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Kalusha Assaults Post Reporter

Sports Kalusha Assaults Post Reporter

1988 Africa Footballer of the Year Kalusha Bwalya on Saturday assaulted Post Newspapers senior sports journalist Augustine Mukoka at an official Fifa function in Cape Town.

According to today’s edition of South African daily newspaper City Press, Faz president Kalusha confronted Mukoka at the security checkpoint in the auditorium of the Cape Town International Convention Centre for allegedly writing lies about him on the Post back page.

“He (Kalusha) accused me of writing lies about him, referring to a story I wrote about (Zambia national team) players saying he ordered them not to talk to journalists and demanded to know who told me the story,” Mukoka told City Press.

“I then told him this was not a lie and before I knew it he slapped me hard across the face.”

And according to other reliable sources, Kalusha is said to have later said “don’t ****  with…” after assaulting Mukoka.
Mukoka said he then went to the Police to report the matter but was asked by Fifa officials to sort out the issue in private with Kalusha after which the latter unreservedly apologized for the embarrassing incident he had just caused.


  1. Oh my goodness! Kalusha must have really been boiling to explode like that…tempers are getting shorter as the World Cup draws closer because we will just be spectators as usual.

  2. Well, from a non christian point of view I think Augustine deserved a sound beating, but as a christian, I think Kalu over reacted as he would have forgiven his enemy. Augustine’s writing is bogus but thats not a reason to slap him.

  3. it’s all good ghostdog, how’s your Sunday in the Netherlands? Here iss cold & grey – I”ve gotta catch some sleep now…later bro.

  4. there is agroup that have always wanted to tarnish kalus name .kalu is loved by the people and so many of you who think kalu is everybody needs a big slap because like it or not it is a fact that kalusha bwalya did put zambia on the spotlight.to feet in his shoes by trying to get what belongs to him is something i have not understood.sometime names but because of access to print media must be careful how the parade around.we shall surely slab him again.viva the slap .balitumpa amaguys .dont **** with me .iikali

  5. Fumbi and the little know-nothing-clan, spare us your ignorance. If your dont appreciate what journos do, stay away in your little dark corner ok. We dont need ingnoramus *****s like you and your crew spoiling it for us. Let the Post dig deeper, culprits brought to book. Viva Post!

  6. Ya Yah after all Zidane did it as well!! If world player of the yr can do it wat more Africa Footballer of the Year. Temper in temper espcially if u know that wat was wriiten was pure lies. Go Zambia. Angola here we come.

  7. There is something wrong between the two of them. The other time Augustine ws chased out of the dressing and allowed his daughters to mingle with players. The reason he gave was that it was private and no journalist should be present. Augustine again carried a story about Mbesuma being spotted at a nightclub in Luanshya just a night before an international match. Kalusha told Pompey that Post News paper has an Amatuerish way of reporting and this was posted on Porthsmounth website. This annoyed the Post crew and in one of their editiorials said ‘ Who can Kalusha teach journalism? If people turned against Kaunda, a man who faught for their independence? Kalusha just used to kick the ball to entertain the spectators’ They even told him to concentrate on him broken marriage and stuff like…

  8. Kalu’s end in this FAZ business will be disastrous, his pomposity will throw his little asss in a mess. Those of who who hero worship him even where he is clearly wrong, please continue with your teaspoon wisdom. What he did was wrong, it is not like some of us hate him when we point out a wrong. Viva The Post, no sacred cows, if he wants let him leave public office that he occupies.

  9. Kalu, overrated? Obviously, you are a pikinini! That guy was a game-changer, my friend in his time. You may shower him with insults now but what has changed? That’s the Zambian way of doing things.

  10. Away from the topic……………………..

    If you want to make sure that your man is fully satisfied in bed every time, there are certain things that you must do. You just can’t lay down in bed spread your legs and expect him to jump for joy. Great lovemaking does not happen automatically,

  11. Playing football is not a public service as ppo would want to portray – its a business. Kalu did his part, made the money and got exposure – and all that is his. No one owes him anything! To be frank with you Kalu’s skills got the limelight at a fortunate time. We have had other great players who could have made better professionals in Europe if they lived to play in this era!! And by the way – the guy is paid through my tax!!!

  12. I thought thuggery was the monopoly of the MMD cadres only. A whole president of an association resorting to violence no matter the circumstances is unacceptable. From the report it would seem as if Kalusha had a grudge against the reporter and it is disgraceful. What Kalusha must remember is that as the FAZ president he can never avoid the press as long as he remains in that position. He has reduced himself to the level similar to that of an MMD cadre. Going by the perfomance of the national team he has failed miserably as FAZ leader and I think the newly appointed PS in the Ministry of Sports Teddy Mulonga should show him the exit and the reporter must file charges and seek justice.

  13. good show great kalu. After all you are in joburg in an advanced society where they recognised your achievements.journalism in zambia has gone to the baboons always excreting feaces which are well received by half brains called zambians.before you even became coach and FAZ president these yellow guys were always on your neck.infact you should have also reported that chap at the police that he assaulted you.and the cops in sasa recognise what you did for that land of mandela and they would have bought your story that chap would have ended up in lindela.you did a lot for this funny country but as usual this country full of english speakers is always in politics and digesting half truths baked by that piece of shit you wacked an company.that’s why i’ve also resolved to go in the diaspors…

  14. Ha ha ..I guess people don’t call him GREAT GALU for nothing. Only a dog would do that with so much at stake and so much to loose. Why get in the news for all the wrong reasons. Maybe this FAZ president need a personal PR person to manage him and his temper. What a great loser he is

  15. HAITI here i come.we resuscitate the toun toun macoutes and after i get the training and experience i export it to my country zambia in the sun.

