Wednesday, June 19, 2024

The Challenges that HH Faces


By By Kahlastwayo Cele

In life to attain greatness, whatever greatness we measure up against, we are certain to meet battles, which we cannot, indeed, must not, run away from. The darkest and most eerie demons and nightmares must be met head-on. This we must do, otherwise, we are certain to be miserable failures in life. The option of failure is a cruel one.

HH is a leader of a Political Party who aspires to the great office of commander in chief of the Armed forces, the Chief Executive officer of the Republic of Zambia. Has he counted the costs to meet such a high goal?

There is a daunting task ahead of him, no doubt. On the way to greatness one is bound to stumble, not once but many times. His recent behavior could be taken as mere slip-ups from which he could recover?

But on the other hand, these slip-ups could mean something deeper, an outward admission of failure. As an aspiring President to be, it is expedient of him not to portray a flaw in character. His reaction in Mufumbwe, at the Police station, is certainly disappointing, to say the least. The rigors and pressures of the highest office require impeccable resilience, an inner strength. So far, he has proved to lack that.

The Presidential elections are just about 12 months away and all is clear that things are gearing up. The political temperature is bound to rise even higher as we draw near to the day. And the nation is watching, every step the Politician takes. This is not a time for the aspirant to whimper and throw tantrums. There will certainly be more poking to be done.

What are the battles before HH, what hurdles lie ahead before he submits his candidature at the Chief Justice office?

His Party (UPND) in pact with Sata’s (PF) must choose between the two of them to lead. Therefore if ever HH intends to lead the nation, he must in the first place face his partner (Sata) in battle. This will be the preliminary round. This is one of his demons and nightmares. Fate demands that he cannot shy away from this battle.

HH cannot afford to be viewed as negotiating for a position from Mr. Sata. That will be the end of him.

The basic aim to form a party is to lead the nation. Any message by the Party leader that supposes that the highest office is secondary will not hold. It is inconceivable that one could form a party only to aspire for an office less than the goal. Any person who aspires to lead the nation cannot do so with a secondary objective. He would be a laughing stock.

[pullquote]The win in Mufumbwe has made it worse because whilst it proves that he is gaining popularity, it is however threatening to tip the balance away from Mr. Sata. He must face the man who called him a ‘calculator boy’ before He ever dreams of making an appointment with the Chief Justice to file his nomination papers.[/pullquote]

That is why even those who have hardly been able to have enough supporters at the final declaration of interests will still go ahead to stand as Presidential aspirants. In Politics there are no assured positions of appointment. For HH to assume he will be appointed by Sata as his Vice, in a PF government is just utter recklessness and the worst Political naivety ever.

The demons that confront HH will not sit with him and negotiate a settlement of interests, no! He must make up his mind to face his adversary. What complicates the matter is that he is not dealing with a preliminary within his own party but with another independent party.

The win in Mufumbwe has made it worse because whilst it proves that he is gaining popularity, it will however threaten to tip the balance away from Mr. Sata. He must face the man who called him a ‘calculator boy’ before He ever dreams of making an appointment with the Chief Justice to file his nomination papers.

Mr. Michael Sata, it seems has so far taken it for granted that he is the most popular between the two and as such the default candidate, portrayed by the ‘Post’ as the mature and natural option.

When HH was given to lead the UPND, the instruction handed him was to rule the nation. This is the expectation from the grassroot and the Party hierarchy. On joining the ‘pact’ the promise was with the view to win Sata’s support, who is expected to ‘return a favour’ with history in view. There is no other expectation from HH’s supporters outside this.

This is precisely why the Party stalwart, Major Chizyuka, has been under attack from within the ranks, refusing to buy into Mr. Sata’s promise. This is the thin line by which the Party holds – HH’s promise that he will lead the ‘pact’. Failure to deliver the promise will mean doom to HH and his Political life.

This explains so much why the Mufumbwe seat meant so much to him, it has given him that extra confidence besides giving hope to his supporters that he means business.

Will the staunch grass root supporters take kindly when they hear that in fact HH has accepted to fall for a deputized position under Sata? For that matter even within Sata’s PF, the Party figures such- Guy Scott, Given Lubinda who considered themselves eligible will not take kindly to such a proposition.

‘Assumption is the mother of all failures’ so it is said. HH is making a terrible assumption if he thinks Sata will allow him to lead the ‘pact’. Sata has not even as much as once allowed anyone in his Party (PF) to challenge his leadership. So why on earth does HH think that the ‘Cobra’ will give him such a favour, on a silver platter? Surely HH cannot be so naïve!

It would seem on the bare face of it that if anyone in PF showed even a slight intention to challenge Sata’s leadership, that person would literally be bitten by his bare teeth. So how on earth has HH come to the conclusion that he has become so good buddies with he, who by the way, not long ago called HH a ‘calculator boy’, that he will now hand him the candidacy? Mind you Sata’s followers have previously likened their leader as ‘their Obama’. Sata for them is fondly Obama. HH must desist from making cheap assumptions if he is to be great.

For HH to become great, he must surpass the oratory skills and brilliance of Obama, he must prove to be a greater mind than Professor Chirwa, surpass the ingenuity of Chiluba and the Diplomacy of Rupiah Banda. For to be a President of the nation requires something greater than his current circle of admirers. What a daunting Task before him.

