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ANTS call for Renard’s blood

General News ANTS call for Renard's blood

The Association of All Nations Team Sports Supports (ANTS) says Zambia National Soccer Team Coach Herve Renard should resign should the team lose the crucial Zambia-Gabon encounter, on Thursday.

ANTS Secretary General (SG) Bob Kayukwa told ZANIS sports in Lusaka, today, that the Gabon encounter is a crucial one to be taken seriously, if Zambia is to qualify to the second round at the on-going in Angola.

“If Zambia losses to Gabon then Renard should resign. Why keep him (the Coach) for another term. This time around, Renard should use young fast players like Collins Mbesuma, Clifford Mulenga Reinford Kalaba, and Chintu Kampamba,” Kayukwa stated.

He said there was no need for Zambia to be defensive after scoring the first goal because it is a wrong tactic that put the Chipolopolo Boys in an undue pressure as there are high chances of making other ‘big’ mistakes.

He said Zambian players were nerves when they played the Indomitable Lions – Cameroon because of the likes of Samuel E’to but Gabon play skillful game like the Chipolopolo Boys.

He suggested that Given Singuluma, the CHAN Top scorer should be featured in the Gabon match if Zambia is to win.

Kayukwa said Zambia should not despair in the Gabon encounter but support the Chipolopolo Boys at all costs.

Zambia, which is in Group C has a draw and one loss. The Copper Bullets were held one all by Tunisia in their opening AFCON group match before the West African giant Cameroon defeated them 3-2, last night.

Zambia meets Gabon on Thursday while, Cameroon plays Tunisia on the same day.

Meanwhile, Kayukwa has arranged an aircraft for supporters who would like to travel to Benguela in Angola to watch the Zambia-Gabon encounter.

He told ZANIS sports that interested soccer fans should register with him at Dig-tech offices near COMESA market.

Kayukwa advised the fans to obtain a VISA and under-go a yellow-fever vaccine before traveling abroad.


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  1. Collins Mbesuma???????????:-?:-? the man is finshed and tired. currnet team doing fine. if the team can’t deliver dont rush to firing coach

  2. i totally agree he should change team goal 1.kalilo,2.musonda,3.mbola,4.kasonde.5 kapamba 6.nyirenda 7.f.katongo 8.kalaba 9.chamanga.10 jacob. 11 singuluma

  3. HR is doing pretty well considering the quality of material he has to work with. The main problem here is the nation’s fooball association, There has been no investment in youth soccer since the Kaunda days and what do you expect? One to start at 19 or 20yrs old and perform like a pro? Mubepelefye.:-?

  4. The circus continues pa Zed. 1st “We” vote in some one like RB then a few months down the line we cry out that NyamaSoya not performing and “WE” want him “OUT”. Next its the Zed coach who is having his blood spilt. I told our coach one day when we met that we Zambians on football we are vimpires, if we lose we quickly demand someones blood. I told him to do rehearsal drills of how to run into a plane fast for home. He told me he is thick skinned & cant be threatened as he was coming to deliver. Well I’m not sure weather he meant bad or good delivery cause all are deliveries. I also know he said since 1998 we have been coming out in 1st round so Zambians should not forget that. also that the world can laugh at us for thinking Zambia can go to WorldCup

  5. ANTS. What is ANTS. calling for Mbesuma to play. Renard is doing fine. It is not Renard that instructed Mweene to miss the ball from Njitap. ANTS you just thinking like utushishi. Your are really ants. I shudder.

  6. Can we please leave the team selection to the coach? You ANTS are free to give your opinions but believe you me, Renard does not give a **#! about what you propose. Let him do his job. He is being paid for it, just as you ANTS (mufumine kwisa by the way?) are probably receiving some funding from somewhere.

  7. Free advice on Football. The Coaches in Zambia should start training our lads on goal shooting technics especially shooting from a far. The only guy who is trying to do this is Rainfold Kalaba Jnr. We need to develop hard shooters who can fill the void in case things are difficult you shoot from 30 – 40 metres away correctly and accurately on goal. So we are yet to be a complete team. Lets invest in training the young ones as the olders ones it seems they have rerached ceiling. I feel bad for our team but we reap what we sow.

  8. The problem is the quality of players we have, HR is a damn god coach and we need to keep him. cameroon and Tunisia are no push overs i must say. I still believe HR is doing a good Job and he should be kep for the 2012 African cup. Btn now and then, he will have built a very strong and confident team

  9. Please live the coach only he is doing a very good job. The problem is the stricking force at go and not stricking away from the Goal post.I have found him to be a very Good Coach.

  10. Bravo Renard!

    You doing a ggod Job. The team is maturing and you are also growing in technique and wisdom. You will make it to the quarterfinals.
    Ba ANTS muli bangwele sana. Shut up! Where is pastor Makembo to advise ba utunyelele.

  11. give the coach more time, our player need more experience expecially our defenders, we tend to be under pressure after scoreing the first and they cant handle that pressure all we need is more composure and experience…. GO ZAMBIA

  12. :d/:d/ Renard is doing a gud job,lets rally behind out team and see if Gabon wont fall,cause i know we storming the quarterfinals.Go Zambia ……Go.