  16. Whats wrong with our own great galu ? surely fighting is not a solution.Dialogy must always prevail in all situations, now this is something else.


  18. Lwisha waliletele insansa pa shinde tatwakalabe. Ilya yalininshita iya bena reedberry,chunchu,deckday,pie smasher umufyashi chokolo,al pacino master acrobat abena kapyololo abali bamute kulubuli na ba mafia bambi but bonse bakumona ni salute.great kalu.labakofye kuli ba mbuli balechula.

  19. Kalusha is said to have later said “don’t **** with…” haha LT i like your censorship method!! don’t F**k with what!! i see you decided to live the f word in there and edit out the rest!! he must have said something very bad ka!!

  20. What on earth was wrong with Kalu beating that crap of a journalist. Mukoka wanted a story from Kalu and confirm the thruth about a previous story which he didnt want to disclose the source, yet he was convinced to be true. How far can you push someone without getting back what you asked for? This chap was even digging bedroom issues from him. camnon guys, we can do bether that this.

    Great Kalu, please improve the beatings. you cant just slap a person and you believe thats an offence. Next time kick that zambian ***** where the sun never shines.

  21. Kalusha must be sued for this barbaric behaviour. He may have been a great player but that does not give him any reason to be assaulting people. let him continue F.U.C.K-ing his white wife. he has no brains and wants to bully people. MMD is losing power and all Kalu’s weaknesses will be exposed. Actually the reporter should have hit Kalu with a camera on his face to leave a scar as rememberance until he dies. Kalu has very small brains. On moral grounds he must resign but since he is dull he will can not see reason for resigning.

  22. I know this may be out of context, but am loving the new LT look. By far better than the post! Keep up the ingenuity and creativeness. We love you!

  23. Kalusha is justified. These Post guys just want to destroy any Zambian who has made it. They find it hard to rejoice in the success of fellow Zambians. They want to treat very successful Zambian like the way they have treated Chiluba. Well not everyone is like Chiluba, some of us like Kalusha and Chris Chalwe will be slapping these Post chaps everywhere. Uncle Chris and Great Kalu ( Ba Far) well done, let’s show these boys the Muf way of doing things.

  24. Kalusha takwata amano. He is so unprofessional. From African Footballer of the year to nothing. All he is good for is marrying white women. Piece of s.h.i.t. Leave FAZ, loser!

  25. Abash sensationalist-tabloid journalism!
    While this could have been handled better by Kalu, no one that follows the sports section of the tabloid can dispute the unethical manner of reporting by this Augustine Mukoka chap.

  26. What do you expect from a footballer anyway? He should have used such energy to propel the national team to 2010, instead of wasting it on a poor journalist who only wrote what he was informed of. Such force and energy should have also been channelled at challenging the Zambian gvt to build proper stadia and other sports facilities which would help to inspire young men and women into seriously taking up sport as their professional careers. He has definitely failed in those responsibilities and decided to join a long queue of those who assault journalist in Zambia. Its only RB and MMD who are happy at that incident. Teams will come from afar to play while Zambia from the corridor will just be spectators-SHAME!

  27. Kalusha was a great football player,He is showing and developing his hidden talents.oneday he will beat Chingangu, but he has to be careful with Esther she uses all talents.

  28. #11. In fact he’s not even fit to occupy public office if he can’t use his diplomacy to settle differences with those people whose paths he crosses. I respected Kalusha. But, I am beggining to think that he is only fit for animal-hide pushing, (ukupanta fye icipapa). Heroe-washing in Zambia is serious and it makes individuals start thinking they are small gods on earth. Ninshi, ninsala pa Zambia. Too much kumulu ni lesa panshi ni kaunda.

  29. Mwilakumbwa people who are ‘inchenshi’ in their respective fields,learn from them.Mufulira products are diligent and clever in what they do, abakali bakali.Life is tough we all know but do not provoke successful people for a story to sell ilyashi mwe bantu.You shoud also follow ordinary people like those in Lusaka rural, serenje etc to highlight their plight,nomba waya ku Cape town -story yashupa wayatendakamo bamwine.Any school leaver can write journals ( journalist) not everyone can be republican president,professional footballer,engineer etc without special attributes-its no accident, most is down to individual effort and hardwork, seen or unseen.

  30. You people talking about Kalu like his a god, i want to ask you one question: What did Kalu do for Zambia apart from ENTERTAIN us on Sunday afternoons when the national soccer team was playing at independence Stadium? Lets call a spade a spade, sport is simply there for entertainment. It only puts food on the table for the family of the people taking part no one else! So lets not talk like Kalu did anything for you and me, all he did was work as a footballer and earn money for himself and not for the country. He wouldnt have played soccer had we had asked him to play for free, like our freedom fighters fault for our country without asking for a pay, so the bustard shouldn’t think we owe him anything and can assualt anyone at will, actually he should be caged!