But then, this is the price of greatness yet a great opportunity for him. HH must surpass the idea that his piece meal cattle donations are sufficient to win him a national following. Failure, as we began, is not mere easy way out, it is a great cost.


  1. With precision you have nailed it again. Dreams, immaturity, obsession, unculturalness, compromise, lack of ideological direction, tribalism, religious hatred and desperation the the liabilities with Hichilema.


    The dilemma of UPND under Hichilema in democracy are a myriad to overcome. UPND a political party turned terror organization is facing internal and external challenges ponderous in magnitude. At hand are lack of a national character, agenda, will, structure, alignment, predisposition and now two bye-elections it could have avoided had Hichilema avoided criminal violence and abductions. Again, North Western province has elections on the horizon come what may.

  3. His challenges are ponderous in magnitude. As if not enough, he is faced with the battle of solving the dissastifaction that will come from the opportunistic compromise with Zambia’s most unpredictable fixiated partner in marriage of convenience to nowhere.

  4. Whichever way you look at it, HH is on a journey to liberate and give much needed hope to mother Zambia.

  5. Puppy has taken our party to the dogs. I cant imagine myself voting for the Serpent, when i am UPND.

  6. In my view, Sata and HH know exactly what they are doing, unlike those of us on the outside. Because one politician calls another a name does not mean anything. Just look at where Super Ken is now after all those year he spent calling people names during his reign. Chiluba and Sata were once friends, now they are “enemies” or so we are led to believe. Banda, Chiluba, Sata, and HH, are playing politics; we must not take whatever ugly names they call each other seriously. Party cadres are the only ones who go too far and hurt one another, while politicians laugh at their ignorance. Only daunting task HH has before him is how to stay away from corruption, stick to his promises, bring development and allow for democracy in a country like Zambia.**==

  7. This comment is crap. Keep in mind that politics is about numbers. By going into PACT with PF, HH is neither a fool nor naive as you would like to think. To the contrary his move was well thought out and calculated and as you can see from the way things are unfolding, the move is paying back. You see, HH’s supporters and sympathizers are also big thinkers; they needed to see that HH was putting the interest of the nation first and not his personal ambitions of being president. Now, it is an open secret that PF is the biggest opposition party and there is no way HH could unwisely ignore that. Numbers matter in politics; HH has run in 2 elections and he has hard facts that drove him into the pact. Politics is also about patience; HH is young and he can plan for the perfect time to get to…

  8. This article is MMD sponsored. I am sure you won’t see many people blog, only Veteran and other MMD cadres will. Change is coming, don’t worry about HH or Sata, that is not a factor any more. Kahlastwayo Cele come up with better articles that will attract people to talk about not this childish one.

  9. Spot on”This is one of his demons and nightmares. Fate demands that he cannot shy away from this battle.”This is the harsh reality for HH.Unless this is solved,the mufumbwet excitement is in vain.

  10. Veteran …

  11. The win in Mufumbwe has made it worse because whilst it proves that he is gaining popularity, it is however threatening to tip the balance away from Mr. Sata. He must face the man who called him a ‘calculator boy’ before He ever dreams of making an appointment with the Chief Justice to file his nomination papers.
    The two seats UPND won in Solwezi and now Mufumbwe has surely posed a challenge to the Pact. Any serious Zambian who has followed these political leaders in Zn would attest to that. HH wants the Presidency now and not next yr same with Sata. I ve always said MMd will be there in Govt with or without the pact. The point raised above I raised it in my collegue’ s off 2 weeks before the contravencial mufumbwe election. Good point

  12. I have been studying HH since he PACTed himself witt PF and he is growing nicely to be a good leader of our raped nation. The Banda’s have pissed all over Zambia and it is time for HH or Sata to take the rod and wip these thieving people!! Sata may lead and HH will spin the economy and latter be our great leader! He is NOT in this to still and has fantastic brain and bravely to push this thing on. Sata will open all the doors for hims and i look forward this Tonga guy to lead. I was lucky enough to hung with the Tongas and they are hard working and sincere people. Please trust this man, ecomomist extra Ordinary and he just to build this country ad take it away from that Banda. I cannot believe how we have been hijacked by this Bandaism! The worst mistake Levi Mwanawasa did!!

  13. “By Kahlastwayo Cele”
    Also, i think this name is not Zambian!! Can we find out if he is malawian?

  14. ## 8… You right on the spot!! THIS WHOLE LUSAKTIMES TIMES HAS BEEN TURNED INTO AN mmd SHAMBLES!.. we shall not be Shaken!

  15. The PF/UPND incoming government must rethink the position of Press Secretaries at the embassies considering the waste of resources displayed by Veteran/ Senior Citizen Ben Kangwa at the Washington Embassy in the US. It is either this position is a waste of time and resources or may be Ben Kangwa is abusing his position and failing to do what he was brought to US to do. Also, it could be that Zambians in the US are being short changed by this man’s failure to comprehend his duties, hence the usual praise for Rupiah Banda to keep him in his job. It is sad that this man is a developed nation, but has brought with him the old UNIP working unethical and slogan chanting behavior while he preaches development which he has personally failed to practice. Zambia will always remain the same. Sad.

  16. It was confirmed yesterday SENIOR CITIZEN/VETERAN is one person.!!!!Never seen such desperation in my life.It would ve been laughable if it wasnt pathtic and sad.


