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Grandfather 65, nabbed for defiling granddaughter

Rural News Grandfather 65, nabbed for defiling granddaughter

Police in Serenje have apprehended a 65 year old man for allegedly defiling his 14 year old granddaughter.

Serenje District Police officer commanding Daniel Mseteka confirmed the incident to ZANIS.

Mr. Mseteka said the man was caught defiling his granddaughter in the house by his wife.
He said the girl was found with injuries on her private parts and is undergoing intensive medical check up.

Mr. Mseteka said it is suspected that the man started having sex with the girl long before being caught red handed. The man will appeal in court soon.

And District Commissioner Stanley Chibwana has expressed sadness over the incident noting that people should stop abusing young children especially the old who are supposed to be role models.

Mr. Chibwana noted that only a mad person could defile a young girl of such an age.

He said the law should take its course and deal with perpetrators with severe punishment in accordance with the law.

“It is a very, very sad situation to see that defilement cases are going up because it shows deteriorating morals in the community and national at large.” He said.


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  1. They should cut his cadebles and give him life sentence!!!!!! He doesn’t deserve to be in our society…This young girl will never forget for the rest of her life…

  2. yesterday you where saying Tongas will do anything now the Bembas pakamwaiche Balima ibala, something is very wrong with our country. Dogs eating the ntweno, umwana balya kulishikulu Kafupi bamulekelako, Amablanketi bayakana Kubalamba Mpombo apontela Banda God help us

  3. On the brighter side its good to see that the woman reported her husband’s action which i think in the past was very rare. considering this we can’t even be sure if defilement has become that much more rampant or is it that people are taking more action and so more people are paying for the crime. I would like to believe its the latter cause this shows we may be progressing afterall

  4. “the girl was found with injuries on her private parts”…..”it is suspected that the man started having sex with the girl long before being caught red handed” end quote.

    How? it just doesn’t add up well to me. And for that matter, a 14 yr old? Mmm…..some unanswered questions here.

  5. Moderator, you are right. If they have been doing it for a ong time. What sores. Are we exagerrating here. Try to go through the story again. Sad experience for the girl. I hope it is true (not that its good NO) but they are not lying. Coz some of these girls are experienced at that age. They can handle most of you bloggers and yet when they are not paid in full, they claim its defilement. Anyway, legally it is, morally, it may be debatable. Let the man be punished.

  6. Rotten eggs contaminating what once used to be an ethically upright society… Lord have mercy on our children!

  7. Thank God that minimum sentence law is still in effect! Its such a shame. I hope the young gal gets some professional counselling and support from the family and friends!

  8. Don’t you find this case strange? A grandfather (65) is accused of having sex with a granddaughter who is 14! This is sickening!! Then a Chief’s son (18) marries a 14 year old girl (equally sickening) and this is a full wedding ceremony – LT showed us the pictures of the wedding ceremony! Now the question is: a Zambian girl who is 14 – is she a woman or a child? In one case, she is treated like a child while in the other case, as an adult who can get married!!???
    Quite strange cultures or approaches in our Zambia!

  9. Mbewe the girls age is not the issue here, r.a.p.e is. Whether it was a woman of age or a juvenile r.a.p.e is r.a.p.e, and its a crime. “R.a.p.e, also referred to as s.e.x.u.a.l assault, is an assault by a person involving s.e.x.u.a.l intercourse with or without s.e.x.u.a.l penetration of another person without that person’s consent.” On that note Mbewe I hope your grandfather defiles you, then maybe you will come to your senses.

  10. #6 and #7. Moderator & Daniel Banda, should it really matter whether the man has been defiling the child for a long time or not? The chap was caught red handed and those bruises could have been scars or injuries from constantly defiling the poor girl. What a shame mwe…

  11. # 13 who told you Mbewe is a girl hahahahahah, i take that you did not understand what he was trying to say he actully asked questions to what is happening in our country according to what has been repoterd by LT

  12. I thnk the old bastard should b punshd to death..he deserves to die.there is no 2nd chance 4 him..its high time thy passd the law that rapist should be xcuted..alot of young gals r suffrng out there

  13. #13 alias Cabbage: Must you insult me? Can’t yo just put forward your arguments without going to that extent? Shame on you!

  14. vitendeni vigabenga ivo..what an old man?we shall be sacred to bring our grandchildren to the villages to see granny!!

  15. Ahh ha….. Imwe bantu imwe first of all nanga mufana uyu 14 yrs old bodywise ali how kansi. R Kelly bana munama ma years. Elo on a serious note the Old Man might not even be the first. Kapena alina Mileage kudala mufana uyu…..

  16. However, regardless of that possibility the old man is not just a disgrace but now a criminal. And among other charges they shouldn’t forget incest. Because iyi nkani yo chindana pama family uh uh … no.

  17. It is for this reason that i sometimes agree with the islamic sharia law.Surely people i think stoning such men to death would be justified or indeed have them raped aswell so they can feel what it feels like.i am deeply saddened by these occurances in our nation.but i would fully support the death penalty by shooting squad guys.Fya chilamo fye!!!

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