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Tell us candidate, South headmen urge PACT

Rural News Tell us candidate, South headmen urge PACT

Chief Mwanachingwala

MORE than 200 village headmen in Mazabuka District have joined the growing number of voices dreading the possible assumption of Patriotic Front (PF) leader Michael Sata to the helm of the UPND/PF pact as president.

The headmen have since called on the pact to immediately announce its presidential candidate for the 2011 presidential polls, while also reiterating the now widely held assertion within the UPND and the Southern Province that “No HH as presidential candidate, no pact”.

Speaking for the headmen from Mazabuka during the week, Chief who is also fierce opponent of the pact revealed that the traditional leaders were anxious to know which candidate would be adopted as president.

He said Mr Sata was not a leader to be entrusted with the running of affairs of the nation even going by the number of revelations about allegations about his past dealings.

Chief Mwanachingwala said the headmen were unanimous in their resolve that they would not be intimidated in their resolve to see that either Mr Hakainde was president of the pact or that he from the outset goes it on his own as presidential candidate for the UPND.

He insisted the pact did not have any future and while he was an avid supporter of President Rupiah Banda for the 2011 presidential bid, he felt Mr Hichilema would have his time in 2016.

And Times investigations have revealed that a team of pro-Pact UPND cadres have started going around the Southern province intimidating people into supporting the pact.

In Mazabuka, a source said there were teams of people sent into the villages harassing people into accepting the pact to counteract an earlier team, which has been educating the masses about the dangers of staying in the pact.

Meanwhile, Chief Mwanachingwala in an interview with ZANIS deplored tribal politics being perpetuated by some traditional rulers in Southern Province.

He said in Mazabuka yesterday that he would not associate himself with political leaders who lack national representation, and that no amount of negative criticism by the UPND would make him shift his support away from President Banda.

[Times of Zambia]

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  1. Lets face it though the pact is the best idea so far where the unsitting of the MMD is concerned i still find it hard to convince myself that the alliance will stand the test of time.Clinical Signs of its crumbling has already started manifesting in form of some tribal groupings around the country openly expressing their thirsty and interest to see to it that only their tribal mate assend to power.This one by these headmen is just one typical example and i can see more coming beyond the horizon.Wait to hear from more parts of the country.:-?

  2. First George Kunda announced in Southern Province (L/stone) that HH will be expelled from UPND. Next the MMD rents chiefs to opposs Mr. Sata to be the presidential candidate but HH even when the PACT has not chosen a leader. A lot of money is flowing into Southern Province to stir up trouble, lets just eat it.. I’m from Eastern Province but religiously support the PACT.

    UPND & PF you have made the MMD realise they are loosing by a landslide, hence their desparation. We the supporters of the PACT are resolved to dislodge once and for all the MMD, there is no turning back. MMD going out come 2011.

  3. The Southern Chiefs being rented by the MMD should know that UPND cannot win an election alone. We undrerstand they have been yearning for a president from their area. However, UPND on their own can’t win in 2011. With PF along side them as partners, they will have a chance to be in Plot one. This is not time for sentiments and tribal outburst. Let Southern Province as we know it be for the PACT, then chances of them getting the instrument of power will be bright. If UPND pulls out that will be the end of HH. He is a bright guy I know but his rise further depends on him sticking it with the PACT. God bless HH and protect the PACT. I still feel the data being peddled by LT is from MMD so I dismiss it with contempt it deserves now.

  4. These are nice comments. Zambian have realised but they are letting MMD plant doubt in their minds. MMD is playing pure staying in power politics. The ultimate goal of any ruling party is to retain power at all costs. Therefore, the schemes to discredit competitors for nos serious and divisive group should not paralyse people into resignation, albeit for MMD’s advantage. It is clear MMD long lost its vitality in improving people’s lives. It has a forest of pronouncements and and arid desert of points and people have seen. From education to agriculture, MMD has lamentably failed and Zambians want to try others. That’s why the PF-UPND pact makes sense. It’s the real opposition and govt in waiting. Let’s support the pact. HH for sure!

  5. People should ask themselves why MMD is not attacking All People’s Congress Party, UNIP, FDD and Heritage Party including the newly formed Zambians for Economic Empowerment and the other party by Charles Milupi. It is for the plain reason that these cannot individually or collectively dislodge MMD. So logically MMD has to attack the serious contenders, PF and UPND. Simple statistics will show that UPND got over 90 percent in the recent by-elections, whereas PF and MMD shared the less than 10 percent. Seriously speaking UPND has gained a lot of momentum, bolstered now with the pact with PF. So all gimmicks to assail HH and his partner friend, Sata, must be made to derail them. NOw MMD is in serious panic, and are jittery, they are realising, like a dog, have their own days.
    Viva Pact.

