MMD retains Milanzi seat as UPND/PF pact lead in Mufumbwe


The Movement for Mult-party Democracy (MMD) has retained the Milanzi parliamentary by-election seat in Eastern province.
However, counting of votes in Mufumbwe parliamentary by-election in North Western province is still going on but the United Party for National Development is leading (UPND).

The MMD’s Watson Banda has scooped the seat after amassing 5,120 votes his closest rival from the Patriotic Front (PF) Albert Banda got 2,347 while United National Independence Party Musa Banda got 2,194.

The Official results in the Mufumbwe bye-elections are expected to be announced today by the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) but so far UPND’s Eliot Kamondo has 4844 votes, MMD’s Mulondwe Muzungu has 4599 and UNIP’s Stephen Kamwengo has 165 more results are being expected from three polling stations.

Jubilant supporters of UPND/ PF pact spent the whole night celebrating their early lead from the results that were being counted.


  1. This shows you all skeptics out there how independent our electrol commission is, and how this government is committed in upholding demomocratic values.

  2. UPND’s Eliot Kamondo has 4844 votes, MMD’s Mulondwe Muzungu has 4599

    Well that is very close indeed. Let’s wait until the official results are released. On the other hand, congratulations to the MMD candidate Watson Banda for smashing the opposition in Milanzi.

  3. MMD bane is hot on Fire. 2011 kaya…no further comment.. I don’t like MMD but it is hot on fire. ichimutwe chi chief boot call rupiah sacklicker i t o l e

  4. Mufumbwe voters should teach this blood thirsty Rupiah Banda a lesson. Let him know that people have made up their mind. in 2011 he will only win in Eastern province with 60%.

  5. Sad tha the people of Estern province have decided to condem themselves with RB’s doomed regime. Anyway, in life sometimes we suffer by choice. Easterners have chosen to suffer by choise.

  6. From the thirty four polling stations whose votes have been counted so far of a total of forty polling stations in Mufumbwe, the UPND’s Eliot Kamwendo is leading with 4,434,closely followed by MMD’s Mulondwe Muzungu in second position with 4,254 votes and UNIP’s Stephen Kamwengo with 165 votes. QFM………….this time six polling station but the figures for LT are big I am sure PACT has scooped

  7. UPND’s Eliot Kamondo has 4844

    MMD’s Mulondwe Muzungu has 4599

    A difference of 245 votes is very problematic for a PACT of 2 parties when there are still three polling stations to count for a winner to emerge. This is not a good sign for the so called PACT of 2 parties which should be having an edge if ever it was a people’s PACT and not the two pinheads of tribalists in unholy marriage of convenience. A serious PACT gunned against one institution MMD if popular should have been ending with run away margins. But here they are they are thriving on a live wire. And come 2011 it will be each one for himself God for us all. Then how will they navigate in unchartered waters if struggling with a bye-election where they have combined against one MMD?

  8. MMD will manipulate results in Mufumbwe because it is typical of the MMD/ECZ/police pact to announce election results late where they want to steal votes.

  9. As of now Bane it is very near I know Chi Capitalist, chi bootlicker they are holding tight ama leto yabo. bafikara imwe

  10. Muzungu needs 245 to overhaul Kamondo and with only 2 polling stations to go, I don’t see how it will swing in his favour. Mufumbwe being a rural area, it means those two polling stations are located huge miles away from the boma, where the population is very small. I doubt if the total number of registered voters in these two remote polling stations even exceed 300. From the above analysis I therefore, declare Kamondo, winner of Mufumbwe bye-elections.

  11. How long does it take to count ballot papers cast in those six remaining polling stations considering that their has been a low turn out and that counting is done simulteneously in all the polling stations. I dont really get this? Somebody explain please!

  12. Iwe chi Senior citizen C h i k a l a
    Ichimutwe you didnt hear RB say that he was making a PACT with the people. imbwa iwe itore

  13. Standby as votes fly in from the remotest polling stations.By the way the 3 polling station according to the ECZ registers carry an cummulative total of 2800 registered voters. With the growing Zambian apathy i foresee a turn out of 800 to 1200 voters unless otherwise.

  14. we should just remain zee..although the blood sacker wants to win by manipulating the votes to suit his aspirations

  15. And around 05:00 hours this morning, a driver identified as the son to the losing MMD candidate, Muzungu run over a group of five people that was near the farmers training center leaving two dead and three others injured. The accident happened at the corner of farmers training center.

    This i.diot should be jailed. We can’t let this go without the law taking its course. This embarrassing.

  16. **==**==**==**==**==**==
    Its a pity the Easterners are still behaving like uneducated people.Lets vote with thinking and analysis.Go pact Go,if the Mufumbwe is taken then Lupiya will only remain with Eastern and that will show how tribal easterners are.

  17. I’s os happy, the PF /UPND PACT has finally made headways into Eastern Province, the Last elections we did badly there, besides thats RB’s stronghold.

    The beauty is UNIP will be a spoiler for RB in Estern Province, no landslide for the MMD there. This is really really very good news. Despite our loss countrymen in Milanzi, we are on the right course we should celebrate it as a SWEETEST LOSS. We the PACT have finally arrived KUMAWA!!!!

  18. Its so sad to read that Mr Muzungu’s son couldn’t contain news of his father’s defeat and decided to kill two UPND cadres by running over them. May their souls rest in peace. This boy must be arrested and sent to Mukobeko

  19. UPND or PACT, consider Mufumbwe lost! MMD will do everything it takes to win the Mufumbwe seat! Watch this space!

  20. Ha, Ha, hA, ha, #12 Senior Citizen- The MMD has lost Mufumbwe and the PF/UPND has gained 50% of Milanzi. He who laughs last laughs best. Now come 2011. This reminds me of 1990-1991.

  21. But still this does not reflect the really results MMD has stolen the votes from UPND , but all the same they have lost the election

  22. Easterners have expressed their democratic right, leave them alone, while those in N. Western are slowly drifting away from MMD which they massively voted for last time. Seems the trick of foo-ling people there with the Mutanda – Chavuma Rd is not effective anymore. Lets wait for the final results.

    I implore all our leaders, in particular the ruling party which has control over security winds, to stop the violence seen in Mufumbwe

  23. MMD has carried the day I have just been informed. both Milanzi and Mufumbwe. PACT yapwa Bane. I have been inforemd congrats chi senior citizen and bootcall licker

  24. One thing that has come clear in this by-election is how masonists hate the church of Jesus christ. The church has seen Ichilema a masonist ordering his thugs to burn all churches in Mufumbwe with impunity while his lack of fear for God has all manifested. the body of Christ in the country know that Ichilema does not subscribe to the Christian faith, step into church nor tough a Bible but this sadistic spirit of anti-Christ seen in Ichilema is appalling and unacceptable. I have no doubt that on this route his own violence is bound to annihilate him live before 2011 unless he comes to the saving knowledge of Christ and reason prevails, I fear for his anti-Christ spirit.

  25. Even if the pact was to win NW, it clearly shows that the opposition pa zd is not as strong as the POST puts it a very small difference , since in 2011 they will split, the MMD will win the presidential elections again again

    Man i am very MMD, but i am happy that all roads are heading to HH, i mean SATA can not be the president of Zambia. its either RB or HH not SATA please

    HH will win Western, NW, Southern , Part of Central, and Lusaka while Sata will be part of Lusaka and Copper belt Northern and luapula provinces,MMD will be Eastern, Parts of NW and No 2 in most provinces.

    If Sata and HH slip then on average RB will win even though he will be coming out second in most parts

  26. It does not matter what MMD does to win the elections; the time has come for Rupiah to go. You can’t stop a dropping knife. The momentum is in the favour of the opposition. Trends are difficulty to stop. You can now understand why Banda spends little time in the country; every time he open his mouth he just digs himself deeper. The man has truly no vision. Remember Zambian had built up enough courage to standup to KK who was a more revered figure that Banda. People went as far as pelting the presidential motorcade. Watch.

  27. Come on my tribes mate in the East.Why are always behind. This is time for change and you are still stuck with MMD just like in 1991 when you are left with UNIP. The rest of Zambia is for change. Plse join us and dont remain behind again.Since 1991 England and the United States has chanded governments and we are still stuck with the same corrapt government.why. Viva Pact

  28. Congrats to the Manyozo Making Dealers(MMD), but the Pact is scopping Mufumbwe, it was a well known fact that is why MMD tried to cause as much confusion as they could, tulemonako no cheating from the 3 polling stations remaining.

