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Friday, February 21, 2020

Milupi attacks RB,HH and Sata

Headlines Milupi attacks RB,HH and Sata

PF Leader (L) and UPND Leader (R)Opposition Alliance for Development and Democracy (ADD) President Charles Milupi says there is need for political change in this country.

Mr. Milupi said there is no need of politics of insults at the expense of serious Zambians who need economic development in the nation.

He charged that it is unfortunate that the Republican President Rupiah Banda and the Patriotic Front/United Party for National Development (UPND) leaders Micheal Sata and Hakainde Hichilema, respectively, were busy insulting each other at the expense of developing the country.

Mr. Milupi was speaking over the weekend when he addressed a meeting which was poorly attended by people in Livingstone’s Maramba market area.

However, However, Mr. Hichilema brushed off Mr. Milupi’s assertions who he said was bitter becuase President Banda had not appointed him to any government position despite the Independent Luena M.P campaigning for the President in 2008.

Mr. Hichilema is quoted in the local media to have advised Mr. Milupi to stop his verbal attacks on the pact.


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  1. Its not an attack but a sincere rebuke.Reject + Reject=Reject precisely sore loser +f sore loser=self crisis noise gongs.

  2. # 3, this Milupi charp is an independent member of parliament who has recently formed a political party constituting of children, him and his wife. He then calls his self president to this Kantemba. The charp is a disgrace. Yes he is better becouse RB did not give him a post. What a shame, he wanted a post in MMD yet his independent member. Let us not worst our time with time weastors.

  3. Mr Milupu you will certainly erode the little political achievement you have attained if you will not think before you talk. When the wind of Change Blows no man can stop except GOD. So open your eyes and let them see please don’t just let them look. Same goes with your ears, let them listen and not only hear.**==

  4. One wonders, how could such a learned and wealthy person cuase self destruction in such a manner? He genuinely has concerns on the levels of insults and mud slinging exhibited by certain politicians but forming a one person political party is not the solution to redress this.

  5. I have not heard RB using insulting language against Sata or Hichilema. Most of RBs language has been that of councelling. On the other hand it has been Sata and Hichilema who have been using foul language against RB. So Mr Milupi you should be councelling Sata and Hichilema.

  6. Mr milupi your party is far of making any impact now, i attended your so called rally at maramba and you were in the presence of mr siwisha who was driving you around the town. Your rally is equated to that of a birth day party which was attended by children. Your accuses may seem true but this is not time for you to finger pointing. You rightly now that you were fooled that you form a party which will overaid UPND in southern province with a view that their were going to be massive exodus quiting of UPND MPs because of the PF/UPND PACT alliance, upon loosing solwezi seat by UPND Which turned out the opposite.So watchout your move.

  7. Time wasters! Self proclaimed individualistic parties, composed of him and wife, and wanton children. Go to h.e.l.l. and f.u.ck. with Lucifer. As if you can develop Zambia. It is because of chaps like you that RB is in Plot 1. Now you deeply regret! Just swallow your own vomit and do us a favour, Shut up!

  8. Fellow Zambians and bloggers, what is the reason for a Political Party? And why should there be many and different ones?

  9. Imwe ba milupi,jst coz u a chair of parliamentary committe and are heard so much means you are presidential material.NO.Far from it .Dont waste your money.open your eyes and focus on the pact we Chipuba.You are behaving as if you have never been to school.

  10. Veteran there you are again shushushu. Tyres are waiting for you plunderers. Milupi is pyschotic – thats what i can describe him desperate for attention with his micky mouse party. The PACT has sent chills down their spines including the MMD and their micky mouse alliances. Milupi Zwaaaa!<):)

  11. no.1 Sata talks for the silent majority and he has made these thieves to work a bit.Milupi who is your vice? may be we can join ur small village.If any thing join hands with Ngondo , Siwilwapa and By mwila who seems to have dicthed his party members if at all he had any.Let us support the pact.

  12. The battle is joined. The race to 2011 plot 1 has started in earnest. Bruisers get ready, but while they bicker, the grass suffers.

  13. I think Milupi ale fwa ika amapi! I know Bwezani makes noise and he advocates for raping women and attacking who are against him. Mr. Sata makes noise but there is some sense in his noise. If u have followed Bwezani comments the past few months u wonder want kind of a person is leading our country. The problem with Bwezani is that he has short memoery, he says something today, the next day he as no clue when other people react to his noise. Ask Bwezani the most important things regarding his stealings with his family and friends, guy has no answers for that.