    This is why i have repeatedly questioned the ability and intellectual prowess in the opposition camp. Whether Veteran, Mr.Capitalist, Senior Citizen or MMD Bootlicker do dive into macro-blogging or not the issue here is what countervailing strategies do you have to this damage and deflating writing? Protestation when MMD bloggers don’t boycott Henry Kyambalesa and Chanda Phiri’s anti MMD cadre thesises only expose your delinquency in the house. You have two options: Counter his articles with your own macro-blogging or start a pro opposition blog where MMD propagandist will never step in. LT has proved a open forum for all. We have seen for and against MMD articles. If you expect them to censor MMD or those who don’t believe in the PACT, your dream has no…

  18. The other thing that has left me doubting about most of you cadres here is the issue of unsubstantiated acclaims. Look at the the issue of illegally bringing in Ben Kangwa on a blog you claim is an MMD project meaning they gather all our personal logging in data.

  19. Repeatedly i have asked, just how sure are you that these MMD Spin Doctors blogging from the USA are Ben Kangwa? You have called every pro MMD spinner BK. Aren’t you just scandaling an innocent Civil servant leaving the fishes looking at you foolish? What we know is that Ben Kangwa is in the diplomatic Corp based in Washington DC. Are you sure any of of these blog entries are coming from the State of Washington DC? What if Ben Kangwa institutes legal action to this site and the site proprietor opens the can of worms by giving out your details for prosecution under the information act, will you defend your claims or blame this site as a betrayer of your privacy?

  20. Be careful with your Groupthink armchair malice without substantial fact.Your overzealous could just be treading you ignorantly on a landmine you little understand. We know that you have been overwhelmed and frustrated with the unwavering spin of MMD spin Doctors but bringing up the name of someone you have no facts on to prove his participation on the blog does not protect you from libel as a cyber-stalker.

  21. If you were serious at knowing who these MMD spin Doctors are, you could have infiltrated the webmasters or indeed recruit them to furnish you data if hey are unethical and open to litigation considering that none of these MMD spin Doctors commit crime by spinning politics.If the webmaster tells you that almost all these MMD spin Doctors daily blogging there is no entry coming from Washington DC but steadily from Altanta Georgia, Boston Massachusetts, Columbus Ohio,Orlando Florida, Denver Colorado and Flint Michigan will it shock you or you will challenge it?

  22. What if the Ministry of foreign Affairs PS reassigns Mr.Ben Kangwa to another mission say German, Japan, China, or the UK and then these overwhelming spins keep flowing from the USA IPs, what are you going to say? I have been a blogger longer than some of you and can testify that i have seen MMD spin doctors on the then dominant Zambia online run by one Chanda Chisala when recently posted Ben Kangwa was no where closer to the USA mission job. MMD had the most focused and unwavering spin Doctors no different from these ones overwhelming me you today. Would have could those BK or the BK is a generic name to any Zambians who is pro MMD.

  23. Better have facts because some day, Ben Kangwa you keep smearing could just press on the webmaster for your individualized can of worms.Surely blogging is never immune from litigation. Webmasters have the responsibility in the cyber security laws to open up if under legal jurisdiction.Thus your cyber stalker behavior could be problematic.

  24. :d:d The author of this article has made fundamental errors which render his article useless, here they are:
    1. HH did not form UPND and UPND was not formed to usher a particular individual into State house. So HH or any other person being president does not constitute the success of UPND. UPND was formed to develop and unite Zambia hence the name ‘UNITED Party for National DEVELOPMENT.’
    2. HH did not cause the atrocities in Mufumbwe….everyone sane in Zambian knows who caused that.
    3. HH did not overreact in Mufumbwe…no one would expect a leader to be smiling when his followers are being stoned.
    4. RB did not do anything to merit the presidency that HH is supposed to surpass. What did RB do to merit being the president of Zambia. Can you compare RB’s corporate record to that…

  25. People make alliances for survival all the time. In antiquity, Princes and Princesses married in order to strengthen their kingdoms, even if they did not love each other. Chavez needs Castro, Mugabe and Ahmedinajad, Hitler and Mussolini, etc. These ‘unions’ come and go. We have just been remembering Kapwepwe. KK and Kapwepwe could not sub-serve either. Blair and Brown too. If they are not opposites, they will not attract because two entities of the same polarity cannot occupy the same spot. They must needs repel eventually.

  26. If HH gives up his ambitions for the sake of the bigger picture, that will not constitute failure but will be a hall mark of selfless leadership….and that is greatness.

    FTJ was not the brains behind MMD but the selfless zambians who formed MMD sacrificed their personal ambitions and let FTJ run for the presidency…to me, these were great men and women.

    Finally, what does it help any Zambian if politics will be reduced to avenues for achieving of personal greatness? This is our folly in Africa coz we have individualised politics. To me it does not matter weather Sata or HH or anybody else rules as long as the nation benefits.

  27. I find it rather strange,absurd and irrational that this site keeps bringing this crap.Why all of a sudden HH has made some individuals to freak out,it seems he’s gaining popularity and they don’t like that.What is the whole point of attacking him on a blog,is it a decampaigning programme funded by the MMD & Rupiah’s bootlickers like Kunda,Ka Mulongoti etc,the following statement makes you realise the author of this story is daft ”For HH to become great, he must surpass the oratory skills and brilliance of Obama, he must prove to be a greater mind than Professor Chirwa, surpass the ingenuity of Chiluba and the Diplomacy of Rupiah Banda.”

