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Zambian Student bemoans racial crimes in Russia

Headlines Zambian Student bemoans racial crimes in Russia

A Zambian student studying in Russia has bemoaned the rate at which racially motivated crimes are escalating in that country.
In a letter addressed to MUVI TV news, the student, who prefer anonymity claims that life in Russia for black people is a nightmare. He further claims that people of color have to grapple with discrimination and racial remarks behind the backdrop of increasing hate crimes.

The letter claims that in Russia anything can happen to black people who are in constant fear.
It further claims that black people are constantly mocked as they walk in the streets of Russia by people chanting racial slogans.
The letter comes following a video footage aired by MUVI TV showing the body of a Zambian student being fished out of the lake. The Zambian, who had been missing for six months and discovered during the Easter holidays, has since been identified as Lance Mate.

Sources reveal that the Zambian embassy in Russia had sent some officials to Kazan State where Mate was studying. His parents were informed that there was nothing the embassy could do as the matter is in the hands of the Russian government.

But the Russian Ambassador to Zambia, Boris Malakhov has distanced his country from allegations of escalating racial violence there. Mr. Malakhov says most of the cases involving neo racists in his country have been dealt with.

The Russian ambassador has however expressed regret over the death of Mate saying Russian police will investigate the matter for justice to prevail. He says the incident should not be perceived as a hate crime.


  1. I studied in Russia myself for 5 years. It depends on how one behaves and sometimes its just fate. Otherwise I enjoyed my stay there and I wish I can go back. MHSRIP.

  2. For real……Mr Embassy…..what else do you think it is if it ain´t hate crime? Russia is the waste place a black muntu can ever find him/her self and thats a fact. Afganstan would even be better than Russia. Zambian gov´t should call off this thing of sending students over there.

  3. Number 2 and 4,does the behaviour of the guys warrant racist and neo-nazi hate crimes?Despite what the ambassador says , this is what they are.This is not a one off incident . If the same were to happen to a Russian here, you’d see how big a deal would be made out of it.

  4. The problem black people have is they are never honest. Russia, Germany, Holland and a few others are the last place you want to be as a black person. What hurts is the respect you give them when they are over in Zambia. I went to Germany and witnessed people spitting whenever a black person went past. Enjoyed? You’re not being honest. Not the Russia I know!

  5. Russia is basically racist. The Russians are xenophobic and especially towards blacks. I have heard many a story from my close friends who have sudied there. Just becuse one has had a good time that does not change the simple fact that they are racist and given a chance you will be lynched. I may seem to generalise, but the fact of the matter is Russia is generally racist. England is racist but not to the same degree as Russsia. I just wonder as to why the Zambians go to such a hostile and unfriendly country, made worse by the sponsors who do not disburse funds on time … its poverty I guess.

  6. Most of whites are racist towards black people. Even here it has happened to me several times. Especially those that are not well to do and feel too much insecure resulting in jealous. I even wonder why we give them so much respect in Zambia. Here there is no beating though but they issue remarks that are racist and sometime it is hard to find a Job if you are Black. The chance of a police officer to stop a car driven by black person is more than 50%.
    In general white people hate black people and it should be vise vesa

  7. Russia is still very behind when it comes to race knowladge!they still think that russia is still powerfull.the police here are also very racist such that when attacked you have no where to report.Time will come when Zambians know the real russia and stop coming here to get outdated education.#2 come back here you will be raped by some gay thugs of moscow!!!!!they killed my brother then let them die in their moscow metro!!M.H.S.R.I.P

  8. First of all may mate’s soul rest in peace.
    I was in russia for 2 years. Wo! what an experience, the booze the girls using black students as mandingos, the skin heads (though I am told they no longer cut their heads bold), the corrupt and rascist cops just to name a few. I was involved in 10 fights (in self defence), 5 arrests for being black(but they let you go after 4 hours). I have a permanent scar on my face. I forgive these russians, but all I can say is that our government should only send post graduate students to russia (mature students) though even them will go through hell. We where called abizianis (monkeys). You cannot each a banana in the streets of russia. There was even a song which was played on their airwave called I KILLED A NIGGER! What an experience. Dont go to…