  6. No provein this report………that chief was justhaving a good time with RB as he is MMD cadre inside out.Give the names of the 200 headmen or if you can´t spell their names…atleast try draw them for verification. Pact ni forward ever and backwards never.Feel the heat ka?

  7. Mwanachingwala is a dunderhead. Why would the 200 UPND headmen go to him when they know he is MMD to the born and not go to their MP or even petition HH himself to explain issues. Kicks of a dying horse indeed. VIVA HH, VIVA pact. Ba mudidi ni zwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

  8. UPND & PF can you shame MMD by going to convention. The act of just holding your own or a joint convention will woo you more voters than you have currently. Just go to convention & let RB & his cahoots in MMD continue to curtail disdents who are advocating for a convention. Ala power is sweet & corrupt. I wonder how a principled man like George Kunda a learned lawyer has remained mum about the democratic processes within his own party when he has the audacity to stand in a public forum & preach that PF/UPND are not democratic…With the knowledge you have you can do better Kunda that lick RB’s A.S.S. Tuchawa uleke.

  9. Ba TIMES OF ZAMBIA, this is the way you used to report in1991 prior to those HISTORICAL elections. Have we come full circle? I hope so.

  10. On “The headmen have since called on the pact to immediately announce its presidential candidate for the 2011 presidential polls, while also reiterating the now widely held assertion within the UPND and the Southern Province that “No HH as presidential candidate, no pact”“, I am with the headmen and UPND including the mighty Southern Province with other provinces of Zambia that are championing this cause.

    However, I am surprised that Chief Charles Malambo? Mwanachingwala, an MMD stooge, is the one who is revealing this data when he is at variance with the mighty UPND leadership. I just warn him to be careful cos next yr MMD might be in the opposition and how will he then conduct himself to the GRZ that may be led by president HH?

    Have a nice day all…

  11. MMD at it with their chief south cadre he is dreaming had and his masters are really panicking. He even knows the politics of Southern province people there move as one politically nothing will divide them politically it’s PACT FORWARD basa wina ango dwala mutu wamene siupola.

  12. My dear brothers from Southern,this act is convincing the people of zambia that No other tribe can be President of UPND.It is not possible for HH to win the elections single Handedly.I’m not bemba nor Suppoter for SATA but a better way should have been sort rather than showing the Nation what your aims are.Otherwise you have given RB a upper hand and Zambia shall not be reberated from Economic Slavery and we should not say MMD has stolen the Votes.You are giving them another term yourselves.
    To be Cont.

  13. I continue with opinion,it is not Democratic to Support some one just becoz he or she is your tribesman or you related to you. NO NO, Get me right ,HH is also capable ,it is a matter of you people campaigning for him within the Pact but not showning Other members of the Pact that you do’nt want them.Here it is clear that even if HH went thru No other tribe will have a say.With this mentality No one from Southern will ever rule Zambia becoz you are self centred.My brothers Let us learn to be democratic if we are to change zambian Politics of Regionalism..This act should be condemned in totality. I love HH ,I love all zambians, all I need is a Leader who will love all the peolpe and not selfcenterd.Other coutries in southern region are developed becoz Leaders are not Selfish.

  14. These Tonga cousins are over Zealous with HH please take it easy why are you panicking like MMD. Chief Mwachingwala is double dealer he supports MMD but his interest is in Pact Leadership why?

  15. On “Chief Mwanachingwala said the headmen were unanimous in their resolve that they would not be intimidated in their resolve to see that either Mr Hakainde was president ofthe pact or that he from the outset goes it on his own as presidential candidate for the UPND“, Mr chief Mwanachingwala may have revealed very true data but he is a wrong man to do this. He is instead painting Southern Province and other Chiefs from there as tribal people.

    In light of this, I would like to read from Minister of Justice and Vic President George Kunda about the criminal activity of tribalism by South Province MMD Chief Mwanachingwala cadre.

    Have a good day fellow Citizens.
    Matt 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you

  16. Mwnachingwala wants to each with both hands. He wishes he had two mouths. This is typical of Zambian chiefs save or except the Litunga. This Mwanachingwala is shouting at mountain top supporting RB cause he wants to eat with the ruling party. He knows MMD cannot win except with small probability in L/stone but with a small margin now. I like Mwanachingwala’s spirit of fighting to eat the spoils from MMD but he is commenting wrongly on the PACT. Let him start fighting the Watchtower or the 7th Day advertist if he is hungry for a serious fight.

    THERE is a clear division among the chiefs in the Southern Province of our country.
    There are those like Mwanachingwala whose only discernable political preoccupation is to attack, denounce and discourage whatever the opposition is doing. Mwanachingwala, and other chiefs like him who support, defend and promote the interests of Rupiah Banda and his friends in government are enjoying a lot of ‘positive’ coverage in the state-owned and government-controlled media. Then there are chiefs like Bright Nalubamba who attempt to question or criticise decisions and actions of those in government.