  28. RB is not a great man just because he became president; he has to earn his greatness by developing Zambia! I therefore expect the MMD spin doctors and all Zambians to help RB become a great man by pointing to him in no uncertain terms what we expect of him. If we honestly tell him what he ought to do, I believe he can. BUT the problem is we have people like the author of this article who give our president the impression that he is already a great man coz he became president. This is not fair to RB and Zambia as a whole. Levy did not become great becoz FTJ woke him up at midnight to be president; he became great coz of what he did or tried to do.

    So HH does not need to be president to be great, he just has to help Zambia develop whether its RB, Sata or himself ruling…end of submission

  29. The Legacy,

    Take it all from the Post newpaper archives that HH came in with one agenda” UPND for a tonga President only” no compromise and that vision stands today in the party manifesto. This was all against Mazoka’s wish he made public in his interview you can retrieve on line. Patrick Chisanga, Bob Sichinga, Henry Mtonga, Kahaye and Sakwiba Sikota all top level UPND management leaders were unceremoniously hounded out of UPND for a tonga only President. Had HH said lets compete openly such that any one other than a tonga would service UPND Presidency, they wouldn’t have picked HH. Sejani, Mwananjiti, Madyenkuku, Douglass Siakalima that spirited that dogma have not been discarded. They are the nerve of HH’s tonga only creed.Its a tonga or never a vote for the PACT.

  30. Not really important but is this name ”Kahlastwayo Cele” a Zambian one? Never heard of it,sounds South African to me so wondering why a South African would be so bothered by an opposition leader of a foreign country much to the point of even starting a decampaigning programme against that leader,this is the second story am reading about HH’s ”weaknesses” Obama’s greatness and all that crap from the author calling himself/herself Kahlastwayo Cele.

  31. Truth be told, we Africans must stop thinking that a president = paramount chief. This is why traditions must be balanced with modern thinking. A president is a public servant, pure and simple. As soon as he steps into State House it’s open season for the populace to examine his every move under the microscope – the little that a president does well is grossly outweighed by his errors. The public are hard task masters and will criticize till you crack. Good spin doctors do not forget this aspect of the presidency, that’s why they never whine all day about attacks from the public against a leader. That being said, as Christians, we should add prayers for our leaders because they know not what they do, the poor souls.

  32. # 36 JIGGA,

    My sister is married to an American man and their children like those of late Mazoka and Professor Mubanga Kashoki with all the education have opted to be proud Zambians today settled in Zambia with NRC. What would stop Kahlastwayo Cele many have been calling its Veteran cam Ben Kangwa be Zambian.maybe you are a kid, many south Africans lived here and fathered their children. Thabo Mbeki, Nkomo and almost all to brass ANC leaders were in Olympia park with their children. PF spokesperson Given Lubinda is has one parent who is Bangladesh while one is lenje from liteta. Isn’t he making political noise? Try another probably smart enough. You have heard some MMD spin doctors calling Lubinda a Bangladesh-Zambia that need to understand our constitution.They know his roots.

  33. ‘Wise and Selfless’, Mr Sata is ‘wise’ and HH being ‘selfless’ must give up the presidential candidature lol

    HH should seriously think about switching the position of the heads in the above badge!

  34. Cele sounds like that guy who acted the role of shaka ze zulu.Ok now shaka wants to toast HH.Ha ha shaka aya mano wayamba twalapusana.


  36. Well it seems Mr. Sata will soon be panicking. His derogatory and profane partner Mr. Hichilema has scooped two seats being Solwezi and Mufumbwe whilst Mr. Sata lost Chitambo and Milanzi. All this was a test for Mr. Sata. All this will surely make an arrogant Mr. Hichilema smile as he sees himself as pact leader, a move Mr. Sata will not allow seeing that he said he will continue contesting elections until he wins.

    Mr. Sata was bitter when Late Levy Patrick Mwanawasa was handpicked by Dr. FTJ Chiluba. He rebelled and formed the Patriotic Front which has lost presidential elections 3 times and counting. What makes people so sure Mr. Sata will agree to be side-tracked by a person he once called “calculator boy”. The PACT will most definitely crumble.

  37. the moment HH exit the PACT he will never be President of Zambia. get me here people of Zambia. MMD will bounce back and that will be the end of all both PF and UPND. Remember RB is finishing Mwanawasa’s term. RB’s term 1 is starting 2011 God willing. so if UPND and PF split just know that this is the beginning of the end of both. Just like FDD died, so it will be for both PACT members. My advise is who ever will be chosen president of the pact let us all support him otherwise mwandini Zambia will be finished if RB bounce back. for the sake of change do this Zambians

  38. so people awe mwe….bloggers idi ots from USA are saying sh*t in this LT. chi veteran iwe chikara

  39. I don’t know when we Zambian ever forfeited our democratic and decision making right to the whims of Zambia’s most dirtiest South African based Professor Michelo Hansungule. This is the Hansungule who in 2002 predicted the failure of Mwanawasa to win elections. Instead he viciously campaigned to his dirty body and clothes for late Mazoka against Levy. After Mazoka’s death he vainly fought for the UPND Presidency to party wide rejection. Next he hatched the “Tonga for President only” campaign against Patrick Chisanga, Sakwiba Sikota, Bob Sichinga and Henry Mtonga.Today in usual soiled dirty body style as a natural loser he is telling us Zambians and I quote, “Don’t give Rupiah a 2nd term – Hansungule” end quote in the tabloid.

