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Findlay drags Mpombo to police over bounced cheque

General News Findlay drags Mpombo to police over bounced cheque

Former Defence minister George Mpombo

NDOLA businessman Terence Findlay yesterday reported former Minister of Defence George Mpombo to Ndola Central police station for issuing a cheque worth K10 million which could not be honoured at the bank.

Police Service spokesperson Bonny Kapeso confirmed this in an interview in Lusaka yesterday.
Mr Kapeso said the police opened the docket after Mr Findlay presented his case to the police.

“Yes, I can confirm that we opened the docket for Mr Mpombo after we received a complaint from the affected person,” Mr Kapeso said.

Earlier, police sources said Mr Mpombo issued a cheque on December 18, 2009 to Colwyn Limited of Ndola.

However, the cheque drawn on a bank in Lusaka could not be honoured.
Colwyn Limited’s chief accountant reported the matter to the police yesterday after Mr Mpombo allegedly failed to pay back the K10 million he borrowed from Mr Findlay.

But when contacted for a comment, Mr Mpombo confirmed having borrowed K10 million from Mr Findlay for repairing two of his tractors.

He said he was supposed to pay back Mr Findlay after a week but failed because people who bought domesticated animals from his farm did not pay him cash.

Mr Mpombo said he was surprised that Mr Findlay reported him to the police for issuing a cheque which had not been honoured.

He said he had promised to pay back the money as agreed with Mr Findlay, but experienced some hitches in his bank account.

“First of all, I am surprised that a person I have known for some time can do that to me. I did not refuse to pay the money. I borrowed the money to repair my two tractors. It’s only that I had a bit of a problem in my account,” Mr Mpombo said.

He said he had taken long to pay the K10 million because the people who bought his animals only paid him on Monday afternoon.

“I tried to call Mr Findlay this morning (Tuesday) but I was told that the matter was at the police and I immediately instructed my farm manager to withdraw K10 million and pay Mr Findlay,” Mr Mpombo said.

Mr Kapeso confirmed the case was withdrawn after Mr Mpombo paid Mr Findlay the K10 million.

[Zambia Daily Mail]

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  1. The law must visit Mpombo because he is in clear breach of the provisions of the Banking and Financial Services Act of 1994 for knowingly issuing a cheque when he has no money in the bank account. Then he can speak his bombastic words in court.

  2. Yes these people have known each other for long why not talk it over other than embarrass each other at the police. I like the honesty of Mpombo he did not deny or hide but was truthful in saying he had some problems.

  3. He he he ..Mr Mpombo as they say ” BOMA NI BOMA, TIYE UZA KAMBA KU SOGOLO ”

    Have fan that is what happens in Zed when you are out of favour. Welcome

  4. LT, Is George Mpombo still Defense Minister as your picture is telling us? Please address your captions correctly.

  5. 1

  6. How does RB come in?? Was it RB or Mpombo who issued the cheque? # 7 the law is clear it’s just that it’s not enforced. Soon some politician will get drunk and pee in his pants and people will say it’s because of RB

  7. #10 You are right on the money. The sun today will go down after 19:00hrs in Zambia and somebody is going to blame RB for it. If you are a leader you should have know better about the laws of the land. You don’t issue the Cheque when you know you have no funds. The law is the law, if you break it you should be reported to the police and Mr Findlay did the right thing

  8. Ati “…i had a problem in my account”.Why cant he just say he is broke?And how long will he go on selling his tu ma goats.
    For those of you who think Mpombo is a victim of a conspiracy think again.Mpombo curved his own downfall by acting like a small god when LPM was alive.The family tree alienated all their colleagues.There is no difference on principle here and they should learn to distinguish the legacy from their pockets

  9. I pity Mpombo. But then this should be a big lesson to the rest. Once you leave politics all is gone with you. This is the same Mpombo who was making plenty of noise when he was a minister. But today he is broke to an extent that he can even fail to settle a 10 million Kwacha debt. GK and his friends should know that all that they have stolen and saved will get finished when the MMD loose the elections in 2011 through legal fees.

