Ba Effo’s Wife Goes Ballistics at Gabon Memorial


The speeches during the 17th memorial anniversary of the Gabon air crash at Independence stadium were broken and upstaged by Joyce Chabala’s almost singlehanded passionate protest.

Joyce, wife of the late Efford Chabala, cut into speeches from all the three main speakers who included sports Deputy Minister Maynard Misapa, FAZ president Kalusha Bwalya and the victims’ families group representatives Daniel Choma, brother of the later Samuel Chomba, at the heroes acre at Independence stadium.

“We are not interested in the same old speeches every year when all you do is change the dates on the same old speeches,” Joyce said.

“We are here to hear the report we don’t want this story to go on for another 50 years.”

Joyce, who was later calmed down my some friends, also refused to place a wreath on her late husbands’ grave in protest for the prolonged release of the crash report.

She also threatened, single-handedly, to close the gate to the gate leading out of heroes’ acre to prevent officials from leaving until something was say about the report.

Sports deputy minister Maynard Misapa said in his speech that it wasn’t as easy as that.

“We realize that it had taken very long but they are good reasons why government has been treading with caution over the matter,” Misapa said in his speech when he addressed the crowd.

On a positive note, the families welcomed Faz president Kalusha Bwalya announcement that Football House was working on benevolent fund to benefit the families of the Gabon disasters.

“At least ewa landa ko ifya mano lelo (That’s the most sensible thing said at today’s memorial),” one unidentified family member of the victims said.


  1. Mrs Cahbala was very right..we can’t go on like that for a very long time..kafupi is enjoying his privilege and yet he has never told us what happened to our brothers..why can’t the govt release the report..its all crap..we need it !

  2. Too bad mrs. Chabala stood alone! She deserves an applause for her courage. The Gabon disaster report must be made available to all of us. What fear does the Govt have in releasing this important document. If it were Europeans and Americans,they would treated such a matter with the urgency it has deserved and by this time everybody would have known what really transpired. Our weak Govt. keeps sleeping. Too bad we will never know what really happened to our team on 27 April 1993

  3. “At least ewa landa ko ifya mano lelo (That’s the most sensible thing said at today’s memorial),” one unidentified family member of the victims said.

    This translation puts emphasis on “what” has been said when the sentence being translated placed emphasis on “who” – acknowledging the speaker. Do you see how meaning gets lost in translation?

  4. She was very right. All those guys do is to read same old report over and over again. Just change the dates and people who reads them. Hope something can be done so that family membesr will have some peace in them.
    Thanks Mrs Chabala- maybe next time you will get help from other family members or zambians.

  5. “We realize that it had taken very long but they are good reasons why government has been treading with caution over the matter,” Misapa said in his speech when he addressed the crowd.
    This is a rubbish way of dealing with a sensitive issue, especially where the loss of is concerned. I would urge people like Mrs. Chabala, with the help of all of us Zambians to see that the truth and justice prevails. The people who perished in that plane crash were on national duty hence the whole nation needs to know that truth. 17 years!!! And you still want to tread with caution on the matter? “Government as good reasons” What reason apart from a cover up…..

  6. We all know what happened. Its a pity the Zambian Government has no nerves to just say it. Comeon guys …go Mrs Chabala …way to go ….same old speeches every year when all you do is change the dates on the same old speeches … LOL.. thats a classic …

  7. Well the reason why the government sat on the report is easy. According to IATA, if you caused death through negligence in terms of safety record, the compensation is $3 million dollars per passenger. And the report found the Government guilty of that and if the report is made public, the government will have no choice, but to compassionate the victims and paying $3 million to individuals as compensation is what the Government is saying it is not easy. That is why they would rather sit on the report and keep it secret and hope Father Time takes care of business and all will be forgotten.

