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Govt. working hard to improve health sector

Health Feature Health Govt. working hard to improve health sector

A psychiatrist from Chainama hospital for the mentally ill shows how they 'fight' with patients on May Day
A psychiatrist from Chainama hospital for the mentally ill shows how they 'fight' with patients on May Day

Government has reiterated its commitment to improving the health sector in the country through the provision of quality health services and qualified personnel.
Deputy Minister of Health, Mwendoi Akakandelwa, told parliament today that government was working hard towards improving the working conditions of health personnel in the country while providing drugs and other requisites to hospitals and other institutions of health.

Mr. Akakandelwa said government is aware that there was a human resource crisis in the health sector in the country hence it was putting in place various efforts to address the situation.

He said government, with the help of the donor community, was currently training more health personnel in various medical fields to improve the situation.

He said government wants to make the conditions of service of health personnel better than they currently are.

Meanwhile Mr. Akakandelwa said government was also working towards reducing further, the maternal mortality rate in the country by 2015.

He was responding to a question raised by Chikakanta UPND Member of Parliament Munji Habeenzu, who wanted to know what government is doing to improving the quality of the health sector and personnel in the country.


  1. how is the govt improving health? Do you notice the minister didn’t answer the question?Bet he is one in the picture without the coat.

  2. This is how Zambians are taken for mugs! May be they are indeed. This deputy minister has not given any figures to convince me they are doing something in terms of training personnel. What if they are training ten more than they did 10 years ago is that something to shout about?

  3. Improving the health care system has to start with the ending of flying out politicians and chiefs abroad for treatment, we can train as many people as we can but without facilities what good is it?

  4. Surely this response by the deputy minister is empty. This is no forum for a political statement. He should provide EVIDENCE on what his government has done. Things like identified weaknesses & remedial policies/practices/procedures put in place, statistics on vital performance indicators, projects underway, planned actions, etc, etc.

  5. The govt does not care about the Heath sector, They know that they will not use these services themselves. All the time we hear about ministers and some other officials going abroad for treatment. to places in SA, UK, USA.

  6. We still have miles to go before we can even talk of “improvement” – those who have experienced of the European health systems know what I mean.

    Zo ona Malama I verify your comments on #7, ka Savannah kasuma sana…I’m quite sure that pretty smile also has a pair of “forget-me-not” eyes to match.

  7. Thanks guys, am here you know, dont just say things about me as.
    By # 12 by the way i spell my name with H at the end. thanks.

  8. #11 you are right, but they have to start from somewhere, if what is being said is true, then thats a good move. I still remember how Lusaka UTH was some 20 yrs ago, it was clean , free, and the personeel were trained and happy, but now things have gone down the drain. what a shame, i blame MMD. the trained personeel have left the country for greener pastures.

  9. The govt needs to improve all the hospitals, give more pay to the personel ,dont just train them cos they might end up going to other countries. we also need morden equipment.

  10. There is need for some life saving equipment too, pipo dont have to far to get scanners or to go to private clinics, this is too bad mu Zambia. Please make a change. “Man in the mirror ” Micheal Jackson sung this song for all of you.

  11. Mr. Mosi!! You been quiet. Are you alive. I miss you substantiated contributions. Come out of that Cocoon! Is it so cold or is hot?

  12. Listen to today’s in the UK.

    Nursing to become graduate entry .

    All new nurses in England from 2013 will have to spend at least three years being trained to degree level, the Department of Health has announced.

    The move will help nurses meet the increasingly complex needs of patients more safely and effectively, it said.

    The extra one or two years of training needed for nurses to obtain a degree will include a focus on gaining experience in community health teams.

    The move follows a recommendation from the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

    We have a lot of Zambian nurses come to the UK. We also need to take Zambian nursing to university level so our nurses can be competitive in the market. How about that, GRZ. What’s the future for our nurses?

  13. #10 Malema and #11 Nine Chale

    I thought in this age of HIV/AIDS, people have stopped beng menso menso. LOL. Sorry guys, I have just seen so many people die of AIDS. Keeping your zip up can just about prolong your life.

    What do you think Savannah?

  14. To my collegues in the medical field at home and in lands afar,you might be alive to the fact our former president(2nd republican) has had to have a pace maker inserted.How is that done those in cardiology or radiology know that it is with aid of an image intensifire(II).The II is guidance to inserting an external(temporary) pacemaker till a permanent one is inserted.My question to you in the field is that in all hospitals in Zambia do we not have an II for even simple athroscopy to be done!!!! Where are our priorities?

  15. Treat HIV patients sooner – WHOLondon – The UN agency issued new guidance advising doctors to start giving patients Aids drugs a year or two earlier than usual. The advice could double the number of people worldwide who qualify for treatment, adding an extra three to five million patients to the five million already awaiting Aids drugs.WHO’s previous HIV treatment advice was published in 2006. Since then, several studies have shown people with HIV who start drugs earlier than recommended have a better chance of surviving.CD4 count of 350 WHO now advises doctors to start HIV patients on drugs when their level of CD4 cells – a measmeasure of the immune system – is about 350. Previously they said doctors should wait until patients’ levels hovered around 200. In most Western countries,…


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