  10. Ha ha ha ha Mpombo! My friend Findlay, my friend bla, bla, bla! The Banking and Financial Services Act of 1994 is law so we cannot debate that. It must be enforced. I have always said Mpombo’s anger and bombastic words are a reflection of deeper lacking of self confidence. And this can easily emanate from another problem that is possibly haunting him!!! Let us wait and see. We have not heard the last of his woes.

  11. # 11 MMD bootlicker, you really are obsessed with defending RB arent you?
    I guess your are in SA doing some kind of dissertation titled ”How to defend a spent and useless President”. I think you honestly are a genuinly intelligent guy but somehow you just insist on remaining stupid!!

  12. # 11 MMD bootlicker, you really are obsessed with defending RB arent you?
    I guess your are in SA doing some kind of dissertation titled ”How to defend a spent and useless President”. I think you honestly are a genuinly intelligent guy but somehow you just insist on remaining S tupid!!

  13. The law is very clear and a person of Mpombo’s stature cant issue a cheque when he knows very well doesnt have money.Why didnt he say in the first place that he is broke and ask for more time than fooling Findlay.Findlay did the right thing cos he was fooled by Mpombo who thot was clever.

  14. Here is a clear example of the police and the judicial system performing their revenue collection services. So the govt implements a statute at the behest of the bankers. Can any bank show the loss incurred from a bounced cheque? Of course not as the account holder of the bounced cheque is charged a fee. Anywho, a clear display of bankers being above politicians. What next? take you to court if your account balance falls below a certain minimum? wakey,wakey people! Perhaps you like the chains of slavery sitting around your necks – bling bling!

  15. Eagle’s eye! LT has adressed Mpombo as former defence minister. As for the law to be enforced, I think Mpombo explained to his friend not to cash the cheque as yet which happens in every day transctions but it seems somebody somewhere took advantage of the situation as we ve read and tried to silence Mpombo, he has since paid anyway so wha is the fuss about! It happens and like someone has said I like Mpombo’s honesty on the matter too and mind you this doesnot mean one is broke, it could be that money is held up in investment.

  16. If you do not have the money, writing a bad check especially of high value is illegal. Your consequences could be a fine, jail time, and you may never be able to write checks at certain places of business again. The bad news is that criminal charges associated with the bounced checks can remain in court records forever. It’s a serious matter for restitution or jail term. Restitution comes along with any service charges which the render may have incurred as a result of your check being returned.

  17. Unfortunately for Mpombo dependent of selling his fellow farm utu Mpombo, it’s really difficult to predict what will happen if such criminal misconduct is taken before the courts, as it depends on so many variables, including the country in which the crime occurred, and what events lead up to the filing of legal charges if any by Findlay the victim. Passing bad checks is a crime, but for the individual.

  18. Under ordinary circumstances, if the bad check passing charge is a first offense, and the criminal Mpombo was not trying to avoid paying the check, and the check bounced due to an honest mistake or circumstances beyond their control, it is likely that he will be allowed to make full restitution – maybe even make payments – as well as being ordered to pay all of the plaintiff’s (the payee’s) legal fees and costs.So he will have to sell his fellow utu Mpombo if Sata does not cut from what he has abandoned at Oliver Tambo in SA

  19. Hai veteran, why is it that in all your contributions u always have to refer to sata even when his name is not mentioned in the story.Is it because your bosses can not sleep over this man takiing over in 2011.Its like all the politicians in zambia are scared of sata taking over leadership as president in zambia,and the ordinary citizens want him as their leader.Point in question during the 2008 by election all the opposition leaders joined forces with RB just to stop sata becoming president.What are people like veteran scared of kanshi.Let the man rule and people judge for themselves .By the way i ready your quotation from the times of zambia reprint of 1993 weekly post editorial cheap propaganda !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  20. Mpombo, being a law maker, in the name of MP, should have known better not to do this criminal act. If you meant well and was expecting some funds later in his account, he could have written a post-dated cheque. This guy is just a criminal…

  21. …and for those of you insinuating that RB was behind all this by pressuring Findlay to report Mpombo to the authorities: lets assume for a moment that your insinuations are true (which is very unlikely), do you expect the president, mandated to uphold the law and the republican constitution, to turn a blind eye to crime?
    If indeed RB encouraged Findlay to press charges, then I say bravo bwana RB for acting in the best interests of the law!