  31. This is the second time Kalu is behaving like this the police has a recorded statement about him when he beat Simata Simata. Shame! this happening at a place where the whole world is looking. Sure people will still think we live in tree- lack of cilivisation

  32. Assault iyo justice ifunika who the hell is kalusha to slap the jounalist does he watch how paparazi follow celebrities????????we want news thats why he is followed and jounalist only doing his job.

  33. Great Kalu is not as popular as once FTJ. Chiluba, now FTJ has been humbled. Kalu should know he has a PS Mulonga who doesn’t buy childish behaviour. The end for him has come. All the secrets of Kalu will be brought to light. Look at RB it is the POST that has helped the opposition! Kalu does not regret, is he now in a third marriage? No wonder his former wives run away!

  34. The other question is can i find out what education background kalwisha has?it show how education is vital regardless of wealth you have.i mean manners.shemuna bane shame……….

  35. Dede fimofimo what education are you talking about? Kalusha has a UEFA coaching diploma which is his field and area of interest. He is far more accomplished than some of u haps who bost with little education. Educated people don’t look down on other people.

  36. #43 A Diploma is a diploma whether from the moon or UEFA, so beating journalists was part of the topic in his course? Ponyax you have a complex, #42 did not mean what is in your head!

  37. If Kalu was an expert in swimming or kicking the ball, it does not mean he can teach journalists! Even to solve a quadratic equation can be too much for him. In other words, we are all bosses in our fields!

  38. it is deserving if you write trash. These post jounalist are becoming pathetic. this inclination of being vendictive and political is nonesense

  39. Ba Chicago! what complex can I have when am far much educated than an average Zambian.I don’t just have a first degree but am also a few months away from obtaining my masters and starting another masters in business administration. I have a scholarship cause people have recognised my achievement. Anyway, let me leave it there cause the Bible says pride comes before a fall.In my earlier post I was only advising your friend not use his education if he has any to look down on others. Kalu may not have achived a lot in formal education but he is stll accomplished despite his many mistakes.

  40. 33 B.w.e.z.a.n.i., are you kidding, I mean that the unethical reporting of the Post extends to the sports page? I was not aware of that because early this year I decided to stop reading the Post as it is no longer the same Post that reported facts all the time, and always APOLOGISED whenever they made a cock up. Despite my love of reading widely, I decided that I would not lend credence to that bunch of scoundrels by reading the faecal matter that passes for news among some people.

  41. The problem with famous people most places is that they think the rules do not apply to them. If Kalusha is that aggrieved about what The Post wrote, let him sue them. His alleged behavior is totally unacceptable because it is a receipe for chaos. Zambians should condemn this behavior in the stongest terms possible because this is s slippery slope. We as a civilized people should not condone this barbarism.

  42. I do not support violence in any form. But my understanding of violence is that it is not restricted to physical violence. It is anything that causes a breakdown in normal human respect for each other, something that is deliberately meant by one party to evoke a violent reaction from the other party. Writing like the Post is a form of violence. The reaction you get can be in the form of litigation by those with money and time to do so, physical reaction by those who do not have money and time such as party cadres, or simply a spontaneous reaction. This is typical of all humans under extreme provocation. Those bloggers who have respect for civilised behaviour should teach the Post some manners, tell them that it is possible to criticise without being uncouth and uncivil.

  43. 50 Wisi Boyi, as I have indicated in my blog above, the Post is also barbaric. The pen is actually more barbaric when it is in the hands of barbarians. As we all know from history, Hitler used the pen and propaganda to a devastating effect on human society. Now that’s mmembe for you, you will only realise what he is doing when it is too late and Zambian society is on fire. These reactions are little symptoms of a bigger cancer that we can only igonre at our own peril.

  44. If you are a lier journalist like some of these post journalist who do not report facts you definately deserve to be slapped.

  45. I have always thought LT’s reporting is crap to say the least. I thought they would have sensored this: And according to other reliable sources, Kalusha is said to have later said “don’t **** with…” after assaulting Mukoka.

  46. # 49, what lies are these that The Post have peddled? People who accuse The Post of lies are obviously ignorant of the numerous libel laws in the Zambian statutes. If The Post told lies, they would be sued all the way to bankruptcy. I think that the reason The Post have survived this long is because they tell the truth. Of course if you are a big RB fun, you probably hate them because they have been relentless in their exposure of RB’s misdeeds.

  47. #54: Slapping is not the solution. Why not use a machete on these *****s? Better on the foredhead so that even the best surgeon would find it impossible to bring the ***** back.

  48. Rule of law. Whether he was provoked or not he can’t just go about hitting people. This guy has proved to be a big loser!

  49. Its the era of celebrities vs reporters and paparazzi, not long ago mike tyson pushed down a paparazzi who was trying to take pictures of mike tyson daugther at the airport.Mike was later picked by the police and relised few hours after an interrogation on what transpired.

  50. #52, you, like a lot of people that have problems with The Post just have this blanket statement about The Post being liars. No one has actually catalogued the lies that The Post is peddling. Until someone proves these so called lies, I will assume that they are telling the truth.

  51. Kalu acted stupidly! a person of his calibre should not have gone that far. When you offer yourself for public leadership you should have extra-ordinary patience. If he does not want the media to write about him, let him step down. This is a modern world, if Kalu feels The Post have been writing lies there are civilized ways of dealing with it. Why cant he complain to the Post or even legal means. In fact the Post is not even that stinging, Kalu should live in the USA and then he will learn the Post actually is a mild paper.

