I’m not fighting Litunga, says Aka


SPECIAL assistant to the President for political affairs, Akashambatwa Mbikusita-Lewanika has said that he is not fighting the Litunga of the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) or blaming him for the alleged weakening of the MMD in Western Province.

Mr Mbikusita-Lewanika said in response to a Press query yesterday that he did not as alleged in the Post newspapers of November 18, 2009 speak against the Litunga and his leadership and that no one mentioned the name of the Litunga in the MMD meeting that was held on November 15 this year at Andrews Motel in Lusaka.

He said he did not, during the meeting, bring any person, name, title or authority of the Head of Barotse into disputable or contentious issues or any other traditional leadership during the meeting.

“To do otherwise is a taboo. I would not do it, even to save my life. Only an ill socialised and traditionally uncultured person can do that,” the statement reads in part.

Mr Mbikusita-Lewanika also said the meeting was not dominated by issues pertaining to one person or one part of the country and that the issues that were raised that related to the former Western Province chairperson Simasiku Namakando were the most marginal and least consequential.

He said the views that he expressed on the matter were not the ones that were ascribed to him in the Post newspaper.

He said of late, accusations bent on alienating him from the Barotse and Zambian leadership even those to divide his family had been based on inaccuracies and falsehoods.

“In decent times of fair and just media and decent honest politics, this statement would not be necessary, even in self defence. In the past, I have often not responded to outrageous accusations. I had hoped that the knowledge of, and respect for our customs and traditions would prevent such falsehoods being taken seriously. But these are not decent times,” Mr Mbikusita-Lewanika said.

He said people that fear him would continue attempting to assassinate him politically or otherwise.

He said the meeting referred to in the article was convened as a private party conversation facility by the MMD through the treasurer, Suresh Desai.

Mr Mbikusita-Lewanika said he did not officiate the meeting as alleged because he was not an office holder in the party.
He said there was no opinion or decision of the meeting that was made through him.

The Post newspapers of November 18 this year carried a story that said that Mr Lewanika officiated an MMD meeting that blamed the Litunga and Mr Namakando for the party’s recent fall out in Western Province.

[Times of Zambia]


  1. Vimalozi, always making noise on the BRE. We are all Zambians and if you want Western Province to be developed stop being selfish and stop acting as though Western Province was a Country on its own. Period.

  2. Kamangoche I dont want u to be lozi but trying putting yourself on the other side to understand issues at play. Be wise not stupid

  3. Iwe #1 Kamangoche cha noko! The issues you are raising are not part of the above article. Show us the part where anybody has claimed the s.tuxxxxpxxid things you are sprouting. ‘Vimalozi’? Are these human beings you are referring to?. Uli mbwa! You must have come from your mothers backside.

  4. In as much as we know the quest by the lozis to consider themselves as if they were from another country and have come to do Zambia to do us a favour, it is sad to disrespect your paramount chief in order to keep a job. Aka knows that, but i guess he thought he was safe when he was in that meeting and that he could say anything. Western province will never be a country on its own, no matter what, so stop being ludicrous about that!!

  5. Ok maybe try to give us our barotseland and see what we can do.I want to be telling pipo that am from barotseland i think am bored and tired of zambia.Bo Aka stop the nonsence

  6. Iwe AKA.I thought you were a very intelligent guy and I gave you respect but your failure to advise RB politically is really worring me.Save your face and resign before its too late.STUPID boy!

  7. Here there is a big problem which MMD is failing to sort out. This is what happens when you take pipo for granted. The demand that was raised by pipo of Western Province was very simple. They wanted Vice Presidency, so what was the problem with that. This position is not elective but an appointment by the Head of State. What follwed next careless talk, I didnt not ask for your votes, disolving of the Namakando led Provincial Executive Committee. That time Kaingu and Mabenga distanced themselves from such demands now that the issue has gotten red hot, nobody wants to touch it coz their fingers will be bent. Even Aka is not being smart on this one. Miners on strike for justifiable cause the MMD leadership condemns such action instead resolving the matter. Where to next MMD?