  14. As a Zambian citizen Mr Milupi is free to associate with whoever he wishes, form a political party or make a comment on the current political landscape. However, I thought #4’s comment was very funny and cutting:))


  16. Zambians are looking for a leader who can move the nation from the current stagnation. Many people who have travelled world wide know how this beautiful country has lost out. Countries that were at the same level with Zambia before independence, are now miles ahead of us. Yes we need change, but it must be for the better. Most of the people that have shown interest in leadership have in the past disappoined us. Many want to be in Plot one to simply boost their business. There are better Zambians who fear to be bruised. Unless as Zambians,we put our heads together, the next 5 years will be time wasted.

  17. # 11 Abena George, I think its either you do not know what constitutes insults or you have such a short length of memory to declare that Banda is not insulting others. Who said “ama politics akunya” or who pointed at opposition members and claimed, and quote “onani, onani vimasilu?” Further, I do not think there is any bigger insult to the nation than Banda’s perpetual embarrassing habit of falling asleep at every international meeting he attends. leaving the country completely unrepresented and at the end signing agreements he has no clue about while we are made to pay for such completely useless trips abroad. That to be is treasonable insults to the common citizenry of this country wallowing in poverty while he’s busy “Kayopering” under the guise of representing them.

  18. N0 22 i agree you are right in a way.without critisism goverment will be sleeping.but he (sata) must have breaks for a week at list but SATA everyday talks

  19. # 13, That is the Zairian flag, mune the Zairianization of Zambia Chiluba started in 1991 is now complete.

  20. In Zambia we have the concept that the majority is always right.Being in the minority makes you wrong in whatever you say.
    Whats wrong with Milupi addressing the political insults that the Govt and main opposition parties have engaged in at the expense of talking about economic development?
    If you don’t like this guy and any other then don’t vote for him but for the sake of democracy,do not shut him up!!
    What is it that is scaring you if he is insignificant in Zambian politics?

  21. N0 23 i agree you are right in a way.without critisism goverment will be sleeping.but he (sata) must have breaks for a week at list but SATA everyday talks

  22. KK led Zambia into independence,FTJ played a role in democratising the nation while LPM instilled sanity and a sense of discipline in the nation.RB is a lost cause and visionless leader.We currently need an economic manager to curtail and bring to an end the high poverty levels in the nation.

  23. Sata is insane! Ubwato! Kuli? Honestly Sata is a clown and a disgrace! It just shows how backward Zambian is if people can rally around this i.d.i.o.t! Zambia is a disaster! Solution is to break the country into 9 states. The current mixture is just too poisonous! The mistake was made by the British in 1924 when they almagated NorthWestern Rhodesia and NorthEastern Rhodesia basically mixing honest and upright people with loud mouthed kaboki criminals.

  24. Milupi we know you culprit from the copper belt. You are not different with these thieves we already have. you guys where building houses using ZCCM man power and equipment in kalulushi and kitwe and the tu ma companies you started and shares you where buying and all your children that you have sent abroad.we know you, you guys were well known for abuse of authority.we know you and theirs alot we can say but if your wise and not a fool you will stay away from politics coz just one of the Crooks.

  25. Milupi is over ambitious. His overzealousness will very soon lead him to oblivion. He should take a leaf from his Lozi friends who created such tuma tribal based political parties. E.g Agenda for Zambia (The mbikusitas), United Liberal Party (Sakwiba) etc. Whilst we can never deny the fact that the chap is brilliant, I still feel that he would be better off joining any of the prominent parties.

  26. B “kantu” Y or BY formed his one man party, tavelled all over Zambia dishing out money. During rallies he was renting a MOB to carry him on a hammock. What happened, he lost badly during elections. He later complained that chiefs recieved him well he cant lose. got bust (bankrapt). Milupi be warned.

  27. #49 Do you have anything against Lozis? Stop projecting your tribalism on others you s.w.i.n.e. What is to be overambitious? Is it when you are Lozi and form a political party? Is a party tribal because it is headed by a Lozi? Mwanyanya ba kawalala imwe! What is so none tribal about PF and UPND? Isnt Rupiah Banda a tribalist? There seems to be a deliberate effort by tribalists like #49 to make everyone follow Sata…..honestly is this the type of person you can entrust a country with? Anyway I wouldnt be surprised since Sata is a product of a rubbish dump called Zambia!

  28. What is wrong with what Milupi has said? I think the man has made sense, its time our politicians (both ruling and opposition) started talking about development rather than Porn all the time and who has stolen. And by the way Milupi has a right to start his own party just because you dont support his party doesnt mean his a failure. Remember the so called PF UPND and MMD that you are singing about all started as ideas and today they are celebrated party’s in our nation. Sata started PF by himself and now its big. So let the man be and debate the statements he has made and the useless debates that people are trying to bring up here.

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