  40. But we are going into a democratic election where the norm is about citizens’ right of choice. If we don’t vote for RB and MMD then who should we vote for considering that the country has no alternative? Should we all move in his pocket of the Tonga only for President?

    And since when did the smart people of Zambia become political pawns of this dirtiest Zambian ever called Hansungule? This is the chap that has failed to maintain his own body, mouth, teeth and color of clothes yet he expects to be our model that we share his confusion. We are sorry the tonga for President only mantra is his own unshared circus and dream.

  41. These are 100 +1% facts.You have just brought out the truth.This pact is going nowhere.By this time,they should have been campaigning for a single candidate.But i saw each of the parties concerned distributing barges for their leaders.

  42. PF in deep trouble in Lusaka and Luapula provinces as defections rock the party. In Kanyama constituency the entire PF party leadership lead by its constituency chairman defects to the ruling MMD with a total of 501 PF cadres. These defections and weakening state of PF is becoming very problematic for the pact. It puts Mr.Sata in a difficult situation on the negotiating table where the pulling for the PACT Presidency beggining to unfild. HH feels he is a force to bring Mr Sata under his rule a scenario which Sata is not willing to compromise on.

  43. Solwezi MP Watson Lumba detained for abduction and attempted murder

    SOLWEZI Central United Party for National Development (UPND) Member of Parliament (MP), Watson Lumba was yesterday detained after he surrendered to police in Solwezi.

    Mr Lumba, whom police had been looking for since Thursday when he allegedly incited cadres to assault a uniformed police officer in the just-ended Mufumbwe by-election, turned himself in around 08:00 hours.

    Mr Lumba was accompanied by his lawyer, Derrick Mulenga of Derrick Mulenga and Company of Ndola and UPND North-Western Provincial youth chairperson, Victor Lumayi.

    As police were recording a warn and caution statement from Mr Lumba, some UPND supporters led by provincial chairperson, Wishikoti Katambi were seen around the main police station.

  44. Around 12:15 hours, Mr Lumba, who was dressed in black leather jacket, a grey T-shirt and blue jean trousers, was seen emerging from the divisional criminal investigations officer’s office and exchanged pleasantries with supporters.

    He handed over his car keys to one of the supporters and got onto a police vehicle, which drove him to Chawama Police Station where he was detained.

    Mr Mulenga said police had not formally charged and arrested his client, but only warned and cautioned him and were detaining him. He expected his client to be charged within 48 hours.

    Mr Lumba, who was campaign manager for the newly-elected Mufumbwe MP Eliot Kamondo, faces three counts of threatening violence, assaulting a police officer and abduction with intent to murder.

    Police spokesperson,…

  45. # Ba Jose. Why are you being so defensive. Just prove that what the gentleman is implying is incorrect. As for the Author, l m 100 % sure this is written by someone else. The name is fake. With due respect l dont see any South African being interested in Zambian politics. And for your own information most of South Africans with Zambian parents have opted to live in South Africa or to be South Africans. All they have is history they are not interested in our current situation.

  46. I have said this and am on it again….as for the PACT we are only supporting HH. In the event we end up with SATA will tell HH to stand and unfortunetly MMD will win again. Mr SATA should be willing to to deputise HH, infact let him just be a political mentor in the back ground we want serious people to lead not someone who when asked why do u want to be President said and i quote….I want to be president because in UNIP i was in the Back ground so was during MMD now i want to lead……… that a reason to lead????????????

  47. LT the name is fake and you publish something not real.HH and the PF president will make it to reberate Zambia and its people.HH has a vision anyway and can prove it so smart

  48. This so called LT whatever you call it has MMD link. The reporting is preconception. Even the way they writing articles leaves one wondering if really have qualifies journalists/editor. Take a leaf from professionals.

  49. In a fight of three people. The weakeast two should gang up and defeat the stronger one after that they can pick on each other to decide who takes the spoils of battle.

    I think thats what this is about. So lets not jump the gun boys, let the pact hit the MMD hard and when RB is finished they can decide who takes the spoils

  50. I have decided that in my spare time I will take on Veteran and Senior citizen, which shouldn’t be too hard given his/their poorly disguised lack of integrity. So here goes: Veteran, the other day I asked myself who in their right mind would consult you for anything, given that with two degrees you are so lacking in maturity, reasoning and morals? Then it dawned on me; the very desperate politicians that appoint you to positions of diplomacy. Well, if indeed they are paying you enough a week to pay 5 Zambians their monthly salaries, then they must be dumber than apple sauce for you are getting nothing done. It must be nice to earn so much doing next to nothing. Still do not mistake that for achievement. What you do is no different from what Chiluba did when he stole from us.

