Register as a voter if you want change, Guy Scott

Patrotic Front Lusaka central MP Guy Scott casting his ballot during mayoral elections in Lusaka

The patriotic front Vice president Guy Scot has seriously called on Zambians to register as voters if they want change.

Dr. Scot said that the for the sake of the future of this county, Zambians should take part in the electoral process of the country.

He said that it does not make sense for most people to condemn and commend on national affairs if they are not registered voters.

He told QFM that Zambians should fulfill their civic responsibility of encouraging each other to register as voters.

He added that stakeholders in Zambia should mobilize their members to register as voters.

Dr. Scot said that the stakeholders must take the registration of voters seriously and sensitize as many people as they can to ensure the ECZ achieves its target.

He added that if Zambians want the Patriotic Front-United Party for National Development PACT to run the affairs of the country, the only sure way is to participate in the electoral process.

He advised Zambians to brave the challenges that might be faced in accessing the national registration cards.



  1. Sure Dr. Scott, point taken,yah the only way to getride of currenty government democratically is to register to vote and when that day comes vote against it. Also fight against rigging of every election, some people have stoped voting because of rigging allegation in very election in Zambia.

  2. And please educate your staunchest supporters, aka the kaponyas, to register. These guys will be most vocal during the campaigns, but get so drunk that they either forget to register, or will sleep through election day nursing hangovers. Meanwhile, the so called villagers will qietly wake up in the morning and vote before going to the fields. And when the election goes against them, they will complain of rigging.

  3. I really think we have forgotten what is on sake here. Zambians have ALWAYS WANTED GOOD for themselves. We know what is good for us, and yes KK held on for some time and he was something else but we did kick him out, just like we did Chiluba and his third run nonsense…and hopefully we are going to indeed sort out the violent MMD…
    What change must come should surely be spearheaded by our leaders…WHAT HAPPENED TO GETTING INTO POLITICS TO SERVE? Ya, we shall give you our vote, BUT ARE YOU GOING TO SERVE US? Improve our healthy situation, our schooling, get our population to work, get professionalism into the police, set up optimal service delivery…these are issues at hand…Dr Scott, WE WANT CHANGE…BUT YOU PARENTS HAVE REALLY LOST US THE PAST TWENTY YEARS OR SO…u have to serve us

  4. Hey what is the meaning of the robe he is putting on in the picture is he a lawyer or a mupatili like father bwalya ? what is scotes CV ?:-?

  5. Iwe #4 Guy Scott is an MP in Lusaka and thus he is a councillor, that is a ceremonial gown for the councillors, I suppose this picture was taken when there were elections for mayor.


  7. # 4-Ichikwanka sancho for that infor.Am now informed.Dojo do yashani ni time yaku joba but anyway they say “all work and no play made jack a dull boy” a glass or two never killed anybody.:d

  8. Good Afternoon

    Change will only benefit those who are ready for it – so the question every Zambian should ask himself is:”Am I ready for change? Am I ready to become part of a new day, a new beginning? Am I ready to put my shoulder to the wheel and contribute my part in creating a better future and making Zambia a better country?

    If the answer to all these questions is “No”, then change does not make sense at all.:o

  9. 6,7 Awe mwalikala bwino ba kasukulu pa Oslo, free beer ? But why men only i hope you wont get ama hule pa last.Lol:d

  10. Guy scott, this is the same muzungu who went to the states and brought horse feed yellow maize for zambian people to eat.. in that was also GMO,,, i clearly remember maize chibuku was ‘metal’:o

  11. Please all Zambians, this is time to speak and be heard. You can be a COP and always used as door mat by the government, but that day in the box you can be a boss and no one will give you unlawful orders. Stand up and be heard

  12. # 11 I remember him also as the agriculture Minister who cheated GRZ by killing his pigs at the time Zambia had swine fever and paid himself millions of kwacha from GRZ coffers as compensation to himself. Poor we? politicians are the same.Vote for them to feed themselves and their children .Mr scott, how many gratuity have you got from the GRZ coffers since 1991? Please leave these seats for the young ‘ you have EATEN enough.

  13. This guy should he really be speaking, you mean to tell me are there no other black people who could be chewing taxpayers money than him,anyway he has a point listen to him,so we vote hh into power with a landslide.

  14. #13 It is possible that a number of bloggers here do not know what this man did that resulted in his dismissal as MMD Minister of Agriculture. These are not the men to instigate change. We gave them the opportunity and they screwed it up. What change is he championing?

  15. #5. Gorget about #4. Some of these people just don’t have anything to do or say. The best thing #4 could have done is to open his Civics Note Book and revise on ‘Citizens Responsibilities’. Supposing it was his grandpa who featured naka mubinde? In short let’s discuss issues Dr Guy Scott has raised-the civic responsibilities of a citizen. One can’t just stand aloof and expect things to improve without getting involved in at least simple things as casting a vote. Dr Guy Scott is right. Zambians are lazy when it comes to taking up civic responsibilities. These guys (Sata, HH, Guy Scott, Kakoma, Given Lubinda, etc) who are openly fighting on behalf of everyone have risk their lives as well as their families’. While they are doing these, the waste thing the majority of Zambians could do…

  16. cntd…is simply sit back and simply do nothing expecting Guy Scott and the above mentioned fighters to even vote for them. Zambians must simply wake up and do at least the simplest of things- voting. Manna will never drop from even. Most Zambians are funny-just like #4 who chooses to talk about Dr Guy Scott’s dressing rather than the important issue he has raised.

  17. #8…i was in Zed when Chiluba finally asked the Zambian people at the final MMD Kafue Roundabout rally how serious we were in bringing about POLITICAL AND ECONOMICAL change. WE ANSWERED YES, YES, YES AND YES. We have shown time and again how much we treasure progress but our leaders have failed us…in my humble opinion, its not about us looking for change but very much about our leaders willingness to serve us…’they have so much things to say right now and they dont even know what they are talking about!’ (B MARLEY, 1978) what development will our madalas bring to Zed? Our leaders are busy beating up people and insulting each other in the press…this dog here and that dog there…we have always wanted a good life which has been denied time and again in Zambia…sad.

  18. #6….Ba Jones…mudala iliko bad…but ma hule ya Oslo ni ya ku Nigeria…rumor has it that they dont even talk to black people! But again in this time of trouble na ma AIDS…YA, HULE???? So bro, we dont do that…just old fashioned football with loads of laughter and some serious mental fights afterwards:d/

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