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Chituwo is new Science Minister

General News Chituwo is new Science Minister

President Rupiah Banda has transferred Minister of Agriculture and

Former Agriculture minister Brian Chituwo driving one of the tractors donated by the Libyan government
Cooperatives Brian Chituwo to the Ministry of Science, Technology and Vocation Training.

Dr. Chituwo takes over from Gabriel Namulambe who was fired from his ministerial position yesterday.

President Banda has transferred Peter Daka from the Ministry of Lands to the Ministry of Agriculture.

Mr. Banda made these transfers in a mini reshuffle today.

This is according to the press statement released to ZANIS today by Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations, Dickson Jere.

President Banda will in due course announce the new minister of Lands.

He did this in exercising powers vested in him pursuant to the provisions of Article 44 (v) of the Constitution of Zambia.



  1. What type of doctorate does chituwo have? Reshuffles are good but he must not be wasted by taking him to ministry he has no idea of, congrats anyway.

  2. Hon. Chituwo is a humble and dedicated as well as educated medical doctor. He is a graduate of the UNZA medical school and a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of UK, but also a patriotic commissioned Army officer. He served as a Consultant in UTH. I trust that he will enjoy this work. He was definitely misplaced in Agriculture. By the year end we should have real guidance and leadership on Science and Technology policy, which was totally lacking under Namulambe. The honourable Namulambe MP never said a word about Science but instead became a spokesman for the Lambas.

  3. Nkandla – South Africa’s political and business elite as well as hundreds of villagers in traditional dress gathered on Monday in President Jacob Zuma’s remote home village for his fifth wedding.

    Three large tents were erected for the “udendwe” wedding ceremony under overcast skies in Zuma’s rural homestead in Nkandla, KwaZulu-Natal.

    During the service, his 37-year-old bride Thobeka Madiba will be introduced to the elders as well to ancestors, two years after 67-year-old Zuma paid a dowry to her family, a gift known as “ilobolo”.

    Several sheep, goats and cows have already been slaughtered for the feast to follow.

    Media were kept a distance from the proceedings, but buses transporting the guests were seen outside Zuma’s house. Local villagers, many dressed in animal…

  4. U can get the above info from News 24, now another profile………

    Jacob Zuma is a polygamist and has been married five times.

    1. Gertrude Sizakele Khumalo, whom he met in 1959 and married shortly after his release from prison in 1973.[64] She lives at his home at Nkandla, KwaZulu-Natal. They have no children.
    2. Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, a cabinet minister since 1999, with whom he had four children, Msholozi (b. 1985), Gugu (b. 1987), Thuli (b. 1988) and Thuthi (b. 1990). . They divorced in June 1998.
    3. Kate Mantsho, from Mozambique, with whom he had five children, Saady (b. 1980), twins Duduzile and Duduzane (b. 1984), Phumzile (b. 1989) and Vusi. She committed suicide on 8 December 2000.
    4. Nompumelelo Ntuli (MaNtuli), the mother of two of his children, married on 8 January…

  5. #2 & #6 Its not just about piling up doctorates, but a ministerial position can be held by any hard-working official who is transparent and accountable enough to perfrom his duties ostensibly – and I also believe that Dr. Chituwo is not short of these qualities, as #1 has also testified.

  6. Cont’ from 7
    Ntuli, born 1975, is a resident of KwaMaphumulo near Stanger and has two children with Zuma—Thandisiwe, born 2002, and Sinqobile, born February 2006.
    5. Thobeka Stacey Mabhija, married 4 January 2010 with whom he has two children. Zuma paid lobola to her clan in 2007. The second of their children was born in October 2007. Mabhija grew up in Umlazi, where she matriculated at Umlazi Commercial High School. She has worked at Standard Bank, Ithala, Cell C and SA Homeloans in La Lucia.


    1. Zuma paid 10 cattle as lobola for Swazi Princess Sebentile Dlamini in 2002.
    2. Lobola has been paid for Bongi Ngema, with whom he has a 3-year-old son.

    He reportedly has 18 children,including one resulting from an affair with Minah Shongwe, sister of Judge Jeremiah…

  7. Anybody unaware about Dr Chituwos credentials should not be allowed to comment on political matters because they are definately uninformed and out of touch!

  8. Cont’ from 9 He reportedly has 18 children,including one resulting from an affair with Minah Shongwe, sister of Judge Jeremiah Shongwe, who asked to be recused from Zuma’s rape trial because of the liaison. She has a son, Edward, 30, with Zuma.

  9. YABA please spare us your postings on Zuma. I think yuou are genetically an ignoranamus, a dinosaur!

  10. #8, Nine Chale… i dont agree with your analysis. A ministerial position should not be held by anybody. The appointing authority should consider putting people in positions where they belong. A medical doctor can never run the ministry of finance, neither can an accountant run the ministry of defence. these are misplacements. Its not only about hard work…its all about knowing exactly what are you are doing and at the same time enjoying it.

