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The Weekend in Pictures

Photo Gallery The Weekend in Pictures


Some white farmers in Mazabuka wait for President Banda


This is not a bribe sir...President Banda receives a bank note to give as gratification for a traditional singer in Mazabuka.


ZANACO Football club squad pose for a picture before taking on Uganda Revenue Authority in kampala
ZANACO Football club squad pose for a picture before taking on Uganda Revenue Authority in kampala


Uganda Revenue Authority players celebrate after scoring the only winning against ZANACO in Kampala.


In-coming Zambia Rugby Football Union president Raj karamchand (l) and Committee member Tom Chani during the union's annual general meeting in Lusaka


Delegates enlist for the Zambia Rugby Football Union annual general meeting in Lusaka


Parliamentary Chief Whip Vernon Mwaanga listen to Russian Ambassador to Zambia Boris Malakhov in Lusaka


Vernon Mwaanga poses for a picture with ministry of foreign Affirs permanent secretary Tens Kapoma in Lusaka


Chief Mwanachingwala makes his way among the kapasos or Aid' de camps at his palace in Mazabukua


Chief Mwanachingwala waves at President Banda's chopper when he arrived at his palace in Mazabuka


A Zambia Air Force flight assistant helps floor managers to lay a red carpet for President Banda in Mazabuka.
A Zambia Air Force flight assistant helps floor managers to lay a red carpet for President Banda in Mazabuka.


A portrait of an unidentified woman captured in Mazabuka


Gift Hambulo celebrates the eve of 2010 Valentines in style at the Crossroads Shopping Mall  - Picture by  J. Mandela
Gift Hambulo celebrates the eve of 2010 Valentines in style at the Crossroads Shopping Mall - Picture by J. Mandela


  1. Pic#11- Red Carpet on the grass. RB was a peanut farmer, surely he can stand some grass!
    Pic#13 – Celebrating eve of Valentine’s day with fire? What is Valentine’s anyway?

  2. Mayo ehh! efyo abena Mwaanga bapwile ifi. Pic #12, is that a man or woman? If that is a woman can somebody advise her to be shaving her beards to avoid cases of mistaken identity.

  3. We seem obsessed with that red carpet. I haven’t seen this obsession any place else but maybe I am not that observant. Maybe those of you with ties to Nkwazi House can clue me in on the significance of the red carpet.

  4. Pic 1-Lt you will be accused for being racist why refering them as “white farmers” instead of just “farmers”.I can imagine the same photo in the new york times with a title like “some black farmers in texas wait for president Obama” and the possible connotations such a statement can generate.:-?

  5. VJ has clapped. He Clapped a long time ago. He should just leave politics. I wonder what that Russian ambassador was thinking while talking to VJ. Probably thinking that this guy needs bed rest.

  6. I agree with you number 12. You can already tell what race they are so there is no need to emphasis it in the caption.

  7. So what if the lady in pic 12 has a little bit more testosterone? A little facial hair on a woman and you all get excited. That is someone’s mother.

    OK I concur, she needs to shave!

  8. Is the lady in photo number 6 fit to represent the sport of Rugby? Times have now caught up with VJ he had the best of life nature has it’s ways.

  9. Let him walk in some floods……………………..red carpet for what intrhe village when evryone knows already he is the head of state?

  10. Good Evening

    Interesting pics. White farmers in Mazabuka don’t seem to have much work to do, do they? I wonder what is on their papers as they anxiuosly await the arrival of the president?

    Does Rugby have a good sports audience in Zambia? I personally don’t known any Zambian who have taken it seriously.

  11. Pic # 12 is the picture of the year, ba Mayo aba obviously nakunshi kababeya ko, a woman with beards like that? hahhhhh

  12. #21 Chikuni, you are spot on. It is very clear that the people in the picture are white. Its a classic case of stating the obvious. You can do better than this LT. It could have read “A group of farmers in Mazabuka waiting on the president’s arrival…”

  13. Pic 12!! No razors ku mazabuka? Am sending some pronto! Ma, the lady has no friends to even tune ati but mumi tu beard kumenso so nishi, shi teni ko aka lazor mu shave ko! Mu lemoneka kwati ni closs dlesser shuwa :d

  14. #12 and #21 whats the big deal calling them white farmers?its just descriptive. no one expects zambian farmers to be white, by saying white farmers we know they are probably afrikaan farmers from south africa.if it was a bunch of tourists one wouldn’t expect the term white tourists because most tourists in zambia are white anyway.
    pic 12 thats a man!