  22. I live in the diaspora and have bounced a cheque before knowing fully well that I had no money to cover the cheque, the police did not come to arrest me for fraud. I put it right when I had the opportunuity to. This is just a case of sour grapes. That RB man must be seen to fight evils the dog our people not people he percieves as evil. This will haunt him soon.

  23. All of you in support of Mpombo’s criminal act, I wonder whether you would still maintain your opinions if it was George Kunda or Shikapwasha that had bounced the cheque in this very exact manner!

  24. No 28 the story has been blown out of proportion by the government media,with the full support of state house ask veteran he knows.If it was GK or RB u would have not even known that the chaps bounced cheques.In zambia alot of business men especially the indians bounce cheques none of them has been draged to the courts,Its one thing to talk about the theories of law and another in the practical zambian business life.Most of the cases involving cheques bouncing are sorted out by the drawer and drawee without the involvement of the police.Its business if we all took our clients to court who bounce cheques ,pretty soon we will have no customers,because everyone will be afraid of doing business with us.The law is there to deter and not to become a hindrance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. elo yawama ama politics nomba pa zed!iwe chi Veteran,wabe cilupala,Y do u have to bring Sata in everything?u are so d.a.m.n scared of the cobra! embekeza mwana 2011 is just around da corner and the clock is going tick-tock-tick-tock……WINAZALILAAAAAAAAA !

  26. Mr. Mpombo has been in politics long enough and has received graduities as MP uncountable number of times. Where has he been taking the money to fail to pay because people who bought animals from him did not pay him cash. I cannot believe that he can fail to pay K10 million. That is really embarrasing for a senior politician. Leave RB out of this.


  27. The case is already dropped. In fact, it is not even supposed to be an issue. This was an agreement between the lender and borrower. As usual, Zambian politics is at play.

  28. Poor planning Mpombo./ I am equally disappointed with him. Where will he be 10 years from now. another Grey Zulu situation. My God. These politicians do not learn from their colleagues. Those that are saying RB, better be acquainted with the law. Dont expose your ignorance. Whether RB or not, what is wrong is wrong. And you cant say since Indian cheques bounce then its normal. Thats encouraging lawlessness. You are parasites and a danger to our nation. just shut up if you dont know what the law states. Here is the link for you to read informantion to remove UMBULI or UBUTUTU in your heads. (http://www.boz.zm/BOZCirculars2008/01-2008.pdf) thats the Circular from BOZ on the same site, you shall find the ACT

  29. I always enjoy contributions people….. skipping where necessary (Veteran). And you Daniel #32, you asked where he has been taking all his gratuity??? Answer: He has been buying animals.

  30. I still do not understand how RB has been brought into this story. Mr. Findlay simply reported Mpombo to the Police and his mpombo’s own admission he did not have money in his account and asked for a delay but Findlay wanted his money back as agreed and went to police. the law in Zambia is very clear on bounced cheques and in fact this law is in place everywhere. If Mpombo had an overdraft arrangment the bank would have paid on his behalf. Its very obvious the man is already facing financial difficulties and there is no relative to bail him out. Even Post have done the story but have covered it up as usual with their un named sources. Mpombo is a chi mpombo and as time goes he will become an even bigger embarrassment to the people who have been using him and supporting him.

  31. #30.
    The bottom line here is that as a law maker (and a loud one at that) should lead by example. The fact that many people rape women and victims do not report these matters to the police does not in anyway make rape a right thing to do.

    Whether the media (the post inclusive) has made a fracas of this whole issue, or whether most victims of bounced cheques do not report to the police is inconsequential and does not draw away from the fact that it is a bad business practice to bounce cheques and amounts to abrogating the law.

    Let’s hold our politicians and all those aspiring for public office accountable in upholding the highest ethical standards. The moment we start making excuses on their behalf, even when they are clearly in the wrong, we are doomed.