    That is the reason , pure and simple. In the meantime , they will continue changing dates on old speeches…that indeed is a classic. =))

  8. Don’t waste time… FTJ and BY (imbifi ishi) are still alive and should exonerate themselves from this saga. FTJ should not just be championing himself about the Ndola houses with his monkey tricks. Ba Ben Nashala Neka muli mpumpu pa na FTJ.

  9. #12 True PF cadre
    Top post mate BIG UP
    these families need a high profile international lawyer to guide them, the government and IATA failed in their duty of care.Infact each family can claim more than $5m,which is known as unlimited liability due to negligence of the carrier
    If Roger Chongwe can claim so much for bullet wounds,what more someone who died on duty

  10. Very sad indeed. maybe the families should just sue the GRZ. Can someone give that IATA law source to one of the families. Preferably Numba Mumba who would contatc the family rep. Or better still give that infor to Kalu at FAZ. He will be glad to use it as he has promised the families some action.

  11. We shall now start making assumption if the report is not released. Maybe someone ordered that the plane be gunned down to dent someones BD. I remember when I met one Gabonese and he told I was from Zambia he shieved and he could not stay at the gathering we were. We should send a faulty finding mission to Gabon to make an independent enquiry. VJ is still alive he was tasked to lead the team to correct the bodies from the Atlanta ocean. He knows more than anyone else after he has worked as a Shushu other than those who sit in the office and wait for reports. VJ should tell the nation what he found out about the Gabon Air crash!

  12. nubian princess, i will call alangizi. its sad that the report is not out. i know when it will be out, after the then present generation have naturally been wiped out like the JFK saga in the states.:(

  13. These people need a Lawyer who would offer his services free and only get compensated if there is any monetery compensation. Pa Zed utu Bena Sangwa , Nchito etc ukutemwa impiya tu swine. it is very obviuos these people do not not have good if not any legal representation.

    ‘The Obedient Wife’
    There was a man, who had worked all his life, had saved all of his money,
    And was a real miser when it came to his money. Just before he died, he said to his wife…’When I die, I want you to take all my money and put it in the casket with me. I want to take my money to the afterlife with me.’ And so he got his wife to promise him, with all of her heart, that when he died, she would put all of the money into the casket with him. Well, he died. L
    He was stretched out in the casket, his wife was sitting there – dressed in black, and her friend was sitting next to her. When they finished the ceremony, and just before the undertakers got ready to close the casket, the wife said, ‘Wait just a moment!’

  15. GRZ!we want to move on.We don’t want to get stuck with one disaster.Every day is a disaster pa Zed.What with Cholera,HIV/AIDS,pothole RTAs,Hunger deaths,etc it is becoming a mockery to families who lost members to other disasters to runt about Gabon day in and out.Yes no systems in place:no coroners inquest etc.Give the families the full report.Feel sorry for a Minister who wasn’t even there when it happened.Brave lady ba Joyce needs support.

  16. Cont…from # 23 She had a small metal box with her; she came over with the box and put it in the casket. Then the undertakers locked the casket down and they rolled it away.So her friend said, ‘Girl, I know you were not foolish enough to put all that money in there ith your husband.’ The loyal wife replied, ‘Listen, I’m a christian; I cannot go back on my word… I promised him that I was going to put that money into the casket with him.’ You mean to tell me you put that money in the casket with him!?!?!?’ ‘I sure did,’ said the wife. ‘I got it all together, put it into my account, and wrote him a cheque…If he can cash it, then he can spend it.’

  17. Good mrs Chabala, our GRZ is full of crooks who want only to uplift their own lives and those of their relatives. Please you useless Minsters release a full report. We know that you mudered the guys period. The families deserve stipulated compesation in the same way you wanted to compesate Rodger Chongwe. Kanshi mwe fibantu imwe mwapangwa shani. You are happy when your friends are suffering. SHAME ON YOU ALL.

  18. I am consulting with National Geographic Foundation if they have no single hint of what transpired. I am very sure they are interested in this issue, maybe they have been told to keep quiet.

