I am not an MMD sympathizer-Machungwa


Patriotic Front (PF) Member of parliament (MP) from Luapula Province Peter Machungwa has charged that he is still a member of the party.

Dr. Machungwa dismissed assertions that he is an MMD sympathizer saying that the insinuations were just a political witch-hunt.

He said that he would never resolve the problems with the PF president Michael Sata until he accepted that he was wrong.

Dr Machungwa noted that he could only reconcile with his party if they are willing to reconcile with him.

He added that the seat in his constituency was given to him by the people of Luapula charging that he is the only one who can deliver development to that area.

Dr Machungwa said that no person could beat him in an elections whether in the PFor other parties.
He further directed QFM reporter to ask the PF leadership about his future with the PF.

He is among the PF MPs that are called fail out of favour with Sata for their accepting to participate in the constitution making process which is expected to be concluded this year.
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  1. Useless Dr Machungwa- your name fits you- You have done nothing in the country and PF-Pact do not need you- sorry.

  2. Why not resign then we see how popular you are Mr malemoni? Why stick to a party you and the other f.o.o.ls have been decampaigning, where is the logic Mr Malemoni? What a shameless philosopher this mambala is.

  3. You caged parrot why not just keep quiet. We are tired with you quarking each time we wake up. 2011 here it comes we shall worry no more because we will leave you out of our cage.we shall see were you will go for your blaah blaah stuff.

    Those close to MMD know that their fear is that Councils will perform better, especially the City and Municipal Councils which are under the opposition, and that would be a threat to the survival of MMD. This is the perception of those in MMD, its very sad to have such shallow minded leaders that can hold back the development of the nation for their own benefit at the expense of the masses.
    Finally, are the MMD controlled Councils doing better than those under the opposition?
    Can MMD tell us why Councils they control e.g. Kaoma in Western Province, Milenge in Luapula and Isoka have had misappropriation cases (not misapplication)??

  5. Ba ma orange, ala some times its better to keep quiet. Who is goingto vote for you in Luapula? Just concentrate on making dirty money through the NCC.

  6. Mwe ma Doc atishani kalya ka K 2billion?elyo ta tulamingisha mu Doc iyachine, tulekafwaya mukwayi. Umulandu taubola

  7. What is wrong with, how dare you say you are the only one who can be MP. Such utterance are unwarranted and if I was your president I will not allow you to stand for any position bet you eat your ace!

  8. He added that the seat in his constituency was given to him by the people of Luapula charging that he is the only one who can deliver development to that area. Your constituency remains one of the poorest area. No Hospita, No secondary school and no road. Your Men have never seen a tarmac road. PF symbol is the only means of transport. Anyway continue taking advantage of your uneducated pipo. Remember after next year we want 2 billion yesu

  9. yaba a rotten orange can speak no sense. he must have chewed all the money he was paid now looking for a new master too bad mr flat fanta machungwa

  10. If there is any character that more than anything else epitomizes the rot that bedevils our politics today, it is Machungwa. No wonder the chap’s beared mouth area has a cunning semblence to the feminine genetalia, he is a stinking pussy!

  11. People Machungwa can not be a real PF because RB will simply instruct the ACC and Machungwa will be in trouble. Him, Katele, FTJ, Richard Sakala will call red white as long as RB tells them red is white. Feel sorry for Machungwa

  12. If PF wants to keep Luapula, they need the 26 rebel MP’s. Without them they will lose the whole of Luapula to MMD.

  13. Ba Machungwa your time is UP now, you shall no longer win that seat. REsign and recontest we see who will win.

    Bane where is George Kunda??? I miss his rantings and red lips.

  14. #13 MASEBO – You are wrong. Out of the 26 only Machungwa and Kasongo were MPs(MMD and Independent)in 2001 t0 2005.The rest had contested under FDD and lost eg Chitika Mulobeka, Ernest Mwansa etc. Of course Machungwa has taken advantage of his reas’sbackwardness(Iam partly from there on my martenal grandmother’s side).Being PHD he is revered like a demi god, but how long will it last?

  15. This man has suddenly realised that 2011 is not as far as he thought, now he’s even talking reconciliation, with who? Soon it will be Chitika, Mwansa, Sinyangwe….coz they will realise that the only way to continue getting gratuity is through PF. But too late, you chose NCC funds, mwalinyopola kale!!!

  16. It is logical for Dr Machungwa to distance himself from PF and Sata.He is too learned and too civilized to be compatible with the gullible Sata.The problem is that even those who are seemingly learned have been indocrinated to such extents that they are unable to question Sata even when the stench on him is making a lot of us sneez.Stupid! Can’t you people see how *****ic the PF leader is?

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