  9. not sure about other programs but studyng Engineering in russia is a waste of time, firstly the syllabus is russian and then the language is russian as well. When you come to Zambia you have to translate everything from technical symbols to technical phrases to communicate with fellow Enginneers, as if that is not enough you still have to to adjust or adopt the Zambian/british Engineering syllabus with its entire standards of practice.Its for this reason that you have to flunk a good number of interviews before you get the low payng Job. And now With the revelations that Blacks are being butchered like wild beasts i see no reason why someone should apply for a scholarship in russia.

  10. It is sad that this is still happening in Russia while I did not experience it in German although there was a name for black people or foreigners that I came to know about through other black contemporaries.

    As for “The letter comes following a video footage aired by MUVI TV showing the body of a Zambian student being fished out of the lake. The Zambian, who had been missing for six months and discovered during the Easter holidays, has since been identified as Lance Mate” I wish my former school mate and neighbour’s family, the Mates, condolences in this difficult time. Too bade lost a cool hard working youngman in the circumstances I came to know of late last year.

    Have a blessed day all and may justice be done over his death.

    Matt 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom…

  11. With this data, I urge GRZ to review the necessity of sending young Zambians to Russia for undergraduate studies since we now have enough universitithough mediocre.

    Have a blessed day all.
    Matt 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.

  12. I always feel bad and sorry for our countrymen / students in Russia over the inhuman kinds of life our fellow are exposed to… Many complaints have been raised and spread about the hash conditions of living of our students over there in Russia; what is the real problem anyway ? I know for sure that Zambians are not always a problem overseas, our backgrounds are always of good clean morals, I really don t know what is the case with Russia. Us here, we leave a better life with no arrassment by any Japanese people. They don t care about what you do or where you come from, they even fear you, any thing you tell them they say sorry even the Police themselves, no body will stop you to ask any questions. That country of Puttin might be a wrong place for Zedians to be.:)>-

  13. Its a pity that such should be happening to our brothers in Russia. There is no hiding, Russians are racist even here in China. The only consolation is that they are in small numbers and we have Nigerians and Liberians who do not give a F%$$” about these muzungus. They help any brother if a muzungu is trying to take advantage of you. When a fight breaks out between a black man and a muzungu, all blacks just come and beat the sh!t out of these racists Russians.

    May Mate’s soul rest in eternal peace

  14. Very sad story indded. Please dont go to study in Russia if you can. I know it is cheaper but save your life. Avoid Germany too.


  16. This isnt the first time and certaily wont be the last time to hear about racial killings in Russia. Whats the point of going to study there when there is a likelyhood of you being killed for being black, forget the racial remarks because at least you get to keep your life. Am sorry

  17. Last time i said it like it is on this issue, bloggers shot me down left right and centre… bane bazungu, whether in america, uk, australia or whatever, don’t like you. You have to be cautious and try and be one step ahead of them. Otherwise it’s … nigger, go home… I feel for Mate’s family. What a waste.:(

  18. Am sorry but only a fool would go and lose his life in Russia for certificates one can get elsewhere where its relatively safe. Better study at NORTECH than stupidly going to commit sucide for nothing.
    As for Mate MHSRIP. condolences to his family

  19. I remember a few years ago the South African Ambassador to Russia was badly beaten up by skin heads and before that a Zambian diplomat sustained broken ribs after a battering by skin heads as well, he had to be airlifted to the U.K. for treatment. What a place to be.

  20. wow Russia is way behind, no wonder they cant reach the USA.. only pray their small brains grow with time. MHSRIP

  21. @15 Zambian Samurai
    Same here in China!
    I have never experienced any racial discrimination from the Chinese people. Chinese are very friendly, always smiling and always welcoming. My condolences to MATE’s family and my advice to my Russian colleagues is to watch their movements carefully. Avoid night clubs for now if possible, you will still find them in Zambia when you go back, we have Chez Ntemba, Zenon, etc.