  52. Its okay no pressure, that is the celeb’s way of life and indeed some reporters derserve to be slapped…we hear of celebs around the world beating up reporters. Yeah….. that’s life

  53. So what if the post told the nation the truth about national team being gaged. They were gaged. This kalu, who you call your FAZ pres stays in SA, spends more time on SA tv than on the ground in zambia looking at grassroots football as he should be doing. He is an arogant overrated ####head. Once a thug always a thug. The london fiasco was just the tip of his miss mangment. That is the problem. you give an uneducated person adminstrative overrall, you are in trouble. Great kalu , great kalu, fyonyono. He embarassed Zambia with the london Zambia v ghana game and didnt take responsibility.

  54. # 57, The Post will be sued to bankruptcy soon. The Post went to Town writing lies about people because they had protection from Mwanawasa. Now this protection is no longer there, you will soon start seeing legal actions against the Post soon. These Post boys are criminals, and we will prove it soon , just wait.

  55. As much as I love this guy his behavior does not warrant a diplomatic passport. All Zambians that are outside the borders are representing the country and so there is greater responsibility involved.

  56. # 65 Abensu, there is no other organ in the history of Zambia resposible for uncovering corruption and abuse of public office than the post. Without the post FJT would still be in power and the many abuses and thugish behaviour by MPs would not be comming to light. Respect to the post.

  57. The Post should be ashamed for lies.Does slapping a foolish reporter become assault.I wish i was their i would ve assisted GREAT KALU to hammer the stupid reporter.

  58. Nomba kwashala Patrick Waza Kanyangulu, he likes moving together na ba ZANACO F.C and reports very bad things about referees.WATCH OUT

  59. Ba Kalu, what example are you setting as a raw model? Each year that passes i lose my confidence in you, your judgements have been questionable, elyo imwe mwe bena Zambia, how can you make Kalu have a position in FAZ or whatever you call it, if he still has a position, when the guy does not even live in Zambia. Seriously i thought this guy was more patriotic than he has shown after getting all the opportunities from Zambia and having been in the public eye. Anyway, i sahll not say much

  60. Ba Kalu, what example are you setting as a raw model? Each year that passes i lose my confidence in you, your judgements have been questionable, elyo imwe mwe bena Zambia, how can you make Kalu have a position in FAZ or whatever you call it, if he still has a position, when the guy does not even live in Zambia. Seriously i thought this guy was more patriotic than he has shown after getting all the opportunities from Zambia and having been in the public eye. Anyway, i shall not say much except that he should start questioning his purpose in life apart from remarrying

  61. i am glad this is the beginning of beatings. If someone writes lies and fails to double check they deserve a beatings.

  62. timesof zambia and dairly mail are also newspaper with university of zambia trained jounalist.meembe is not trained.the post cannot give the impression that they represent the truth in zambia on behalf of zambian.who gave them the mandate.sata not long ago chased them from his office when they thought magande would be president .the reported statements from maureen mwanawasa that descredited sata.today sata is front page.the post in as much as need a factual paper is highly critical and lacking in objectivity.in fact sensational .kalu is the best of what we have produced .sad for those of you think otherwise because a simple survey on hundred zambian would prove u wrong.kalus success is highly envied by some of you who philosophically are nothing.lusaka is only 50dollars way on 1st time

  63. Its human to act out of logical thinking, kalu mighty have acted so out burstly but thats ok especially if this reporter has been so unethical in his professional code of condact by telling lies. Its high time post reporters started analysing why pipo are beating them up, from politicians,cadres and now to sports icon like kalu.

  64. #65, The Post have been around longer than Mwanawasa was prez. The “lies” that The Post peddled during the Chiluba reign have been proven to be true. This is not the first time that The Post have been insulted and non of it has stuck because ultimately the truth always prevails. The RB saga is Chiluba all over again with more visible incompetence. Again, no one has shown me the so-called lies that The Post have peddled. Granted, they use strong language which shows the importance they attach to what they do …. but that is their constitutional right. Show me the lies people ….

  65. If you have travelled widely, only two Zambian names are prominent: Kalusha Bwalya and Kenneth Kaunda. That reporter deserves a beatings especially if he starts intrude in people’s privacy. What that reporter did is an equivalent of writing nasty comments on Nelson Mandela. Guess what would happen?

  66. No wonder the country remains undeveloped. I mean, with reasoning like # 77, what hope is there really? This is not about how popular Kalu is. This is about his unacceptable behavior. Even KK was shown the door for his dictatorship in 1991. KK did not go around slapping people for the “nasty” articles they wrote about him. And the story that Kalu was mad about is not a personal story, it is a very public story .. so get your facts right. I suspect that a lot of people on here write what they write just to get a reaction. There is no conceivable situation where Kalu’s behavior can be excused, non whatsoever. And like some other m*o*r*o*n on here mentioned, the fact that Tyson slapped a pap does not make it right.

  67. #4 Ponyax, Kalusha has yet again vindicated us all of the thuggish nature of his character. This mentality of “twali abantu” has gotten to his head so bad, now its masalamusi eka eka! And for any sane Zambian like Ponyax to defend such despicable animal behaviour really shows that a number of our people are nothing but a mob of the kind that once cheered the Gladiators fight to the death in the ancient Roman Colosseum. To see such a once decorated life degenerate to such a low life should sudden us all. As for Ponyax, this is Zambia, not the Roman Colosseum.

