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Does RB support Rapists?

Columns Feature Column Does RB support Rapists?

FDD President Edith Nawakwi campaigning for RB in 2008 elections

By Madame Musonda
As a Zambian woman I was greatly appalled to have read in your paper about an MMD youth Chairperson Chris Chalwe threatening to rape Edith Nawakwi.I guess he planned to recruit a gang of MMD cadres to carry this out.I have been waiting for our President or MMD senior officials to condemn this primitive and diabolical threat but alas it seems our President, Senior MMD members and the Inspector General Francis Kabonde have given it a thumbs up!

This is greatly distressing and a sad day for all Zambian women.The Zambian leadership obviously have no regard for Women or their rights.

It was only recently that President Banda and the police harassed Mrs Chansa Kabwela when they called for her arrest.All she was trying to do was to bring to the attention of our leaders the deplorable plight of Zambian women at the largest health institution of the land. In this case, all focus was shifted from the poor health facilities availed to Zambian women in child birth.This would have been a great opportunity to highlight the poor antenatal case facilities in the country instead it become an international fiasco which showed how our “learned President” was victimising an innocent Zambian woman over the definition of “pornography”.

It is increasingly becoming obvious that The Zambian leadership has no regard for Zambian Women or issues affecting them.Who will Zambian women turn to? We can not even turn to the Police because apparently the Police chief did not find anything wrong in Mr Chalwe’s terrorist threat. Terrorism is defined as the calculated use of violence (or the threat of violence) against civilians in order to attain goals that are political or religious or ideological in nature; this is done through intimidation or coercion or instilling fear) .

Mr Kabonde, I guess implies that terrorism is not an offense in Zambia.Are the police waiting for bodily harm to come to Mrs Nawakwi before they act?

As a man thinketh so is he. Mr Chalwe is obviously a rapist and has probably done this act before for him to so boldly utter it. In this day of HIV/AIDS such a threat can be likened to the threat of Murder.But once again since it involves a woman, no one really cares.

Are the true colors of MMD finally coming out? I shudder to think that the murderous MMD youth- the future of MMD could one day rule Zambia.In light of this I urge all Zambian women not to vote for MMD as our safety is at stake.If they can not guarantee our safety in Zambia they do not deserve to enter State house.Mr.President, you are either For or Against Mr.Chalwe, as Zambian women we want to know where you stand.

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  1. It doesn’t suprise me…… What’s the age difference between him and, is it the first or second or third lady….? that tells is it all, very disgusting! yaba.

  2. It doesn’t suprise me…… What’s the age difference between him and, is it the first or second or third lady….? that tells is it all, very disgusting! yaba.:o

  3. Looking at RBs response in todays Post, it is obvious he condones rapists in his ranks. This Chalwe thug is so disgusting and shameful. And people condoning this type of behavior are married and are parents with daughters. What can stop chalwe and his thugs from gang raping your women? Women, be united and speak out. This has nothing to do with Partisan politics.

  4. Yes we want to know where the president stands.Why is he silent? Even Shikapwasha hasn’t reacted.Viva Zambian women abash MMD and its band of Rapists [-(

  5. maybe he even rapes his small wife too. its so disgusting, i saw a documentary on oppression of women in kenya. men openly talked of how a woman was a lesser being and how they are just good for child bearing.boys as early as 10yrs are taught that women and girls should respect them and how they are above women.the worst is that at the end of the documentary,it was said that this area of Nairobi has the highest rape cases of women of all ages from months old babies to elderly gray haired helpless women.
    i thought zambian would never go through that, now im worried because the top leaders of the land condon it, very soon will see street kids that look like RB. shikapasha mulongoti and the IG himself.

  6. Mr Chalwe’s beheviour should be condemmed by every normal human being not only zambian women but every one male and female

  7. (a mans voice).. iwe Thandi, bwela kuno…
    (a girls voice)…..nicani imwe?
    ( a mans voice) suona kwafipa?
    (a girls voice)….mwana alila.
    (a mans voice) pasa mukuluwake, suona nifuna kucita citen..endesa gona apa.