  29. # 31 Decentralise or Red Card,

    The violent spirit of HH and Sejani has no space, mileage or future. It will be purged from its source in the shortest possible time. There is neither exception nor tolerance beyond this in the core of our democracy, constitution and patriotism. Its alien to the country brought by Ichilema a masonist who overzealously picked it out of proportion from Sata’s Chawama massacre manuscript. It’s better for the country to forfeit perpetrators than the democratic nation. God forbid, this violent spirit of Ichilema is bound to fail him hideously.

  30. CONFIRMED report Mufumbwe has gone to UPND and the losing candidate’s son Mulondwe muzungu has killed two people on the spot using OBAMA 1 car .Is this fair sure?

    UPND has also won Shampande ward in South
    NW wards HH is still leading by atleast a resonable margin
    100% Victory is waiting for UPND

  31. THE DISTANCE TO WHERE THE RESULTS ARE YET TO COME FROM IS ABOUT 300 KM. Am sure mr. sata and Mr HH did not campaign there. results are gotten only via an aeroplane/helicopter.
    Its common sense that MMD will scoop Mufumbwe as HH and Sata cant have access to very remote areas. thats how life is.

    Mwansa wanya- your excitment of the right of speech is going too much to your head. You feel when you speak profane and swearing insults ninshi ni bu guy. Clean your buta. Its what comes out that makes a person dirty.
    I ve seen a gift in you. you need to change all that anger,sacarcity and insults to fighting the kingdom the devil, the father of lies. Repent and be saved, you would be of a lot of use

  32. # 33 please do not mislead people to such proportions. Who told you that HH is a mason?? So you are sinking to the levels of Zambian politicians.
    Apparently a plane left at 06am Zambian time to go and collect the remaining ballot papers in Mufumbwe. Honestly didnt they know that they needed a plane to ferry the ballot papers? Wasnt the plane supposed to have headed back to the civic centre at the close of voting instead of going to collect the ballot papers 1 day after voting closed??
    With the UPND leading any change will definately result in violence because the poor organisation by ECZ.

  33. PACT has worked as expected in Mufumbwe but their problem remains at the top where Mr SATA will be made President, then unfortunetly HH will fall out….

    If the PACT choose HH they might win

    if the its SATA forget period.

  34. Zambians have no alternative in tribalists, satanists and masonists other than progressive nationally serving people’s mass party the ruling MMD that has united the country and plugged it to prosperity. The Doxa of marxism and tribalism has failed and these tribalists will never have a chance to inculcate it in Zed. It would be treasonous to error with them in power through the ballot. Just since when did militia leaders, tribal leaders and factionalists under instructions of a counterfeit religious cult of Die Zambia become national leaders to rule a constitutional unitary democracy? The change in leadership Zambians will see is the one coming with the end of the RB generation leadership in 2016, otherwise its utopia to think tribalists opposing MMD will ever win elections.

  35. If the report on 39 is correct, then it shows the party that is fanning violence in Mufumbwe. Tubanthu uutu nitopusa ngaako!8-|

  36. Leave the people in Eastern Province alone. This is democracy which the PF is allergic to. In a democracy, people are free to choose whoever they see fit to represent them. PF must sensitize itself with democracy by first holding intra-party elections by going to a convention. PF must know that Zambia is a democratic nation.

  37. Zedian,

    Violence in our mature democracy is your personal myth. Ichilema’s violence will end with him period! It will never end with Zedian voters who vote with probality of winner or conceeder and not violent mind. They know that violence takes the violent hideously a miscalculated fact by your Ichilema.

  38. #43 You seem to be retrogressive in ideas and possibly in deeds. Awe mwee; benangu banthu bangakukalipise ngaako.

  39. 1 Vs 2 = Small margin, Expect to have minor changes in the general perspective of the 2011 presidential polls. it should send a signal to 2 that it has not done much!!! remember that even the voter scatter factor has not been at play in this polls which may greatly hit them in the near future!! wakeup!!

  40. MMD won Milanzi. Please PACT stop crying through rigging when you have all the people and resources to manage the situation. This is a problem with the opposition. Please tell us if MMD rigged the election in Milanzi? When you won the last two bye – election, MMD did not cry saying the PACT rigged. With these results, MMD can compete with the PACT. All PACT members please say congrats!!! You will lose nothing. If you can’t defeat them, you can join them “MMD”. Accept defeat period. If you won the Mufumbwe as you claim, post would have made it a headline but you have lost. A party with a vision has taken both seats. Mighty, U wina chingulo.

  41. Ba Senior citizen, I am very sure you are an impoverished old poor man who get on daily by bootlicking and begging from other progressive men and women who need the Change We Support. Am very sure your ka house is a rented ramshucle in some deep gettho and you expect everyone to live that way. MMD died along time ago. There is nothing it will show the enlightened Zedians between now and 2011. We are the Mourhinos in the game of politics. By the way it does not to us who will be the Presidential candidate for the PACT, the truth is we are behind any of the two. Viva PACT!!!

  42. Zambia has for sure been turned into the “Republic of Zambia Police Force.” RB and Kabonde were in Mufumbwe to command cadres and police respectively to attack RB’s opponents.Dictatorship has been re introduced in Zambia where the police are protecting offender as long as they support the MONSTER,RB.The people of Eastern Province have chosen to continue suffering and live in abject poverty without any meaningful development in the name of WAKO NI WAKO! RB should know that he will not continue manipulating the system. The deference in Milanzi should serve as wakening call while the Mufumbwe results should be a warning that the people of Zambia tired and ready for change.

  43. # 33. We do not care what HH is. This christian thing in Zambia is taken too far. Check out the number of pastors found wanting – from gold dealings, adulterly, thieving, gun totting, robbery, name it and hiding in the name of christianity. You could even be involved in some dubious dealings yourself. Take some time off the blog and have a serious reflection of your life, it will do you a load of good!

  44. So MMD have lost Mufumbwe then. Nice one. Mr Capitalist what is your commemnt about this? That`s two seats gone to the opposition in NW. Kwati naishupako mudala.:-?

  45. Congratulations to UPND on another victory in Mfumbwe, My apoligies to PF/SATA on the loss of a sit in Milanzi. Well this does put HH in a better position to lead the pact which should be good news to all pact supporters. Let HH rule, HH’s time is now, just watch UPND at work.

    However the margin is too small UPND has to work harder, with such low margins, If Sata is on that ballot paper, I assure you, Pact would be a distant third. So this is clear indication that we Zambians, have accepted HH as our candidate.

  46. ][
    ]=]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]ITS NOT SUPRISING,THESE PEOPLE ARE ALWAYS LAST IN EVERYTHING,AM TOLD THE STILL THINK KAUNDA IS PRESIDENT.EASTERNERS AM NOT surprised no wonder its always toilet work for them.

  47. #57 Awe koma uli mwaume. Poselenipo na wichcraft and touching and fondling of private parts of other men’s wives.:((

  48. Hey Senior Citizen, who the heck is ICHILEMA. Are you creating people and giving them your names now? You do not even know the name of the person you are busy trying to malign. I am sure the actual name is all over in the daily mail and times of zambia – check it out please. I thought you were a smart chap.

  49. Amazing that UNIP is still there in Eastern Province. Not surprised with easterners are we? It took them 10 years to hear about MMD. It won`t be until 2021 before they start voting for the pact.:d

  50. Change For Good,

    Far from you prayers or wishes for me.God has blessed me with 2 Graduate level education degrees and Corporate world job besides the private consultancy work i do. My blessings are such that i could pay 5 of you your monthly pay in Kwacha from 1 consultancy check i do in a week.Not laughing at your struggles but correcting your myth and prayer for poverty on me.I will always tand with the weak in society like you but never take your prayer for poverty to visit me. I

  51. #62 Mr Capitalist. Nice one and thank you. What does that mean to MMD then? I mean that is two now. Time to press the panic button or have you guys pulled the plug?:-?

  52. @ #71 Red Card Crankshaft Caburetor Banda

    Why press the panic button when a combined opposition of the PF and UPND can struggle to beat the MMD. The difference is too low to panic. It means (to me anyway) that the MMD is still in the game. In the future of course, Mufumbwe can go either way, that is if the PACT holds.

  53. Mufumbwe win for UPND, definately changes the political games within the pact, PF must in its mind be unseated by the growing winning streak the UPND team has found itself in, NW, Western, South and part central. Oh geez, RB must be wordering what magic the “son of a dog” is using.