  22. keeping yourself safe in russia can do but some times the safe places to hide are not always available we do not know what Gods plans are 4 our lives just moving in the underground subway is a risk may God help us all here prayer is the key guys and keep yourselves safe.
    may Lances soul rest in eternal peace 🙁

  23. x( these russians are the most primitive people i have come across in my life..they simply luck exposure…they are restricted to there useless country coz of the useless langauge…f*7& russia,the people and their language

  24. If it’s very bad there, just come back…it’s not worth your life. ‘Seluka pa nsapato’ is better than ‘monkey sit on floor now’… [-x be proud. You were not born to take sh!t like that. **== must protect its own!

  25. Our prayers and thoughts should be with the breaved’s family instead of looking for something or someone to condemn. As #27 has also put it, life is in the hands of the creator and He is the only one we must fear and entrust our lives to. In my close to 20 yrs of stay here in Germany, the worst racial incident I have encountered is finding that someone had spit on my windscreen after leaving my car parked in a rather socially deprived residential area.

    As for being called names, I always take it as an opportunity to share my faith. I respond as follows: “Yes, I’m a nigger, ape… but Jesus loves me and he died for me. What about you?” You should see the looks on their faces.

  26. im a med student here in russia..and i agree with my fellow zambian students here..russians are backwards and so primitive..one day on a bus i was aprroached my this russian that just wanted to show me a video of a black student being severely beaten..they laugh at us and call us names..make monkey sounds as you pass in the streets..sometimes go buy something in a shop and no1 will even attend to you..in the case of Mate (MHSPIEP) i see an error common with most fellow zambians put here…the love to go out clubing…russian clubs are most dangerous places in russia for non internation students especially the black race..

  27. Sad storry.But what is even sadder is seeing how the fools here worship whites.I told myself that maybe it is because we are poor,but look at how our Arab brothers fiercely protect their pride.I personally can only conclude that their is something wrong with a black man maybe that is why they treat us with contempt

  28. By the way where is Rashid Jones ?hope he has not been lynched in Russia since he was half mwenye half muntu

  29. Russia is backwards but some black mother****ers want to chill here damn, am here for 5 years already am missing home jus wan to finish and go to Kabwata dallas city where we chill no fights these damn pigs are ****ed up they killed my boy
    to Mate’s family condolences we will do something back jus wait…………..
    to the Govt of that Banda we say you must disappear when MMD loses we are coming for you chaps

  30. The death of any Zambian makes me very sad. The MMD government is a let down.Why not build Universities for our people so they don’t have to beg for inferior education in primitive countries like Russia. Russia is currently the most racist place on earth and in the MMD continue sacrificing our people there.Why not use the f&&king $1billion dollars or so they claim to have in reserves and build a few universities once and for all!!

  31. Ive been in russia for 5yrs now. It doesnt really matter where you are and what time of the day it is. Some students have been attacked or murdered right in front of their hostels (Indian student) and some have been killed in public places in broad daylight (Peruian student ). Its more of hate for Non-Russians esp. Black race. And I know that despite what people say, Zambians will still come to study here……..

  32. Cas.trate the Russian Chief Justice currently visiting Zambia. Eastern Europeans are racists!

  33. I wouldn’t study in Russia, it is the most racist country in the world. Every year, African students are killed in Russia.

  34. While there is racism in the UK, where it is proved, the sanctions are heavy. A crime with a racial element to it carries severe sanctions. In employment if it is proved that you are being harassed on account of your colour, employers pay a lot of money in compensation if the matter is taken to a tribunal.

  35. Spent a year in China (postgraduate). No probs. China man minds his own business but don’t go chasing his woman, you will see stars from ninja kicks.

  36. Poverty and unemployment in russia is another cause, no wonder even the most common hules in the major European cities are russians.:-?