  19. I do not know why the government is taking too long to respond. In 2007 Kenyan Airways plane crashed in Cameroon by yesterday the report was public on TV stations in South Africa. So what is wrong Ba Zambia???

  20. By the way, what sort of report are we talking about? Reading between the lines there are supposed to be three reports here. The actual on the scene accident report which should be coming from the Gabonese Government another from Zambia Air force giving details of the airworthiness of the Plane used and competence of the pilots and a third from the Aircraft Manufacturers. Unfortunately this was a Military plane and AITA Laws do not apply and we have a problem where we now are working under Military laws who don’t necessarily have to give a report on how soldiers on Military duty are killed in combat. You may say but these were civilians, that’s fair enough but they were flying under military laws. Lt. Gen. Ronnie Shikapwasha was the Air Commander and Mr. Ben Mwila Defence Minister…

  21. Defence Minister they can give their sloppy wish wash story but the trouble is the Gabonese don’t have a report as this was a military plane. This to me looks like we want to have Government give us a report on all civilians who died during the liberation wars at the hands of the Rhodesians and South Africans. We have examples here, President Samora Michaela’s plane originated from Zambia, ZAF Mbala Airport but crashed as it entered the Mozambican airspace. The Zambian Government was not called upon to explain, we had Mr. Alick Nkhata who was killed in a Bombing raid we have never had a report on that incident and we had several civilians on our borders that were killed in similar bombing raids. I don’t think there is what is called a Gabon Disaster Report of any sort and that’s…

  22. I don’t think there is what is called a Gabon Disaster Report of any sort and that’s why it has never been leaked. We should accept this was an accident like any other. We have several people dying every day on our roads in Mini Buses, and Buses. We just had another Linking Africa Bus accident and we don’t hear people calling for reports at all. And there are just too many Zambians who have died in the course of duty to which we have had no reports demanded by widows or widowers. These women want to turn this into some money generating venture as can be seen from the consent given to the massage from Kalusha Bwalya about a fund being set up-typical.

  23. The Fact Is Some Country gave So Money Out In $$$$$$$$s Millions…Compensation:-\”:-\”… The Report Is now X Files….. FTJ, Knows Who Chewed That Money:-?:-?:-?:-?:-?:-?:-? Grape Vine….

  24. #32, 33, 34 Mwamoneni…….. man stop ranting. You have been sent by the GRZ to post rubbish here. If you are saying many people die in accidents and are not compesated, why as GRZ want to compesate Chongwe a collosal sum of Dollars for his unlawfull gathering? Man be fair, stop parading your dullness and foolishness here. The children of the fallen heroes are suffering and you have done nothing for them. Why cant you compasete them so that they have a life? You guys are so selfish, dont think Zambian tax is only for Its for all of us. SHAME ON YOU !!!

  25. Kambongolo…

    I dont want you to lose your shirt…if you cant take diferent opinions you have no business to be blogging. And by the way…I am glad you mention Zambian Tax. Can you please kindly tell me where it comes from?

  26. Mwanoneni, if that is the case, then let them come out clean and say it then we will stop expecting anything. The problem is the government is seen like they are hiding something. Yes General Shikapwasha was the air commander at the time and he has the right to come out and say it was human error or mechanical error thats it.

  27. #36…By the way if you asked 100% of the Zambian tax payers their choice of how their taxes that they pay should be used I can bet you that 100% will say it should be given back to them in form of tax rebate and not to be given to widowers and widows of the Gabon Disaster… You have to face the facts. These families were given money that they accepted and they cant be wanting more 17 years on…please!!!!

  28. Wikipedia:
    A tragedy befell the Zambian national football team when the military plane (Zambian Air Force Buffalo DHC-5D, reg: AF-319) carrying the team to Senegal for a 1994 World Cup qualification match crashed in the late evening of 27 April 1993. The journey required two refuelling stops and at the first stop in Congo engine problems were noted. Despite this, the flight continued and a few minutes after taking off from a second stop in Libreville, Gabon one of the engines caught fire and failed. The pilot, who was tired from already having flown back from Mauritius earlier that day, then shut down the wrong engine, causing the plane to lose all power during the climb out of Libreville Airport and fall into the water 500m offshore. Kenya Airways took place in 2007, the report is out.