  54. May I take this opportunity to air my views on the happenings in Mufumbwe….
    I want to make it clear that I am non partisan…..I am very scared and afraid of how the Police and the MMD have gone on to make a pact- I will not say UPND/PF did not engage in violence but the Police have really spear headed in the fight and this is how a country goes into fighting.Police should never side with a particular group-We should condemn our President for using the police since he is the boss,with such acts he and his party is not wealthy to lead us any more

  55. “The fact is it was an MMD seat.”

    @ #74 Red Card Crankshaft Caburetor Banda

    And where/when have I denied this fact?

  56. # 68 Red Card thank for your Observation i can see you have followed this poor politics of Eastern Province. these chaps will never learn a lesson. to be a Nyau is really a problem i am just wondering whether they were puting on their mask while voting shame shame shame

  57. People of Zambia let us not be distructed by these Chaps in Diplomatic missions. They are worried about their jobs hence supporting MMD and the master ALABEE. These guys are lazy,enjoy government perks by a.s.s licking. Let us unite for the better of our beloved country. I m sure the leaders of the PACT will come up with the a brilliant leadership structure. Surely we deserve better than what these guys are giving us at the moment. For the past 1 month ALABEE has mentioned more ten projects in the pipeline or about to be implemented. I can bet with anyone on the blog, we wont SEE any of them being implemented in the next six months. Its all talk and no action. We are tired of economists who cant even apply what they learnt . YES WE CAN CHANGE OUR COUNTRY!

  58. Easterns always live in the past what a shame to easterners. They have no capacity to understand issues preaviling in our Country. Probaly they have no access to information plus the high iliteracy levels where they can’t understan anthing only tribe what a shame

  59. Change is inevitable and change is permanent. I wonder why MMD was campaigning in the two areas when they had enough time to sell themselves through development. I do not think Milanzi will get any of the promises flashed out during campaigns by MMD. By the way has anyone heard anything about George Kunda?

  60. another by election..kunda may not come back…yyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss!!alot of Zambianas must be so happy about the idea…pact brace for another election..

  61. #70 Pls Senior Citizen, do not be so sarcastic. Keep your blessings to yourself and your spouse. As Senior Citizen you are expected to be sober and modertate and lead by example. Alas you have foul language. Do you belong to the Mukudya Mweka Daddy grouping? I hope you are not hiding anything unpleasant that will come to light when the Pact assumes the reign of this so called great (but very poor) nation!8-|/:)

  62. Senior Citizen, get the logic here! We support politics of economic liberasation and not cynism. I do not believe that we can compare each other on education excellence ’cause already your reasoning does not reflect one of us who have had a chance to education to help the many masses that are manipulated day in day out by the MMD. Am comfortable and I believe most Zedians need to have access to decent shelter, clean water, and quality food which your MMD through their stooge at NCC have denied innocent souls. So where is your allegiance with the poor in this context? PACT is for ACTION TIME. Viva PACT!!

  63. #76 Mr Capitalist I never said you denied it and if you look at my post there is nowhere I said you were denying it. In other words, small margin or not, this was an MMD seat which has gone to the opposition.

  64. “In other words, small margin or not, this was an MMD seat which has gone to the opposition.”

    @ #87 Red Card Crankshaft Caburetor Banda

    This is true. So why are we arguing then?

  65. So MMD has beaten PF is Milanzi by a wide margin, How is UPND doing in Mufumbwe…you people in Zed work the lines!

  66. 80, I think thats wrong reasoning….Luapula n Northern support Sata because he is Bemba, Southern Support HH because he is Tonga, Western Support Saki because he is Lozi, and now Easterners Support RB because he is Easterner, ati Iyo Easterners are tribal and petty!!!..come on politics is tribal in zed since KK left office. Whoever, gets a little support from other tribes carries the day!..lets be reasonable as we debate.

  67. Wow, over 80 comments within a span of close to 2 hours. And yet the story on inflation garnered less that 50 comments of which the comments where spread out. It is a known fact that majority of LT bloggers are PF cadres.

    With the above information, this just shows that PF cadres are not interested in development. They are drunk with politics. Hell, a new steel plant might be opening in Kafue which could be a joint venture between a Zambian and South African company and still the PF cadres would still not care unless Mr. Sata puts a political spin to it. WOW:o

  68. lets go PACT lets go…its always sad to be surrounded by negative thinking people!! we are sick and tired of the leadership of BWEZANI DZIKO PANSI!!!! come 2011 you are gone for good!!!

  69. # 70, sometimes you fascinate me the way you behave. You have two graduate degrees and you are not able to ascertain that this is a blog where people you will never know or meet will say anything to educate or frustrate you just like you do. What is this talk about two graduate degrees and a job with consulting work on the side? Even my son who is just six does not venture in such discussions. How old are you? So, in you mind you think everyone on this site is out to get you. Don’t you think that you and your minions have failed the duties assigned to you by Dickson Jere? Yes we know you have a job at the embassy and you are also working on the side with Dickson Jere at State House to intimidate or convince a few souls to support MMD. Please stop digging, you are in a hole.

  70. # 83 Ka Tonga Bull,

    Use deductive reasoning before you struggle in finding an audience with me. Read entry # 53 besides many from a legion of the ignoble. Have you ever seen me get diverted by deviants despite all the acts of aberration? I’m ever in the rational actor model too distant from your doxa of utopia. There is no policy direction that would curve in utopia of the chaps you are burning in vanity for. Engage me on their public policy they are unpacking them we can have a sustained discourse. While you are dupped by hatred and tribalism, Zambia is bigger than anything to me. I believe in comparative politics on policy issues and never utopia that has swept many PF Kaponyas.

  71. the voilence in mufumbwe is unacceptable .the RB govt must not take my country back to chachacha.the people must not seat and consider this a case in exception .the mmd govt is now saying the end justifies the means.shame on th police and the govt .the power belongs to the people .so we say redcard mmd

  72. #86. Spot on, your outline can not be over stressed. In case you are about to lose your temper, please forgive them for they do not even understand what they are saying.

  73. the bfact still reamins..easterneres are so retrogressive and tribal,a let down,conservative and yes bwana muzungu anikonde and jealousy people..u shud learn to vote wisely not becoz of tribe..after all your province is also less developed ala!!come 2011 muzaona..!

  74. #89 Mr Capitalist. “Argue” is not a word you should have used if we have to be pedantic, because there was no arguement there except I was trying to make you get my point. Two different things I think.

  75. tribalism – boooooo
    bututulism – booooooo
    poor governance – boooooooooo
    zambia needs a better presido than the current. Now the altenatives are so uninspiring. HH and Sata are simply not the better Zambia has to offer.

    Anyway Congrats to MMD for scooping both seats. it wasnt easy but its over.

  76. Imagine this was a general election, Eastern has produced a margin of almost 3000 votes, here in Northwestern the margin is 300, 1 to 10. I dont see what the celebration is all about. As for UPND well you have proved to be a force to reckon with, but generally as a pact are you sure that these results are positive, when you consider that it is a combined effort. Please do not insult me, I would apprciate some positive comments. My fear is once again we will hear people crying foul, and sing the riggin song.

  77. #91 I agree to a large extent, politics in Zambia and indeed in any other country where there is democracy, the issue of regional (not tribal) politics can not completely be detached. Look at Kenya, Nigeria, and even developed countries like England. What we are seeing in Zambia is not tribal politics but regional politics.
    In politics, you need to have a base, otherwise you will be paper-weight.:x8-|/:):o

  78. #92. People are not commenting because the figure does not change anything. What is a single digit inflation figure to someone without food on the table? Nothing.

  79. # 92, great observation. That should tell you that going by inferential statistics, MMD is gone. You should know that no one here is either PF nor UPND, but a people with a common goal. To remove the Failed MMD Party Government from office. How many gains so far for the PACT and how many losses for your MMD? Next is George Mpombo, Chibombamilo and Shakafuswa seats. Wow, people have seen the hollowness of MMD and its insulting leader whose wife stole money as a ghost worker from MoE. Probably people in Mufumbwe were reminded of the crimes of the MMD chief campaigner FTJ and how Kunda flew incognito to get medical attention while their MP was left to rot in sewer blocked UTH. When will another one open up? We need Banda to insult more. After all that is his social policy.

  80. Please lets not go back to the old days when we used to support parties blindly.Lets examine what manifestos, plans,programmes that the parties have for the country and place our preferences alongside these.Personal attacks and campaginingn on the blog is not a wise thing.Senior citizen please dont bring your personal hatred ofr HH on the blog.You have the right to dislike him but its not wise to wrongly influence others

  81. This stupid pact has stollen another seat. Well lets wait for 2011 and see if they will still have the same steam. Am watching.