  13. **==**== vi va Zambia,lets beat Gabon gud then proceed and put the record straight,we got some scores to settle and i would 2meet Cameroun again.

  14. HR who walked in darkness have seen the great light, light has dawned and he knows what to expect now, HR is not a coach, PE yes, i mean Physical education is best suited for him. we are going out of AFCON and HR should actually GO to France straight from Angola.

  15. :d/:d:”>:((:d/:x8-|/:):o:o:o:o:o:-?:-?:-?:-\”:-w;)[-(:)>-:)>-:)>-:)>-:):):):):d:d:d:d:((:((:((:((:x:x:x:x:-?:-?:-?:-?:)>-:)>-:)>-:)>-:)>-:(:(:(

  16. There is no reason for the coach to resign because Zambia are the 2010 Orange AFCON champions. These players have played well, they have worked hard and at last AFCON, even ‘the special one’ was impressed by Zambia as they went down to Cameroon. This time round we are the champions! It is our season and we shall win it. Oh! praise God! The naysayers should sell their televisions, stop watching football and go home and sleep!

  17. ANTS, suggesting/impozing which player HR playz iz not a solution, though I agree with you that the coach should go, with or without wining the AFCON, let alone beating Gabon. Go boiz goal!


  19. So many armchair specialists and football analysts, that includes me. If each one of us picked a team we would end up with no team to play Gabon on Thursday. My advise to the coach is to do his job the best he can without interference. If he reads all these conflicting views he will be lost and end up confused.

  20. The problem we have is these chaps who have started watching soccer now thanks to DSTV. They never even played Ichimpombwa or watched Alex Chola in our own league. All they know is Man U,Arsenal etc. You should know were we are coming from and make a decent comment. What is ANT anyway? If you dont know we somehow are in the same position as Cameroon. Yes we missed chances but the coach is not that bad. We have young players who need proper guidance and support. We can only progress by improving from what we have. Fire the coach then what? Were is the new coach going to get better players than what is available? Cameroon lost the first game and there were no such comments of firing the coach. Lets support our boys and hope they get a postive result with Gabon.

  21. What did i tell everyone here? Ba Zambia MAKULA!! period. Zambian players you can bring them the best coaches like Sir Alex, Dunga or other world class coaches, and these fools(players) they can fail to deliver. Zambians you need to wake up!! Try basketball, Baseball, NFL, maybe the country can produce. Look at other african countries? They have been well represented in the NBA and NFL. So for those who still think and dream that your Soccer team will win a CAF tournament or qualifying to the World Cup, keep on dreaming and i wish you good luck and the best. I challenge everyone who think Zambia will qualify to World Cup or will lift the CAF cup to cut my middle finger!!!

  22. #26 Moonga, For a Zambian, you are extremely unpatriotic! Going to the extent of calling people carrying your flag high such names. Just what have you done for mother Zambia, if i may ask? You sound like someone who has ‘delivered’ before. Pray tell?

  23. #26 Moonga. So you are telling us YOUR country(if you are still Zambian) sent FOOLS to represent us.In short we chose the best fools out of all us fools including you. Please if you are not interested in soccer just leave it.

  24. You guys the problem is the Coach, Mweene is the problem. Takwaba fye wemwaume waluka mukule elyo walifita. Teti utontokanye bwino. Mweene ewatwipishe

  25. You pipo call yourselves “Die Hard” fans, tell me what the Zambia National Soccer Team has done to the country beside spending Taxe payers money from the poor pipo of Zambia. So stop pertending like what this team is doing is investing in something to benefit everyone. The country need cash for Health, Education, Rural Areas, Roads, Housing, Energy, Clean Water ETC. So pipo, please don’t let these so called footballers misuse and spend the pipo’s money for their leisure. Everyone need to learn and i think we have educated pipo who can understand where i’m coming from. FORGET ABOUT SOCCER AND INVEST WISELY.

  26. #30 Moonga, those are important issues you are raising and i understand where you are coming from. However does that warrant you to call our sportsmen fools? If that is what they are, then what are you? They did not decide on their own to represent this country, rather they were selected, and on merit mind you. Show a bit more respect. Thats all am saying.

  27. Soccer is about scoring goals and defending when it matters. The coach must select a good for us to progress in the competition. I was not of the idea to use Sunzu as a defender. The guy failed to clear the ball and E’to said thank you. Again the same guy pretended to be jumping and the lions sealed the victory. The coach plays a vital role in a very much. Yes he is the final man to select the team but he must be ready to account for tax payers money from a worker like me.