  15. Sorry pips nothing wrong of @white farmers’ thats what they are. They call us black in there countries, you fill in forms you have to identify yourself ‘black African.’ Pic of the year for real #12

  16. Well using the term “white” farmers is not bad at all but i guess it is high time we stopped this thing of describing an individual from the racial point of view in this globalized world.Lets be intellectuals,it is things like these that make me think even this idea of putting in your tribe when getting your passport or national registration should be abolished so that if my mother is tonga and father bemba all i need is to put in as zambian.:-?

  17. No# 24, I want to tell you a bit on the word white or black farmers that theyDO NOT farm white or black, therefore they are just farmers. Because they can farm anything they want,EXAMPLE.cabbage,rape or tobbaco. So better just to say farmers. THAN INDICATING THE COLOUR.

  18. #26 so you think they are no white zambians? If u see a white in zambia then they are South African or a tourist? And all tourists are white? Stop exposing your ignorance on such a public domain! The caption is out of order, end of! Just say farmers, whats wrong with that? The caption is wrong on so many levels I dont think you would understand with your state of mind, you seem to see the world from a pin hole view.8-|

  19. I guess the classification”white farmers” would not have sounded less racial had LT been more specific by saying “Zambian farmers of European origin”. Fact is wherever you go in the world, people are differentiated and identified firstly according to their outward appearances or any other visible ethnic properties. Other (more important!) qualities like ability, qualification or status in society are usually secondary in consideration. Here in Europe, you will find that people tend to call “European” everybody else that are not Black or fall into any distinct minority or ethnic sub-group. This means the Turks, Russians and even Tunisians will be considered “White” and more “European” than many Africans with European citizenship by birth. Why does this not seem to worry anyone?

  20. You people…what is this with white shani shani uko…iyo black shani shani uko! is there someone who is white? let alone black? I have never seen a white person all my life neither have I seen a black one. Am I colour blind? I have seen brown people…brown is all shades and I see pinkish people…are those the ones you call white????

    So what colour is # 32? someone will say ‘black’ is that black sure????

  21. LT should hire some serious editors looks like they got a bunch of 5 year old’s working the press. They have great pictures with wack captions to go along with them. A real reporter reports facts,like on photos they use in their story. Why is everyone labeled “unidentified” in these pictures? A true Journalist would at least ask the subject their name.[-(

  22. # 33 why is it that everytime you always try to come up with some awkward reasoning of some sort.Maybe in your Europe that thing is prominent not in my Europe.Mind you my brother you live in one of the most racist countries in the world(naziland) so maybe no wonder you have come to conclude that the whole Europe is like because your friends and neighbours keep on reminding you about your color by calling you “black” always, but hell no thats not the reality.There is no excuse for the caption in picture one full stop.:-?

  23. Nambala #12…good point.Its time we paid less attention at some of things as white or black details.As a matter of fact no one is Black or the said White …But more pink and the other brown. So to be more specific the caption in picture 1 should read: Some Pinkish Farmers in Mazabuka waiting for a Brownish president Banda:o:o:o

  24. What about a Pinkish man trying to ask a brownish gentleman if he knew where some yellowish girls were who were driving a green car knew where the dark-brownish boy really lived at a white house…:o:o:o

  25. Hey lusaka times i hope you wont get a picture of me arriving at the airport with my chinese girlfriend otherwise i dont want something like “A zambian with a yellow girlfriend”.:)>-

  26. LT should have called them farmers and not white farmers, I agree with everyone that is against it. Co lour issues will never end unless everyone free themselves from mental slavery.Even after having a black USA President, we are still referring to each other as black, green, blue, white etc. The most pipo that are insecure are the so called white or blue that made us suffer for many years.

    # 44 I like your last comments

  27. Imagine kissing ‘beard man’ in pic #12.
    Those ‘white farmers’ are dumb, their ‘black farmers’ counterparts are in the trees behind, while the other two are not interested in RB’s arrival.

  28. Pic 8, Why do we have a lot of old people in the civil service? Mr Kapoma should retire and give chance to vibrant, educated unemployed youth.

  29. #26 to call them white farmers is racial discrimination. They are farmers finish and cla its up to the readers to see whether they are white or black. Picture No 12 is Ayoba! I can’t understand why Mwaanga is the Chip Whip, we need a young vibrant voice in that position.

  30. Nice pictures but on picture 1 was it necessary to say ”white farmers.” I think it is discriminatory and actually shows that we still have people with inferiority complex in our country,i find this so shameful indeed. A farmer is a farmer,it doesn’t matter what the colour of their skin or hair is.

