Zain records 3 million net subscribers on its network

Zain Zambia Managing David Holliday hands over the K3 million scratch card to the winner 18year old Edna Mwamba
Zain Zambia Managing David Holliday hands over the K3 million scratch card to the winner 18year old Edna Mwamba

Zain, the county’s premier mobile communications provider this week announced a landmark record of 3 million customers on its network, only weeks after the company launched a count-down campaign to celebrate this milestone.

This record-breaking achievement within the Zambian telecommunications industry, is an endorsement that Zain is truly the most preferred mobile phone service provider covering the nation’s 72 districts and beyond.

Announcing the development in Lusaka, Zain Managing Director, Mr. David Holliday named Lusaka based 18-year- old Mwamba Edna of Kamwala South as the 3 millionth customer recorded on the network.

Mr. Holliday thanked customers for their loyalty and choice of Zain as their preferred network.

“Our network covers all districts in Zambia with the lowest calling rates. More and more people are joining Zain each day; from customers who have a genuine communications need and who want an economical phone with our 1Kwache Che offer, all the way through to small and large business and corporate customers. Whatever the needs of our customers, we at Zain have the solution,” Mr. Holliday said.

On 2nd November, Zain announced a count-down campaign to celebrate the 3 millionth customer by giving a number of prizes to selected customers on the network.

The 3 millionth customer this month is receiving a generous gift of ZMK 3,000,000 (three million Kwacha) in talk-time credit to his phone!!

“The celebration continues until the end of the year. Every day, thousands of our customers will be winners – already we have given away over 108,000 free credits and 27 I-Pods in celebrating this milestone ! Provided customers have their Zain phone switched on at some time over the 7 days prior to our daily draw, they will be eligible for a prize,” said Mr. Holliday.

Customers stand a chance to continue winning the following prizes:

* 1,000 prizes of K10,000 talk-time credits each day
* 3,000 prizes of K5,000 talk-time credits each day
* And we’ll be giving away 100 i-Pods in our lucky draws

Mr. Holliday has assured customers of Zain’s continuous growth in 2010, adding that the company was excited about a number of initiatives that will benefit customers and answer to all of their communication needs.

[Issued by the Public Relations and Corporate Affairs Manager]


  1. #1 Imwe na mwe wake up to what? Zain can expand as much as they want. No one my dear has stopped you, Zamtel or MTN from investing and expanding your network. Some of you are just congenital whingers!

  2. I have 5 Zain SIM Cards all to my self!. And i have friends who have several also. We use only one at a time, depending on circumstances. This 3 million is just a horxe! Zain should tighten the frame work for obtaining SIM packs, like in SA. You cannot just buy it anywhere, tutemba, Grocery store, from a kaponya. Or Communication Authority should Introduce sainity, to the market. Thats why theft of phones is cool busy for the unemployed youth. Lets organise the Country, Communication Authority has no mandate, what do you do Kanshi?

  3. The news is too real to be true. What of those losing phones everyday. What happens to the sim? When we die do we inherit the sim as well? The researcher has misled everybody because the statistics are wrong. I had five sims five years ago but discovered that its worth it. I only use one today. So from the 3m count out 4. Can someone explain the criterion or criteria used in coming up with the figure. Can ZESCO do the same. 3 million electrified homes at 5pin per month will give them a minimum turnover of K15 000 million excluding offices and business entities plot 1. Lets have policy of a bulb each in homes in remote villages at 1pin/month. poles/Zesco line is all over country wide under utilised. When illegaly connect to our homes because of their negligence and lack of viable…

  4. Zambians keep talking and stop working while the world passes you by. I must go, I have run out of ‘blog time.’

  5. # 6 my name is Isi Miyaki, its a name from the northern part of Malawi. Nise a miyaki. Ba Zain now reduce your roaming charges. you have kept us in touch weather in Zambia or RSA, we are not missing calls now


  7. 7 Sim Cards? Does your Father know about this? What is your mother hiding and from whom? As for determining the number of customers, the system is such that it is not physical beings that are counted but the number of active Sim Cards. So we might as well say Zay has 3 million active Sim cards. If you have 1 million Sim Cards, it will still be reagraded as Zain has 3 million customers. The key word being active. If ask your mother to check wether all her strange Sim cards are active. If they are active ask her why?

  8. ama sim cards 7, what the hell is going on with your queen. i think she s got something going on here. And you how many sim cards do you have? # 7 why do you have so many cards also? ndimwe bakawalala imwe

  9. It would have been nice if these were 3,000,000 Zambians with proper healthcare, clean water and sanitation

  10. # 18 what are smoking? you think this is America? this is Africa jack, proper health care is not even an imagination, it does not matter in this part of the world. us we just want cell phones , bling bling, a couple of mosi ‘s thats life and living.

  11. It’s strange that after all the fuss about selling ZAMTEL more Zambian subscribers are choosing non indigenous mobile phone service providers like Zain.People were said all sorts of things about the ZAMTEL like risking national security,strategic national asset.. blah blah blah.
    However the people have spoken. 3 million subscribers as opposed to 157,000 CELLZ subscribers.
    The answer to ZAMTEL’s woes are simple..New investment,new management and new ideas……..Just sell the damn thing.
    Finally,hats off to Zain.You have successfully marketed your brand to the Zambian public.

  12. #21 Would you sell your car because your neighbour drives better than you??? OR go for extra lessons to drive your car and match their skills. If you sell your car you will have no transpor and be using a bus as transport as you sold your car out of inferiority complex. Zambia needs to protect certain assets like zamtel for national security otherwise you will be owned by another country. Do not forget independence day was in 1964. All you need is new management for Zamtel. They can hire an expatraite if they have no confidence in Zambian managers. MMD selling tactics does not always trickle the wealth to the Zambian community and infrastructure.

  13. #22 mind the typo errors basic message is Zambians have the potential to make it… IF MMD had a little bit of confidence in it’s own people.

  14. #22,#23 You seem not to understand the set up of the Telecommunications sector in Zambia.The then PTC was split under an act of parliament into three separate entities.These are ZAMTEL,ZAMPost and the Communications Authority of Zambia(C.A.Z).The govt regulates this industry through the C.A.Z.Zain,MTN,ZAMTEL,Mnet,Zamnet,Coppernet and any other telecoms entity obtain licenses and pay annual license fees to the C.A.Z.The new owners of ZAMTEL will have to operate within the guidelines and regulations set by the C.A.Z to maintain their operations in Zambia.

  15. #24 Ironically you are called Mr Independent but promoting dependency theory. There has to be a balance in trade…there should be a mix of foreign investment, Zambian public shares and Zambian owned companies. Just because you are in charge of the licenses and guidelines…. does not mean you are empowering local Zambians. MMD does not encourage local Zambians to partake in the profits or rich resources of Zambia. It is a scary situation.. How many prominent companies are actually owned by Zambians or public shares offered to them???

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