  28. # 30.We all know that our country needs funds for other important developmental areas but we cant stop funding sports activities.And sport is about winning and loosing. Tell me which country were they dont fund social activities? Even the poorest country, somewhere has a team in some sport representing it. Dont call it leisure,those guys are at work. Just advise our government leaders to stop stealing and fund projects on roads,health etc. Whether we lose or win on Thursday,we continue. Go Chipolopolo Go…………

  29. The team has the ability to make it to the quarter finals where if it manages will play Egypt; a team doing fine so far but Zambia has what it takes to stop any team at the AFCON. They are gaining momentum it terms of confidence and should they qualify to the next round you will be shocked how well they will perform. Give them the support

  30. Most of the analysis is based on what they watch on DSTV. The players they know are those from Arsenal, Chelsea and Man U. Some do not even watch La liga. Let alone the zambian league, though not interesting please try to generate some interest. So many are armchair coaches. The materials you have are the best of the moment. Imagine someone suggesting to use Collins Mbesuma (ANTS). The games have been lost because of poor mental strength and concentration by our players./ Hire Ferguson, Mourinho, Pelegrin, Mancini, it is the same materials. You will not achieve anything. At the moment, I can single out Jacob (Jacob was being condemned for lack of scoring goals) Today they shout his name. Mbesuma is condemned to death. Please give credible support and good advice

  31. Kayukwa you observation is shallow and highly mediocre. HR is a better placer of players than you think. The boys are to blame for the loss.

  32. Ba ANT? Nishani tamukweete inchito? Let the man do his Job. He is brilliant. Zambia ll soon reach the world standard of a football team if and only if, we maintain a good coach and pump in more money and different strategies for recruiting new young players. Look at how the young boys are doing compared to the old ones. Amazing display. 23 i dont agree with you that Zambia spends alot of money on football. Revise your data.

  33. Those fools so called ANTS should first fire the useless chaps they voted into office at FAZ who have no know how of what management means, second that coach has a team now fire him you will regret and bring back Kalusha since he had failed you the first? are you people blind not to see what is happening there in Zambian football? nonsence

  34. the coach is good and the team is good.mr ants cool down and please dont criticise un necessarly as the team is doing better than most of us expected to perform.mr renard and team go get gabon and make us happy again.

  35. The coach is a good coach looking at how Zambia has been playing in Angola. He should given enough time to build a strong team for the future. Success does not come over night. Renard is a young coach with a passion for the game. The only changes that we need at the moment is to bring in Wedson Nyerenda as an assistance coach because he too has a passion for game and the two if united can do exploits for our nation.

    Viva Chipolopolo even if u lose we will always support you because wako ni wako no matter what

  36. MOONGA: YOU ARE SERIOUSLY OFFSIDE MY BROTHER!!! Not long ago in 1993 a certain plane carrying the ZAMBIA national football team crashed off the coast of Gabon. Those players died representing Zambia and were buried with Zambian flags. Those that have come after them, do the same everytime they take to the field. What has Zambia done for me, they made jump for joy in ’94 by getting to the final, they brought me such joy by beating another team 5-1 in ’96. Everytime they play I feel pride in saying I am Zambian. Tax payers are paying presidential trips to nowhere, civil servants who want bribes, health workers who buy lodges politicians who buy votes, so why not someone who is actually out there fighting for your flag and pride. You need to start caring and you don’t then just…

  37. this is not the time for such talks.who is this ants?can u tell your wife of divorce while she is sick?no, u wait till all is well.she may die.the same here. we cant be talkin of chasing the coach while in less than 32 hrs we r having a crucialgame.come on guys.

  38. you ants are very stupid, from know where you are coming to say renard should quit. thats definately bull shit. this guy has done all the best to make the team strong, of which it is right now. who thought zambia would stand against cameroon that day had it not been for mweene, who fricked and let the ball in by mistake. you ants if you planing to get part of pay cheque go and castrate yourselves.

  39. Gentlemen we are on the brink of qualification ,lets give our team and coaching staff all the support they need,mistakes have been made but overall they are playing well so apa tiyeni ti supporte we drew once lost once and this tym its a win.Come on **== lets go….


  41. The best point I have picked up so far in this debate is that from # 4 The Moderator.National teams which are performing well or those that have achieved great success over the years are those that have invested in youth development which saddly is non -existent in Zambian football.We used to have this years back but it is not there anymore.Back then the National team used to be composed of talent tapped from junior and high schools and other youth clubs. I feel we should all agree to go back to this program of harnessing and PROTECTING young talent if we are to have our glory years of football back.

    And ba ANTS please dont go for the coache’s blood only when we loose;you should also go for the players blood. You mean that goal which Mweene conceded from Geremi was the coach’s fault?

  42. I greatly sympathise with people like Kayukwa.He lacks intelligence and he is clearly living in denial. Mr Kayukwa, how many coaches are you going to appoint to bring success to our national team.The issue is not the coaches, but the seriousness of us Zambians in developing soccer. Funds are only made available when the team has an important outing. This is not the right approach.We need to develop local structures like youth academies, strengthen our local league, and partner with countries like the Netherlands,Sweden,Denmark,Norway etc so we can export our players.Firing the coach is like blaming your child for failing his Grade 12 exams when you only provided him with books and transport money during the exam week.Let us learn to foster development and not blame coaches for our failures

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