    These relatively don’t receive much coverage in the state-owned and government-controlled media. When they are covered, it is often in a ‘negative’…

  18. There is no reason for us to be stuck in this culture of zealous worship of political leaders, a culture which would look primitive even in the eyes of our ancestors who never hesitated to criticise their chiefs.

    History tells us that the greatest epochs in mankind’s weary journey are characterised, not by subjugation of the critic but of his tolerance.What is distinctly lacking among our politicians, especially those in government, and their supporters is a culture of respect, tolerance and humility which places the humanity of others before self and accepts that all citizens have a right to participate in the shaping of their destiny directly without fear of reprisal.Tolerance and respect for our fellow citizens allows our critics to express their opinion about our views.

  19. Is this a real chief or a mere MMD cadre? I do not think his subjects, if he has any, are walking with their heads high. How can a sensible chief turn himself into a party cadre. This chief is a real scoundrel. Shame on him.

  20. This is were the pact will either lose it or win it. If personal egos will be put aside for the sake of the pact forming the next government, people will deliver them to State House. But the possibility of the pact going to plot 1 will really depend on whether HH is the pact’s presidential candidate or not. If Sata will be chosen to lead the pact, forget about the pact forming the next government. Sata as presidential candidate will split Southern Province and part of it will go to MMD. Already, Luapula seems to be leaning towards MMD. Those PF rebel MPs will ditch PF at the last minute to join MMD and with FTJ doing background moves, Luapula will fall to MMD. Don’t forget that FTJ though hated by many in Lusaka, did a lot for Luapula and is still an icon there.

  21. but thats what Post does by having satana in their paper everyday without fail even when he talks trash. so who are they to talk???

  22. thats correct. southern is already split between those who support pact and those gainst. it has also split in terms of valley tonga and plateau tonga.

  23. mwanachingwala is a cadre when he declares his interest and when you declare your support for Pact, you say you are not! Strange. The fact is that the PACT does not have strong grounds on which the formed their pact other than unsitting MMD. We are not interested in unsitting MMD but in a party that shows commitment to democratic tenets and addressing real issues making Zambians suffer. Can anyone one pact support tell me how more democratic and development oriented PF is when it 1)has never had a convention, 2) all party positions are Sata appointments with others assuming top positions less than two months joing a party;3) only one voice of Sata is PF..are you sure if SATA drop dead pipo will talk about PF; 4) Can PF explain to us their macro policies than the micro ones;

  24. Can PF tell us its foreign policy? What is the the background of Sata the man praised? What has changed in him interms of his political intolerance? Are not going to have anothe mugabe? When you talk about his ministrial success, how come you only pin point success in Kaunda era and not the other regime in Chiluba..what success did he achieve in Chiluba regime…doesn’t that speak louder that he is finished and only looking for a presidential burial? Does he have any appreciation of education..kaya?

  25. Pacts have failed thru and thru and be assured that if it happened, we are going to be stuck for three years coz they are still arguing on posts! Why don’t they announce who leads the pacts…why should they keep electorate at ransom? When somebody asks for these, you say he is MMD cadre..are you sure you are a PACT supporter? Are you aware that there is less than 18months from the campaigning period..will you have time to do the damage control from whatever outcome from the pact leader selection? How are they going to select the pact leader, is it the top party management or two party members defining their way? This is a test of how democratic the PACT is!

  26. The best opposition party we had was UPND led by Mazoka and HH has lost it because of power hungry and intolerance! Why is it that he failed to retain the bigwigs and remained with small ones who now seem giants like Douglas Syakalima..God forbid..when did he mature to become a political advisor…HH..you are not serious. RB is destined to go through with the current disorganisation among the PACT and other opposition parties…HH is not better than Patrick Chisanga, Bob Sichinga, Lubinda (ask Lubinda why he left UPND and why he still thinks he can work with UPND)

  27. It is so sad that we only look at things from one side – the physical and flesh – only!!!!
    Allow me to say what is happening to the Tonga people and to Zambia in general happened before.
    1. Tongas lost the first presidence of Zambia to Kaunda – Harry Mwanga Nkumbula should have been but then something that looked like a PACT came in and what happened?!!!!
    2. Now: HH [Tonga] has again lost it to Sata in the name of a PACT – Think about it and think deeper!
    3. FTJ went and brought us a retired man for President – one who was not in the picture – then when Mazoka died; UPND left everybody else and went to wakeup HH to lead the Party –
    Just what is with Zambia? That is my biggest trouble from my school of thought. Just why shud we always look for recycled leadership – we need Fresh…

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