have a customer for this road. Whoever is paying is teh customer. Surely there must be contractula obligations and penalties for failing to deliver according to contract specifications. Otherwise on what ground will the contractor be prosecuted in a court. A contract is a legal binding agreement. The MP should talk to teh customer, who could be teh Roads Agency, local Council etc – whoever is paying and agreed terms with the contractor.

  6. these are the consiquances of going cheaper. Cheaper is always expensive but just becvause somebody wants to pocket some change development pa zed will always take 1 step forward and then two centuries behind. Utterly disgusting and pathetic

  7. This MP is not informed although she comes from that area. That road has not been rehabilitated since it was constructed. And for her to suggest it is disappointing to have a road damaged that was constructed last year is so absurd.

    Fyabufi and am sure she doesnt even live in Mufulira. Check yo facts Mrs MP. PF-UPND Pact has to shield a different MP in the next elections. This one has been a disappointment. BTW i have never heard any debate from her in parliament.

  8. That MP is joking, that road has been like that for almost a year now and this is the time she is thinking of legal action? this is boo shit. don’ t sleep in parliament. U were supposed to say this a year ago. Don’t even take legal action, there were no constraction works on that road. don’t play with our minds.

  9. To my knowledge the only works that have been undertaken on that road where by Mopani Copper Mines who did some shoddy patch ups of potholes about 3 or 4 years ago. Madam Marjory is talking from without because she’s showed us that she doesnt know anything about that road. Is she going to sue Mopani who were doing a voluntary assignment? Give us a break madam, Wht about th Mufulira – Ndola road when was it done madam MP? Come heavy rain this season, MUFULIRA WILL BE CUT OFF FROM THE REST OF THE COUNTRY.

  10. Read my advice to RDA on Burundi trip by R&B. Ba Hon chiteni trace ka contractor akapangile umusebo wabufi mukwatwale ku court. Ba kabwalala. Aikona ukwangalila ku Copperbelt ba kabwalala imwe.

  11. Apparently, I talked to one of the council guys last August. He told me the repair of that road is in the hands of RDA. I complained because I lost my front shock absorbers and nearly drove into a ditch. I was coming from the neighbouring country and just after crossing the boarder -yayi mwandi- It was hell. I had to spend a night in Mpika to avoid damaging my vehicle.
    Yes Madam MP, make a follow up to this issue. Its so embrassing to see that most of the roads are done but Mufulira has been neglected. Will MMD ever win a seat in Muf??? I doubt it so much.

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