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China trip a success – RB

Economy China trip a success - RB

President Rupiah Banda and First Lady Thandiwe Banda

PRESIDENT Banda said yesterday that his trip to China was successful, especially that there was a number of projects and opportunities discussed with the Chinese Government and investors.

Mr Banda, who completed his state visit to China on Wednesday by touring ZTE and Huawei Technologies, held two separate meetings with the companies’ top executives.

He urged the two Chinese telecommunication companies to consider setting up manufacturing firms in Zambia in addition to their operation offices.

This is contained in a statement issued from Shenzhen, China, by special assistant to the President for press and public relations Dickson Jere.

“The two companies assured the President and his delegation that they will positively consider the invitation to set up manufacturing branches in Zambia,” Mr Jere said.

The President also invited various telecommunication companies to set up international call centres in Zambia as the country has adequate human resource to handle such projects.

Mr Banda said he would like to see Zambia become a centre of Information Communication Technology (ICT) and urged the telecommunication firms to consider partnering with Government in establishing an ICT training centre which will cater for the African region.

He said his trip to China was successful, especially that there was a number of projects and opportunities discussed.

While in China, the President held meetings with his counterpart Hu Jintao and other senior Government officials where they discussed bilateral issues which mainly focused on political and economic co-operation.

The two leaders pledged to continue strengthening bilateral relations between the two countries.

And President Hu announced additional scholarships to Zambia of up to 164 students to study in various fields in China.

The two Presidents also witnessed the signing of five key agreements in different fields which include mining and geology co-operation, financing of the construction of a new stadium and the development of an economic sub-zone in Lusaka.

President Banda and the Chinese Government also discussed Zambia’s possibility of accessing financing from the US$10 billion set aside by the Chinese Government for projects in Africa.

Zambia presented projects for possible funding which include water and sanitation in Lusaka, drilling of boreholes in rural areas, improvement of urban roads, mobile hospitals and procurement of boats for Luapula and Western provinces.

The President invited Chinese tourists to consider Zambia as one of the priority destinations for tourism when they travel out of China.

Mr Banda said Zambia has beautiful sites which Chinese tourists should consider to visit, especially that over 40 million Chinese tourists travel outside their country annually.

President Banda, First Lady Thandiwe and other senior Government officials were yesterday due to leave China via Hong Kong on their way back home.

The Zambian delegation to Shenzhen included Minister of Finance and National Planning Situmbeko Musokotwane and his Foreign Affairs counterpart Kabinga Pande.

Other ministers who were in President Banda’s delegation returned to Lusaka after completing their assignments.

[Zambia Daily Mail]


  1. We salute china for it’s continued support.The late (LPM) told us he has clinched a deal with china to come and construct the ndola stadium and restore piped water in Matero and this has been done.The bad thing is Lusaka Water and Sewerge company is charging it’s water more than electricity by Zesco.Can some explain why LWSC water is quite expensive.

  2. success?? How?? Will this bring more food on the poor people’s table? Improved healthcare? More quality affordable education? Job creation?

  3. even going to Angola was a success, everything is a success spending TAX payers money on useless trips with his ka wife is a success, mwe Lesa twafweni indalama shesu shala pwa kuli uyu BWEZANI kabinga bandit

  4. The President is expected in South Africa on Monday to apologise to JZ why he did not attend the Nc’wala ceremony,from there King Mswati is expecting him in Mbabane for some bilateral talks.For those that want to know where next.Let me get some more infor will get back :)]:)]:)]:)]:)]:)]:)]:)]:)]:)]:)]:)]:)]:)] oh did i mention Mufumbwe?

  5. RB,the i’ve never seen a president who goes out of the country for two weeks.The man was busy touring the Chinese great wall and the caves,ndipo kuli pwando kwa Rupiah.I don’t whose advising RB,i hope the old man KK can pump sense in this fossil of a president.You cannot want to get all your investments from one economic block,you need to diversfy your portfolio hence spread the risk.We need all investors-local,British,Chinese,American,Australians and South Africans.RB,why don’t you talk to Angloamerican so they can re-invest in some of those huge mines instead of leaving everything with the Chinese and Indians.

