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Haiti Earthquake- The Holycaust?

Columns Haiti Earthquake- The Holycaust?

By Chanda Mwenya

The book of Revelation in the Holy Bible, figuratively illustrate dramatic episodes indicating the begging of the end. In Matthew 24:3 Jesus was asked, “…tell us, what will be the sign of your coming, and of the end of the age?” Ingenuously, Jesus told his apostles to look for the following indications:

1. WARS: Matthew 24:6 “…and you will be hearing of wars and rumors of wars… for nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom’

Unquestionably, news and rumors of wars make today’s news headlines. The world over many people are been killed in cruel and brainless conflicts, with death toll rising each passing day.

2 FAMINES: Matthew 24:7 “…in various places there will be famines and earthquakes.”

The world is ravaged with poverty, epidemics and undernourished population. With threats of drought and extreme whether patterns the problem may even escalate in the near future.

4. EARTHQUAKES: Scientific records show that, the number and intensity of earthquakes is at a higher level now than any other time in our known human history.

Going to the gospel of Mathew, it seems to me that we have lived the conditions to warrant us see the end of the age as foretold by Jesus. Famine, epidemics, floods, volcanoes and earthquakes, our generation has seen them all. Some brutal wars have being fought in all comers of the globe; in Afghanistan, Sudan, Sierra lione, Liberia, Iraq, Israel, Pakistan, Palestine even in the biblical chosen land of Israel blood has been shed. If these trials and tribulations have not been enough to satisfy the end of time then we should embrace for more ‘Holycausts’.

In any case an earthquake by any magnitude leaves unbearable and devastating results on humanity. The magnitude 7.0 earthquake recorded in Haiti this week has killed thousands of people and destroyed livelihood and hopes of those who survived it.

But, why should tragedies really have to indicate the coming of a righteous Kingdom?

Someone might be saying, ‘thinking like this, is lack of faith and sheer work of the devil himself’. -Hell no. I just find it difficult to understand why in the first place God allows calamities to happen. Scientists are now frustrated and developing a device that can detect occurrences such as earth quakes and one day might try to find a way of stopping them. It only makes me believe that God has already that knowledge and power, but for some reason, He chooses not act, though 1 Peter 5:7 states ‘God hates wickedness and suffering’.

On the contrary there are many untold suffering that God has allowed to happen -including the Holocaust, the Tsunami and the Rwanda genocide to mention but three. I have constantly strived to seek the reason-why. In my quest, I have even attempted reading chapter 11 of the book ‘WHAT DOES THE BIBLE Really TEACH? , by the Watch Tower Bible Society, word by word and read between the lines, and yet don’t really find a satisfactory answer to Why God permits suffering. Do you really know?

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  1. God doesnot permit suffering. This is just part of evolution. What do you expect of planets that have been exploding for billions of years? It’ just part of nature. Wars, genocide? This is our own making. Greed. And that is part of human nature.

  2. Are you a Christian? From your article, you sound annoyed with God. You say the Bible fortells Famines wars etc… so i dont understand your problem. I would advise you to pray because truly the time is near. On a lighter note, maybe the inability of the chipolopolo to win could be another sign!

  3. Chanda you have written well…I also wonder where we are heading for. It is very scaring to see those things written in the bible coming to reality and we are witnessing it. It is such a painful and disturbing experience.It causes you mental system to be disturbed coz its very difficult to come to terms or understand what is currently happening in the world.The bible says God is love but you wonder why he permits suffering, honestly I don’t know why he allows such things to happen.Its not good to say things against God but when you look at those photos from Haiti, you begin to question God as to why he is doing this to us.

  4. There is not such thing as Holycaust, what happened in haiti can happen anywhere anytime! I pity all brainwashed minds who think they have to waste more of their precious time begging for forginess of sins from a non existing supernatural being….:)>-

  5. You definitley dont know God dude. Our Lord Jesus Christ is a God of Love. He does not and will not allow suffering. You are misled ol’ chap. Jesus came to save man and not to kill him. You are the kind who blames it on the alcohol…….

  6. God has control on everyone, I think he should be preventing some of these things like Haiti earthquake. Its normal for anyone to start doubting if God really exists, things that are currently happening in the world are understandable and a very painful experience.If the devil is the one permitting these kinds of mantle disturbing things to happen, then God should at least come to our rescue. Those pictures from Haiti are very difficult to watch, its like a movie, I mean its unbelievable that its happening to our brothers and Sisters.

  7. Only look to God, repent and accept Jesus christ as your personal savior and walk in his light of his word. Know him personally and none of these calamities will fall on you.We are in the last days and only those who are in christ will stand the test of time.