  8. Aka always wants to taste how legally far he can go before he turns around to fit the atmosphere of his oxygen. Right no he has tasted that his oxygen is about to expire and he is on the way to Barotseland where he knows that he has more oxygen than in Rb s camp. He is on the way to where there is oxygen. Where the Litunga is.

  9. Lelo Aka. Please RB fire this man he has costed you more than you will gain from him. If he can turn against his own LITUNGA what about you Mr President. We need proper people advising our Presidents at State House.

  10. This so called AKA, has failed to advise Nyama soya adequately hence the failure to win elections.The MMD have definateky lost the western province.the Litunga is not a chief to play with.Unlike other petty chiefs like chitimukula,the Litunga does not involve himself in politics.Abash AKA viva the Barotse

  11. there is nothing special about western province,why shld they bew given the veep n special preference,its jst its pipo think they are special n thats why its under developed n it will remain that way.stop making noise

  12. Why is mmembe using the litunga to fight mmd….its fine 2 years to go. I wish to annouce my cabinet in advance: MCS – HE, Guy Scott – VP, Fred Mmembe for Minister of Information. Max Nkole – IG of Police, Nchito – Justice Minister. Nchito2 – Attorney General. GBM – Works & Supply, Willie Nsanada – Trnsport & Communication. Lubinda- western province Minister. HH – Minister for southern Province. no room for easterners and namazayis.

  13. The PF/UPND have strongholds on the Copperbelt,Luapula,Western,Lusaka,Northen,Southern.This puts the pact in a better position to scoop the 2011 election.

  14. Aka is a dead man walking politically, if we had a normal president he would on the streets by now looking for a job. Fortunately for him our RB doesn’t even realise he’s just made his life even more difficult, i remember Levy never used to brook such nonsense from his ministers/aide. Even those with half brains like ci Senior Citizen will remember how he punished numpties such as Nevers, VJ, Chitala, etc. for saying things they shouldn’t have said.

  15. This is what happens every time you choose to fight with the media. MMD and Rupiah Banda are in deep trouble. It will another party taking over in 2011 for them to disentangle themselves from the situation they created with the Post. Mmembe is now a hero due the silliness of MMD and Banda. Did the Times of Zambia or Daily Mail report on this issue? This is how fighting a war with someone with a pen and paper ends up. Now they will be explaining and explaining, eventually the Litunga will not even give them his ears. So, MMD in Western Province is history. They wanted to treat the Litunga the way ka Chitimukulu wants to be treated. The Litunga has principles and he is guided by those principles. His Indunas advice him. Chitimukulu is advised by his sixth wife. BIIIG DIFFERENCE

  16. You Kamangoche, What makes you say Vimalozi, which school did you go to? you are a very dull person learn to differentiate issues or go back to school, the issue at hand is not about Barotse Land, it’s about the Provincial Executive Committee (MMD), and this committee is not just for Lozi’s, foolish you.

  17. Aka is a spent force, do you remember the marketing theory on the lifespan of a coprorate entity. The AKA mutant has ended. Barotseland shall never be destroyed. We are a nation. Like it ir leave it. We shall stand the test of eternal time.

  18. Ba Smith #18. You are very sick and backward person. So in your own warped and retarded mind who do you think is ruling? Ngoni’s or Easterners I presume. And Lenjes or Lambas before that! And whatever Chilubas ethnicity before that? Unfortunately ZAmbia is full of people like you that is why the country shall forever be a sinkhole and shxxxxithole.

  19. The situation is not health when pretence,dishonest,i nsincerity of advisers, organisers that do not relate what is on ground but what they have acquired from schools of theory plus their personal ambitions/egos take roots. So we see the real situation unfolding nakedly and the biulders are short of runing out of their skins or take shelter in the desert from the hot bleeze of the sun. I therefore, pray that the worst may be prevented from happening in my poor country Zambia ,so Gold hear me..