  37. 95% of abasungu bane are racists period! We should not give them respect in Zed, i have lived out of Zambia for 25 years and my expirence is that no matter where i went i found white racist, even in the ‘holyland’ called Israel, a black person always pays more Shekels for his shoppin than a jew!! There in the ‘holyland’ they call us KUSHI as in nigger. I hate em white idi ots, only way to to this is to give them the same pepe when they come to africa!!! I am so glad one of them was dealt with by a 15 year old and his mate in southafrica the other day, now he is resting in pieces…. lol……………….. :d many more should follow him the same way. Bloody nazi pigs

  38. When we are still morning the death of a masters student (a close friend of mine) who was short dead with three days of reaching South Africa, then again it is this Russian issue. Why this omen on Zambian students?

    It is also nonsensical to assume that the young man committed suicide by throwing himself in the lake. I wonder weather the investigation by police will even be really be genuine. These racist!!!

  39. Blaq#44 says the correct stuff most whites are racist. Most of them use religion to justify that they are superior to everyone else. Israelis have been know for this and most blacks suffering from inferiority often worship them. ask Chiluba Fredrick who told us that we must have diplomatic relations with Israel in order to be blessed.

  40. Ladies n gents. Can we pliz petition our govnt 2 stop sendin brilliant kids to their deaths in russia. It might be yo relative next!

  41. @#1 Ululumbi: People have the right to go wherever they want whether to study, work or as tourists. We live in a global community. Think before you pass your comments. What makes you so sure that you can not be attacked in the UK? Eastern bloc, Germany or Russia has been offering Zambians education which Zambia itself can’t afford. You should be grateful for a handful of Zambians that the Eastern bloc has educated as they have brought progress to Zambia. Moreover, some countries in the Eastern bloc are more developed that you can imagine. Take a trip to Germany or Czech Republic and see for yourself, may be that will make you shut your mouth and think wisely.

  42. I wonder if you are even treated like a person in that foregin land. As a black person, whites will always look down on you especially if you allow them to do so. They do that even in Zambia to natives even though they very well know that they are the expatriates. Most whites were born as racists and you can’t change that.

  43. the white race consider itself to be far superior than others,the blackman,chinese, indians are all the victims of the white man.but blackman is the victim of everybody even mwenye,awe mwandi.i think its high time become malcolm x.in russia u need to avoid,night clubs especially those for russians only,travelling on saturdays and sundays and joining girls(russians) with guys.tumenyesa tu gero

  44. Slum dog, trust me, you dont wanna hear a jew refering to you as kushi… they do it with so much disgust! If i were you i’d rather they call me african or a black man. I aint nobody’s nigger, get it?! I see you are comfortable with the nigger title:)>- so long………….

  45. If this had happenned to a Russian National in Zambia, government would be working overtime in the name of international relations!! Politics of dependancy….!![-(

  46. 🙂 No: 53 slum dog there is an offensive way of saying things you should know that. And I ask you again what ethnicity are you?

  47. Send them to China, and let Africa deal with the east. The west and its greek gay ways are on the move again read the times people.

  48. #52 Ba Prosper. Germany is not one of the countries in the eastern block you dim boy! Also, see the irony in my post! Prosper you really are dim. Send your relatives there then! I have been to Germany myself, it`s the last place one would ever want to go as a black person voluntarily. Russia is worse.

    As for your comment in #52, it only goes to show your level of understanding of this issue. It seems you still haven`t grasped the meaning of the word expatriate. To you every white person you see is an expatriate, even those who were born in Northen Rhodesia/Zambia. You have also accepted that as a black person you should be looked down on by “expatriates”. You have got a very bad complex you need counselling.

  49. Meanwhile mwebali ku Russia, Hittler’s B/day around the corner (20th April), pliz try to be at the right places at the right time at least for the next 2wks. U know what i mean.:)>-

  50. Zambian parents should be allowing their students to study in Russia. African leaders have no spine to speak out on such things. But quick to fight own people. For instance, President Banda can never speak on such issues but he is quick to crash Fr. Bwalya. RB will never offer a smile to M`membe but will easily give one to a Russian cleaner in Moscow even when she is not smilling at him.

