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HH thanks Solwezi electorate

Headlines HH thanks Solwezi electorate

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema
UPND president Hakainde Hichilema

United Party for National Development (UPND) President Hakainde Hichilema has thanked the electorate of Solwezi Central for giving the PF/UPND pact victory in yesterday’s parliamentary by election.

Mr Hichilema said the battle was not an easy one and that he was grateful to the people of Solwezi central for listening to his appeal and voting for Watson Lumba.

Speaking when he addressed a meeting at Solwezi show grounds this afternoon, Mr Hichilema urged the people in the Constituency to celebrate the UPND’s victory peacefully without intimidating other people.

He said the journey to 2011 has just begun adding that supporters should continue with the same spirit of uniting with purpose in order for them to continue winning elections.

The UPND leader urged the newly elected Member of Parliament to provide leadership as the victory is not his but for the people that gave him the votes.

He said Mr Lumba should identify issues of development and deal with them expeditiously as there is little time for him to be celebrating his victory.

And speaking at the same meeting newly elected Solwezi Central Member of Parliament Watson Lumba thanked the people of Solwezi Central for giving him an opportunity to represent them in parliament.

Mr Lumba said the victory was for the party and the constituency adding that he will endeavor to represent and serve the people of Solwezi central diligently.

The PF/UPND pact candidate Watson Lumba was yesterday elected as Solwezi Central Member of Parliament after polling 5,669 beating Albert Chifita of the MMD who got 4,457 votes in the parliamentary by election that came after the death of area Member of Parliament Ben Tetamashimba.


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  1. Oh Zambia love it…you thought before you voted. HH is a young person with a vision we need younger leaders who will do the best they can for this great nation. Inonge Wina is also a great woman…I am sure there are many more great people who love Zambia and have a vision in what it could represent in the future. HH good work God bless you.

  2. Twasanta bingi bena Solwezi, you’ve embarrased the devil and his clique of thieves. From Kasama to Solwezi, it’s viva pact, viva 2011.


  4. I can smell the exit of George Kunda seeing that what he campaigned for as not materialised intro a win. Mulongoti is doing a post-mortem to find out the reasons for the loss. The reasons will all fall on Kunda the campaign Manager of solwezi seat.
    congrats to the UPND/PACT come 2011 make sure that change takes place in my lovely country. HH should lead the way for us the young ones so that in future those seats in parliament shall belong to us. God Bless Zambia my lovely Country I Truly love Zambia big time.

  5. Anyway lets wait for the courts to rule because we are appealing against this victory ,first you intimidated our people with those PF thugs from copperbelt,secondly those who voted for you were brided, you think we do not know what was happening on the ground using GBM fat bag of bungas money.Mukekimona,thats Solwezi it’s ours.

  6. You have to be more worried than celebrating because you have more challenges than meets the eye. Out of 12 constituencies in the province, 10 are MMD with 2 only being UPND. You go in a rigorous by-election for Solwezi central a constituency of 34,000 registered voters, only 5,600 votes the UPND.With Zedian politics of armtwisting, unless you offload all your privatization fortune in this constituency, God forbid, MMD conspiracy with Kasanshi mines Chiefs on taxation and licenses could render Lumpa and yourself dissidends.This is Zed i would never be stunned.You need to spend sleepless nights because migration of Bashimine delivers no guarantee that empty rhetoric has a future.

  7. # 5 ba yaya really you support MMD. I don’t no why. perhaps you know really well how Australia is and how well the government is to it’s People. there is no fuel shortage, the price of petrol is 20 cents per litre..which is equal to K800. In Zambia alone the price is equal to $2 US dollar or K8000 per litre. The average rate of work pay per hour is $20/ hour which is equal to K80,000 per hour.
    My point is do you like it to see your fellow people in Zambia surfer like the way it is? unemployment, hunger etc. while the President is Busy moving in the plane without even having a thought of the situation in the country. I am personally disappointed with you.
    Zambia is much better than most developed countries. 10 million people is small to manage. if we can just work hard Zambia can…

  8. Watson Lumba, the pipo have delivered through the ballot now its your turn to represent the interests of those pipo in Solwezi and NorthWestern at large. Aot of economic activities are taking place in Solwezi and there is nothing pipo are benefiting from. We need a voice in parliament. Teta left big shoes are you going to fit in.