  20. AKA has messed up big time.

    however, it is really horrible that in this blog somepipo like #1 are drawing tribal sentiments.

    we are past that line in our growth

  21. #18 SMITH- If you have nothing to say, go puke it somewhere else. This site is for the intellecually advanced individuals.

  22. Give respect to and leave the Litrunga and all chiefs for that matter out of politics! We dont need AKA to defend or apologize, you are a snake ion the grass.

  23. The fact that they think they a nation (Barotseland) makes it difficult for them to have a notable leader in another country (Zambia). So they continue agitating for a veep in another country when they are already a nation. I think this is a dream that will never be realised…may be until they renounce their BRE nationality. Let them accept the fact that they are as Zambian as the next guy, then they will be considered; otherwise for now, they will continue to wallow in anguish of not ever been in the limelight of leadership. The Litunga is content with his litungaship, so the rest of his people should follow suit and be content with that. – or they should raise a leader to win an election as a presido. Hard luck guys!!


  25. Dr Aka ,i think you are not playing your role as an economic adviser to your friend.i would like to remind zambians ,what happen to that probe into abuse of office by the former ps ,now ambassador to japan Dr wamudila mbikusita by ACC?we want to see justice not pleasing individuals or clans.

  26. Yangu tata insele mwatampa pa LT. I think LT should seriously consider hiring me as both their editor and moderator. What do you think fellow bloggers?

  27. No Malozi mwabanzi. No freedom of expression ka. Aka just be Tonga and you will enjoy your rights in full. Thank God I am Tonga Mbuya. Welcome to Tongaland where mayisosele ni mbwe. No Traditional leadership pins poking your skin. Mbuyas its time we became your masters come into our homeland there are many places there. SHITA.

  28. I wait for Henry Kyambalesa to help his buddy, Aka. By the way, can Lozi’s explain to me how the royal line of succession runs in Barotse. Wasn’t Aka’s dad Sir Mwanawina II lLewanika, the most celebrated BaRotzi king? Why isn’t Aka the Liunga? How did Ilute Yeta become Litunga and to be succeeded by the incumbent? Historians out there, can you explain to me how Sebitwane’s line was overthrown by Sipopa? Who are more dominant, the Kololo or the Luya? Discuss.

  29. #33 wena utile chwani, massipa ya hawu….leave us lozis out of this what makes you think you better than lozis….grow up and speak like the age of the man on your pic.

  30. So is Aka saying whoever gave the Post the info is taking them for a ride?? Or he is just denying as all politicians do. (Political version of what men do when caught cheating..”it’s not what it looks like”). Ali chabe bwino nikufa na no. I am no Lozi but I appreciate and admire the political structure of the BRE and the respect it commands amongst it’s people. Shame they were screwed on the Barotse Agreement…….So Aka disrespecting the Litunga aint just it!

  31. Yebo THE SAINT kwamba kabotu. Are you telling me that kwina Ba Malozi kuli buyo Ma Kololo a Ma Luyi? Who are my Mbuyas now? I want to know right now? Who of the two tribes should I hold responsible for stealing Ng’ombes and Wives of my great Grand Father Nchete Mukulukulu Ulyamabwe? I want to sue at the International Court of Justice in Hague. Kabili bakamba ati they are from Balotseland and not Zambia.

  32. Yebo Lubinda you are right masipa ngangu. Stay well Cousin I enjoy poking you Mbuyas because this is my time now. Gone are those days nimwakali kutubida Ng,ombe abamakaintu. Ndalumba for responding Ubanzye kunganda.

