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PF/UPND pact closing in parliamentary seats – Lubinda

Headlines PF/UPND pact closing in parliamentary seats - Lubinda

The United Party for National Development (UPND) Patriotic Front (PF) Pact Co-spokesperson Given Lubinda says the pact is slowly closing-in in the number of seats in parliament.

Mr. Lubinda says the numbers of MMD seats is dwindling from 85 to 83 because the Pact is taking over at a sky rocketing speed.

In his congratulatory words in parliament today, Mr. Lubinda said the Pact scooping the Solwezi Central seat send serious signal to the rulling MMD.

Mr. Lubinda, who is also Kabwata Member of Parliament (MP), thanked the electorate in Solwezi Central constituency for making a wise decision to vote for the Pact candidate, Watson Lumba in a tightly contested polls.

‘I would like to thank and congratulate the Solwezi electorate for their wise decision to vote for our candidate, Watson Lumba. The MMD seats in parliament were 85 but now the seats are dwindling because the Pact is filling up the gap,” Mr. Lubinda said.

Last month, the UPND/PF Pact candidate Geoffrey Mwamba popularly known as GBM won the Kasama Central seat.

In yesterday’s elections, the UPND/PF Pact candidate Watson Lumba poured 5,669 against MMD‘s candidate Albert Chifita who got 4457 ,FDA’s Muhammad Kalela got 189, and independent candidate Thomas Kafula only managed a pantry 51 votes.

Earlier, Vice President George Kunda today in parliament also congratulated the UPND/PF Pact for the scooping the Solwezi Central parliamentary by-elections.

Mr. Kunda said he congratulated the Pact for fielding a right candidate. This was during the Vice President question time.

However, the Vice President condemned the recent violence that characterized the recent by-elections in the country.

He said government is concerned with the level of violence exhibited during recent by-elections but he implored the law enforcement officers to sternly deal the culprits.

This was after Luena MP Charles Milupi who asked the Vice President what government was doing to curb violence during elections.

Mr. Kunda said political parties who encourage their cadres to be violent should be ready to face the wrath of the law enforcement agencies saying violence in any election should not be entertained and called on political parties to encourage their members to exercise peaceful campaigns.

The Vice President said it is the duty of political parties to encourage their members to be peaceful during election noting that the country has enjoyed peace since independence in 1964.


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  1. Ba LT, abanenu ba bbc they even give statistics to show how many of the total seats belong to which party and so forth, makes the story complete. Am only suggesting, am no journalist.

  2. Gustone Sichilima is a typical example of cadres who fight, MMD can do us a favour by firing him. No amount of violence condemnation by MMD will show seriousness unless Sichilima (and a UNIP cadre) is arrested for fighting.

  3. If this kind of fantasy is the the Agriculture science analysis NRDC offered Lubinda for his Certificate level education, then the curriculum must be replaced.PF has 19 MPs while UPND is now 22 without Major Robbie Chizyuka.The ruling MMD was at 85 MPs plus nominated ones giving it a strength of 93.To the MMD voting side are all the 22 pro-democracy camp PF MPs who never vote with the one dimensional leadership dictatorial camp of Lubinda.Even if we looked at Lubinda’s Chalimba College of Africulture Certifican programm fazzy maths PF-UPND’s 19+22 is not even 50% of MMD strength.This is the program with illiteracy.

  4. #5 Well said. If you look at the turnout in Solwezi, it was very low. The winning margin between PACT AND MMD was just over a thousand. This is hardly an overwhelming endorsement of the PACT or a rejection of MMD. Voters tend to vote differently in by-elections. What would be interesting to see is what happens to by-election wins during a general election. However, the electorate is sending a message to the ruling party and they may need to make some changes such as the perceived wanderlust of RB.

  5. All those that think the Pact is a mere dream and all those talking in favour are dreaming , u better work up. If u are in the diaspora dubiously , u shud start thinking of how u will support yourself wen Kunda and RB are no more. Start buying big bags to get back or start working as a night guard or cleaner to meet the deficit that is eminent. What ever evil mathematic u apply the Pact is on its way. A challenge to those that think the pact is not popular , why not advise the Machungwa group to resign so that we test the popularity of the pact agaist MMD. The numbers in The National Assemly are just numbers. The 22 stand expelled why does the MMD and the f**********sh speaker protect them. It show they are weak and leaving , so are you.

  6. I said on this fora when we adopted Lumba that we would win this seat.I knew what i was talking about.
    This chifita had no chance against our guy who almost beat the big Teta in 2006.To those of you that think we are jkoing in the PACT,i would like to urge you to be intouch with the grassroot and see what is going on the ground.Poeple want change and its only the PACT that will deliver that change.

  7. technically it’s only the upnd mp’s plus a handful of pf mp’s who’re pact members. lubinda’s figures don’t add up

  8. Lubinda as we celebrate, lets face reality and ask ourselves, what may seem to be a gain, can in actual fact only mean a replacement of another. Instead of alluding this victory to gain in the pact popularity, let ask ourselves why we have merely sailed through with a thousand votes. This result for me shows that people do not vote for parties, they vote for individuals. This should worry a seasoned politician like you that in those 22 rebel areas, UPND (once HH is not president) expected rebel areas will definitely cost the pact a number of votes. I for one am more worried about how the pact will reconcile these loses with the so called purported victory. Mathematics says 1+1-1=1, therefore no achievement. The pact has a lot of work ahead especially if the leader is Sata and not HH.

  9. Number 11: You are very right man…!!! our friend here seems have unknown agenda…!!!! it is not about change,,, it is about whom we are going to put as our president,, not somebody who was saying,,,only certain language are more important than the others..!!! sure pact have alot of work to do…!!! Banda got alot of votes from HH’s areas now it seems he will get back those seats in western, southern, north-western,,central, and lusaka can go to any presidential candidate…!!!! sata is not wanted here…!!! He lost in Chitambo, he can not widen his base of popularity apart from his bemba speacking areas..!!! he has a veru big problem with his MPs..!!! Now you want other people to trust him..!! noway..he must agree to be vice president!!

  10. HH is sent to represent those provinces neglected for so long…!!!! failure to put him…! you will put big dent in your face that will neither be repaired!!!!. sata is a good man but not to be a president of all tribes…!! he will plague this country in trouble…!!!!! HH stands for the majority..!! who has not been in government…..!!!!! we brougt chiluba who was not in government so let HH take over not these tired brains!!! and you expect a different results..!! with lack of education in this advanced technological society with his foot captains…!!! it will be terible than Banda..!!! you have to rethink your choosing a leader not because he is from other areas..!!!

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