  51. What you do is no different from Sata’s pushing for Chiluba’s third term. When these men did what they did, they put their greed and interests way ahead of those of the people they were elected to serve. What people are saying today is that they are less blinded to the greed, the trickery and the plain disregard for their quality of life portrayed by the MMD for years. Most of us agree and In addition we wish to bring to voter’s attentions that we do need to change the cultures and laws, or lack thereof, that ensure that even with changed leadership these selfish practices remain. You, VETERAN, on the other hand take us a thousand steps back with your polarized shallow statements that are clearly about protecting your personal interests. Grow up, you have a lot of room for personal…

  52. Purely sponsored article. Its clear the MMD dont know which way to aim their gun so they keep shooting in whatever direction the threat seems to be coming from . and right now your guess is right if you said HH. He bit them pants down despite hearing street boys from Kitwe and Chibolya

  53. Purely sponsored article. Its clear the MMD dont know which way to aim their gun so they keep shooting in whatever direction the threat seems to be coming from . and right now your guess is right if you said HH. He bit them pants down despite hiring street boys from Kitwe and Chibolya

  54. LEGACY thank you. Well spoken Sir/Madam. It brings me joy to see that some get it, maybe even most. I truly enjoyed reading what you had to share.

  55. you I.D.I.O.T.S of LT no matter how much u try 2pliz bwezani, the PACT is unstopable!! we dnt care huz gona represent us as our presidencial candidate in next yearz election. and foolz lyk vetaran,senior citizen fukin stop expozin yo foolish lyk dat jus bcoz u want to b on mmd payroll!! stupid!!

  56. On “He must face the man who called him a ‘calculator boy’ before He ever dreams of making an appointment with the Chief Justice to file his nomination papers…Mr. Michael Sata, it seems has so far taken it for granted that he is the most popular between the two and as such the default candidate, portrayed by the ‘Post’ as the mature and natural option,” I believe the UPND Group and not HH alone are taking good care of Mr PF/MC Sata and his PF in a manner that 5 months or so from today, Zambians will know whether the UPND will go it alone in the 2011 tripartite elections or as a consortium with a burden PF.

    I am now urging the mighty UPND to move out of the UPND-PF PACT now and concentrate on having a successful convention in 2011 before the general elections.

  57. “politics of saving Zambia better says” We do care who takes over as PACT President ! we made a mistake in 1991 to give Chiluba the PRESIDENCY for now we dont want to have the same error repeated by putting Micheal Chilufwa SATA as president of the PACT then not only have we gone back to huliganism we shall not have a peace of mind at all. SO WE WANT HH to LEAD THE PACT PERIOD. Tell SATA its over……………………..let him back HH coz that we need him to do…otherwise as a PACT we are doomed. HH needs SATAs Support SATA we dont want him arrogance….to much ….stupidty and lack of fore sight. BUT WE NEED his support other wise RB is coming to rule again….I love elections people are seriously putting up Schools and Hospitals please continue finish the roads as well.

  58. #58, sharing the spoils? Likening Zambia to a street fight? Ba Pact, please tell us more, is that what we expect from you come 2011? And you seriously want our votes?

  59. #66 Ndife, Why the hell should us PF support HH when you mongrels are busy disrespecting the PACT.If your UPND Tonga’s will not vote Sata if he leads the pact,then why the hell should PF supports vote for HH in Lusaka, Copperbelt,Luapula and Northern?Go hang with your HH!!

  60. I for one would only put a stamp on this pact arrangement if HH is to lead. It makes sense to have HH lead than Sata dont you think. I know most of you insist that these leaders are selfless, and have put Zambia first and it doesnt matter who leads, but I tell you it does. If indeed they are selfless then well it is time Sata retired, and allowed HH to be the face of the pact. For me and I know a lot of other Zambians agree that the only resonable and sound change lies in HH. Am sorry PF supporters our dearest pact partners, please rally behind the young man, forget about the old man his time has passed. Dont worry he will be remembered for his role in bringing about change to Zambia, let us Zambians push for the young lad, lets see what he can do for mother Zambia.

  61. The writer is a novice. Politics don’t work as described above. No material in the story:-?

  62. Please dont be fooled the author of the article is a paid scribe for MMD known to all these are the fools that give false information to confuse the population.

    Its About time people knew MMD is past it no longr fit for purpose

  63. P A C T ili ce, HH and SATA go pact we are behind you especially here in LSK come 2011 ma pangas.

  64. The article lacks depth and comparative analyses considering that MMD just narrowly won in RB’s stronghold in Eastern province.Some bloggers are naive thinking that PF has lost ground in Lusaka and Luapula.Firstly,the biggest part of Lusaka’s population live i high density areas and are staunch supporters of Sata based on his ability to interact at a low level and charm them with job prospects hence more money in the pockets,remember also that,most people from the copperbelt have moved to Lusaka especially kaponyas and these love ‘shikulu sata’.Luapula can’t backslide on sata otherwise the PF rebel MP’s would have long resigned and re-contensted but they know they gonna lose.Sata was there for FTJ remember and pipo in luapula recognise that gesture by sata.

  65. Recently,the Mwata made a comment to say,both Sata and Chiluba are his sons,hence he won’t take sides.The Mwata knows that when he was agonising about Mwanawasa nailing down FTJ politically,chi Sata strongly came out in support of FTJ,Xavier Chungu,Darlington Mwape and other Luapulans.And remember,the name Ubwato in Luapula is symbolic of abalondo besabi,fisherman and is a representation of the commones lifestyle in Luapula.Pabwato is irreplaceable in Luapula.Now Kawambwa tea,Mansa batteries and many other industries in Luapula have gone kapoot!!!And then Sata with his stories of economic revival and jobs for the youths,whether true or not,i don’t know but his support base has bought Sata’s story coz pipo are in abject poverty.

