Kabwe Grandfather strangles Four year granddaughter to death


A four-year-old girl of Kabwe’s Kamushanga compound was on Sunday strangled to death by her grandfather.

Central Province Police Chief Simon Mpande confirmed the incident to ZANIS in Kabwe today that police have since arrested the man, Steven Lukwesa and his wife Monica Chimfwembe.

Mr. Mpande said the body of the girl, Naomi Njavwa Nambela is in Kabwe general hospital mortuary awaiting postmortem.

He said police was investigating the matter to establish the motive behind the killing of the girl adding that the two have been charged with murder and would appear in court soon.

And according to the mother of the deceased girl, Gladys Musonda, the girl went missing at about 10 hours on Sunday.

She told ZANIS that her stepfather killed her daughter like a chicken and wrapped her body in chitenge material, mosquito net and an old jersey before hiding it under a bed.

She narrated that after noticing that her daughter was not seen playing with friends, a search was constituted at about lunch hour.

‘I even went to look for her at her father’s place within the compound. When it was apparent that she was nowhere, my mother who had then just arrived from the field, joined me while my step father showed no concern,’ she explained.

Musonda said later around 19 hours, her stepfather picked the body from where he hid it and tried to escape with it but a ten year old girl noticed him dashing into the dark and she shouted.

Musonda said she was suspicious of her stepfather who has been on separation with her mother for a long time.
She said she gave chase and managed to wrestle with her stepfather to get what he was carrying in his arms.
‘I managed to get him and when I touched the parcel, it was soft and as we struggled I realised that I held the head part of the body and the legs and only to discover that it was the body of my daughter. I screamed, my step father killed my child like a chicken,’ she narrated.

She said he tried to calm her down asking her to go with him in the house so that he could explain what transpired. She however cried for help and people gathered around and unwrapped the body.



  1. This makes a sad reading indeed.i hope the police Cage this old man.what he has done is evil.no normal human being can do that unless there is something wrong with their brains,like Mr lukwesa himself.the police does not even need to investigate,achimwa kudala Mr LUKWESA.Cage him azakambila kusogolo uyu mudala.may the little soul rest in peace.

  2. Sad reading indeed. The motive was to sell the girl’s parts to some indian or even Zambian business person for K20million. And what of the Chisokone market women arrested for possesssing a fresh human ambilical cord?

  3. Same with the intelligence officer in Livingstone who suspended his son upside down from a window with his hands tied up with wire. That boy has gangrene in his hands, may even lose them.

    The Livingstone man and this Shikulu in Kabwe should be treated exactly the way they did their young victims.

  4. this story…thers a conflict between a serious situation and “killed like a chicken expression”….chicken??? wats with the chicken…..she coulda screamed anything else..but no….its the chicken……shes thinkin bout chicken even at her daughters death…am jus sayin..

  5. Very sad indeed MHSRIP but then LT probe more and report on the motive behind this act. Then also get the postmortem report. Such is very important information to us all.

  6. ZANIS Please send your scribes to school: LT Uu disappoint me by your copy/paste attitude. Lemme teach y’all some grammar; strangling in it self encompasses killing by suffocation, stiffling/choking! Therefore “strangling to death* is not only a repetition but a display of lack of proficiency, knowledge and low vocabulary for the people whoz job is to write( for which i suppose they went to college for)! What un learned Zanis needed to pen down was ‘Kabwe Grandpa chokes daughter to death’. You dont strangle to death dim wits!

  7. New york Giant do not display your ignorance about issues you do not know to choke is the same as to strangle, to stiff, to throttle, to sqeeze the life out of. So what is your problem? Its you who should go to School and learn grammer. There is nothing you have corrected apart from failing to sympathise with the bereaved family. The incident was sad and the man has to be hanged.

  8. sad indeed. may the soul of the young 1 RIP.this old lazy man shud be hanged. he had plans to get somthn from som1 after killing the helpless child..nw his turn has com. kill him.lazy pipo always believe in getting fast money.atase!

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