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Katele Kalumba Discharged

Health Katele Kalumba Discharged

MMD National Secretary Dr. Katele Kalumba has been discharged from hospital.

Dr. Kalumba who was admitted to the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) for a suspected heart problem was discharged from hospital yesterday morning.

UTH Public Relations Manager Pauline Mbangweta told ZANIS in an interview in Lusaka today that Dr. Kalumba was discharged yesterday morning after he was declared fit by doctors attending to him.

Ms. Mbangweta added that Dr. Kalumba was discharged after responding well to the treatment he was given.

She pointed out that during the time Dr. Kalumba was admitted to UTH his condition had remained stable.

Last week Dr. Katele Kalumba was admitted to the UTH high cost admission ward after a suspected heart problem.


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  1. Congratulation ba katele wesu ala tata mwapusukeni ku bulwele bwamutima, good for you you didnt end up with a pace maker like FJT

  2. For how long are you going to dodge going to Court.
    Even Chiluba had a heart condition until LPMwanawasa passed on, which become a cure.
    Now ba Kalumba, who do you think will die for you to get a cure? Or, are you waiting for the convention to challenge for Presidency of the MMD with the hope of becoming Republican President to get a nolle prosequi?

  3. he actually doesnt look healthy lately…how about where the labtops where coming from cant he find a quick fix there?

  4. “Last week Dr. Katele Kalumba was admitted to the UTH high cost admission ward after a suspected heart problem.”


  5. He has been told of the outcome of the verdict in private, it can be changed if he sucks up to RB so he needed time to ponder!

  6. Ba Katele mwe ndoshi ati shani? Mwanunshako nenfwa ka? Awe sure, kutongolokafye pa Zed. We shall find you bakamba.

  7. Abakamba Ba Katele bamoona ati tafili bwino MMD is going out. So his hopes of becoming a national president are shattered so nomba amatontokanyo yabalwalika.

  8. Where’s the laptop bamudala? Has it got healing software? ‘Bill Gates’ Katumbi has an upgrade, just consult him.

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  9. This is a learning stage for Katele. Now he can find out whether his MMD Presido cares for him or not – I mean, he could have been flown to Morningside Clinic, since he is the chief exec of the MMD. But, ala, this was not the case. He was just taken to UTH like some common fellow. High cost, my foot! The personnel is the same, just a room with a few trimmings not in the other wards, and these do make you well, not when you have a heart condition!!! So he was left at the beck of the local medics because he is just as common, save for an old Chiengi computer. So Katele, get to know where your presido places you.

  10. Chawama mwapola bamudala but umulandu taubola.And now that you are not on good terms with RB over convention,you will be convicted so that you shut up.

  11. iv always said you blogers try to outdo each other. trying to post the most ***** remark. its like your aiming to graduate with a degree in stupidity with a minor in foolishness. wat a bunch of hopeles quacks.

  12. Ati high cost fimo fimo?!….Sorry to say, I visited that place and was shocked! Ba koswe plenty! yangu tata!

  13. #14 zodie dube.
    Is that all you chose to say? Now guess who is trying to get your degree…with a major in…?

  14. # 14 zodie whats your problem i can see it is you who is proving to be an imbecile here give the bloggers with some real z humour a break.Morning bloggers

  15. Get well soon, ba wesu. take time away from the national duties, and concentrate on your health, ama headache yama politics are unnecessary, health first, yama.

  16. Just because President Bush and Prime Minister Blair said Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, the world rallied behind and believed them They managed to Kill Saddam. Did they find the weapons of mass destruction? No. It was a gimmick to hoodwink the world to help them eliminate their enemy. Zambian Police once said Katele had committed suicide. Brenda Munthemba claimed she had spoken to his wife. It was a lie. Why create the story then? There is more to the Task Force cases than meets the eye.

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