  82. #92 Mr Capitalist. You can discuss the other issues until God knows when. When the people implementing everything are the wrong ones, you need to sort that out first. By the way it`s UPND under pact who won not PF.:d

  83. Watched a tv clip showing the bodies of children killed by Muzungu’s bululu in Mufumbwe…very sad, I feel for the parents, politics aside.:( I hope we don’t turn out to be just another African country.

  84. I know HH very well.Hate him or love him he is a down to earth hard working and intelligent young man who seized the opportunity to get rich but in a straight forward manner, if not RB would have easily grounded him like they are trying to witch hunt Sata and wellensiky days criminal case that has no bearing on the present situation.
    Lets all team up for future development and not go backwards

  85. Sorry for being such a pain fellow bloggers but i just cant help it

    senior citizen
    October 15,2009 at 10:27am

    I now advise all PF kaponyas to print this statement and use it to vindicate me if my statement turns a total illusion distant from the ballot verdict. I make this statement under no usual political inclination but as a grounded actor in predictive sciences that has never failed me in business, statistical analysis and political resaerch. I have used many variable to reach this conclusion. Should Mugara lose i will salute him with respect, but vow to retire from blog politics and own business. Instead will enter active politics which has never been on my calendar beyond blogging during free times. But i vow MMD victory

  86. #112 Mr Capitalist. Cheers man and well done for retaining Milanzi. I have to go and do some work now. Kuti bakutamfya incito. Take care now and all the best for future elections. Tell Zambians not to fight. We are all Zambians but I didn`t like the photographs in The Post. My neighbour is BNP but she is very well behaved. Imagine that! May be we need an independent Police.

  87. @ #110 Kalos2020

    Genocidal maniac Kalos2020, Remove the MMD for who? For the PF who’s 90 day economic miracle formula cannot be explained till today. Also it is interesting to see that the PACT which should be a combined force of the UPND and PF is struggling to beat one single MMD. This shows the MMD is still strong.

    I sometimes wonder why people support a party where Mr. Hichilema gave a 48 hr ultimatum on Dora Siliya way passed expiration not forgetting Mr. Sata’s flip flopping on Chinese investment. But then I remember a genocidal maniac like Kalos2020 supports the PF and then it to some extent makes a little sense. Oh, BTW, When is Mr. Sata going to release his two degrees of which one is supposedly from a university in the United Kingdom?

  88. Ha Friday again! Good news from Mufumbwe, Milanzi is slowly turing to the pact, the problem as usual of the UNIP spoilers in the east, splitting the vote. Truly a conservative area – in fact there must be a word for politically moving backwards, anyone? Carburetor, very nice name :d

  89. @ #119 Red Card Crankshaft Caburetor Banda

    Have a great day. Cheers and all the best to you too in future elections.

  90. All this cheap politics aside. How many of the bloggers have read the manifestos of the parties they support and compared them with there opponents’? Is each one of us convinced the party we support has the best policies to lead this country out of misery or are we just looking at personalities? Do we all know how rich or poor this country is? Are the policies realistic, are they achievable? Do the actions of our political party leaders reflect what is in there manifestos? Do we know why we are where we are now? Winning or losing a bye election without a clear policy direction does not change the situation that we are currently in.

  91. Come 2010 you will forget the direction to where you came from. You are excited with a Milanzi seat kaili ni kwanu and Milanzi is not Zambia but just a constituency in Zambia. Mukatabe lubilo mu 2010.

  92. #118. Smoothcriminal. Africans will say anything today and deny it tomorrow or the people themselves will not be bothered to follow it up. If you go back to the promises RB made in the last election, he would have been forced to resign if he was in a developed country.


  93. This whole year we’ve been reading about how the inflation rate has gone down to single digits,though im not PF,i for one have made several comments about the rate and many others as well,what has changed now to warrant some new comments
    it now sounds like a broken record,quiet monotonous

  94. 123- Thats exactly the wise thing for us to do here.its meaniful to argue abot what individual parties claim to do when they are in poor.It would be a very educative debate for all of us.Supporting individuals blindly is just being stupid

  95. #33 Senior Citizen says:
    You are one of the few bloggers that make sense on this platform, please continue with this high level wisdom. I always like your comment esp the one above! Zambia shall never fail in the hands of those that are anti-christ mentality. We shall fight for our war are not against flesh and blood, but powers and rulers of this dark world!

  96. We are not commenting on topics doctored by State House to impress. Its like comparing exchange rates. Why do we have countries with weaker rates but with strong economies? We are NOT going to EAT a single digit. We need practical results. Bloggers lets UNITE and see how best we can assist in removing the MMD from power. For those who can afford lets make sure we travel home and vote in 2011. In the meantime speak the languange-MMD MUST GO!!

  97. #120, Capitalist,
    I love the way your world is crashing. How does it feel to be the odd one in the population of millions? The genocidal are your leaders Rupiah and William Banda. You know for sure that they are the only leaders who put opposition leaders on house arrest on a crucial day. They are the ones who go about insulting other leaders. What age is Banda again? Did I hear him calling the younger nice looking man as “son of a dog”?

    About Sata, you state that “Oh, BTW, When is Mr. Sata going to release his two degrees of which one is supposedly from a university in the United Kingdom?” Did you just HIS TWO DEGREES? So they are his, and not yours or ours. He determines who he shows and when he shows them. You are behaving like the BIRTHERS looking for Obama birth certificate…

  98. But this pattern is sickening: whenevr MMD is trailing in an election then you have delays in counting, why? They always come up with polling stations which delay in sending ballot boxes.

  99. Ba senior citizen,you have two degrees yet your level of analyses on this blog is purely lumpenic aimed at either demeaning us the bloggers,HH,Sata or kaponyas.How can you love us the low class when day in and day out you awfully deragetory with kaponyas-we are good people as well,educated and all yet your RB and MMD has failed to improve the economy in a tangible way except to give us fancy statistics about inflation and all.Are we going to eat statistical data or will it buy medicines.And chizungu chamu dictionary from you is too much.The greatly educated tend to convey messages in a simple and well co-ordinated manner,not ma bombastic lyonse like you and george mpombo were schooled in the same class with two students only.Young as we are,you can’t pay most of us bloggers here.

  100. In a systematic analysis, we can deduct that regressively the so called PACT has lamentably failed to turn into a political machine to reckon with a winning connectedness to people. How on earth can they be thriving on a live wire with one entity MMD when they have been colluding in all elections as a pair? With any political dynamics out of these bye-elections come the ego and infatuation that trigger fantasized political decisions. Will they harness their enduring egos and base calls? In a constitutional democracy where coalition Government and running mate politics have no constitutional space, will they collude with institutional trade-offs or opportunity cost to their bases? The country is big and constituencies may just become 375 plus in 2011 God forbid.

  101. No matter what levels our differences are, its not nice for a leader to call one of his subjects a he a dog leader then?

  102. Zambia’s April inflation falls to 9.2 % |
    Apr 29, 2010 …
    Zambia’s inflation back in double digits |
    Mar 25, 2010
    Zambia’s inflation rate reduces to 9.6 per cent |
    Jan 28, 2010 …
    Zambia’s February inflation increases to 9.8 % |
    Feb 25, 2010 …
    Zambia’s inflation rate drop by 0.9 percent |
    Mar 27, 2009 …
    we commented on all these stories,do we need to comment again surely

  103. #123, you don’t need a manifesto to see or know that the country is being misled. We all know that MMD is not on the same page with people of Zambia, in fact I should they are not even in the same book any more.

  104. @ #132 Genocidal Maniac Kalos2020

    President Rupiah Banda is the only leader that has openly condemned the violence. And I don’t care to be the odd one out. I am an independent thinker and I cannot be swayed by public opinion. To each his own. Something a genocidal maniac like you fails to understand.

    As for leaders who insults…excuse me but the opposition controlled media (THE POST) publishes insults on almost every headline about President Rupiah Banda. Didn’t Mr. Hichilema call President Rupiah Banda a “blood thirsty monster” in today’s headline by the opposition controlled media. As for Mr. Sata, he is a public figure, if we are to give him the highest office, it would be good if we know his level of education. He has to give us his CV since we are his…

  105. so called senior citizen you are just displaying immaturity by attacking parties on behalf of MMD.If MMD wins one election and PF/UPND wins one too.Its a simple fact that the game is even and anyone would see this. No one needs a degree to understand this fact.We can say all that we want to say here but the game is played at the polling stations as shown by Milanzi and Mufumbwe residents

  106. cont. from #140

    Since we are his employers. So Mr. Genocidal Maniac Kalos2020, just tell us when Mr. Sata will release his two degrees. Also tell us what has happened to the 24hr on Dora Siliya ultimatum by Mr Hichilema months past expiration.