  29. Mrs Chabala should be made spokesperson for the group. She has shown her courage & braveness. Govt cannot continue sitting on that report. We deserve to know the truth.

  30. where were the other widows??? Im sure they are married this time no wonder they did not help her in the protest

  31. Remember Mark Vivien Foe of cameroon who collapsed and died
    CAF considered him to have died on international duty, so this is what they did
    1:$100,000 to the family of the late Cameroonian international Marc Vivien Foe.
    2:$2,000 a month to the player’s three children until they reach a mature age
    3:Fifa has also allocated $750,000 from its humanitarian fund to help educate Foe’s children
    I believe the National team was on duty when that tragedy happened,if they cant release the report for fear of the unknown,the least they can do is to help the families get compensation from FIFA and CAF,it only takes a high profile delegation to approach FIFA
    Mwamoneni go eat your onions please

  32. This was a pilot error flight and the Canadian manufacturers concluded this in their findings, GRZ should just compensate the families for the equipment/crew failure:

    “The journey required two refuelling stops and at the first stop in Congo engine problems were noted. Despite this, the flight continued and a few minutes after taking off from a second stop in Libreville, Gabon one of the engines caught fire and failed. The pilot, who was tired from already having flown back from Mauritius earlier that day, then shut down the wrong engine, causing the plane to lose all power during the climb out of Libreville Airport and fall into the water 500m offshore.”

  33. How about looking at it another way, when Governments in Africa pock their noses in the affairs of Foot Ball Associations in their countries, FIFA has always come out guns blazing. In this instance all that Government did was to assist FAZ get some transportation to a game in Senegal now it’s their business to sort out the mess and FIFA has been silent. Why can’t FIFA say this is our baby we shall sort it out? Is it another way of saying Government should actually get itself involved in Foot ball affairs?

  34. And at the New Leopards Hill Cemetery there is a Mass grave of those who died in a similar Buffalo Plane crash in Ngwerere before this Gabon accident I don’t hear the relatives of those killed in that Ngwerere crash crying every year. Forget compassion, this whole thing is a circus that needs to be stopped. I bet if these were cricketers, Swimmers or Rugby players who died there wouldn’t be so much noise, it just goes to show how football has been politicised in the country for zero return. We have just spent too much money on football to the detriment of other sports.

  35. Ba RED CARD-Smoothcriminal you are talking sense, i think we will follow it up and help these families. Its not in order for this govt to be paying chaps like Vwipi kafupi while they keeping on teasing these families for the past 17years. Bana chabala, thanks for your courage.

  36. # 4 Beer and Amaule makes the world go round – Think without them how we would have been starved with discussions on top of our voices and admiration of these people in fun and ridiculous clothes!

  37. #46: The fact that the families of the victims of the Ngwerere crash have remained mute does not prove anything. Maybe they should also demand to know what really caused the deaths of their relatives. All that Joyce Chabala is asking for the truth about what happened to her husband. Is that too much to ask?

  38. Mwamoneni
    those who died in ngwerere died on zambian soil,they were compensated accordingly according to the zambian law and their respective conditions of service,thats why they are quiet,the zambian national team died/crashed in a foreign land in the international waters,it has different rules and regulations,because of this,there is a lot of diplomatic consequences,so the govnt has to tread carefully.
    Even if that was an army plane,it still falls under IATA,any flying object manned by a human being signs a declaration,for safety and international air space regulation,look up this link on international law regarding compensation again

  39. I have always thought that ‘the old wines tastes better’ but No,Im wrong,the Old Rupiad taste Bitter.There is no wisdom at all.He is 76yrs old,and next yr,he will be 77,why cant he give us a good constitution so that even as he dies,we shall remember him for the good works he shall do?.He thinks he shall live forever?,please advice this old man that there is Death which is knocking on his door soon,let him give us a People driven constitution,after all,even if he resigns today,he will still enjoy our money for retirement.

