Four pupils arrested for riotous behaviour


Police in Livingstone yesterday arrested and charged four Grade Twelve Hillcrest Technical Secondary School pupils for conduct likely to cause breach of peace.

Southern Province Commanding Officer, Lemmy Kajoba confirmed the arrest of the students to ZANIS in Livingstone today.

Mr. Kajoba said, after writing an examination yesterday, the pupils assembled and blocked Mushili Road using stones and logs, forcing motorists to turn back.
He said police were anticipating this behaviour and were on hand to monitor the situation at the school.

Mr. Kajoba narrated that police moved in to disperse the unruly students and unblocked the road. The students who scampered in all directions, later regrouped and blocked the road again, forcing police to arrest the four.

Three girls and a boy were arrested and charged for conduct likely to cause the breach of peace.
Mr. Kajoba said the three grade twelve pupils were later released yesterday after their parents paid an admission of guilt and today the three girls were expected to sit for their last examination paper.

The boy, who is not a grade twelve pupil, is said to have been in the fore-front inciting others to brew trouble. He is still in police custody.
Mr. Kajoba said the three girls’ parents were prominent people in Livingstone and that they expressed disappointment at their children’s behaviour.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kajoba has said the police service is devising measures to ensure that grade twelve school leavers conduct themselves in a responsible manner.
He said the police were monitoring activities not only at all schools but also in drinking places, to ensure that children under the age of 18 years do not indulge in beer drinking.

Mr. Kajoba said the police were alive to the fact that youths have a tendency of indulging in beer drinking during the festive season.

He said the police would work closely with the city council, to ensure that bars open and close at the stipulated times, with the exception of licensed night clubs in the city.

Mr. Kajoba said the police would be very strict during the festive season, which he described as the peak beer drinking time, leading to increased road traffic accidents and deaths.
He appealed to school leavers to conduct themselves in a responsible manner, for them not to risk possible arrests.



  1. Lemmy sort the pupils. You were once a school leaver at Sotech. What is happening today is bad culture. This reminds me of vandalism at some point.

  2. Cant these kids just have fun , without risking their and other pipos lives, They must be sent to Afghanistan as punishement for their behaviour.

  3. Tell us why the kids are behaving like that, NO SMOKE WITHOUT FIRE. Tech kids cant just get unruly for nothing. Release the boy kid.

  4. @ 3 fide yes it is unheard of for hillcrest “pa tech” to riot………….. without a reason the students rioted in 2003 over the death of a fellow student!! the way i know tech pupils, intellectuals!! the must have been a reason for the riots!! lt please do a follow up!! i mean even girls were involved and some of the students were not even grade twelves so you can’t say it was just school leavers acting out!!!
    if these guys were just being juvenile delinquents then should be fully punished!! seriously embarrassing the school ,but if they had a reason then they should be heard because it is not our as “tech productions” to indulge in such!!

  5. cry my beloved school! these have started early us we started throwing stones at UNZA. The police should start preparing for their intake now. for these are promissing gorilla warfare.

  6. the article also said all “three girls’ parents were prominent people in Livingstone” that is strange considering the school has students from all over the nation there!! and the only ones arrested were all livingstone locals. maybe it was the APU (afternoon) students who were rioting!!!!! please clarify

  7. The story is incomplete! As mentioned already by others, why were the students demonstrating/rioting? Reason and not emotions should guide the appropriate punishment for these students.

    I remember my days and years at that highly prestigious school. We only had one nondestructive demo in the entire three years I was there, and it was over lack of water on campus, a situation that led to poor sanitation and consequently cases of dysentery. These are my memories of the kind of students that ended up at that school—-very serious and goal oriented kids—-not kids who just wanted to cause trouble for the sake of it. Now they admit girls at Hillcrest?! Mmmm, teenage testosterone in the presence of females can be ‘troooooouble’! Let “ADDMA” take precedent over “RIOTS,” Kids!

  8. Unusual for students of Hillcrest ‘calibre’ to behave in such a way… Maybe there is more to it.
    Din know they had girls at Hillcrest.

  9. Police must teach these thugs a lesson do not even lock them up let them do hours of community service like cutting grass ,cleaning the maternty wards or the morgue.That way they will learn a big lesson than tax payers feeding careless thugs in jail.They want to scare away tourists for stupid political rearons am them thugs are sons and daughters of the pact leaders who facing a bleak future.To hell with your stones.

  10. We had our own “demo” there in ’79 after a drunken teacher stopped us watching a movie (Slaughter’s Big Rip-off – Richard Rowntree) on a Saturday nite. There must have been a reason for these kids to riot. Please give us the full story ba LT.

  11. Lemmy, you are telling us the cause of this fracas! I was at Hillcrest long ago, and i dont think pupils riot for no plausible reason. May be they were served porridge with cabbage for lunch!

  12. I was at DK Tech. Snr. Sec. Sch. for boys years back and the two were the only prestigious Tech. shcools Zed had at that time. Such behaviour was unheard of those days. I just don’t know what’s going now. Definately, there should be a reason why abaiche bavundukile. We would never riot over too much sand in kapenta or too much of chilemba. We would simply file in a complaint and they would quickly attend to it. But anyways, those were the old good days.

  13. i left hillcrest in 91,yes we had one demostration,and it was because alisinda gave us beans for two weeks.we did not block cars .it was peaceful but some stubborn chaps went and slattered the pigs .we were forced to eat ubwali bweka bweka because the guys and gone and spilled the beans in the kitchen.out of 125 grade 12 students ,only 12 failed to obtain division 1,the rest went to the two universities,mpelembe,ATC.Hillcrest was the most quiet during final exams but what i read now makes me worry that our school history may be rewritten.i hope however this may be one isolated incident.thank you hillcrest

  14. I was at Hillcrest a couple of years ago and Hillcrest kids dont riot for nothing! LT, thats a half baked report!! do your homework please! Class dismissed!

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