  8. (a mans voice).. iwe Thandi, bwela kuno…
    (a girls voice)…..nicani imwe?
    ( a mans voice) suona kwafipa?
    (a girls voice)….mwana alila.
    (a mans voice) pasa mukuluwake, suona nifuna kucita citen..endesa gona apa.
    use your imagination with the rest

  9. (a mans voice).. iwe Thandi, bwela kuno…
    (a girls voice)…..nicani imwe?
    ( a mans voice) suona kwafipa?
    (a girls voice)….mwana alila.
    (a mans voice) pasa mukuluwake, suona nifuna kucita citen..endesa gona apa.

    use your imagination with the rest:((:((:((

  10. This chalwe chap must be castrated before he pounces on innocent edith and other zed ladies. He’s a danger to society

  11. The president clearly has no moral or leadership qualities that we require for our country. We should take the blame for having elected a person with the leadership qualities of an amoeba -you reap what you sow!

    I however, believe that we should demand the resignation or dismissal of the IG. The man is either incompetent or over promoted. Either way, he is a disgrace and greatly shames our country. I was even going to email RB, but link to State House is broken. Typical!

  12. # 4 mujina, This whole issue is based on the presidents’ response. RB said it is OK to THREATEN RAPE. Worse still, fraud-linked inspector of police confirmed that it is not a crime to threaten rape.
    We are in a country where leaders do not think before they utter anything.
    shame, Zambia, shame of a country.

  13. This president is not normal, that’s all I can say. #1 Virginia you summed it up so well.
    Can Veteran, Senior citizen and MMD Bootlicker comment on this.

  14. Even LT censors the word ra`pe. Like the madame reclled, “what one thinketh, so is he”. can you imagine RB being your father, you tell him that you were treatened with ra`pe, then he says it is OK to be harassed. No wonder he does not see anything wrong in marrying a grand child.

  15. Nawakwi has children, how do they feel? why cant Chalwe far key his mother since ha has so much appetite to even rape nawakwi

  16. The so-called father of the nation KK ought to say something on this gang r ape issue, lately he has been talking too much in support of Rupiah.

  17. What can KK say? Niba nina kale helicopter naba RB. bali ku Choma, ku malilo!!:-w

  18. Its all Nawakwi’s fault, Nawakwi has been called political prostitute(she was fine with it), she has been suspected of having a relationship with RB(she has accepted it), she has been linked as a gold digger and slips around(she has accepted). efyo bangala, lets stay out of these insults and leave them to finish themselves. i for one, would leave this to Nawakwi because maybe they even talk about such when they are the two of them,they joke these people.leave them alone period.

  19. I condemn the threats but i think Nawakwi should be ashamed of herself, is she not the same woman who was busy supporting RB in the last election? Amona fyasasa elo atampako ati fyonofyono![-(

  20. Ba Moze! Mwaniyofya nama titles.

    As a woman ine am very scared. Ba Rupiah aba na MMD yabo they are a danger to women of Zambia. God help us.

  21. Ine Pa Zambia amano nayapwa… I don’t know anymore.. R.A.P.E, even worse gang r.a.p.e, is the worst form of violence again anyone (both male + female) and in my books is a CAPITAL crime.. Its not something that should be tolerated at all.. I wish RB could just drop dead.. He’s messing Zambia up..

  22. I wonder how RB would react if some one said they will gang rape young Thandiwe? any way he has no reason to worry she is not our type if he thinks she is a pretty.Nonsence

  23. #21 Tionge, Its the only way i can be considered to stand as President of Zambia. I also have ambitions, ka.

  24. Shanza and Katalina You two have no morals. There is nothing that justifies raping anyone. If you disagree with Nawakwi you are free to ctiticise her no one is stopping you! You do not need qualifiers or justifications! Rape is a crime! Full stop!

  25. #31. same thing I was thing, when it comes women, never underestimate FTJ next thing will hear is change of names Thandiwe Chiluba

  26. If the president has condoned it will it be referred to as Statutory r.a.p.e.?:-? And this from a degree holder??? As a woman I find this presido utterly disgusting.

