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Sata, HH behind Solwezi Central violence – CWEPA

General News Sata, HH behind Solwezi Central violence - CWEPA

Copperbelt Welfare and Environment Protection Association (CWEPA) President Sydney Njamba has come out in support of Vice President George Kunda’s anti-violence stand in the Solwezi Central by-elections.

Mr Njamba said his organisation is supportive of Mr Kunda’s remarks that the violence being experienced in the Solwezi Central by-elections campaigns are being perpetuated by the PF/UPND pact.

He has charged that there is need for the opposition to base their campaigns on issues and what they will do for the electorate like the MMD has been doing.

In statement to ZANIS in Lusaka today, the CWEPA President alleged that the opposition PF/UPND leaders Michael Sata and Hakainde Hichilema have been exporting cadres to Solwezi just to instigate violence.

He said that it is clear that Mr. Sata was now using the UPND to penetrate North Western Province where he has less support.
He noted that there is no way Mr. Sata would now want to participate in the Solwezi central by-elections after saying that he does not need the support of people from North Western province.

Mr. Njamba stated that his organization also agrees with Mr. Kunda who exposed Mr. Sata’s tactics of wanting to befriend people of North Western province by slowly selling his popularity through Mr. Hichilema.

He said people of North Western province know what is good for them and will not entertain double-tongued politicians like Mr. Sata who is not honest.

Mr. Njamba has since urged Mr. Hichilema to realize that he is merely being used by Mr. Sata adding that his political future is likely to be dented before he achieves his goals.



  1. They (CWEPA) are all probably just full of hate and jealousy themselves and have a blind eye for their own, much bigger flaws.

  2. I dont want to see the things we saw in Zimbabwe or Kenya happen in my lovely Zambia.please brothers and sisters , lets live as one,

  3. Could some one please tell me what is an NGO, and its role…..am confused. Is this a political party as welll (CWEPA)? However one thing is for sure, Insults are never forgotte. They will follow you to your grave.

  4. Is this CWEPA blind. MMD cadres from all over Zambia are camped in Solwezi. In my town where I live, our friends from MMD have all disappeared and oviuosly are in Solwezi. Besides knowing our police force if what Sydney says is true, these thugs would have been picked up if they belonged to the opposition. But because they are from MMD no arrests have been made to date. Oh Sydney you have come too late because all the positions have been filled so your expected will take longer than the second coming of our Lord

  5. Njamba, you just want to be paid for supporting the government. I am non partisan when it comes to politics. I dont vote on political lines but individuals who have signs to deliver. I am in Solwezi right now. The biggist problem is that MMD took it for granted that N/W is their stronghold. But it seems the atmosphere seems to favour the oppostion and therefore MMD is causing this problems. If MMD contines this behaviour it will cost them victory. My analysis is that MMD can take the day because of using the old voters register. Most supporters of opposition are those who recently came to solwezi and won’t vote. But 2011 not for MMD in Solwezi because the immigrates will vote in Solwezi.

  6. # 2 The lady on # 4 has asked you a question kindly answer her.Let me copy and paste it for you.

    #2 what did you say about on the other thread?

  7. I have taught them how to use my Rhodesian tactics. Brace yourselves for buring a few Kaondes in Solwezi. Chitambo was a childs party compared with what we are doing in Kolwezi.

  8. I agree with #9. As for Njamba, first you live on the C/belt & then issue your statement from Lusaka. What a publicity stunt!!!!!? How much were you given by ba kamucheka? Am in Solwezi and it is a known fact that the violence is perpetuated by MMD. Concertrate on your small katemba org that is not even helping the people of CB.

  9. Imagine, I have been looking for this same Copperbelt Welfare and Environment Protection Association (CWEPA) President Sydney Njamba. I opened my legs to him two days ago and he didnt pay!!!

  10. # 9 Lt is giving you a wrong flag, if you are reporting from solwezi….or are you also a sensationalist like our post newspaper.

  11. Wena, Njamb, we never heard you condemn VP guy when he asked MMD thugs to support Rupiah through violence. What doublespeak!! Just shut up and eat your buhobe, litapi ni muloho.

  12. These clowns must be hired by the MMD.MMD cadres are even more powerful than the Police now who are moving about with their tails between their legs!the thugs are in MMD and they dont even care coz the police is on their side

  13. I’m a pure kaonde from NWP,Pliz my pipo the country is depending on You to show RB and his crooks the trueth.If we are to make a mark on the Map pliz Vote wisely. Kunda should not mislead you ,he is another let down to the people of Zambia.Let them also tell you if Mwanawansa’s regance would allow such Stupidity of Acquiting a thief. Infact they are fooling Us.MMD Zwaaa

  14. Truely,inkoko nganaisenda ichinsenda muleipepeka tailekelakelako fye iyo.MMD will seem to be very smart in all there doing and accuse the opposition for pipo to believe that the opposition are the ones perpetuating violence ,while in the back ground they are inciting their party carders to harass the opposition.

    i am not a PF-UPND,But what is on the ground even a child can tell.look at the Malawan Guy so called Kunda,he goes to solwezi and began to tell people that the opposition is sinking like titanic-honestly that is not what we should hear from a leader ,he should tell us what development his government is going to bring to the area since it is his party that holds the nation budget.That is shallow mind from a learned judge,any govement of the day hold the national budget,

  15. continues-he shouldn’t be short sighted,any party can come in and it will be that party who will be holding the national budget.he shouldn’t cheat pipo on that fact.look it is in solwezi that a mother sliced her own child’s palm with a knife,hunger in the area,should he has brought development in the area,pipo would have plenty to eat and not fight over food.

    the people who are causing violence are MMD carders fight for space to receive handouts from these crooks in government,Felix mutati, the man i respect so much showed how crooked this government is , he started distributing blankets to people a day day before elections in Kasama.let me spare them

  16. addition to 23/24’i laugh most times when i read the story about the government and the opposition.MMD do ferry people from every where to the area where there is election,it has never been considered illegal by anyone.Look in central what happen a minister even fought with a cader ,it that normal?who was wrong?definitely an elderly person has the ability to overlook any offence.what so ever it was but since he had to gaurd his job ,he opted to fight.so plz ba vice presindent kambanikoni vya nzelu

  17. Sydney Njamba has been ruled off side. Check your analysis. Imagine contributions from #1 to #25 including myself disagree with you in totality. Don’t even react because you are wrong period. You are not adding value simply disband your no sense NGO

  18. When politicians merge, the tactic is to gain total support from all angles of the country.What is NYAMBA talking about? no commonsense.

  19. How come now a nation park with wild animals has changed into a province of human beings? Mr. Sata please ask for forgiveness from the people of northwestern province for demeaning them for so long.

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