  107. # 139 – then let us kick them out. But replace them with who? Because I am very skeptical of this “more money in pocket” thing. It does not add up.

  108. Senior Citizen aka BK
    you were meant to have stopped or retired from blogging after kasama central

    Senior Citizen says:
    October 15, 2009 at 11:14 amAll you PF Kaponyas with self internal strife breeding insults on me, are wasting your valuable time. Your misconduct do not bother or distort my ability for predictive analysis.I stand on the rock and a thousand will fall on my right hand side while i live to be vindicated.If i’m a dreamer come back here tomorrow and prove my illusions.I repeat Mugara is heading to Manda Hill.

  109. THANKS RED CARD – smooth criminal

    senior citizen
    October 15,2009 at 10:27am

    I now advise all PF kaponyas to print this statement and use it to vindicate me if my statement turns a total illusion distant from the ballot verdict. I make this statement under no usual political inclination but as a grounded actor in predictive sciences that has never failed me in business, statistical analysis and political resaerch. I have used many variable to reach this conclusion. Should Mugara lose i will salute him with respect, but vow to retire from blog politics and own business. Instead will enter active politics which has never been on my calendar beyond blogging during free times. But i vow MMD victory

    Complain about this comment

  110. Senior Citizen, MMD is not a single entity per se. Probably you would need to be reminded how MMD became a party. Also, you might have forgotten that MMD and UNIP Vigilante winger have joined together. Probably are of those who count dribbles and fail to count goals. Some of the people don’t even care how parties come together, i fact if these two parties have same goals and same agendas, it would folly for them to pursue same agendas and goals when they can do so without duplication. That in itself is the genius of the PACT. Only a losing and pain ridden MMD cadre would even bring that out. Yes, psychology allows you to do so. After all you need some form of defense mechanism to shield your pain. You need a shoulder to cry on, sorrow, not on this blog. We want MMD gone, period.

  111. Change deosn’t come easily guys. Im happy that our counterparts the UPND have realised that and they are now very alert. Change is coming to Zambia in 2011.

  112. y is it tht we only have violence in elections tht involve UPND and MMD in eastern, northern and copperbelt and lusaka you never see bloodshed… both leaders of these parties need to stop pushing the buck and address the tactics employed by their followers

  113. The loss of Mufumbwe seat to UPND is undoubtedly a bitter pill to swallow!
    Hopefully it’s not a manifestation of bad things to come in 2011.

  114. A colluding entity that puts up dismal performance with tail gate strength in ballot outcome has to count on a monumental national wide challenge on the stamp in the real sense of individualist campaign. Its no suprise that they laboring in fair but vain on abolition of the RDA that carry the language of the ballot.

  115. # 140, there you go lying again. When will you stop creating lies to sooth you after a loss? Have you seen Banda’s degree? Tell me anyone in MMD who has ever shown you his grade seven certificate? form 3 certificate, form 5, teacher certificate like Mangani’s, Shawa’s or even Chibombamilimo? Why are you so possessed with Sata’s papers? Get yours.

  116. @ #152 Genocidal Maniac Kalos2020

    President Rupiah Banda’s degree is on his CV and I am confident he could release copies of it to authenticate should we wish.

    But Mr. Sata is refusing to release his degree. Not even copies. He wont even tell us which university he got the degree from. This is what is causing us to doubt it. The least he can do is give us copies of his degree so we can authenticate or at least tell us the school. But Mr. Sata has refused. Why is he keeping his two degrees a secret? Why doesn’t he want to show us? Why wont he even tell us the institution(s) he got his two degrees from?

  117. MMD Chief Bootliker, Senior Citizen & Katie Bad can u say Congrats to the UPND for scooping the mufumbwe seat, we have said Congrats to MMD for taking milanzi are u bad loosers!!!

  118. Senior citizen the fact is that The PF and UPND PACT won the mufumbwe sit despite the brutality of MMD, Zambian Government and The Zambia Police. Whether the margin was not big victory is victory … Go back to school and get a decent degree from a reputable learning institution.

  119. Course Studied: MA Journalism Studies
    Graduation Year: 1994
    Current Employer: Zambian Government – Zambian Embassy Washington DC
    Position: Press Secretary
    Well, looks to me like I am now destined for diplomacy but at the back of my head, I will always be a true professional journalist
    Alias: BK%%%SC%%%kangwa
    phy%add=2419 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
    Washington DC 20008

    Does this ring a bell mudala BK aka Senior Citizen
    I just want you to stick to your word and just vanish into oblivion,you said it yoself that you will stop blogging after kasama central

  120. #155
    Mr. Capitole – Do you want to parade qualifications in public just to show people you are educated? Typical African. If Sata says he has a degree wait for nomination day Why panic?

  121. # 155, do you know how childish you are sounding talking about a degree that has no bearing on your life? Do you know how many people are laughing at how you sound considering that you are griping on a paper that is personal and not needed? How long have we know Sata as Zambians? What happened all these years he did his work diligently while your MBA holders like Aka failed to run even akantemba? So, how did Sata’s degree come in for your loss? How did you just lose it that all of the sudden The Post became opposition controlled? When did Mmembe sell his paper to Sata or HH? Probably you are the only MMD cadre who got that news. Come on man, hang on, there is more to come and you will cry more. MMD thought Banda can boil the ocean, here we go, he cannot even boil water on a spoon.

  122. Mr. Capitalist,

    Asking for a degree is too much a task just ask him for unofficial transcript or we i show you how to play with some now the Global and national Student Clearinghouse technology. You can verify people’s school enrollment, transcripts and degrees from your love seat. All you need are full names. In this case its Michael Chilufya Sata. The now global-National Student Clearing House provides enrollment verifications. This organization technology electronically processes deferment requests from lenders. Enrollment data is updated on a monthly basis. Additionally, the National Student Clearing House provides degree verifications for potential employers.I can share with you the technology of data mining anyone on your mind.

  123. By what margin did UPND win in Mufumbwe? cause i hear the last ballot box is not yet seen and the margin is very very low with MMD almost cacthing up

  124. “Mr. Capitole – Do you want to parade qualifications in public just to show people you are educated?”

    @ #164 Deja Vu

    I have never said this and I challenge you to produce a quote where I have explicitly stated this.

    You have completely missed the point. Mr. Sata is a public figure aspiring for the highest office in the nation. We as his employers are required to at least know his educational background. If Mr. Sata truly has his two degrees of which one is supposedly from a university in the United Kingdom, then why is it a problem to prove to us the general public that he actually has one?

  125. By the way,who has asked Sata to display and authenticate his degree,even me if i was asked by anybody to release my degree i would refuse
    over my dead body OGA!!!
    its only to be given to someone who wants to employ me,and for Sata’s case if the constitution says he needs it then the returning officer will do so at the right time

  126. RED CARD-Smoothcriminal says:
    April 30, 2010 at 10:20 am

    Senior Citizen aka BK
    you were meant to have stopped or retired from blogging after kasama central

    Senior Citizen says:
    October 15, 2009 at 11:14 amAll you PF Kaponyas with self internal strife breeding insults on me, are wasting your valuable time. Your misconduct do not bother or distort my ability for predictive analysis.I stand on the rock and a thousand will fall on my right hand side while i live to be vindicated.If i’m a dreamer come back here tomorrow and prove my illusions.I repeat Mugara is heading to Manda Hill.

  127. Name: Senior Citizen | Country of residence: ZM | Written: Thursday, 15 October 2009 (10:44)

    Ba PF Bishop Eagle, Calvary greetings to you. I pray you are strong enough to stomach the disappointing Armageddon out of Kasama at hand for your PF despite your vested cadre spirit. Sata and Lubinda’s nonsense talk that Kasama is their PACT litmus test will only serves to expose their indefensible vulnerability and irrelevancy now and in 2011.

    Take it from this post I make, In Kasama MMD’s Mugara will sail through come what may. I now advise all PF kaponyas to print this statement and use it to vindicate me if my statement turns a total illusion distant from applied politics and the ballot verdict. I make this statement under no usual political inclination but as a grounded actor…

  128. @ #165 Genocidal Maniac Kalos2020

    Concerning Sata’s degree, read the second paragraph of comment #169 which I directed to Deja vu.

    Secondly, I do not care if people laugh at me. They can laugh all they want. What I want is for Mr. Sata to prove his two degrees are authentic. That is all. As his employer (being a voter), I am well within my rights to request this information.

