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Mine Unions, KCM fail to agree

Economy Mine Unions, KCM fail to agree

The Mine Workers Union of Zambia (MUZ) and the National Union for Miners and Allied Workers (NUMAW) have declared a dispute with Konkola Coppers Mines (KCM) after the Mining Company offered a three percent salary increment to unionized workers.

Speaking at a joint Press briefing held at Katilungu House in Kitwe today MUZ President Rayford Mbulu said the two Mine Unions have failed to agree with KCM hence have decided to declare a dispute.

Mr. Mbulu said the Unions were looking for a twenty five percent salary increment following a boom in the price of Copper and other Metals but KCM has insisted on three percent which they described as a mockery.

He said the Unions were extremely worried with the rate at which the negotiations were going and expressed dismay that KCM could offer a three percent salary increment at a time when business was booming.

Mr. Mbula added that it was unfortunate that the Company which was just recovering from the industrial unrest could refuse to offer its workers a reasonable pay rise.

He further said that the Mining Company had failed to invest in the rehabilitation and procurement of new equipment and wondered how the Zambian people were going to benefit from the company if it was offering peanuts to its employees.

Mr. Mbulu said MUZ was going to follow and comply with all the conditions attached to the declaration of a dispute in the Industrial Act.

He appealed to workers at KCM to remain calm and continue with there normal duties as the Union embarked on this process.


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  1. Those of you gyz who do not know anything about mining should just read and stay quiet! KCM is taking Zambians for granted and Zambians with it’s irresponsible government continue in docility. This is not good for the country because we have actually sold our birth right to Indians, what a shame. These mines can be run by Zambians, have you people an idea as to how much do the 165 Indians get in one month? Mr Mbulu ( MUZ) and Mr Sikufele (NUMAW), telling your members this is not enough, if anything declare war, not a riot.

  2. Mbulu said the unions had asked KCM to repair infrastructure and buy new equipment to improve production processes and also cut on the number of expatriate workers.
    He said the 165 expatriates at KCM earning colossal sums of money were not adding any value to the company.

    Mbulu said during the ZCCM days when the mining industry employed a total of 65,000 workers, there were less than 100 expatriates and wondered what the justification was for KCM, which was a fraction of the mining conglomerate, to have 165 foreign workers.

    He said there was no need to have expatriates mainly of Asian origin to perform spokesperson, human resource, finance and metallurgical functions because there were many Zambians trained by local institutions who could work in those positions.


  3. If you look at KCM mangement structures, about 85% of the Management are Indians.They’ve continued to bring in their people(Indians) and in no time they take up Top management, Middle Management and even Junior Management positions.If this trend remains uncontrolled, it will all be Indians Jobs at KCM.They’ve even built themselves flats.They have less confidence in the Zambian people that’s why they are busy bringing in their own people to manage their Investment.They easily get work permits.I hope the PF/UPND pact find time to read the blog so that after 2011 they can control the situation and give hope to the suffering Zambian Miners.Under the current administration, we stand no chance because the government we have is Trash.Its a pity we cant ultilise GOD given resources but let…

  4. We have auctioned our country to Indians. We musebanya kwena ulakula, I think nimbwa ya lowa, otherwise it (dog) would have told us why, but as long as it remains incommunicado, bwafya. PF/UPND must revolutionalize this country.

  5. This is the price to pay when the government is totally deaf to the cries of locals but only jumps to the tune of so called investors. Surely k60,000 kwacha as an increment is a mockery

  6. We have let investors have a field day in this country. They reap us off and run away. The government does nothing under the guise of not jepordizing “investor” confidence.

  7. Sobongo Kibinda Waba Kabwa! the feelings can hardly be expressed. The “Bwezani” team of “Credible men and Women” of Sunsha bokosi, can not see or feel what the poor miner is feeling. they are the ones calling for blood shed in this country. these Indians you have brought will excite people for exornophobia violence. 1. these indians have created their own township for “indians only”. You cant see that this segreagtion alone makes them to be racists. 2. literally, all jobs have been taken over by these indians. Now Ask yourselves first who managed to sustain and revive this KCM when Anglo Pulled out at short notice? Do you honestly think there are no capable Zambians to run the mine. Hey Boss scrutinise your brain before you start sorting poor souls. I beg of you Bwezani to…

  8. One would only comment approriately on the that has been offered 3% if they knew the existing salary levels.The percentage by itself could be misleading. Period

  9. My heart bleeds for a miner. Being a son of a former miner myself, I am actually feeling for the affected miners. Who can we can we look up to?

  10. This is a mockery, come on Unions it is time to declare WAR, not a despute, WAR will wake them Bwezani and Mwenyez up, this is BULL.

  11. indeed its time for our unions to declare war,these indians behaviour has the potential to destablize our country if not checked.They is so much anger and frustration against these mwenyes!pliz wake up zambia.

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