Wednesday, June 19, 2024

PF sure of wrapping up Milanzi


Battle for Bandas...Milanzi parliamentary candidates for PF Albert Banda (l), UNIP's Musa (c) and MMD's Whiteson Banda during a public debate in Milanzi
THE Patriotic Front (PF)-United Party for National Development (UPND) pact has said it is confident of scooping the Milanzi seat in today’s parliamentary by-election.

PF Eastern Province information and publicity secreatry, Mung’omba Ngoma said in an interview yesterday the pact would win the polls because people on the ground want change.

“We have done our homework and we have determined that people in this constituency are ready for change,” Mr Ngoma said.

He said If the pact candidate, Albert Banda was elected to Parliament, he would ensure that maize marketing in the area was improved.

He said village headmen would be involved in the distribution of farming inputs because they were on the ground and understood their people’s needs.

Mr Ngoma said the PF-UPND Pact would invite millers to buy maize from the farmers instead of waiting for the Food Reserve Agency and to avoid being duped by ‘briefcase’ buyers.

He also promised that feeder roads would be repaired to ease the transportation of farm produce.


  1. Even though you wont make it, you have nothing to lose because you are just preparing the ground for 2011 . Viva pact.

  2. This confidence is good for our growing democracy. We can thank the ruling MMD for fostering a democracy where all competitors see equal chances and share prospects of winning elections. The next level of maturity is for losers to congratulate one another and exit with dignity instead of turning into sore losers. Thusfar its only MMD which takes defeat with dignity and democratic practice of congratulating the winning camp. Such confidence is a manifestation of a transparent electoral system which PF has seen in these by-eletions.

  3. # 3 —This is maybe the most sober contribution i ve heard from SC.Keep it up bro!!!Now u cant blame the opposition for not congratulating the MMD when it wins cos look what happened in Mufumbwe as if there s no govt. in place.

  4. As the campaigns have come to a close I have noted with dismay that our nation broadcaster ZNBC has not changed in terms of their coverage of Campaigns both for Opposition and Ruling. This in it self is dictatorship and a breach of democratic tendencies, what a shame!

  5. Democracy is all about having divergent views and this hasn’t been happening with the so called ZNBC, let this operate professionally and not on remote control!

  6. #5, I agree with you that #3 is slowing coming back to his senses. He is now seeing reality and preparing for defeat in both Milanzi and Mufumbwe. Well done number 3. Now you qualify to eat with elders becouse you have washed your hands.

  7. Red Card-abena Libala South & Red Card-Free at Last ,

    Its either you are very dull or distant from maturity to be trapped in such clear political expressions of SC. You and the PACT will have no integrity to cry foul of rigging after results. Technically SC as a professional spin Doctor is amplifying the PF unsolicited confidence as letimatization of the outcome. It will be self damaging to turn around and cry foul that MMD has rigged elections. Who will by that story when they have willingly given a thumbs up of the process. SC is a politician you better think over every statement he makes.

  8. #5 and #8 Thanks for your kind words on SC -#3 though I am of the view that nothing has changed in terms of him being positive on National issues, just that yourselves have come to your normal senses hence, seeing in SC what most of us have been seeing and appreciating all this time. Any way ,better late than never. Welcome to the big family of well meaning Zambians.

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