  9. Ba GEORGE Iam selling fish at a cheap price here in Chawama lsk…kindly pass thru and by as yu did in solwezi…my neibah sells popcorns…hahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. so two major promises were made, 1)George the liar said 6.5 billion to be released which was paid by the mines as land rate, so the ministry of finance must give a green light. 2) dora the silly made another promise, 42billion kwacha from CDF to electrify the school so we will now see who is cheating as the CDF and money collected by the council are public funds which know no political party and if there is any delay to release these funds, we will ask for the two shameless liars to quit

  11. Don’t know if you blogers know. But are you aware that MMD tried to bring in a ballot box with about 2000 votes contained in it, before Lumba was declared winner? Fortunately pipo were vigilant and refused to accept the box because it was not sealed. Romour has it that the presiding officer of a named polling station was offered K8m. I don’t have facts but simply heard this had transpired at the Solwezi civic centre.

  12. By the way, I am really trying to upload pictures of the celebrations that went on in Solwezi. Hopefully I will be done in a moment.

  13. Goodmorning Zambia

    Yes, the Solwezians did a good thing indeed – lets hope the rest of the rural population will follow suit. Only then can change come about…

  14. guys mwashupa, we don’t know how things will be. i thought we shall engineer again but its seems we need to change our engineering. may be we remove banda and put venon. GOOD, VJ for president come convention, banda back to the farm, then venon takes up. we are done.
    love you all,
    political engineer – Kafupi

  15. If this guy ants to be president of this country, he should learn to articulate himself eloquently. Listening to him sometimes really makes one blink with embarrassment, how can an old blanket like Sata be so much of a better public speaker than a 46 year old politician? Maybe they should allow him to start addressing all rallies in muraka wa ciTonga.

  16. chi-number 20: It seems you are useless man or woman…!!! This is what will detroy your pact. you want to build image builder for sata..!!!! if sata is popular the way you saying why can he satnd own his own.. he knows that he can not make it…!!!! HH will be pact leader, if does not this pact of your will not go anywhere..!!! They are saying we have been support people from north all along now, they must support from someone from south. it may sound stupid to you but if that does not happen sata should just forget…!!!! remember that sata chased Mazoka..!! He is fully aware of this story,,,!!! infact, they wanetd UPND to loose so that they will take president of silver plate like always. Now it is very hard for them…they must make HH there leader, to any chance.

  17. Ba “Chale” pa Gelemani (German) mwaisatutandalilako pa UK when ever you have free time. We are not very far apart. I value your contributions on this blog.

  18. What a load of rubbish from #20. Leadership is not all about being a good speaker. #22, could this be the Kizito I used to know in Ndola and Kabwe?

  19. #24, You have said it all. Chiluba was a good speaker but he destroyed Zambia. # 20, You seem to have a natural hatred for HH.

  20. #22…. your out bursts leaves a lot of questions than answers. This is not a time to be so tribal inclined. A pact is a pact meaning any one can take the presidency. Not what you are suggesting that if HH is not president of the PACT then no one fron the south will vote for any other person besides HH. No man, if thats what the PACT is for then its time wasting man. The PACT means working together regardless who is made president. It will ofcourse be one of the Two , HH or Sata. And who ever is made leader of the PACT we vote for him. So please tone down dear and preach oneness in the PACT.

  21. this is how men must do, thank people when they do something for you. last time Banda sent one of his boys to bring me the Brown envelop, i advised him to apologize to the people from western but he said he can’t do it because he is stubborn. this are getting bad for us. wish he can emulate the HH and follow the trend. please Banda call me, we need to talk.

  22. #23 Ichalo Lifupa…thanks for the kind words & the invitation. As a matter of fact I’m making arrangements to come soon. Watch out for me at the speaker’s corner in the Hyde Park…

  23. Without HH in the top seat…..spells doom for the pact in Southern province. The southerners want to see a union between North and South, this time North support the young man. He brings in a totally new face to politics, this is a serious test for the pact….you cant be in the forefront of pushing for a tired mule to lead, let the young man lead, give him a chance….Sata has had his share of governments, let him be an elderly stateman giving checks to HH to ensure he is not making himself more rich. And a monument be laid down for him, for being an enginere in the creation of a winning opposition formula.

  24. zambian are most hard working and humble people if only they have the best driver than this I.D.I.O.T.S MMD and the most bad driver Zed has ever hard in history RB they can do better and i have hope that one day we emergy as winners and develop our beloved zambia as we are better than most of the countries on south. UPND/PF just dont sleep now its the time to work hard and put this thieves out he gov, you got us/people on your side and just dont mess up as your fellas did, learn from thier mistakes as your ball is in your hands. TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE ZAMBIA BETTER.

  25. You can see just how my #20 has rattled all Tonga bigots out of their closets armed to the teeth with stinking tribal bigotry covered in spin that amounts to nothing but intellectual bankruptsy. Twice in his life, Haikainde has had Nawakwi first and Kaunda’s son at UNIP support him and he still failed to scale the political ladder. The moment Tongas realise this HH of theirs is damaged goods to a worse degree than Satanyoko the better. Among all political pundits vying for Plot 1, the only one who makes sense is Magande and should he manage to remove Kanitundila, the Pact especially HH is doomed. Ask Gatsha Buthelezi just how Inkhata Freedom Party inploded with Zuma’s rise to power.