  8. To know why God permits suffering we have to start by assuming there is a God in the first place, then we have to establish reliable communication with him or her (or agents with certified verifiction signed by God) to get his/her opinion on the matter. Some of us have failed to arrive at the conclusion that this God infact exists, mostly due to un-verifiable sources of reference even from those who claim to have spoken or written on his behalf, so this makes the above question irrelevant and misplaced to us.
    Common sense however, suggests that where there is matter and motion there is bound to be pressure build-ups here and there, and this pressure will seek an outlet, and eruptions occur.
    Common sense also suggests that population growth leads to aggressive competition for resources.

  9. Haiti sits on a major Fault line and scientists have been warning of a major earthquake for years.How can it be Gods fault when there have been warnings in the past?Probably some corrupt leader decided not to pay attention, built flimsy buildings cheaply and the end result is this earthquake leaving thousands dead.California, Japan also are prone to earthquakes but they have built their infrastructure in such a way as to minimise damage.Our time here on earth can be compared to a blink of an eye compared to eternity.We ned to worry more about where we will spend eternity and whilst here on earth live in such a way that each day counts you never know when your times up!

  10. Just husband and wife can have conflict using available missliles such as the cooking spoon (umwinko), frying pans, boiling water and fingernails, so what more a population of 6 billion with uranium and tnt at their disposal.
    And then, when we talk about the end of the age, it is an astrological reference to the end of the age of Pisces the fish, which Jesus represents (figure out why Jesus posters and car stickers have a fish as a symbol), to the new age, the age of aquarius, the water bearer: Jesus mentions this when he is asked where the last passover shall be held. He tells them they will see a man bearing a pitcher of water, and they should follow him and enter the house inthewhich he enters.§

  11. What saddens me is we are quick to blame God for all the bad that happens around us. We never thank him for even the good. Even in this time of tragedy, how many people have said thank you to him for the miraculous survival stories that are emerging from Haiti? Look to God through whatever situation, and thank him for it. From every bad, comes a good.

  12. What a waste of an article. It’s Gods fault! Come on guys, even starting to quote the bible. Wake up.
    Chief Editor “indicating the begging of the end”!

  13. Matthew 24 v 4
    And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you.
    2 thessalonian 2 v 11
    And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

    If indeed we are in the last days then above have happed(deceiption and lies). Yes 9/11 was the biggest lie and the biggest deceiption.
    More Earthquakes are on the way to fulfil His word.

  14. :d got up to drink some orange juice great one 1984 let them know the truth. Most do not even know that evolution is a religion. Only wish I could share the priviledged planet DVD with everyone so as you know we are not just a gaseous mistake. This blogging shall be a problem when some bloggers namely myself are married it has become a drug of choice.

  15. Deceivers that are on LT spreading malicious lies of evolution are not Zambians because LT is accessible to all; if they are from our nation limbi Nindoshi, truth be told. Africans awaken do not be deceived it’s in plain sight. How can you say that the Bible is wrong when it fore warned us that there shall be wars and rumors of wars( this one you should all know), natural disasters shall increase in frequency men shall be lovers of themselves. Also be given unto bizzare practices, lol.

  16. the question is why pain and suffering to women ,men , and little children? just so as to signify the end? help our unbelief ,christians

  17. Mwanawakwitu @ #15, please slow down, mina amate. ( I mean swallow saliva) seems to me like you are completely off the line and can’t understand what the bloggers are trying to put forward , most posts here really make sense apart from yours. :-??

  18. It’s high time people should be told the truth that there is NO GD!! It’s all a bunch of bullcrap tactic brainwashing story which was used by missionaries to tame the savage mentality of the people who dwelt on rich land.

  19. #16 vladimir
    Revelation 9 v 20 — 21 And the rest of the men which were not killed by these plagues yet repented not of the works of their hands, that they should not worship devils, and idols of gold, and silver, and brass, and stone, and of wood: which neither can see, nor hear, nor walk:
    Neither repented they of their murders, nor of their sorceries, nor of their fornication, nor of their thefts.

  20. Educated fools.
    The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good. Psalm 14 v 1.

  21. Chanda Mwenya thanks for your contribution on the “Holycust”. Man canot run away from natural calamities of the magnititude of the earthquake in Haiti. Do your research on this islands in that area. There have and wil continue being natural disasters. The only pipo (Westerners) to blame are those that shipped pipo in the name of slavery and forcibly settled them as a source of cheap labour.Haiti lies in an area where chances of an earthquake occuring are high. Nature has its own way of controlling human population. We had our own disaster in the name aids. Alot lives got lost as a result of aids between the late 80’s up to about three to four years ago. Aids touched almost every home and this has left a trail of orphans, widows. Its unfortunate that pipo had to die like that in a split…

  22. God exists and he is real. Those who dont believe, why dont you ask God himself to reveal himself to you if indeed he exists. Do argue with people, they only believe. You can also believe. Today, when you get home, ask sincerely “God, are you really real. Jesus, are you really real.

    If you are, I ask you to reveal yourself to me because I dont want to miss out on the truth”. I tell, it will not be long, may be same day or tonight, you will know for sure that God exists.