  68. It is a shame that some of the people reading this article don’t see why what Kalu did was very wrong.He Kalu was a great player and made Zambians proud, and we hail him for that.What he did however can not be excused.Zambians have to be more serious about contributing constructively on here or don’t write anything at all.Let us try to read issues and make sense of them instead of just seeing public figures and buying into everything they do”wrong or right”.We should be working towards making a better Zambia, with well informed and educated citizenry.

  69. I just hope this Post reporter takes him to court to teach him a lesson that animal behaviour is a preserve of animals like Zaririans, Rwandese and Ugandans etc. Zambians are civilized human beings and if anybody behaves kwati ni Chimpazee, they will have their day in a court of law. We all know Kalusha is running FAZ like his own property and the recent appointment of his arch foe Mulonga as Sports PS has riled him to explosive levels and this showed in Cape Town. He is a rabid dog and needs to be caged or destroyed.

  70. Kalusha erred. For that he has to be punished. He knows Zambians do not take this rubbish.
    That is your end Kalusha

  71. WISI BOYI….you rock Bro!!!!!!!!!!! anyone with evidence about The posts lies bring them out now or forever shut your pie holes, nicompoops

  72. #81 Sebuloni kamutanda, point of correction, Great kalu never played any role in appointing Teddy Mulonga as sports PS, it was the appointment that came from your president RB and its a duty of a president to appoint people to ministerial positions and high offices. kalu has no hand in it. where have you been? My brother you sound so unimformed, you never did civics in school?

  73. #78 Wisi boyi why have u been exibiting much of your anti-social behavour? its was me who gave an example of mike tyson pushing down paparazzi, which was just another example of unlogical thinking if you loose your temper as a normal human being and i did not refer to any of your postings here. Watch you big A.S.S, am watching you, the other day you insulted me for pasting what was written in post news paper, u beta be a gud boy here, we dont f.u.ck the same woman ok.

  74. # 86, that is the same blackmail used by RB and Company. When did having a different opinion become an insult? I repeat, copying and pasting from the post onto here for people who do not read The Post makes no sense and I will not apologise for that. For calling you a m*o*r*o*n, I do apologize because as you can see, it takes away from the argument. However, I think The Post has the right to use the strongest possible terms to express displeasure with whoever is in leadership. And for leaders who equate critism to insults, they should leave public jobs and get into the private sector. Again, Kalu’s behavior, if true, needs to be censured in the strongest possible terms. Kalu is a public official and if answering questions related to his job is an insult, then he should get another gig.

  75. Kalusha should learn to be mature, he is our ambassador for sports, he should not behave like a rascal..If this is true, then it is very unfortunate.

  76. This story needs to be verified from other sources. The press are good at destroying individuals. A police report is required in this case. Probably the guy was just pushed or something.We have too few heroes in Zed and crucifying Kalu from hearsay does not do it for me.

  77. Are you telling me POST gutter journalism also spreads to the sports page? You have to be kidding me. Leave Kalusha Bwalya alone. He has made a success out of himself and please let him enjoy his life and leave him to carry out his work.

    POST I think you are overstepping your boundaries.

  78. What exactly is it that The Press should be doing? I do not think that it the press’s job to feed the egos of those in public service. Public service is not a place for the faint hearted .. khala olimba if you are gonna be in public service. No one denies that Kalu was a success on the pitch but that does not give him a license to slap someone else doing their job. He can always write an article in the Daily Snail to give his side of the story. The funny thing is that I personally do not think that a gag order on our players from FAZ is a bad thing but Kalu was offended by that. The only way all you RB supporters are going to shut down The Post is by conducting state and public affairs above board. And again, I challenge anyone to catalogue the so called gutter journalism from The Post.

  79. Gutter journalism, my asss! like i said before,if the post has told lies about anyone,the best way is to go to court SIMPLES!, chiluba was called a thief and he took them to court,everyone knows the results,so far i havent seen any blogger come up with the lies the post have peddled,i can only conclude that some of you are related to some individuals who have been exposed by the post,shame on you,as for kalu,if indeed this journalist wrote lies about him,he could have simply gone to court to seek redress,whatever little respect i had for kalu is gone,he doesnt deserve any respect

  80. Kalusha as a footballer was good! But as FAZ president, such behavoiur is unbecoming, out of context. Its totally unacceptable, no matter how provocked you are! FAZ president slapping a sports journalist! What is the world coming to, Ba Kalu mulibakulu naimwe! FAZ president for that matter. Awe iyi twakana!

  81. How anyone can support the POST newspapers’ jaundiced journalism is beyond me. One can clearly tell what they expect to read immediately they purchase their copy of the POST Newspaper.

    Never in the history of Zambia have I seen such tendentiousness as I have seen in the POST ever since their candidate of choice was genuinely rejected by the ballot for the third time. Today he is making POST headlines.

    This is ridiculous to say the least. In my opinion the journalist did not carry himself in a professional manner and provoked an attack from Mr. Bwalya. Mr. Bwalya is a public figure who is well knowledgeable on how to carry himself in public. The POST journalist must have deliberately provoked Mr. Bwalya in a bid to make a headline. That is my opinion judging from POST gutter…

  82. I understand Kalu’s reaction. I would do worse. The Post is full of trying to sell papers by putting up sensational articles. They even have the audacity to write about someones marriage. Who has ever written about their sexual orientations? not that people don’t know but because they know that that is private. We are not in the USA? The next chap to be beaten is the reporter who likes taking photos of people having fun over weekends. Bravo Kalu!!