  26. #7 Mwanya bane, i support the MMD indeed coz i love the party its not tribally or family based like yo PF ,one man show.To start comparing and equating the Zambians salaries Vs Aus /US dollars is a good as comparing pears and apples.Zambian workers are among the least productive on earth.The cost of living in Zambia is very low but the problem with some of you Zambians is that you want be seen driving around the city even to no way ,you always want to dress to kill,you send you children to over priced schools which are no better than the GRZ schools and when you fail to steal sustain you life style you blame the MMD.Is it the MMD which sends you to drink 7 days a week?Lets start thinking rationally.Guess what if Sata became president for some reason then mukanya bane!!You know that.

  27. Let me guess YAYA, you are one of the tax payers money beneficiary , who are enjoying on behalf of tax payers, and dont get me wrong there is nothing wrong in surportting MMD but if you have been in some parts of Zambia and see how people are strunglling may be you would have know better.

  28. #7 Mwanya bane i do not kwow which Australia you are talking about where fuel is 20cents a litre coz i buy for a dollars thirty cents and above.Anyhow ,Australia produces some oil off shore they do not rely on a pipeline .In Zambia is it right that all those cars need to be on the roads everyday and to where?We have plenty of public transport to ferry people to and fro their errands.On the population you are right it is a very managable figure but my question is whats our GDP?Do we have resources that can go round?Kaponyas who make much more than taxed workers pay no tax and have no medical insurance,when they are sick they want everything free when their moni is spent on chibuku and drugs.These people of Sata are so careless and a huge cost to the nation because of their useless habits.

  29. #32 Mwata Sorry to say i do not benefit from Zed tax ,i left Zed some years ago and i have my parents who live in the rural Zambia i know what you are singing about ,my province is supposed to be as rich as the CB we have all the mineral wealth but was neglected during Kaundas long and wrong era poverty is all over the place.MMD has revived that sleeping gaint by inviting the investors to open mines in the area and to be honest i pesonally will always be grateful to MMD for this.I know the road to development is never short but we have started and we shall never go back of course with right people incharge of the country and not tribalists like your Satana.A thief who can not account for the money some silly donnors gave him for elections last years,at least Mumbi has told us the truth.

  30. # 34 YAYA which state are you in. I am in Perth let us meet for some social drink up email me on [email protected]. I have no Problem with MMD but the leadership and corruption which is out of hand at the moment. I just worry about the future of Zambia. Zambia Kyalo Kyawama sana. Mwine lesa wa yuka but our inability to develop to a standard of good.
    The GDP you are talking about is no problem if we work hard and improve the living conditions of our selves Zambians.

  31. The pact is here to stay..the common enemy is Rupiah Banda and the the MMD. The MMD will only have a chance if they change the presidential candidate and eliminate the cantakrous like Mulongoti, Teta Mashimbi(MHSRP), Shikapwashaz, Vernon.. We are tired of these headless directionless politicss.. We are in a hurry to develop..We dont want to lose LPM momemtum..

  32. Well, I hear that the president came in too quitely. did solwezi have anything to do with hideous return? please help me. I seek knowledge.

  33. #6 Kuku, Point of correction, UPND has three MPs in North-Western Province. I have a gut feeling that the number will increase in 2011.

  34. Information has come through that MMD people are willing to joing UPND if UPND can ditch the cobra very soon. It looks like at the end of all this it may be the Cobra who will be played a bad one by the the prince after all. Information shows that prince cobra has proven his popularity in the just ended election, and that seasoned politicians in MMD have decided to seek audience with the prince, to ask him if he would be willing to ditch the dicatator, and have him enter into agreements with these break out MP’s and stand as UPND in 2011. The fear of dictator ascending to power has driven these MP’s to such lenghts and ensure that democracy prevails. Watch this space for more details.

  35. I am reliably informed that there are some real Intelectuals in the wings who have decided to join politics. The likes of Elias Chipimo Jr and John Sangwa. The problem is where they will start from. The amount of time required to mobilised is too short to make an impact in 2011. These are the only kinds of people who can bring real change that Zambia needs. HH is a very smart guy. I really do like him. I hope SATA can continue with his heart problems so that by 2011, he may have kicked the bucket and then….. ITS HH ALL THE WAY!!!! N I C E!!!

  36. #42 I am not sure about baby HH Sata being smart. The very act of flirting with Sata tells you everything about the man. Who told you that when Sata packs up baby HH Sata will take over PF? You must be a joker! When Sata does pack up it will be the end of PF, and the baby and his UPND too.

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