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Govt has lost track in fighting corruption- CCZ

General News Govt has lost track in fighting corruption- CCZ

The Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) has charged that government has lost track in the fight against corruption.

CCZ General Secretary Susan Matale said despite the numerous government pronouncements on the fight against corruption, the vice has continued to be rampant in the country.

Reverend Matale said that corruption has become rampant in the country because government has ignored the general corruption taking root in the country.

She noted that government has concentrated on high profile corruption, overlooking the general corruption.

Rev Matale said the shift in attention has negatively impacted on the fight against corruption which has resulted in grassroots corruption being rampant.

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  1. rev mutale, what is worse, stealing in church through offerings or from government? nizeee. we know your secrets rev. mmm but awe avasungu vali temwa making love bane. my wifes sister came a few mins ago bane, to drop off a package, and she says ouch my back is killing me, walai can you massage it a bit. ine nati am not your slave (jockinly) next thing chayisa cha ni blockina legs apart bane, and then she came close to me got my hands and put them on her shoulders, … mmm bane there was silence, ine tanker yachi yima, i just broke the silence and started asking her about her ex husband. when goin ati you should come around when u r free. awe what am i meant to do guys? shud i tell ba madamu, if i tell ba madamu ala zanda bane, and i dont want the young sister to be in trouble. deuces:)>-

  2. What are Zambians going to do or eat if there is no corruption. It is here to stay. even your legacy LPM was corrupt. ask Moreen she was busy eating with boyfriends even when her husband was on death bed. when i become HE i will sweep govt and replace everybody with Catholics….

  3. When the corruption crusade was started by my late president, Mwanawasa, it was fighting high level corruption which at that time was rife and needed immediate action. CCZ is right to point out that corruption has changed face and is now deep rooted in the middle ranks of government and little in the lower ranks. That also does not mean that high level corruption is not taking place, its still on-going. But should we do to reduce the scourge? Zambia must demand for 100% decentralisation so that the citizen must be fully involved in deciding their destiny. Imagine if decision were made at village level and at the same time implement? No corruption.

  4. Chiefs, Judges, GRZ Officers and all are corrupt- What do you do if the fish is rotten? Through it? No! Kusashila and say nalifuka not nalibola.

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