  66. #69, you must be dreaming if you are supporting on condition. You can take your vote to hell. Lets all support the pact unconditionally. Suppose PF supporters say they wont vote for HH if SATA is not adopted, where will be HH and his UPND? disaster. atleast PF can try.

  67. No RED CARD we only support PACT on condition and thats period we shall never vote for SATA . God has given us the ability to choose and that is what will happen only HH for PACT otherwise forget our votes. We are very serious. Iwe RED CARD just because you are PF you think we should go for the PF President dont be naive. The Man you are supporting doesnt even know why he should be president. ITS HH Chabe! mudala….otherwise if SATA goes it alone as you suggest Banda will win it again. Coz we shall tell HH to pull out sorry but we shall. We cant be ruled by a lunatic.

  68. Who says his a freemason , you can google and you wont find him on any list of those chaps. Tell me Mulenga do you support Mr SATA coz his Bemba or coz his got the qualities of a leader you admire and you think can contribute enourmously to the economy of Zambia. I would rather vote a good bemba president like Elias Chipimo Jr to Mr SATA. But now that we have the PACT i support new blood young and vibrate …look at the UK young people will win those elections why should we be ruled by OLD people i really crave for the day when we shall have people in their prime 40s take over this country. HH please ensure young people from Secondary schools to register in the whole country then we shall rule. Am tired need new brains, from independence sure.

  69. I am urging the mighty UPND Group to leave the UPND-PF PACT as soon as possible so that we can intensify the 2011 campaign for president and 2011 presidential candidate HH. This advice follows the facts that the UPND has re-gained its place in Zambian politics that was distorted by the bitter UPND president election loser, now unelected ULP self-appointed leader, Hon MP Sakwiba Sikota.

    Other reasons include the insults that Mr President has been hurling on HH and the whole human race that has now caused me to stop supporting Mr President RB Banda as an alternative to HH for Zambian President in 2011 in case the UPND-PF PACT will still be existing in 2011 and Mr PF/Sata MC is chosen as its 2011 PACT presidential candidate – I support Mr Elias Chipimo Jr should HH is not lead.

  70. The mighty UPND must stop thinking that Zambia can only be liberated from the MMD’s misrule by the MMD. There is no need to fear about vote splitting or that president and 2011 presidential candidate HH mighty come out as no. 3 in the 2011 presidential elections. This is time to convince all Zambians that UPND as a party ready to Administer the GRZ just after the 2011 elections.

    These elections are about quality and not quantity (a thing that has been a misconception). The mighty UPND Group should by now be aware that PF’s support across the country has dwindled and also that Mr Sata MC does not qualify to be President of Zambia under the NCC guidelines including the fact that age with the heart condition may not be able to canvas the country as the UPND’s HH.

    Be blest all…

  71. I like the writer though he sounds MMD. I will keep repeating my self on the issue of the pact. We need a leader who will win the election where MMD was number one in 2008 by elections. Remember RB won the elections because of the support from North western & Western. PF cadres should know by now that HH is leading on these provinces. We can not make mistake to put some one who will make the pact lose. Well it sounds like a joke to some people but this is plain truth take it or leave it.Therefore I gree with the writer that HH will face MS for him to move to another level. We shall wait and see but the writing on wall is clear. Zambians want change and that change should come with young generation pf leaders.

  72. I’m happy that even MMD cadres are now seeing the light in HH, though with reserved negative comments which does not hold any water.

  73. The photo on this article tells a lot of story just by looking.The other one is smiling while the big one ” Baletinya a baiche ku menso”

  74. Whether u like it or not, the political landscape has tilted to HH. It started so when LPM died(MHSRIP) . Furthermore RB failures are pushing NWP, CP and WP to HH. Sata has lost ground in Luapula and northern part of NP. I can assure you the next election sata will be relegated to far third as RB has enough votes in Lusaka, so do HH to dilute the CB towns landslides for cobra…Race RB vs HH… Verdict reserved


  76. #79 Ndife, Sata is not Bemba and has never been! He is Bisa just like Chris Chali of Amayenge was.For your information, Bembas are from Kasama,Chinsali and Mporokoso. In your rantings you choose to ignore the fact that even though HH may be winning something in NW insulting the so called Northerners,i.e. people from CB,Luapula and Northen provinces doesn’t help his chances.If you want us to give HH the support he deserves don’t antagonise pact members by insulting PF and Sata.Express your views why you feel HH is better for the pact to win and lead Zambia into a better future without belittling the importance of Sata and the PF supporters.Don’t follow the ways of that crazy Satanist Maestro Hehehehehe!!

  77. Mulenga— Newcastle Upon Tyne greetings, your insults will not take you anywhere.

    For sure it is time to make the mighty UPND stand alone and shine. I am tired of reading insults from you and other PF cadres including the MMD ones.

    To all sensible Zambians, let us join forces and show these sick characters that we do not need the backing of Mr PF/MC SATA to get to win the 2011 tripartite elections. In fact the PACT will compromise our numbers in Parliament and so, this is time to do the needful and campaign heavily across Zambia.