  83. Its good that Kalu slapped that post reporter.This guys are up to no good.They have always been reporting negative things about Kalu.I initially used to like the post but of late i have discoverred that its nothing but full of lies and sensationalism.The journalists who work for the post newspaper are actually not objective.Abashi post newspaper.

  84. Only in Africa! If this report is true, Kalusha should know his career would be over. And if the accuser don’t press charges,…..then I suspect something fishy here. I don’t like to speculate.

  85. its normal to lose your temper sometimes.Kalu ur stil “the great”…no zedian player has ever gone high as you!…fyonse nifichakolwa nobuchende nomba mumakomboni too much…but your discipline has taken you places,go man go!most of these reporters owez want the “negative side” of a person.

  86. Any one who resorts to violence deserves no sympathy. Its is a sign of primitivity. Reporters are only doing their job and if any one is offended that one can take legal action against the offending reporter. Those who are supporting Kalu on his action are just showing lack of understanding and MMD caderism. Is it not true that Kalulusha has brought a lot of shame on our soccer? Kalu is my relative but I cannot support lawlessness. If you assault another person you will be imprisoned even if you were provoked. Besides ulubuli fiko and I dont understand how anyone can support such foolishness imwe ba so called capitalist.

  87. Kalusha is always full of himself … who doesnt know this i bet if Zambia qualified to the 2010 South African world cup, he was gonna come out of retirement!!!! no suprises

  88. There we get it the last time I made a comment on Kalu big head (practically it is) someone said I was jelousy, There we get it in black and white.

  89. You cannot say te post and guter journalism, if Kalusha had the facts that these were lies he should have taken them to court that is what civilised individuals do.

  90. 95 anf 96 you are supporting a los cause, but I would imagine, you do not have the full story about this guy and his tactics

  91. Great Kalu needz The Post more than the newzpaper doez, and so it’s not too late to reconcile for the good of the game of football. To error iz human…

  92. Kalu has a chilli temper. but i think he did well to slap him. These post Jornalists sometimes are a royal pain in the *********!!!!!!

  93. I urge all the people being victimized by the Mmeembe newspaper to emulate Kalu and sort out these vindictive journalist. I think the past newspaper have gone too far. They are just after bringing down individuals. I am not a fun of RB but the way he has been hacked by this tabloid makes me wanna side with him.

  94. #109 Njooka. You are not in Zambia so you cannot appreciate the good work the Post is doing or may be you are akin to RB. Just point out one lie that the Post has said about anyone then I will agree with your sentiments. Respond so that we can debate in the interest of you are abroad.

  95. @110, just a few weeks ago the past lied that RB had sent Chiluba to Nigeria when the man only got a return ticket from GRZ which is entitled to him as a former head of state. Twebeni mwebaba informed. Disclaimer: Am not partisan and not interested in Zambian dirty politics.

  96. Welldone Kalu!!!

    There was no need to apologise. The Post is not the truth. Mokokas analysis of games is very shallow. He is just like those guys who analyse games on Supersport (Always biased to SA).
    Next time I will lend you my shambok to thrash mukoka with his shallow children watching.

    What an embarassment to Mukoka. Ukuyapumwa kwabene. South Africans just wondered who this Mukoka is. He is only know by his children.

  97. Another example is this useless sports report who seems to have a personal issue with Kalu, he wrote that Kalu had told all players not to speak to the press without getting confirmation from Kalu or FAZ spokesperson. Am not a journalist, but it sounds more logical to hear the story from both sides b4 publishing the story. Unless the quoted person doesn’t respond to allegations, its very unfair to say they said this or that which is always what the past newspaper does. They like rushing to their printing room b4 hearing from the person alleged to have said of done something.

  98. #111 Njoka- I s that all you have? Mwana please just enjoy your stay where ever you are. Here in Zambia the post is exposing a lot under hand activities. FYI the Post does not WRITE, it reports what it sees and what it hears- In short, there are people who give information to the POST. As for Mukoka what he said in his column about Kalu was not a lie. That trip to London was an embarassment to Zambia and I dont see anything wrong in what Mukoka wrote because it was the truth. If you are not aware of the London trip just check all Zambian newspapers. I know that the truth hearts and only those with something to hide will hate the Post. Like some has already said, if offended just take the POST to court.

  99. #114 Njooka. Have respect. Think I can run away. Am doing work here. Blogging is just a relaxation. For your info I have adminstered Soccer at Premier Division and at FAZ, and I know the behaviour our Zambian officials coaches included. Its no untrue that Kalu had instructed the players not to talk to the POST. Only problem is that The POST cannot reveal the source of their information. Me being here on the ground and close to some players, am in a better position than you to evaluate the situation.

  100. Deja Vu thats not all I have, but you asked me to give you an example which I doubled. You seem to miss my point, am not arguing about the difference btn ‘writing and reporting’, my point is about getting the story from both parties b4 running to the printing room. You just don’t get stories from your money hunting whistle blowers and taking it for gospel truth, you need check with the accused. Kalu didn’t beat that useless reporter over the London trip, it was about the story ‘it’ wrote about Kalu ordering players not to give interviews to journalist. Read above! You can read can’t you?