  11. Congrats Chituwo, He is one of the sober minded ministers who never gets involved in petty squannles and appears to have a grasp of the challenges that he faces. He seemed very well i nformed at health

  12. #16 Beauty.. my analysis is based on reality, not theory. Right here in Germany, the former Minister of Finance who holds a Doctorate in Economics is currently (and successfully) holding the position of Minister of Defence. If you dont believe me, just Google Dr. Karl-Theodor Freiherr zu Guttenberg.

  13. Why did RB decide not to appoint a minister of lands immediately? Is he still looking for someone from Eastern Province? May be he is now considering appointing William Banda as Minister of Lands.

  14. My brothers in the diaspora, please do not hold us to everything they do in your adopted countries. Not every thing they do in your new countries is correct or right. Otherwise we should all start legalising gay marriages. There are universal principles essential for the freedom and dignity of human beings. Those are the only principles to which we should hold our government in Zambia.

  15. Nine Chale and all those praising Chituwo, dont forget its not too long ago when he wrote that foolish begging not to be prosecuted following the Kapoko saga at Ministry of Health. Honestly speaking could’nt any hard working Minister see that billions of Kwacha were been stolen from his ministry?

  16. Nine Chale and all those praising Chituwo, dont forget its not too long ago when he wrote that foolish letter begging not to be prosecuted following the Kapoko saga at Ministry of Health. Honestly speaking could’nt any hard working Minister see that billions of Kwacha were been stolen from his ministry?

  17. Congrats Dr Chituwo.One thing I like about the Bragadier is his non-indulgence in non-issue-based and petty politics.He is more of a technocrat than a politician.

  18. Chituwo at one time failed to run Kabwe General Hospital, and was fired. Where is the hard work?To me he’s just one of the family tree, a bootlicker with no morals, principles e.t.c . He’s just another quite dull character brought in by Levy HSRIP.

  19. well said #30 they are so many educated young people they can put in the cabinet we are tried to recycling same old *****s,if dr chituwo is very good why he not minister of health?ama rubbish

  20. #16 Beauty . Sorry have to agree with Nine Chale on this one. Ministers are polititicians not Civil Servants (technocrats), though it does help if their qualifications are aligned, experiential or otherwise. Their role is policy making and implementation. All they need is the Intellectual acumen, that a person with a degree is presumed to have acquired (debatable).

  21. RB is a very intelligent politician whose reshuffles always involves someone from Eastern Province. Check it and you will see that either someone frrom eastern province is elevated or transferred but I trust he is looking at getting a team of people loyal to him. That is fine as long as he drops ka Mulongoti, he will have our vote. But knowing him, he may keep ka Mulongoti for political expedience but we hope God prevails on him and he fires ka muntu kalya kachabe chabe ka Mulongoti!!!

  22. Zebron Nakadoli Samson & zedgelo
    Show me ONE medical doctor who has ever run a hospital adequately. Doctors are not trained to be administrators, they are trained to treat people. Tell me: what would you do if you had a situation where your budget is K10,000 and you had two patients both needing treatment worth K30,000? Hospitals are not ‘run’ because they do not make money and diseases are random and sporadic. Unless you produce your own medicines and equipment or you have an infinite sum of money, you cannot run an efficient health service free at point of need. So, stop judging with myopic eyes! Sorry, but ignorance annoys me.

  23. I am sick and tired of all the people who see every appointment through regional eyes. When are we ever going to move away from this rubbish? I have relatives from every part of Zambia and if I were President I could fill a cabinet with a Lozi, Lunda, Tonga, Kaonde, Bemba, Ngoni, Bisa, Chewa, Lenje, Lala, Lamba, Ushi, Mambwe, Tumbuka, Nyika, Nsenga, Toka, Chewa and this would be real tribal balancing but they would ALL be related to me in one way or another. Is that what we want? I would rather we had unrelated people, even from the same Province, than a family tree!!!!

  24. Give Chituwo Chance to perform. So far, he is one of the best ministers Zambia has. Education shouldn’t be a curtain to hinder ‘in born geniuses’ from holding high positions in Government. The best we can do for our Minister, is to encourage him save the Zambians as is expected of him.

  25. Chituwo provides hope for the Science, Technology and Innovation Sector in Zambia however i am worried about the serious changes in the management of this ministry. No ministry has experienced such rapid cahnges of PS. Dep. Minister and Minister. You have professionals, cadres sometimes…it an ubnfortunate ministry which sadly due these changes is taking long to have an impact on the development of Zambia

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