  6. Development doesnt happen over night you need to build confidence to the outside world before things fall in place. If you do things lubilolubilo people will only come in for short money making and off they go.
    What Mr Banda is doing is a good thing for investor confidence dont rush show them you are commited and they will invest… Greece at the moment is a good example of what a lack of confidence can do to an economy

  7. On point #13
    To add i dont understand why finance ministers or Boz governor is not in the forfront selling the many investment opportunities sure they should know more than the president. This would help in that maybe Africa will not be seen like its soliciting for funds all the time.
    It would have been very appropriate to have Mr Fundaga there to explain the banking system in Zambia and for him to meet the other business groups after the president had meet the Chines president. I dont see why we dont do things that way in Africa… why should the head of state always be doing everything.
    Could you imagine Brown or Obama travelling all the way to Africa just to meet some ministers and mine directors??? he would probably send his aid or the secretery of state

  8. “We also asked the Chinese Communist Party to match the Taiwanese cash for PF if they are to see China’s investments in Zambia grow.” No, I am kidding!

  9. History repeats itself yet again! When Zambia was in economic doldrums, they turned to China in the late mid 70’s avoiding assistance of the White-Western countries to demonstrate that they did not need support from “white-terrorists”. There was a good political reason. China funded and built the Tazara railway line to enable copper to be transported to the port for export. The questions we should ask ourselves is was it really for free? We did not see Chinese investment for a long time because 75% of the copper went to China over a period of 10 years. Now are you telling me that Chinese investment is really investment????? We need to think twice as a nation who we allow to establish partnerships with; their culture is total different from ours. They do not understand Africa and it…

  10. has anyone ever seen mudala uyu, holding hands with his young :x… i bet TB alikungula ama wigi yaku china watchout for the next fake hairstyles.. gone are the days of mukule.. Chimudala paliba infeshi kwati chakutinishya ko abaiche

  11. It looks like RB thinks better when he is up in the skies. It is only in Zambia where a president can go to play for 10 days leaving his people camping at independence stadium while he is watching the Great wall of China and cruising on that river and sight seeing the mountains with his little girl. He did not go alone, couldn”t that money have been used to sort out the flood victims, washed bridges and all. You wonder what he means when he says “he is in a hurry to develop Zambia”. How can you develop a country when you are always out? The man just visits Zambia.

  12. Do we have to go and get boats from that far? This is lack of vision and leadership! Why not challenge the local manufacturing industry to design and manufacture acceptable boats, which the government can then buy? Wouldn’t that be a positive step in enouraging local industry and job creation? At least I know they do similar things in countries (America, for one) with enlightened political leadership.

  13. Good trip. I am sure it will bear fruits. I will give RB the benefit of a doubt on this.

    But, please, kala ansi ino !

  14. Once you go out remember to mention about labor laws and that we do not condon workers being put on unneccessary part time jobs. We hope that RB told the investors that employees here in Zambia are ready to get good salaries. If they fail to satisfy that, they better go back. While our country is offering good opportunity, we also mus benefit. So first thing first. RB increase the taxes on copper for us to raise more money and not just hammering our slalaries by your usual ZRA freinds.

  15. I agree with you UCHIPO # 13 tthat it would be good for the BOZ governor to take charge and reality has its own demands. You can relly expect RB , Zuma etc to be treated with the same respect as Obama. Thats is life Obama comes from much bigger , politically important country. Just watch Zuma will be talking directly to business men to in England and their economy is much bigget tha ours

  16. Awe RB mubi. 😕 Again he is just looking forward to the end of 2010 and then 2011so that he can go. He can’t seat in State House coz he’s got nothing to do there. The best he can do for himself is to continue travelling in order just to pass time. RB can’t wait to leave State House next year.

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