    As for the POST, I called them the “opposition media” because they are biased towards the Opposition.

    You just concentrate on convincing Mr. Sata to release copies of his degrees so we can authenticate them.

  129. Ba Ben Kangwa, Oh, Senior Citizen, State House Consultant, you are not stating anything new to us. We have been in this game longer than you are. When you remained spinning records at ZNBC, and Chiluba sending you to UK to study those diploma to Masters courses we knew everything about all that crap. We are better informed than you will ever be. Why do you think you are still in MMD while we have moved on from that sinking titanic with Captain Banda using a broken periscope.

  130. I now advise all PF kaponyas to print this statement and use it to vindicate me if my statement turns a total illusion distant from applied politics and the ballot verdict. I make this statement under no usual political inclination but as a grounded actor in predictive sciences that has never failed me in business, statistical analysis and political research endeavors.

    I have used many variables to reach this conclusion. Should Mugara lose, as a democrat I will salute him and his party with dignity, but then will retire from blog politics and my business. Instead, will enter active politics which has never been on my calendar beyond blogging during free times. But I vow MMD victory in Kasama is undebatable.

    Name: Senior Citizen | Country of residence: Zambia | Written: Friday,…

  131. Name: Senior Citizen | Country of residence: Zambia | Written: Friday, 16 October 2009 (15:39)

    Someone has asked “Hello Mr Senior Citizen-are you going to retire from blogging” Quote


    I’m a man of my words

  132. where does it explicitly say that anyone vying or aspiring for the highest office should display his degrees or any qualifications.Im very much interested to know this,is it in the constitution,if yes show us a link or something,which law says that we should be shown qualifications
    i reckon you are telling us POKIES

  133. Senior Citizen you have been given the red card for failure to follow your own promises.

    Take your filth with you on the way out please.

  134. Pipo, let us not insult each the end of it all, we are all Zambians and let us know that surely God will judge us by charecters, behaviour and conduct. Let us surport our parties with honour and diginity. I love PACT ofcourse and i know and believe that 2011 is for us as PACT even seniour MMD members has comfessed this fact. Let as do a christian way for we are a christian nation.
    Lets go PACT

  135. well within your right!!!!! which right??
    which law in zambia gives you the right to authenticate Sata’s degree
    show us that same LAW,so we can learn from you:d/

  136. Well this degree issue seems to be quite hot. Has anyone ever taken time to consider present value of these degrees obtained in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s? Has anyone ever thought that there is also academic inflation? Surely some of these leaders/presidents we are extolling as having degrees in economics or whatever field, if there degrees were to be discounted to the present, their degrees may be either worthless or at most may be equivalent to grade seven certificate.8-|/:):o:-?

  137. You are not his employer. Sata is not your President yet. In fact you have to understand that in Human Resources/Labor law there’s a saying that puts everyone on equal standing, DITO DITA, Do It To One, DO IT To All. There is precedence. If no one as ever done that, no one will do that.

    Your statement that you don’t care when people laugh at you does not surprise me. It is a typical MMD cadre mentality. You all have no shame. Look at your President. Do you see any shame in him? Look at William Banda, do you see any shame in him? Look at Shikapwasha, Mangani, Dora, Katele, FTJ, do you see any shame in any of them? The list of shameless people in MMD is unending. Even the old man Mr. Munkombwe. He is a SHAMELESS 80 year old gang banger.

  138. The ghosts HH must wrestle with

    In life to attain greatness, whatever greatness we measure up against, we are certain to meet battles, which we cannot, indeed, must not, run away from. The darkest and most eerie demons and nightmares must be met head-on. This we must do, otherwise, we are certain to be miserable failures in life. The option of failure is a cruel one.

    HH is a leader of a Political Party who aspires to the great office of commander in chief of the Armed forces, the Chief Executive officer of the Republic of Zambia. Has he counted the costs to meet such a high goal?

  139. There is a daunting task ahead of him, no doubt. On the way to greatness one is bound to stumble, not once but many times. His recent behavior could be taken as mere slip-ups from which he could recover?

    But on the other hand, these slip-ups could mean something deeper, an outward admission of failure. As an aspiring President to be, it is expedient of him not to portray a flaw in character. His reaction in Mufumbwe, at the Police station, is certainly disappointing, to say the least. The rigors and pressures of the highest office require impeccable resilience, an inner strength. So far, he has proved to lack that.

  140. The Presidential elections are just about 12 months away and all is clear that things are gearing up. The political temperature is bound to rise even higher as we draw near to the day. And the nation is watching, every step the Politician takes. This is not a time for the aspirant to whimper and throw tantrums. There will certainly be more poking to be done.

    What are the battles before HH, what hurdles lie ahead before he submits his candidature at the Chief Justice office?

  141. His Party (UPND) in pact with Sata’s (PF) must choose between the two of them to lead. Therefore if ever HH intends to lead the nation, he must in the first place face his partner (Sata) in battle. This will be the preliminary round. This is one of his demons and nightmares. Fate demands that he cannot shy away from this battle.

    HH cannot afford to be viewed as negotiating for a position from Mr. Sata. That will be the end of him.

  142. @ Genocidal Maniac Kalos2020

    So how are we supposed to know if his two degrees are real when (from second hand information) I am told he only has a Grade 7 certificate of which even that is questionable. How are we to know that he really has a degree in Political Science? He is a public figure and we must know this information. It is important that we know this. If we are to give him the highest office in the land, we have to know his educational background. As a voter, It is beneficial that I know Mr. Sata’s educational background.

    As for people laughing at me and other senior govt officials, well this is coming from you Kalos2020. You are PF cadre genocidal maniac. I doubt your opinion counts for anything on that matter. It is simply your attempt at poisoning the well.

  143. The basic aim to form a party is to lead the nation. Any message by the Party leader that supposes that the highest office is secondary will not hold. It is inconceivable that one could form a party only to aspire for an office less that the goal. Any person who aspires to lead the nation cannot do so with a secondary objective. He would be a laughing stock.

    That is why even those who have hardly been able to have enough supporters at the final declaration of interests will still go ahead to stand as Presidential aspirants. In Politics there are no assured positions of appointment. For HH to assume he will be appointed by Sata as his Vice, in a PF government is just utter recklessness and the worst Political naivety ever.

  144. The demons that confront HH will not sit with him and negotiate a settlement of interests, no! He must make up his mind to face his adversary. What complicates the matter is that he is not dealing with a preliminary within his own party but with another independent party.

    Mufumbwe if it goes HH’s way will only make it worse because whilst it might prove that he is gaining popularity, it will however threaten to tip the balance away from Mr. Sata. He must face the man who called him a ‘calculator boy’ before He ever dreams to make appointment with the Chief Justice to file his nomination papers.

  145. 160 Positivist pa zed. Without doubt HH is far much better than Sata. We are in the era of information and therefore the need for a leader who understands the complexity of modern world.
    I urge you to put all efforts to contribute to Zambia’s enlightenment and development by encouraging those around you to support the candidature of HH for both Pact and Zambian presidency.

  146. Mr. Michael Sata, it seems has so far taken it for granted that he is the most popular between the two and as such the default candidate, portrayed by the ‘Post’ as the mature and natural option.

    When HH was given to lead the UPND, the instruction handed him was to rule the nation. This is the expectation from the grass root and the Party hierarchy. On joining the ‘pact’ the promise was with the view to win Sata’s support, who is expected to ‘return a favour’ with history in view. There is no other expectation from HH’s supporters outside this.

  147. Iwe ka Mwata kamudala
    ulebomfyako amano yobe,not lyonse copying,i bet you were worse ku skulu
    seriously i’ve never seen a post just wriiten by you…if you had gone ku college atleast they could have taught you about pliagiarism

  148. @ Red Card smooth criminal ,Now i know how things got bad in Mumfumbwe with all this fighting pa LT. its always wise to think before you type.:d

  149. How is this degree nonsense coming in this fora? some people have inferiority complex eish……………..and Costain Chilala,GBM,Enock P.Kavindele et al…have degrees in?

  150. Bye, now we have a chain cut and paste for the morning. It is like playing a record n ZNBC. People enjoy Mwata’s rants. Diversion from the shame of losing what was theirs. So two MMD MPs have died in vain for MMD. Transfer of power have began. Not na nature, tayangala.

  151. This is precisely why the Party stalwart, Major Chizyuka, has been under attack from within the ranks, refusing to buy into Mr. Sata’s promise. This is the thin line by which the Party holds – HH’s promise that he will lead the ‘pact’. Failure to deliver the promise will mean doom to HH and his Political life.