  40. RED CARD-Smoothcriminal
    Please let’s not take this to frivolity. Military Establishments and their Aircraft are not members of IATA and are not subject to IATA which by the way is just a club ….
    Formal IATA membership only applies to airlines. But other industry partners can participate in different IATA programs and benefit from a wealth of resources to carry out their operations:
    Airlines: IATA membership is open to both scheduled and non-scheduled airlines.
    Airports: Airport Advisors brings airports and IATA member airlines together to increase the efficiency of the air transport industry.
    Travel Agencies & other Travel and Tourism intermediaries: travel and tourism accreditation and code services simplify the business relationship between agents and airlines as well as…

  41. Travel Agencies & other Travel and Tourism intermediaries: travel and tourism accreditation and code services simplify the business relationship between agents and airlines as well as other tourism service providers.
    Freight Forwarders: IATA accreditation provides industry recognition for cargo agents.
    Industry Suppliers: IATA Strategic Partnerships program allows suppliers and service providers to interact with IATA and its member airlines in the development of industry solutions.

  42. Pungwa #5 I understand you since Iam a Language student. However, meaning only gets lost because of poor or wrong translation. So you are making a correct conclusion from a wrong premise. The correct translation should have been “At least he is the one who has spoken some sense today.” The translation would then not lose any meaning.

  43. obvious baliba chia sacrifice but its sad pliz give then a report chipwilemo in the mean tym:)>-:)>-:)>-:)>-pipo dnt hate those pipo are in the hands of God :x:x

  44. The plane was a military type and was shot by the Gabonese by error. Hence the prolonged diplomatic issues being sorted out which will never be. Forget the report, it has become a military secret. Just get on with your lives.. 17 years is a long time to draft a report. Some of the authors and witnesses are dead…. finish…….Forgot…….

  45. Who ever is sitting on that report is a fool. Those guys died on duty.There is no reason why the Gabon report cannot be released. That minister must be ashamed. Maybe the new government will make the report in 2011

  46. LOL Zambians are so curious that they keep blooging here about Govt being foolish but really they just want to satisfy their curiosity. We have had three govt changes since this happened and if each govt says its complicated, they know what it contains and is sensitive. Yes sad for the families but revealing a national security info wont help. Look at the tunnels, very few people are happy they were revealed.

  47. #63: There is no State secret involved here. The government (MMD Government) gave them a defective plane. It crushed into the sea and the men died. After that the same government sent a Zambia Airways DC8 to bring what remained of their bodies back home. Mwanawasa could not order the release of the report because he was VP when the tragedy happened. He was part of the problem. Rupiah cannot order the release of the report because he is so much in the pocket of Chiluba. Not even Sata (if he ever became president) would have the courage to release the report, because he too was part of the same govt that gave the guys a defective plane.

  48. #46 Mwamoneni .. I totally disagree with you!! Why gvt spend on investigating the cause of the accident and then fail to tell the nation their findings?? There is something fishy about this. 17yrs too long over due. :((

  49. Chiluba and the MMD govt are guilt of homicide. There intention to frustarting the then FAZ administartion costed the lives of 30 people. thats why the can’t make the report public. maybe when a new govt is ushered, they report maybe made public.

  50. i am a close friend to one of efford chabala’s sons. when the disaster happend it really affected us as kids by then who were looking to these talented fallen heroes. Government should realise that these pipo they saved the nation wth owner and it does not pay by not telling them wt happend on that day. wake mmd if a report is taking u almost 10 yrs…hw ar we going to dvelop..efyo tulushila nabola wine.

  51. I cant believe the report is not out up to now. I live in the USA and I left Zambia in 1997. Honestly, from that time up to now. Three presidents and in octobner we shall have the 4th president and no report. napapa

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