  31. It´s indeed a pity that Lusaka times in it´s capacity would still have a mentality of black this,white that. Sounds like Zimbabwe. Lets go……..red carpet till toilet.The best colour is green.

  32. same old mentality :d. ati white farmers. They are just farmers. Stop brain washing yourselves. You are same chaps who say ali kwata amano nga umusungu. Fake!

  33. Good Morning

    It is painful reality but the only time that colour does not matter is when you’re 6 feet below the ground. Don’t blame me for a world that has always (and will always!) draw lines between black & white, left & right, up & down, weak & strong and the list goes on…

    #36 no need to worry yourself about the choice of my spouse. Thank God when it comes to matters of the heart, we are all colour-blind. It is not her fault that she was born “white” – and yet her heart is as black as tar!

    #40 maybe I exaggerate at times but my arguments are clear and not awkward. I’m sorry if I stir up your emotions with my comments but if you follow my reasoning you may find that we can learn from each other, and at the very least consider each others opinions in an effort to…

  34. …determine our own.

    My point is we all make comments besed on our own emotional issues, but this should let us realise that the very same forces operating others also operate on us. In short, let us examine our comments from another bloggers perspective. That way, we will always be mindful to give tolerance to others. Peace!:)>-

  35. #26 Nico Man were where you exactly born and brought up in Zambia? You seem to be so damn ignorant of your own country. Tell me are the Millers in Lilayi not third generation Zambians? How about people like Guy Robinson, the Streets of Mazabuka, the Irwins, O’Donnells of Lusaka etc? Stop promoting Mugabeism in Zambia. We have have had enough of your anti-progress bigotry. Go to Chisamba and along the line of rail in Southern Province and I bet you my middle fingure that you will find members of my tribe. Yes the tribe you call white but I would rather you called me ZAMBIAN.

  36. slave mentality exhibited here. Someone dared call the ‘massa’ by his colour. What are you called in the countries where you are? I’m pretty sure you are called black and there aint no white man falling over himself to correct that statement.what to people call Obama – the First Black president. Get over yourselves.The muzungus are not even commenting and there you go getting riled up over nothing.

  37. Nine Chale, thank God for bloggers like you – you make it all worthwhile with your well thought out comments without resorting to insults. And for you my friend Cabbage, the issue of the captions has always been a sore point with me. LT, take note and employ editors who can get to the core of the storyline and proof read. All said and done, nice range of pictures.

  38. picture 12 kuti nachi fukunya. mmmm walai nthwenunasim, iwe naisa na powela pa menso pakwe. ahhh chi suma chi madam. kuti nafikisina fi ndevu.

  39. How can you tell the colour or tribe of the bloggers on here. Man people are criticising your ignorant assertion that a white farmer in Zambia is a Boer or Afrikaner; I think that is what is been alluded to by #25 and #60. Mate all they are trying to show you is that there are whites who are Zambian. Your assertion that whites in Zambia could only be tourists or South African farmers is just wrong and petty. My dear 1.2% of the Zambian population is white. The majority of them are Zambian born and bred. They would have been a lot more if Kaunda did not carry out his short sighted Zambianisation programme in which only blacks qualified to be Zambian. A lot of whites despite having Zambian citizenship were stripped off their jobs to make way for ‘Zambians’. This is akin 2 yr thinking.

  40. # 62 Nico that is a lame excuse.Obama is called the first black president because it is contextual,what can prevent people to call Guy scot the first white zambian president if he became one.But here it is a different case all together it is very clear from the picture that those are white and it it should not be emphasized.:)>-

  41. Black farmers protest delays to settle claims of racial bias

    Washington (CNN) – A group representing African-American farmers hopes to persuade Congress to fund a court settlement compensating them for long-standing claims of racial bias in federal farm programs.

  42. picture numbala 8 . awe eku fita uko.mmm . wonder why they give those two visas to travel kuvyalo. too black mwe

  43. That #12 pic was even at Mwanawasas funeral. Is that really a woman??? If she why doesn’t she shave? you can see she’s been shaping up that beard so why not go the extra step and shave….that is just weird

  44. Pic 5, ba Tom Chani, long time mudala, how have you been, nice to see you are still alive, Picture 8 Vernon mudala nafika ku last nomba, mwati bu Chief MMD Elections Rigger akabwipula mu 2011?

  45. there are many whites in mazabuka, so for LT to specify that those were white farmers and not doctors or investors was not wrong.

  46. people, let us not accuse that person being a lady, wat if she is a man, luk at the wig, awe mayo, its not original hair, so dnt b certain of her being a woman…

  47. 😡 i love the pic with the man muli weaven ala the world is coming to end where some men want to be women ni hard life

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