    This explains so much why the Mufumbwe seat means so much to him, it will give him that extra confidence besides giving hope to his supporters that he means business.

  152. very good results for mmd and for democracy. this will show sata that he is a useless chap and come 2011 MMD will scoop a lot of seats. What is critical is for the MMD to campaign on issues and avoid insults

  153. Will the staunch grass root supporters take kindly when they hear that in fact HH has accepted to fall for a deputized position under Sata? For that matter even within Sata’s PF, the Party figures such- Guy Scott, Given Lubinda who considered themselves eligible will not take kindly to such a proposition.

    ‘Assumption is the mother of all failures’ so it is said. HH is making a terrible assumption if he thinks Sata will allow him to lead the ‘pact’. Sata has not even as much as once allowed anyone in his Party (PF) to challenge his leadership. So why on earth does HH think that the ‘Cobra’ will give him such a favour, on a silver platter? Surely HH cannot be so naïve!

  154. It would seem on the bare face of it that if anyone in PF showed even a slight intention to challenge Sata’s leadership, that person would literally be bitten by his bare teeth. So how on earth has HH come to the conclusion that he has become so good buddies with he, who by the way, not long ago called HH a ‘calculator boy’, that he will now hand him the candidacy? Mind you Sata’s followers have previously likened their leader as ‘thier Obama’. Sata for them is fondly Obama. HH must desist from making cheap assumptions if he is to be great.

  155. Mr. Capitalist says:
    April 30, 2010 at 10:58 [email protected] #165 Genocidal Maniac Kalos2020

    Secondly, I do not care if people laugh at me. They can laugh all they want. What I want is for Mr. Sata to prove his two degrees are authentic. That is all. As his employer (being a voter), I am well within my rights to request this information.

    ALL IM ASKING IS; this right to know Sata’s degrees,where is it enshrined,who gave us this right,is it the constitution or there a hidden law somewhere…i have a strong feeling this is a lie:d/:)>-:)>-:)>-
    budweiser!! anyone!!

  156. Am sorry i try not to be hateful but if you’ve seen the front picture of today’s Post of that poor man with a gorged eye you would understand my hate towards anything MMD.

  157. Kashman why get disappointed…everyone here has their choice of why party the want we all cant be PF or UPND. Lets learn to respect views of opposing sides. For me i will anly support pact if HH or a neutral person is chosen to be president….not Ba SATA.

  158. @ #204 Genocidal Maniac Kalos2020

    Bye you genocidal douche-bag. I hope you reflect on your genocidal rantings here on Lusaka Times. I pray God delivers you from your genocidal evil thoughts you genocidal maniac. Make sure you come back a changed person in the next few threads that will come.

  159. 5:31am Friday (EDT) – Time in Ottawa, Canada
    Newfoundland 7:01am NDT
    Halifax 6:31am ADT
    Winnipeg 4:31am CDT
    Regina 3:31am CST
    Edmonton 3:31am MDT
    Vancouver 2:31am PDT

    The evidence i put before you here proves something is strange in Mr Capitalists world.
    Does he actually live there and blog before 6am?
    Is he that worried about a result he had to blog before a morning shower?

  160. @ #208 msana wanzili

    If you’re going to quote me, please do it write. I never said “am MR. CAPITALIST and I challenge you to produce a quote on this thread where I said this.

    I said I am MR. CAPITALIST.


  162. #215 Ndife
    you got it wrong man,did kashman say he’s disappointed because senior citizen is mmd
    dont be in a hurry to conclude..ask him why he’s disappointed,could be something that Senior Citizen did or said,not neccessarily being MMD

  163. #212 RED CARD-Smoothcriminal

    I will have you know that I tailor my comments to the people I am talking to. In what sentence did I address you in my post on #212?

    The right to know Sata’s degrees is in the new constitution which is yet to be passed. There is a degree clause and anyone aspiring for presidency is to reveal their educational credentials.

    Now explain to me, if Mr. Sata really has his two degrees, why has he refused to prove this to us. He wont even tell us the institutions(s) he got his two degrees from? Are they really authentic?

  164. Name: Senior Citizen | Country of residence: Zambia | Written: Friday, 16 October 2009 (15:39)

    Someone has asked “Hello Mr Senior Citizen-are you going to retire from blogging” Quote


    I’m a man of my words.


  165. Why is it taking long to release results from one polinig station, is it because the oppsition is leading? please please, We no longer what the MMD, the people of eastern can’t see what others can see, let them keep UNIP and MMD, they are still in the past. washala washala easterners.

  166. @ #218 Looking for Clues

    Why be bothered by where I blog from? What you should be concerned with are the issues I bring up. What you are doing is simply a red herring. A tactic used by s.t.u.p.i.d PF cadres like you.

    Explain to us why Mr. Sata is refusing to release his degrees? Explain to us why Mr. Sata is calling Dr. FTJ Chiluba a thief today when in one of the many numerous elections he has lost, he said he would drop all charges against Dr. FTJ Chiluba. It is this flip flopping by Mr. Sata that makes us doubt the authenticity of his two degrees.

  167. There’s no new constitution,thats just a draft,which new constitution are we talking about here,and if i can remember very well,that draft constitution only says that a presidential aspirant should have a degree,as minimum qualification to be verified by the returning officer on the day of nominations,and this is just a draft,mind you,it doesnt give the right to anyone to verify anyones documents or compel anyone to show the electorates their degrees
    show me that clause in the new constitution,oh,there’s no new constitution,its a draft,so you dont have that right,no one has

  168. @ #227 RED CARD-Smoothcriminal

    You asked and I quote, ” ALL IM ASKING IS; this right to know Sata’s degrees”. You never asked who should know Sata’s degrees. I told you it is in the new constitution which is yet to be passed. I never said the constitution has passed.

  169. Someone help me. Is there a minimum number of words one should post? LT stated that my posting was too short. LT ndeo awe.

  170. YET to be PASSED,wait till its paased then maybe you will have that right
    Quote: What I want is for Mr. Sata to prove his two degrees are authentic. That is all. As his employer (being a voter), I am well within my rights to request this information.

    which right is this,where do you derive it from,if its yet t be passed then you dont have that right,wait untill its passed,then you can ask

  171. Right now they are waiting for the last ballot boxes from mulozhyi polling station with close to a total of 600 votes.UPND has a total of 5313 votes against MMD with 4909. The Mulozyhi votes is unlikely to overturn the tables.However,looking at how close the race is,the Pact has a lot of work to be done and instead of getting excited,should work on new strategies and tell the people what they have in stock and who will lead the pact.

  172. Ba Capitalist, i think naimwe muli che na problem. How does the SATA’s Degree issue come in? come on and be objective. We need your positive contributions.


    UPND 5,313
    MMD 4909
    UNIP badly beaten

    Just waiting for ECZ to announce officially.

  174. No wonder senior citizen writes the way he writes he is on the master’s payroll. Change is coming you may lose your employment next year for being partisan. You are a civil servant who should observe how things are moving in the nation. Now that you are exposed we shall not take you as senior citizen but as MMD party cadre.

  175. No: 46, 107, 159, 173, 184, 193, 201, 210, 214 and am sure many more like me are all wondering what the results in Mufumbwe are. Imagine this is only one constituincy which has taken this long. Not to suggest anything but its common knowledge that when the MMD is certain of victory they announce fast like the case is in Milanzi and in the past..when u see delays like this…SUSPECT….i have already geared myself for a suprise….”BROAD DAY LIGHT”:-?:-?:-?

  176. Dear Senior Citizen, I admire your ability to put up with the insults you attract, but my admiration ends there. Your deliberate use of words, (that I imagine), you must think make you sound eloquent actually make you sound a little insecure. Your arguments are hardly ever sensible and your rants about the money you make bring to question the very faith you claim to possess. You claim you have two graduate degrees, well congratulations for trust me I know firsthand how much work that can be. But what use is it to seek an education if you are going to use it the way you choose to on this site? See when we start to take politics so personally, the majority actually lose, and making people see this is hard enough as it is; and so it disappoints me greatly when I ‘hear’ a man that boasts…

  177. blessings be so careless in the way he/she chooses to write. I would hope one day you would find yourself a little more above the pettiness of bragging about how many salaries you can pay and so forth, for we all know that speaks little about a man’s character. See the words you use do not make you any more intelligent than the average blogger that you affectionately call ‘PF Kaponyas’, nor does it make you easy to follow. But the absolute worst is that your logic is infested with the cheap political rhetoric. In summary your command of the English language is suspect, your reasoning no better than 7th grade level, and the hate you seem to have for anti-MMD people makes a mockery of Christianity. I pray that you are as wealthy as you claim and that you have a loving family.