    I am offering myself to help the UPND in any way possible to win the 2011 general elections by a landslide.

    Have a blessed day all.
    Matt 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added…

  78. #89 Maestro, your are just shooting you and you weak UPND in the foot.Go it alone if you like and your darling Freemason will still come third after Sata and RB.You surely are a child of Satan championing division day in day out.You are a Psychopath just like Veteran,Capitalist and Senior citizen.You are a blasphemer that quotes the word of God in vain.You belong to the Seventh Day Dooms day cult!!

  79. His reaction in Mufumbwe, at the Police station, is certainly disappointing, to say the least. The rigors and pressures of the highest office require impeccable resilience, an inner strength! This is what you postulate. You are wrong. HH’s reaction was one of defending his party members and the people of Mufumbwe who came under a heavy attack by the MMD thugs. You were not in Mufumbwe and you know nothing what was on the ground. You know nothing about how the police with its IG present could not act to stop MMD beating UPND members and smashing their vehicles. More than 50 police officers were right in town where both UPND and MMD had their camps. MMD thugs immediately they arrived even displaced UPND cadres at their candidate Kamondp’s shop where they gathered every evening to dance and

  80. Insulting and evil-drivena and evil-worded Mulenga— Newcastle Upon Tyne, your “#89 Maestro, your are just shooting you and you weak UPND in the foot.Go it alone if you like and your darling Freemason will still come third after Sata and RB” will not take you anywhere because you are by no means a prophet. Only God holds the 2011 tripartite elections results in His Hands for not even the d-evil can override God save manage to do what God, the Creator, allows the devil to do.

    As for me, I am now in full support of the mighty UPND’s move to ditch the PF from the UPND-PF PACT and hope to support Elias Chipimo’s party should the UPND fail to heed my advice by accepting that Mr PF/MC Sata becomes 2011 UPND-PF PACT presidential candidate.

    B blest all.

  81. celebrate. There were makishis dancing and singing. This was at Kamondo’s shop. This shop is next to the restaurant and lodge where MMD campaign managers were sleeping. MMD injected terror in the locals who met every evening to dance and entertain people to song and dance. The UPND clearly had no protection of the police and tell me if you are sane, did you expect HH to stay in submission and let MMD and police rake havoc among his members and Mufumbwe residents? HH is not a foreigner but a Zambia with full stake in Zambia. He has the right to question, even by pointing at some chap who thought was powerful and could intimidate everyone. Please ask and you will be toild what happened in Mufumbwe. Imagibe UPND went to complain at lack of protection and MMD follow them there and start…

  82. The author of this article is an MMD cadre feeling the PF-UPND pact heat. leave HH alone. he is much more clever than you think. And by the way, which diplomacy does Rupiah Banda have?

  83. Mulenga— Newcastle Upon Tyne says…..whether SATA is chokwe or Bisa or Ila i dont care even thought he was tonga or Lozi its his personality that i cant contain with…what bmore of the country. You say much about HH for your information CB was orginally Soli, Illa , Lenge and lamba area you dont find northerners as original people. For now CB is a mixture of people just like you cant say Lusaka is Nyanja just because we use it here.

    I understand your point but what good qualities does Micheal Chilufwa SATA have , please help me understand. Look at his website i was trying to learn one or two things from it . Only there is nothing. No vision for the country no plans. Compare it to HH web site and contrast.

    Just the right to say NO to SATA is it a crime?????????

  84. I like most of the contributions but for the insulting lot. The formation of a PACT remains the ONLY POSSIBLE way of removing a minority government. When I say the PACT I don’t necessarily limit myself to PF/UPND. I hope the peripheral satellite parties like Heritage, FDD, UNIP, Elias Chipimo etc can be accommodated or append themselves to the current PACT. After all it’s about numbers.
    However when you see leaders of these small parties flip-flop, then you understand what the general feeling about alliances is all about. Make no mistake most of them are based on greed. Leaders always want to be assured of what they will gain as individuals. They never look at the general membership. This is what the current quagmire in the PF/UPND PACT is all about. My feeling is that the two…

  85. My feeling is that the two leaders/parties know this hence the idea of contesting parliamentary elections as individual entities in areas where each one enjoys support. This (in the interim) is an excellent weapon for the PACT for as long as they are mindful that the Zambians are still awaiting who the PACT candidate shall be. If the two parties were to be different to the other small parties I have mentioned, by now they would already have announced their candidate but they know how damaging it can be if the candidate is not well received. At the same time if they delay, they only give the MMD the time to tear them apart (expose their strategy). This is a dilemma not only for HH but Sata as well

  86. HH and Sata need each other more than b4.HH’s growing popularity is good and shud not be viewed as a threat 2 Sata therefore Sata needed HH more than HH does.Age is not on Sata ‘s side if he misses this chance that will be the end of him.HH has still 2016 so plse dont cheat Sata that he can win if goes solo infact he has not added any single seat after the gen election while HH has added 2 . as for now HH has more vioce in parliament than Sata .He has 23 MPS while Sata has only 18 . Forget about those rebel MPS coz there will be no bye election in those cont, MMD will not take any chances.Things that needs to be done1 the postnews paper should stop potraying HH as junoir partener to Sata and cover him equally 2 if love the PACT u should work hard to buildit and n’ making useless…

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