  51. I think the Zambian government should just refuse Russian scholarships for a while. Racial abuse in Russia is very very high, probably the highest in the world. Just a couple of years back a west African student was killed. Other nationalities are beaten in full view of the public and as a result, blacks mostly move in groups. This is true for most, but not all parts of Russia. A friend of mine from Tajikistan was abused on the train, while passengers looked on and she’s not black, but not just Russian. Russia is helping our country, but we can not afford to be sacrificing student life. RIP

  52. May his soul rest in piece….its indeed sad that pipo are still been killed because of their skin colour, that really sucks!

  53. @Post 52 – Prosperous said:
    ” Eastern bloc, Germany or Russia has been offering Zambians education which Zambia itself can’t afford. You should be grateful for a handful of Zambians that the Eastern bloc has educated as they have brought progress to Zambia. Moreover, some countries in the Eastern bloc are more developed that you can imagine. ”

    This is about the most stupid thing I have read here.Not because its untrue but because its not what is being discussed. We know damn well Russia and Germany are far advanced compared to Zambia. But what we are talking about here is about your right to be treated and viewed as human being. You almost seem to be justifying these Nazi Cracker’s behavior just because we should be “grateful”. You’re a disgrace. Try to stay on point. Moron.

  54. @post11 beaten in russia said!!!!!!!!!! u saying u stayed in russia 4 two yrs and u had 10 fights(self defence),5 tymes arrested 4 being black…u are lying and nowonder they chased you from school coz u wre violent and dull….its diffcult to stay in a foreign country whether Russia ,England,USA,its just da same…yo self u are not matured……. why shud da government stop sending student to russia…its not always pipo killed in russia were in the night clubs,even at the Door of da hostile such things happens…finally i can say leaving in a foreign country its just by Fate…we shud just play to God that he can continue keeping us through his son Jesus christ

  55. Well, it’s a sad story only God knows.
    firstly i wonder wether you people you all know the number of students studying in Russia right now?
    secondly i wonder wether among us students studying here in Russia we can choose to go home given choice without completing our studies? To tell you the truth the number of students studying here is more than 5oo, studying defferent courses.Now is it possible for our current government to bring them all back in zed? if yes? what next?. # 26 thanx for your advice unfortunately whatever you lent from whatever lukasha trade zipzip or zamim, we did them in one month when we where at preparatory facault learning russian language.

  56. TO post @12
    You ar misread by fools,russia is one of the countries with high quality engineers…We learn in russian and the syllabus its in russian language..but all da symbles ,formulars,theories are all in english,we undersatnd this things..many of da zambians got there Degress in russia and they have a very good standard of leaving…we agree russians are racist and all whites in da world are racist its just that we cant see it…what are u doin yo self coz we know in USA u cant get a proffesional job unless u ar highly qualified from da university not some useless colledges…i can advise u that in life u shud stop condeming others,4 we all know zambian government cant manage to enroll thousands of students only in 2 universities…..i dnt want 2 work un skilled jobs like others….

  57. its not about clubs you guys. who knows maybe the guy was just passing by the club. whoever wrote about the guy fighting at the club just want to turnish his name and to make sure thst there will not be further invistigations

  58. #50 You are so right what do Zambian embassies do? I have tried to get them help me and failed. I have decided never to have any relations with this so called embassy. I can sort my own problems out without this tax parasite called Zambian embassy. I think Zambia shouldn’t have an embassy anywhere!

  59. MWILATEMWA ukuya abroad mukalafwa ififine isukulu ni cbu na unza five years for nothing ku russia
    Beng EE

  60. this is not real in live in russia people exaggerate the racism in russia i have lived here for 3 years now and never been bullied,but i socialize and mingled with them…..


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