  33. Smith what scares about Lozis ruling? Did u ever think a lamba and now eastener would rule zambia? Never say …………. For all I know and through my travels in zambia and abroad I dont see what you bragging about when your brothers, sisters, etc can hardly afford 3 meals a day (basics mudala) and you call this development? Development in the hands of foreign investors? Are you sure the place you hail from has been developed from local resources or the misapplication of resources by denying areas generating the wealth? Are sure those local economies are generating enough resources to keep the so called development going? Answer: nay!! Carefull my fellow zambian.

  34. #37 Mwanamuchende: Here is what I know. The Luya people were the earlier inhabitants of the present western province having hailed from the Luba-Lunda empire in present Congo. They were then defeated and colonised by the Sotho breakaways from the south called the Kololo. These like the Zulus (all the Nguni peoples from Eastern South Africa) were warriors. They spent all their time raiding others for food and women. Led by Sebitwane, they fused with the Luyas. Their language (siKololo) would have disappeared had Francois Coillard not immortalised it in a Bible translation. Coillard spoke SiSuthu, which was similar to siKololo. Due to christianisation and Coillard’s influence, the state became very well organised. But the aMaNdebele harassed the kingdom…

  35. Lozis are stupid people by nature. They have too much respect for small things which eventually dont help them. For us in Namwala, when Chizhyuka gave us problems, see what we did to him. Malozi amuzuhe inge luna maTonga. musike mwanyanda ni Litunga ya inzi mwa Lusaka. upila hande, ucha hande. Mina ki litapi fela ze nani butuku. masipa amina kaufela.

  36. #1, KAMANGOCHE, You are a very careless person, how dare you say vimalozi. I suspect you are a foreigner like Rupiah from Gwanda in Zimbabwe and Chiluba from Congo. The issue is about the useless bootlicking Aka not about the Lozi people, okay.

  37. Sebitwane was succeded by his son Sekeletu. Sekeletu died of leprosy. After his death the Rotse people revolted and led by Sipopa

  38. Led by Sipopa, the Rotse overthrew the Kololo (Murena ( Lord)) to re-establish ‘mbumu wa litunga (= keeper of the earth) lineage since Imasiku in 1838. Lubosi 1 (the first Lewanika) ruling the 2nd time round was responsible for British colonisation. He applied for protection against the Ndebele just like Khama had done for the Tswana to the south. After his death a Yeta (the 3rd) ruled for 29 years till 1945. After 3 years Mwanawina III took over. He was godddy goody to the British and earned a knighthood and an Admiral’s uniform! The Litunga wears it during Kuomboka. Since 1968 when he died we have had 3 Litungas Godwin Mbikusita Lewanika II, Ilute Yeta and now Lubosi II Imwiko. How they choose them? A mistery to me.

  39. No 1 you need help why call others Vimalozi???Do not start a war you can not finish.Why being so tribal at this era in life???Its no wonder racism is still here, we are just human.May God put some good spirit in you my friend before you get frustrated with life.

  40. #34 The Saint- May be they do it like the KAZEMBE of Luapula do. You have to be born muchipango-PALACE to become a KAZEMBE. If so then AKA may not qualify if he was born in Ktwe’s Wusakile T/Ship.Further more the KAZEMBE ROYAL ESHT. have some guys who ca tell that the child may be from another man and not the Mwata.

  41. I admire the lozi culture ,so unique and rich !Aka may have just stepped off the line and he doesn’t need to be taught a lesson . He will re-allign himself ! Good luck though !

  42. All those who are saying Barotseland will never be back are cheating themselves, it was in the old days where we were not allowed to tell our children how Northern Rhodesia merged with Barotse Land now every one nows and if people are giving coments that affect us we will make sure our land will be retured in the next generation. We havent forgoten how we merged ok? I say so in response to Kamangoche as i quote “Vimalozi, always making noise on the BRE. We are all Zambians and if you want Western Province to be developed stop being selfish and stop acting as though Western Province was a Country on its own. Period.” This is not good to any Lozi man. The next Generation will be different cos you are giving us bad impressions thst why the Barotse agreement is not included in the new…

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