  32. I dont understand why Findlay would accept to be used by RB’s MMD,coz these are the same pipo who were mistreating and almost bundled him out of MMD few months ago…….

  33. I do not honestly think VETERAN or Zambian Politician of Rare Breed do have bank accounts and later on be in a position to issue Cheques. Not just Mpombo, even BIG COMPANIES in this Country do that. Have any of these 2 Bootlickers ever heard of POSTDATED Cheques and why the name is so. Come on, this is no issue to talk about, unless you still live in the Stone Age where you keep Money under the mattress or you live HAND to MOUTH.

  34. I do not honestly think Veteran or Zambian Politician of Rare Breed do have bank accounts and later on be in a position to issue Cheques. Not just Mpombo, even BIG COMPANIES in this Country do that. Have any of these 2 Bootlickers ever heard of POSTDATED Cheques and why there called so. Come on, this is no issue to talk about, unless you still live in the Stone Age where you keep Money under the mattress or you live HAND to MOUTH.

  35. You guys who think RB does not come in don’t know how dirty African politics can be. Do you think Mpombo who has clearly made the MMD eat its humble pie will be allowed to go scott free? They will keep hunting him upto his grave. The truth is K10million is not much money to either Findlay or Mpombo. They could actually give each other money just like that. However, don’t forget that Findlay was in trouble with MMD during LPM’s tenure and Mpombo was so close to LPM. Findlay lost his CB MMD chairmanship and Mpombo did not seem to protect him. What is happening is here truelly what I know about Zambians, smile with a friend, but deep down your heart, you really hate the guy. So Mpombo should have known better that Findlay was not his political friend but a political fiend. Now its…

  36. I dont think the government or RB is involved here, Mpombo promised to pay back in one week and he never did. The guy he borrowed money from is a businessman and i am sure he had plans for his money.

  37. I would understand if Mpombo was paranoid and believed the government is asking Findlay to get back his money, but i am shocked some bloggers think that is the case. Findlay is the good guy here, mpombo solicited for the cash without being pressured. i think if you love Mpombo so much you should be asking Findlay to drop the case, adopting a paranoid deluded stance and crying foul about his ‘persecution’ does not help his case. I hope mr Mpombo does not see the government in his own shadow like his sypathisers.

  38. #42 Are you saying that RB and the MMD party machinery hypnotised Mpombo into writing a cheque which he failed to post date? The same RB who is supposed to be dull and running the country on auto-pilot. Indeed, politics is a dirty game as is exemplified by Mr Mpombo himself whose conduct in the recent past can hardly be seen as honourable or above reproach.

  39. I think the govt controlled media in Zed stinks big time,the amount involved is too small that such a case can be a headline in national papers,i hope one day that a better thinking President will decide that Times of Zambia,Zambia Daily Mail & other related govt controlled media are privatised so they can do their work properly.As for Mpombo,this was a pure personal transaction.Findlay has been used because the govt did him a favour,remember he was meant to be in jail over rape. I believe Findlay innocently confided in another friend who is not in good books with Mpombo so that person then reported to higher authorities in MMD who thought this would embarrass Mpombo and they have managed to do that,how gross,politicians assisted by the media are behaving like kids in Zambia.

  40. The same Mpombo when he was in government; he sounded loudest and many people critised him. Now his out of government using his same big beard mouth of his and now his an angel. zambians we forget so easily.

  41. #47
    You are 200% right,the same applies to Sata.Zambians have forgotten all the evils he committed and now is as angelic as Gabriel.Funny!!

  42. Yaba! Kanshi Mpombo nakalepuka? Ok nomba bane reality is that bonse tulapya elyo umufyashi nalanda fye ichishinka. Uyu kaboke Findlay aletekanya pantu alibapo mu same situ before. Efyo twaikala pa Zed!

  43. Mpombo is the disgrace. Its suprising that he has no money to pay for his two tractors. No proper friend to hang with. Money is power and power is sweet. This is a former minister of energy, defence and still a member of paliament. People should learn to save, do business when they retire. Mpombo has totally failed to manage his farm.