  178. It’s official. We’re taking over Northwestern Province and making serious inroads in Eastern Province. Viva the Pact

  179. Can’t imagine that people who have genuinely obtained formal qualifictionz from recognized institutionz at any level would spend their energiez debating the colour, shape, weight, size, e.t.c of paperz they are written on. It iz official; The Pact UPND= 5313 and MMD= 5009 in the Mufumbwe bye election.

  180. MMDDDDD KUYA BEBELEEEEEEEEEE………:-h:-h:-h:-h:-h:-h:-h:-h:-h:-h:-h:-h:-h:-h:-h:-h:-h:-h:-h:-h:-h:-h:-h:-h:-h:-h:-h:-h:-h:-h:-h:-h:-h:-h:-h:-h:-h

  181. NORHT WESTERN TO UPND…….VIVA HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH……..:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/:-t:-t:-t:-t:-t:-t:-t:-t>:d<>:d<>:d<>:d<=d>=d>=d>=d>=d>=d>=d>=d>=d>=d>=d>=d>=d>=d>=d>=d>=d>=d>=d>(~~)

  182. Alot of propaganda agents on this forum, why is the UPND figure different on all the bloggers who say final result, while the MMD is consistent. What is official result, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  183. Official results UPND may face a technical knock out very soon.We have always lead the way.Experienced we are.
    We continue to rule you.Politics is a game and you must be smart.

  184. Every time we get into the election home straight, Zondwe seriously runs out of steam. How could he trail MMD in Milanzi so badly and was nearly caught by the dead UNIP? See, he has lost Luapula to Machungwa’s troup of monkeys and as we know the MMD can win seats in Northern Province. Just how he thinks he can win the general polls is just beyond me. The right to keep on dreaming is his anyway but nailing the top job in Zambian politics is mush harder than nailing Bishop Mpundu’s sister.

  185. Very sad that PF, a representative of UPND-PF PACT, in Eastern Province has lost to the MMD although it has done well to teach UNIP a good lesson. All this results shows is that, the UPND-PF PACT is gaining momentum in national elections leading to 2011 tripartite elections.

    As for the MMD’s win in Milanzi, congrats and all the best in the 2011 tripartite elections considering that UPND has gained serious momentum in the country.

    To the PF-UPND PACT, I hope this result is an indication of how the 2011 Presidential Candidate primary elections will appear.

    Be blessed all Zambians as we keep celebrating the UPND-PF PACT victory and loss in the just ended elections.
    Matt 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you

  186. Ba Rose, it’s all on Radio, both Phoenix and QFM. The Pact has just scooped Mufumbwe, and to us it’s gratifying to note that we came out second to the MMD in Milanzi. We are making serious inroads, and MMD should expect only to win in the Eastern Province and no where else. Tough luck, 2011 we’re coming and no amount of initidation will derail us. We’re on fire and strongly so. We shall overcome and the people will rule with a people driven constitution in place not a George Kunda booklet been debated by the NCC

  187. Now that we are done with the two by-elections and NCC has completed its work, I am now urging the UPND-PF PACT to announce dates when provincial primary elections for the 2011 UPND-PF PACT presidential candidates will be held since we will be having tripartite elections in the next 13 – 18 months.

    I suggest that the UPND-PF 9 provincial primary elections for Presidential elections should be held starting January next year for a period of 3 months with 3 provincial elections held each month so that we are entertained with public debates between UPND president (2011 presidential candidate)HH and Mr PF/MC Sata which should include what each will do 4 Zed.

    Be blessed all.
    Matt 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto u

  188. these results will now break the pact. Its all good for MMD as the result in 2011 will be very different as they will overturn all these bye-election losses. its normal for opposition to win in bye elections but come the general election it is very difficult as the opposition fail to camppaign coutrywide. Besides the difference in mufumbwe is small. It will just need MMD finding an extra 500 votes and they will carry the day

  189. In unconfirmed news, Mulodwe Muzungu’s son drove into a crowd of Pact celebrating youths killing two kids aged 13 & 15 years respectively & injuring several supporters . . . . . .

  190. The PF and UPND delegations to those elections will be expected to respect the outcome of the elections. Once the 2011 PF-UPND PACT candidate is known, the way forward into the 2011 tripartite elections regarding MP and Councillor candidates can be lookd into carefully as well as whether it will be necessary for UPND to continue being in the PF-UPND PACT or go it alone into the triparite elections.

    Be blessed all.
    Matt 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you

  191. I would like to make mention that I will never support the candidature of Mr President RB Banda for the Office of President of Zambia if MMD picks him as their presidential candidate and Mr Sata MC is chosen as 2011 PF-UPND PACT presidential candidate. The brother Mr President RB Banda has been a serious let down due to his insulting language and non-performance.

    Be blessed all.
    Matt 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you

  192. #267 Ba Captain Solo, the margin is small because of Police intimidation, otherwise the margin would have been very big. Due to long delays in announcing the results and also the rantings that were being made by Mukdya Mweka Daddy campaign teams, they must also have tempered with the results.

  193. Viva the Pact(PF-UPND) of Mufumbwe you have really made us proud. I hope Chief Chizela wont continue dividing the people in that area. Coz Zambia is for all of us.

  194. Captain Solo, what you definately are failing to understand is that we’re using the 2006 voters register. We will now have a huge number of youths registering to vote next year. It will be a white wash for the MMD in 2011.

  195. Don’t worry guys, aba baSolo has a magic crystal ball… he gazes into it and it helps him predict the future. I will continue giving him awards for being the only person who knows with 100% accuracy the results countrywide. I don’t know what he will say about the MMD loss in Mufumbwe, although – maybe his crystal ball is selective and only works for MMD. Ako ka award baSolo<):)

  196. Thanx to voters in Mufumbwe, hope the people of Milanzi can appreciate the wind of change blowing across the country!!!!!!!

  197. **==**==**==**==**==**==**==**==**==**==**==**==**==
    One Zambia One Nation united we stand divided we fall,so lets put our political differences aside an be above tht thn monsterin th blood shed of poor peolple.

  198. No surprises here Eastern Province is RB’s strong hold just like South Province is to Hichilema & Northern to Sata…

  199. Mr. Capitalist says:
    April 30, 2010 at 11:35 am

    @ #204 Genocidal Maniac Kalos2020

    “Bye you genocidal douche-bag. I hope you reflect on your genocidal rantings here on Lusaka Times. I pray God delivers you from your genocidal evil thoughts you genocidal maniac. Make sure you come back a changed person in the next few threads that will come”.

    I feel vindicated by you calling me all you did when you read that I had left the blog for the night. Now, please go visit your mirror and tell that image you will see there, whatever it will be, I have heard some people have gone looked in the mirrors and have seen crocodiles, some have seen hyenas. So tell whatever you will see there that you are a coward devoid of logical and sensible debate. Tell that same thing to forget about ppl’s…

  200. Tell that same thing to forget about ppl’s… degrees and what they ate at lunch. It is none of your small minded business. Concentrate on your life and Sata’s life. He, despite your rants about his education seem to be more successful that most paper educated Zambians. Fortunately, most forwarding thinking Zambians have made up their minds on MMD and who should lead them. You and your gang of thugs and your god father William Banda even more genocidal hence your smear about me being genocidal. You are a bunch of losers who have resorted to intimidating villagers, but fortunately even your MMD base, people in villages are seeing how your party and your corrupt MMD govt have failed them. You should also know that next year I am on my way to advice the opposition on how to win and protect

  201. …on how to win and protect themselves. It is time we put high tech in the PF/UPND PACT campaigns. We will dissect and prepare the PACT has never before. We are going to make the PACT go the Howard Dean way. The MMD you know will be a shell of your backward brothers from the East just like UNIP is today.

  202. #154. A DEGREE IN ECONOMICS IS A SERIOUS QUALIFICATION. YOU DON’T EXPECT RB TO HAVE A DEGREE IN ECONOMICS. HE WOULD HAVE BEEN THINKING BY FAR BETTER THAN HE DOES. A DEGREE IN HISTORY OF ECONOMICS IS A BIG JOKE. ITS LIKE SAYING SOMEONE HAS A DEGREE IN THE HISTORY OF HISTORY. OF ALL THE DEGREES, WHY GO FOR the degree in the history of economics? Did Zambia really need that qualification, and how many Zambians possess the same degree? Wama jokes RB-right from his young age. It shows how lazy he has been. Not even a gilr by his time would choose such a dubious degree program.


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