  27. If the president has condoned it will it be referred to as Statutory r.a.p.e.?:-? And this from a degree holder??? As a woman I find this presido utterly disgusting.

  28. the MMD circus turns vulgar! Its immoral for the entire President to not say anything. This Chalwe id.i.ot insulted our mothers,sisters and daughters.Castrate the bas.tard

  29. Chalwe Chalwe,come to the CB so tat we come and sort you out. There are times when I worry about leaving my daughters at home with some “Uncle” and here is stupid Chalwe rubbing it in. I wish I knew you personally, I could have set the hounds on you…….literally. Kabonde, send your helmetted police quacks to come and pick me up for saying this because I am serious. Chalwe nkakwikata and I will make sure I remove your Raping paraphenalia before you set it on any body………….you I.D.I.O.T.:))sOME BODY GIVE ME HIS 4N NUMBER FOR A START. I WANNA :-c him

  30. Dear writer of this article as a man you can turn to me. As a Zambian I say let chalwe be arrested az an example. It’s time as Zambian men we picked up arms for our women and children. We have sissys in office. My prayers for the protection of our mothers and sisters plus our women as a whole. In Jesus’s name I pray.

  31. Chalwe should be arrested and expelled from MMD. On this one the president needs to show leadership and not condone such behaviour. This is a very serious issue. Whilst I do not want to exuse Chalwe’s behaviour, have we not been here before? Did Sata and his thugs not threaten Nawakwi with the same when she was against Chiluba’s third term? This shows that we have a leadership problem in Zambia as all parties are now prone to violence as well as playing the ethnic or tribal card.

  32. The NCC-Looking for good laws- Adop this aftre all it carries the suport of degree holders. You see, exellent leadership quality. That is why we need only degree holders. It will be wonderfull, just threaten a women, since it not an offence lucky will be on your side, the chance of her submitting will be high.

  33. Theres no Law and Order in Zambia, anybody can talk trash as long as they’re MMD supporters. They get away with so much. How would RB feel if his mother was insulted like that? by dirty thugs? This man has no sense whatsoever, very useless president.

  34. I dont think this calls for the president to make any comments. Iam sure There are more pressing issues the president should channel his ernergies. This particular case is the sole responsility of the Police.Edith should complain to the police especially that she knows the person who threatened her.
    Then another docket should be opened for all of you who are threatening Thandiwe. Edith and Thandiwe are both women who in my view should be respected.
    By the way the president cant control what people say.

  35. Public support of Far Keying in Zambia is a disgrace to all the the people not only Zambian women. RB must be ashamed of himself. Thandiwe awama… Mmmm Ndipo ninga muike nayo so that she remains gasping for air for not less than twenty minute after the act. Threats are not offences in Zambia anymore!

  36. Dear Friends, Zambians, I want to agree with the notion that RB supports rapists, and rape itself. Just imagine the guy is 73, and the wife is 30! Isn’t that some form of rape? He is used to that act so he sees nothing wrong with Chalwe’s statement. Imagine if both Thandiwe and RB were to subtract 20 years from their ages-who would RB be considered to be? Rapist and defiler, period!!

  37. zambians lets not be swayed by cheap political sponsored newspeper articals.the president is not so foolish as to support criminal activities.its about time you idoits started respecting our presidents

  38. #56 Dr no this thing is straight forward.President Banda is the head of MMD.Some quack in his party uttered something utterly disgraceful and the president has not said a thing.We have heard him comment of many trivial matters.Why is he silent on this serious issue.Its this type of lack of leadership that causes him to lose respect.

  39. I am just sitting back and laughing at you all… it took you all this long to see that RB was not good for Zambia… after LPM death I said Magande should becom President but it fell on deaf ears. look at the mess we are in now, RB is a rapist himself, in any other country in the world he would be charged with statutory rape since it is evident that he was with is current wife while she was under age.

  40. Rb is obsessed with the word pornography, look at todays post newspaper. As a man thinketh so is he. 2011 you gats to go!

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