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By Chanda Mwenya

Reading this article?- thank God. You have lived to see the year 2010. Undoubtedly, Danny Siulapwa in his future pondering song ‘Kaya’ was a voice for many of us who thought we would perhaps never live to see this day. If we keep holding our breath for another six months we could even watch the spectacular 2010 world cup. However, there is more to life than surviving 10 years of the millennium and watching the world cup.

To begin with, we should thank the almighty God for giving us this life. Think of how many people have not survived this day! This would help us appreciate our existence and fulfill our purpose in this millennium. The biggest resource that we have is our breath. Let us be more objective, focused and work on our weakness us we look back over the millennium. If we set our goals right and commit ourselves we will not only succeed as individuals but as a family, a community and as a nation.

Plans are already underway for updating the voter’s registration-which should not be mistaken as a mock exercise, following a mock plane crash reported in Lusaka over the weekend. Next year we will be going to the tripartite polls to elect a ‘new’ president who will be entrusted to run the affairs of our beloved country, until 2016- that is a long time to break or make. We need to participate in the governance of the country day in day out and ensure that our national resources are distributed equitably.

It seems Zambians are only allowed to exercise their right to vote and their right to remain silent; while other fundamental human rights such as their right to information, right to education, right to shelter and even right to good health are stumbled upon; like those 46 innocent Mazabuka women who have been infected with the deadly HIV virus in the name of medical research.

The infamous Microbicide Gel drug test is not just another medical scandal but a serious violation of human rights and a clear exhibition of mediocrity by leaders. Why is Zambia always a case in these HIV/AIDS, health circus- Kaya?

I am afraid 10 years into the millennium we will continue be greeted with more outrageous events as long as we continue with our Kaya mind-set. Do you even remember the last time you saw your area member of parliament? I can assure you, with a general election around the corner, sooner rather than later your honorable will start trotting to your neighborhood with drums of Chibuku while distributing sugar and Vintege imprinted with some of the ugly faces on the planet.

Spare yourself from nightmares, think of what you will do for mother Zambia this year.

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  1. I agree with you Jeff, hundred percent but before we can see greater things happening in our beloved country, systems must first change.Twanaka nabo

  2. If you hold your breath for more than 10 minutes you will not live to see the world cup ha!
    I for one am getting to the bottom of this medical research, its really upset me so much. Will start with the senior man at MDP and will shot away emails, letters and pettions around the world. Someone needs to speak up, so tired of this and cant keep complaining when you are not making an effort to change anything.

    But overall HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL!

  3. Happy new year to you all beloved fellow Zambians ( excl. VETERAN).
    As for LT good job for 2009 and wish you more success for 2010. God bless

  4. Yes Jeff,
    We thank God for 2010 and for sure we shall work on our weaknesses and achieve more in this year.
    After our investments we will now need to realise our dividends. THANK GOD FOR THE GIFT OF LIFE.

  5. Good Article Chanda Mwenya and congratulations for coming out third, is it fouth on the LT awards, your articles are very thought provoking and keeps us glued to LT….. keep it up

  6. Nice article I love it
    Its sad that those women were infected with AIDS in the name of research.The so called researchers should first test themselves and then they can test innocent pipo be it in Zambia or the rest of the world. The call it research but its just an experiment. Why experiment on innocent pipo, this is so annoying most of our population is already infected and then u add 46 more pipo to that number!!!!!

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