Hastings Bwalya Spars In the Big Lights

Hastings Bwalya
Zambia's Hastings Bwalya with Floyd "Money" Mayweather Jr after sparring session at Mayweather's gym-PHOTO Courtesy of Anthony Mwamba

The Zambia Amateur Boxing Federation (ZABF) has said it is happy that former Africa amateur welterweight champion Hastings Bwalya has began sparring with high profile pro-boxers in the USA.

Bwalya recently sparred with Floyd Mayweather Jr in Las Vegas as the American prepares for his May 1 WBA Super World Welterweight title fight against holder “Sugar” Shane Mosley in Nevada.

“News from America through Exodus Director Anthony Mwamba on the performance of Zambia’s boxing export Hastings Bwalya reveals that he has been assisting Floyd Mayweather Jr in Las Vegas  in the preparation for the forth coming fight with Shane Mosley,” ZABF president Stephen Simpemba said in a statement today.

“They did five rounds and the Mayweather team is impressed with the Zambian boxers who is trying to make the name in the USA. This information has impressed ZABF and is an indication of Zambian boxing going a long way.”

Bwalya turned pro last August and immediately crossed the Atlantic to set-up base in Las Vegas.

The 25-year-old has so far fought two professional fights and is at 2-and-0 with his debut victory officiated by the highly celebrated American boxing referee Kenny Bayless on October 17 in a 1st round knockout over Ivan Ibarra in Las Vegas.


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    CV ya mu guys ili bwino!!! Lets hope he wont get distracted by the Vegas city lights.If he does, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Good luck Hastings

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    Nizi elyashi ilyo just make sure that you don`t take sparring as a profession coz we need to see you either hammering or being hammered for 9 rounds 😕

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    This is cool though it’s alittle too early to publicise the you man. We are worl-title capable as Zambians, though at time we get too excited.

    Keep it up ba guy …but forget too much s.e.x and alchol for now!**==**==

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    Hastings has a fight coming up this monthend. Zambians in USA, lets get together and supoort the young man.And last weekend I had the honour of meeting Esther and trainer Anthony in Miami. I watched her spar with a total of six boxers, three of them world champions, including the gym owner Bonnie. Esther is in very good condition.

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    # 3 Mwanawakwitu thanks bro for that info.I think all we need to do is to further encourage the young man to even work more harder in order to achieve his dreams.:-?

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    No # 7 Mo Taim you are welcome and the Lords blessings my bro. Maybe we the ones in the US should visit him in Vegas and encourage him in his true paths. **==

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    Thats what we want, making progress professionally, I only hope you will be allowed in the ring soon so that the world will see your skill, wishing all the best

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    step in the right direction mune bwalya, iam impressed and continue working hard. You and Floyd should look forward to fighting the philipino – Manny pac man pacquio.

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    I just watched Hastings Bwalya spar with Floyd Mayweather yesterday that went on to the 7th round,man this hastings is going far and he will be a world champion one day considering that Floyd has had fights around 18 and bwalya just started pro but the tough time he gave floyd is a clear indication that zambia shall arise and shine in this feild

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