  101. Oh what a shame ba Kalu, I didn’t know that you can sink so low, surely am very disappointed, anyway the truth hates hence the reaction, if what the guy has been reporting where lies why slap him? Its seems the beating up of reporters has become the trend in Zed these days, we need to do something bane or else….

  102. Inviting some1 to a debate and leaving them for ages is also disrespectful. If I have to stoop down to where you are to understand, then I would just forget it. May be the whole issue is for other people to understand. I don’t understand why u r singing to me about your experience in football administration as though I have aspirations to get in that field. I was not talking about football in my 1st comment, neither was I saying the people the past newspaper ‘write/report’ about r write or wrong, I was saying they give half baked stories from anonymous sources ‘WITHOUT ASKING THE ACCUSED’! That’s how come some of the issues they talk about just die naturally and that is common for all the stories about their perceived enemies.

  103. # 119 you right bro ba kalu did a good thing ukuponona chi reporter chilebelesha umukamba.Tabaishiba ati dobo ya pa mafukeni yikali sana.Tulapona kumyesu ku mafukeni twanyelapo nakasushi(hope he did it also)….what mo

  104. #119 I mentioned that just to tell you that am well informed on the issue – better than you so lets stop it here. I see that you looking down us- STOOPING DOWN WHERE YOU ARE- meaning am below your status. thank you for that observation.

  105. Ba Kalu bakula umutwe. What kind of a leader cannot handle such a simple situation! Kuya Bebele, it seems even Kalu has reached the end of his road. too soon but too sad!

  106. The Post is gutter journalism simply because they are inconsistent. In 2006, they were telling people not to vote for Sata but now they are bedfellows simply because they failed to blackmail the Zambian governmnent and people for $3 million dollars to pay off the nkongole they accrued themselves. A recent story about Grey Zulu complaining that the govt had treated him like a criminal was pure fabrication. They even went to the funeral house of Mr Zulu’s son with Sata who was deliberately asking the old man leading questions. If they are objective, why dont they report negative and positive news when it happens in Zambia? If Zambia was as bad as they paint it, then Member would have disappeared a long time ago.

  107. 124, 1 more thing. Check what Mangani has to say about the alleged $5.9 m that the past newspaper said is to paid to Dr. Chongwe! As usual, they did not get the facts right but ran to their printing machines. Useless reporting.

  108. Reading comments on LT is the best way to create a dose of negativity in life. You guys ought to have died with this negativity and pull-him-down syndrome of yours. Is there no success in Zambia? Will we ever celebrate anyone? What will it take to succeed properly in Zambia?

    Why is it that the 1st thing we do to anyone seemingly successful is to pull them down? Can’t you change mwe bantu, pls?

    I have concluded that only failures(loosers, good for nothing, airheads) are good at condemning bcoz if one knows what it takes to achieve success, you will appreciate successful pipo. We also must remember that Great Kalu is human too. Success does not change him into a god.

  109. 128 But there is substance albeit the difference in figures. And how do we know that Mangani is telling it all? He has a job to protect.You see I came to hate the POST because of the attacks on FTJ so much that I thought Mmembe was a Lozi by tribe and was just out to get Chiluba my fellow Luapulaman. Later own I realised that the Post was right to some extent. But hating or loving the POST is an individuals choice, which I have no right to interfere with. I can only discuss.

  110. All of you attacking the post remeber… No other media has exposed corruption like the post, and if it were not for the post you would still be under KK in you slep then when you wake you find FJT still in power. Without the post Zambia would be a toliet with MPs doing what they like at that lodge of thiers.
    That is why world bodies award the post grants to survive. It is the only newspaper that challeges GRZ and brings the dirt out.

  111. @25 ningufwafye imliandile ati ni kopala. I come from Mafukeni pa shinde e zambian premier. Kachofa e division on. You talked about abena Chokolo bakabwala and Gerald Days umunankwe ni down. I miss home.

  112. Though regrettable, I can’t sympathise with the post. Membe and his minions think they can rule this country from Bwinjimfumu.

  113. Kalu, actually great Kalu, made us happy with his exploints on the pitch and for that we shall ever be greatful (We paid him)-But we shall not be held at ransom, what he did was wrong. He was a good footballer but administrator, huh!! Am yet to be convinced.

    For all those saying the Post is full of liars, take them to court weee!!!!

  114. I have lost confidence in the Post Newspaper, but that does not mean that Kalu was right, Two wrongs cant make a right. I just understand him, these reporters can be annoying at times but as a public figure you should always exercise patience and self control, in this case Kalu lacked that. I for one would not buy anyone trying to ruin my reputation i have carefully built all these years, my appeal to reporters i know such kind of stories sale but please try to look at the other side of the coin, Please dialogue, lets resolve our conflicts in a peaceful manners, VIVA POST!, VIVA KALU!