  44. His Excellency President Banda is a high order statesman too busy with national matters to waste his time on Mpombo’s incompetency.Mpombo’s incompetency is full of crisis and calamities.Have we forgotten that it was his incompetency that plunged this country into 6 months of fuel crisis during which he even went vacating to France with his Energy PS? on return under extreme pressure instead of dropping him, Mwanawasa took him to Copperbelt as provincial minister where citizens rejected him saying abash with failures because CB was not dumping ground of incompetents.Quickly Mwanawasa rewarded him with Defense Ministry as a dormant pawn which practically was under full Mwanawasa command as defense minister since Hon.Mabenga was removed. Thus Mpombo’s incompetency is not a RB thing but…

  45. Mpombo is naturally incompetent because his life evolves around tribalism, gloving of leaders and chasing the wind in tabloids.Is it RB behind his a 6 months fuel crisis, evidence of poverty hardly a year after leaving a job where he got the gratuity and a farm of goats only? Where on earth can a mechanized farm as he claims with a farm manager fail to have an operational petty cash fund of US $2500 equivalency but depend on selling of goats? My siblings run their own farms where i have little or no injection.They have many animals and chicken producing dairy milk and trays of eggs at a commercial level.All machinery as serviced from farm revenue.I find Mpombo too incompetent irrespective of the Post’ futile image building.

  46. i see no problem with that..mpombo is broke ..i was thinking mpombo is rich ..he got a 10 mil credit and never paid first on time secound a check with problem ..if its me i can even take him to court for delaying payments..time is money….i was thinking he keeps his word…MPOMBO was thinking he can fight the democratically elected goverment aa? zero ..bcoz he was defence minister ..i fear and respect gen miyanda ….mpombo must go and comite sucide

  47. Beyond this criminal conduct of issuing a bad cheque, Mpombo is naturally incompetent failure but good at gloving leaders.He survives on tribalism and not merit until not his strategic has fallen apart.He cannot survive in the unfolding efficient market economy or laws and ethics.

    Zambian president demotes energy minister amid fuel shortage

    Zambian President Levy Mwanawasa Thursday demoted energy minister, George Mpombo, to provincial leader in a mini cabinet reshuffle amid outcry for his dismissal for mishandling the nationwide fuel shortage.

  48. Mpombo’s criminal conduct has a trail of incompetency.

    Mwanawasa, who was touring the refinery with several cabinet ministers and senior government official, was quoted by ZNIS as saying his decision was made out of consideration of the two officials’ misconduct of traveling to France during the fuel crisis.

  49. Mpombo’s criminal conduct has a trail of incompetency.

    The president said the two officials’ absence forced him to send his special assistants to meet management in the oil refinery over the crisis.

  50. I always wonder where exactly the man called veteran is, with so many flags. And I also wonder if these guys manage to read other papers than just what Rupia writes. Do they know that MMD has no inteligencies at state house who can blaw the wistle? because if some papers have said, wel placed people at the state house have said that the president was very excited to hear the story and he did this and that, how can they refuse? What can stop the presindent from wanting to fix Mr. Mpombo? when he did the same with the post on zambian airways: Didn`t he act on hear says as usual? And k 10,000,000 sure is the amount findlay can take his freind to court for? I doubt. And if it was really a crime why did the police accept the withdrawal of the case?

  51. Many are the times I have told you that these unemployed and have nothing to do in life guys just want to eat ripe mangoes on top of our heads. We need real and meaningful people in GRZ. Come 2001, am going to vote for those who can afford their own bread and butter not depending on my tax.

  52. #27 maybe where you live it is okay to bouce cheques. In Zambia it is a crime.
    You can actually see it in Mpombo’s face that the guy is lying.
    Is that what the Mwanawasa legacy intells that when you borrow money from friends you should take advantage and dont pay back.
    Mpombo is liar of the worst kind and iam sure very soon you will hear that the tractors developed problems because RB tempered with them.

  53. I am very suspicious of Lusakatimes reporting…it has some truth but not complete. GUYS see the story by the Post which has more quotes of Mpombo…anyhow its not Lusakatimes but Daily mail…Read the same article on The Post news paper online and then Judge for yourself…RB is involved.Dirty Politics.

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