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Man electrocuted in Kalomo

Rural News Man electrocuted in Kalomo

A man in his 40s was on Monday morning found electrocuted to death at the Zesco transformer after attempting to steal oil from the device near the Kalomo Food Reserve Agency sheds in Kalomo.

Police sources in Kalomo confirmed the incident to ZANIS, but said the deceased, whose body is now lying in the district hospital mortuary, has not been yet identified.

The sources, however, suspect that the deceased was an ex-convict from Choma who also attempted to climb on a speeding vehicle along the great north road and sustained severe body injuries after crashing on the tarmac on the New Year eve.

After sustaining the injuries, the man was admitted to Kalomo District Hospital but later in the week escaped from the ward after several attempts by police to get his details and the motive against his attempt to climb on a speeding vehicle proved futile.

The deceased was found dead at the Zesco transformer with burns and the same injuries on Monday morning by security guards manning the sheds who later informed police over the incident.



  1. Mamama is there aanyone left in Southern province, this side its dogs taking away Johnies, and now electricution…..yoh….what does this mean for the pact….hahahhahahh!

  2. # 1 Tonga Cow.

    I am from Southern Province, Zambia’s maize belt. The man reported inhere was trying to beat poverty but ended up lossing his own life. Saddening.

  3. This “beating poverty” excuse is becoming pathetic guys. The chap was just a two-bit criminal who got what was coming to him. We rally need to be realistic. There are criminals the world over. Do you all mean to say that all the countries in the world a poverty stricken and their leaders are to blame for every act of crime that is committed?

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