  115. what kalu has done to this great country cannot be compared to gutter journalism being practiced by this stupid paper,yes kalu was wrong to slap the dog, butt he post shld be very carefull how they deal with pipo .kalu has been there long b4 this this mmembe mouthpiece was born.dnot provock pipo to gain sympathy.watchout this is jst a tip of the iceberg

  116. Most of the Post reporters would resting in peace by now had Zambia been in Sicily. You can not make a living by peddling falsehood and stepping on other people’s toes. The post have in the past directly attacked Kalu’s personality, a style which they adopt once anyone differs with the powers that be at the post. Why don’t they write about their failure to pay their workers on time despite making so much money from sensational journalism. I loved the Post but I would bet a $1,000 that tomorrows Main Story will either be on Kalu or something bad about RB. Nothing new. It’s like telling different versions of how the Titanic sank!

  117. Becarefull with the language, we have just discovered that one blogger called another blogger a dog only to find out that the second blogger is the first blogger’s father. Unless your parents are not computer litrate you may not know what they are doing right now.

  118. Well, well, well, We may talk and talk, the fact is Kalusha committed a crime and SA police have done what all law abiding people expected, they have opened a docket after assault charges were filed.

  119. Kalu has not done anything for Zambia because we have never won shit. Not even the COSAFAs we won had any link to him. If people can hero worship kalu and let him slap people and steal money from the current players then it explains why the standards of football keep falling in Z. To Kalu there is nothing deplomatic about what u did so do not deserve that passport. You an embarrasment to Zambia, SA and Africa. You have failed to take us to the world cup. Come back to Z and stop being an assshole to the world u hv failed to take us.

  120. After all has been said and done, I would urge the two to reconcile and cancel the police docket. It wont auger well Mukoka, Kalusha and the POST itself if SA police arrest Kalu. Please, please let this thing not go further than offering and accepting appologies.

  121. Docket # 377 has been opened against Galu. This is the end of the begining. The only thriller where ‘mwine filimu’ dies. Am having a laugh…. mmmuuuaaaaaahhhhhhh!

  122. Whatever happened we may not know but would have loved to hear from an independant source, rememeber Mukoka has and Kalu have had this beef for a long time. Or a lighter no0te one would wonder what would have happened if it was Chingangu who slapped the reporter!!

  123. KALUSHA has got the south african goverment in his pocket.mwanya no kunya.i can bet any pygmie who is arguing.nothing can be done to kalusha on south african soil over a trivial matter especialy when the complainant is one loud mouthed creature masquerading as a journalist.kalu is smart.that’s why after retiring he opted not to stay in this country of half brains who are always quarelling or trying by all means to pull down whoever they see he is on a path to success and went to settle in the land of the civilised majority associating with big brains like danny jordan,thomas mlambo even jacob zuma always discussing serious issues.you fools back in this poor country can rot.kalusha is miles ahead no amount gossip will bring him down.na wedding live pa Mnet mulemonata kwati mangalo.

  124. BREAKING NEWS, bafi kala ba zambia babasepa kuli tu zanzibar.bola yapwa ooh no i cant believe this.aba bana ba mbwaa. First na fainter ko panono

  125. # 158 Akapondo, it is because of your very muntu mentality with out patriotic values that we remein undeveloped. How can you be praising someone who is supposed to be developing grassroots football for which he is paid for yet lives abroad ? And what is wrong with reporting that the team were gagged ? Muntu thinking, with illussions of garndoiur, just because they have archived something then they look down on thier countrymen and openy praise a foriegn country at the expense of their own. No wounder we blacks were salves.

  126. Ba Kalu is a big loser, he likes to abuse his position . what has he done since he become FAZ president? nothing its time for him to go to hell.

  127. Surely this man(Former Great Kalu) thinks he is all that. Iam sure Augustine can beat up the chap if we put them in the ring. He is a coward who needs a good beating. Anyway he is coming to zambia twalamumona !!!

  128. Much as we cannot condome such incidents I am just curious what kind of a clap would need a report from the doctor. The guy(Auga) could have exagerated this by hitting himself repeatedly so that i t appears bad. Unless Kalu’s hand is made out of steel. Has the story been reported in other international papers? I guess there was a lot of media presence at the event. I only saw a report in Daily Nation which was a replica of the Post story. In any case assault is a petty crime which carries a small fine. Kalu is regulary in S.A. Its not safe to stalk a celebrity. Many have ended up like Mukoka.

  129. Violence is not only physical but it can be also written, spoken or bodyly action. The Post and its writers have been the most violent and abusive of all. In KALU’S case he should not have slap that chap! He should have knocked off all front teeth to teach them that they have been abusing the public for too long now. Uwaumanafwala ominalimo please. Dont spare these violent writers.

  130. imwe ba kalusha bwalya,bwamba bwenu y slapping a journalist wen he waz on duty,y is it tht a senoir official the FAZ president behaving lyk tht,if u can behave lyk tht,how wil a soccer fan from misiisi compound behave,am sure it waz a gud sla,so u should come nd give yo coach HERVE RENARD 4 good slaps for his stupid loss to under dogs zanzibar team

  131. Ba FUMBI you are very dissappointing. how can you write such….”Slap him again”? How can you support that kind of behavior from Kalu. Is he Great G.A>LU or Great Kalu? He is a real G.A. LU I think. dont be his PUPPY man?

  132. The post newspaper will scandalize every hard working Zambian. Look at how they have targeted successful people. These chaps are saddist. They should be reminded that not all days are sundays(mark my words)

  133. Hey even the post are saddsiti. A respected man like Ka..shud not behave like this.. come on behaviour yapa CB cisokone market fighting in the public…

Comments are closed.

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