    But if you just dont want to know that he exists, and you are simply a sceptic by choice, then that’s your choice and God will not respond to you because you are simply mocking him. But if you trully seek, with all your heart, I tell you you will find him because he will make himself be found by you. I was like…

  23. As for God allowing suffering, this is an age old thinking of man. God is good by nature, he does not bring suffering. He is so good that he warned us that earthquakes and wars will come. And we shall see more of them because it is a sign of the times. The earth decays and it shall pass away, God will not mend it. he will only create a new earth and a new heaven.

    If you want to survive calamity, all you need is to have ears that hears when God is speaking to you. He is all knowing so if he says dont get on that bus or plane, or dont marry that man or woman, you better listen or else dont blame him if you find yourself in trouble. Sadly many people have rejected God, so they cant receive his protection and guidance in life. Do you blame God for their troubles? Humble yourself before God

  24. My advice to anyone who does not know the voice of God is that draw near to God. Turn away from your godless life, chose God and ask him to forgive you all your sins on account that Jesus died on the cross to take away your sins, which have separated you from God. Once you pray this prayer of repentance and forgiveness of sins, God is faithful, he will forgive you all your since and give you the right to be called his child. As a gurantee that you are TRULLY a child of God, he will put his Holy Spirit in you, the spirit of sonship.

    Now that God has become your Father, he will be speaking to you and protect you and provide for you. Remain close to him, spend time in prayer and reading the bible. You will surely know when he speaks to you. Also, join bible believing church.

  25. What Iam telling you is the only WAY to escape an earthquake or any kind of calamity. You have to hear God and obey what he tells you to do. If, as a child of God, you clearly sense or perceive or hear God caution you but you still ignore or disobey, if you get caught up in an earthquake or whatever trouble teh Lord warned you about, you may die or suffer hardship. If you die, your spirit will go to be with the Lord. At least you are not in hell. Unbelivers will go straight to hell.

    There are many Christians who have been spared hardship because they followed what God told them. There are also who have died or suffered loss because they disobeyed God. Could be in marriage coices, jobs, road or air travel etc.

    But you must first be able to hear God. Otherwise you are dead meat.

  26. [-( very sad situation indeed.. catastrophic……wonder where we are heading to or what next now!!! very scary….:o:o:-?:-?

  27. 1. The “Watch Tower Society” is Jehovah’s Witness, which directly contradicts the Bible’s assertion that Jesus IS God. It is safer to your understanding of God to read the Bible directly than to entertain false doctrine. 2. God in His infinite knowledge, power, foresight, and wisdom (all of which we do not have) allows for His master plan which is outside of the normal span of each of our lives. It is more important to God where we are going to spend eternity than how we live here. 3. Suffering exists in this world because Adam and Eve allowed Satan to take control of this world when they disobeyed God and cursed the rest of humanity. It was not what God wanted for this world. Try reading Luke 16:19-31. Righteous Lazarus is comforted after suffering and the greedy rich man goes to…


    Broken Hearts, Shattered Faith
    Is God Responsible?
    Disasters Are Nearing Their End
    Related topics:

    Are We Living in “the Last Days”?
    Natural Disasters—Are They Getting Worse?
    Is God Responsible?
    “GOD is love,” states the Bible. (1 John 4:8) He is also just and merciful. “The Rock, perfect is his activity, for all his ways are justice. A God of faithfulness, with whom there is no injustice; righteous and upright is he.”—Deuteronomy 32:4.

    As Creator, Jehovah God has the ability to foresee all potential causes of harm, and he has the power to intercede. In view of these facts and the qualities attributed to God in the Bible, many rightly ask, “Why does God allow natural disasters to occur?”* As…

  29. who ever wrote this article needs to read more extensively and learn how to write more descriptively.
    does not seem like a journaalist at all.

  30. We are Born into trouble. Jesus was even born into trouble, the Lord himself. He too gives us free will. Because of free will many men choose to turn away from God and this creates evil in the world.. and free will may be used to see that the world is full of trouble and calamaties, so we may choose to have faith in him and not man. The enemy brings destruction, desiese, and famine. Jesus is today the same Jesus and healer he was 2,000 years ago. There is no reason to believe these miracles do not still exist, they do. Not saying that the Lord in his wrath will not bring upon these things. But having faith does not mean that the fire will never come. But the Lord will enable them to bear it and will restore to them what is lost when destruction comes. Ask the Lord to make this known to you

  31. how are we meant to know the near of God’s second coming? this is why God said that in his near coming a lot of things will occur, such as what happened in haiti. however, us chrstians should not be afraid or scared, because if we are then that means we lived an unfaithful life and kinow that we are going to hell. But we should not be afraid at all because God will come soon and take his children to the promised land!! 🙂
    All unbelivers should now belive because the time is very near and when the time comes it will be tooo late for you to ask for forgivness. So seek God, ask for forgivness and be near God always, therefore you will not be harmed!

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