Government dismisses rumor about veep’s death


Government has dismissed rumor going round that Vice President George Kunda who is receiving treatment in South Africa has died.

Acting Chief Government Spokesperson Dora Siliya told QFM in an interview that the vice president is well and continues undergoing routine medical check-ups in South Africa.

Ms Siliya has accused a named private media organization of creating malicious and false rumors about the vice president’s condition.
She says the vice President is expected in the country by the end of this week.



  1. I dont think he is dead. The South African Press is not muzzled like the Zambian one so they would publish the story. Much as MMD is hopeless I dont support rumours especially of this kind!

  2. “Dear Lord,I know that I haven’t talked to you that much, but this past year you have taken away my favorite actor, Patrick Swayze, my favorite actress, Farah Fawcett and my favorite musician, Michael Jackson…I just wanted to let you know that my favorite President is RB and favorite minister is Dora and Shikaz…Amen”

  3. What happened to TETA we were being told his improving? eh Dora are you a doctor???spare us….If God whats him to continue then it shall be.

  4. but how is she sure he is coming at the end of the week? How surely does a “Routine” medical checkup take two weeks? I think I haven’t forgotten how to smell rates in the closet yet.

  5. Then let him come back and receive and have those medical check-ups back home at UTH since your gov said UTH is one of best hospital in Southern Region.

  6. Gonvt has not told Zambians where Kunda is. So its alright for Zambians tospeculate that he is dead. And we still rememmber how you brought a dead body of Teta to UTH pretending that he was ok. We cant trust you any more. You are too seless a gonvt.

  7. Am not wishing him death but if he dies, please dont take his body all over Zambia please dont wast our TAX payers money. You preach that we have everything that is needed in Zambian Hospitals but you keep transporting yourselves to S.A Mambalas

  8. Poor George……..People should rest eish………If death decides to postpone Geoge’s life.The guy should step aside and recuperate properly than being used by grandpa Bwezi.Medical check up for two weeks??????????:-??:-??:-??:-??:-w:-w:-w

  9. Who is creating these rumours??? What kind of medical review did he go for,he should just start uku papaula ifimiti. I wouldn’t trust these rumour mongers,an official report will do. if its true then good riddance to bad s.h.i.t!!!!
    The list is as follows:
    2.George Kunda
    3.Mike Mulongoti
    4.VJ(die hard,we have been waiting for a long time but to no avail )
    5. Ronnie

  10. Imwe ma prophets of doom, ikaleni ifye, if he is dead they will tell you. They have told you he is well, what more do you want. Zambians, awe sure umo akalowa nga mulengala.

  11. Were is Bootlicker. He needs to give us a full report since he is in RSA as chief shushu. He is a bit quite on the blog because he is shuttling between Pta and JHB checking on the VP. Please we need some data ba Mudala ba Boot Licker. He is VEEP of all Zambians.

  12. Do you need to go to South Africa for a routine medical check up? Why not go to UTH?

  13. But why can`t they interview him from his hospital bed to prove the rumours false.It has happened before afterall maybe it is a good time to make such an interview i understand some conditions make some pipo to talk more.U never know what they guy might tell us especialy concerning the pact.:-?

  14. its a blessing for some people to die, your relative who has been praying for a job might take up the vacancy.All things happen for a purpose good or bad. One family will lose while the other will gain. In short i am saying, let the die. Let another man come and steal as well..:((:((:((

  15. Bring him back to the UTH where Ms Mbangweta will automatically describe his condition as STABLE!

  16. Uwakweba infwa yakwa noko mutanshi….sooner rather than later, I will know the truth…..:Bushe infwa ilafisama ..nabalunshi baku Afrika…imweeeee o:o:o:o

  17. Musiye atopinge umoyo, amwelepo yenangu munzako,mpaka chalo chinzuna iwe ‘eeee kapena zafikako mailo,,,nikutopingapo chabe for long life…kutopingapo chabe na bode ibalance-Petersen zakaze, blazing make erm bounce!!!!:d/

  18. Why is MMD always in denial????
    – LPM was stable untill he breathed his last
    -Teta was stable untill his last.

    Whats wrong with just saying the truth???? No one wishes another person death. He is VEEP of ZAMBIA and not MMD. Say the truth. You denied at first that he was evacuated to RSA then said he will be discharged on Monday….Today is Monday now you say end of the week….awe sure!

    Whatever the case….I wish him the best!

  19. Bootlicker, Veteran and Senior Citizen. I think you could be the most reliable to tell as zambians and not MMD or Opposition. Wat is Veep status?. I hope fellow bloggers there is time to fun and time to confort our friends that need our symphathy. Let us pray for our vice president to recover quickly. At this moment, i believe it is not right to consider him as MMD. He needs the supprt of all zambians. Let us pray for him.

  20. Oh yeah i can see that you zambians have really lost touch with the comfort and care that comes with accepting christ as your savour.I decrared every inch of this country as a christian nations so that when you see your brother striken, you simply stretch out your helping hand and oh yes i mean your hand….your hand.But oh look at this muleseka umuboiz George come on guys let pray for him so that a similar miracle that happened to the sons of israel in Egypt might just happen to him.:-?

  21. Im not going to be a hyprocrit and pretend to offer my sympathies,you can call me all manner of names,this is one man who prosecuted LAZO ftj,fought with LPM to bring LAZO to justice,he even voted to lift ftj’s immunity in parliament,this is the same man who almost awarded himslef and ministers billions for coming up with a sham constitution,this is a man who through his decisions could have saved lots of lives during the strike by doctors,but he chose to prosecute an innocent woman (Kabwela),this is a man who has failed to prosecute Kabonde for corruptly purchasing state house escort vehicles,the list is endless,we’ve been banging on about how inept this man is and today just coz he is bedridden we should forget all that..Mwilashenteka lesa,he is a just GOD

  22. Those are bad habits that the MMD Govt has. How much does it help you to cheat about some one’s helth. it was the same with Mwanawasa, Tetamashimba and now Kunda. Spare our Tax payers funds by taking long to anounce such events. We know this will be made as an Income generating activity to some seniour Govt officers. Remember, We are watching you………….

  23. since when do you evacuate someone just for a check-up??? and all the way from Mufumbwe? nigga please… let national mourning just start, the earlier we start, the earlier we finnish.
    the man was an arrogant politician, MMD cadre!!!


    Life and death are in the hands of the Lord unless one is immortal. A normal and sensible people would not wish each other death because every life is precious. His Honor VP Kunda’s life is fully scheduled by the Lord. MMD believes in the sanctity of life and understand that those who callously wish death on others are practically invoking the misfortune instead on their side.

  25. MMD’s respect for life is unparallel and is ever strongly demonstrated even on the ungrateful Michael Sata who kissed death and today survives on temporal inserted pace setting metals in his heart chambers.MMD through the MoH that sponsored Sata out of death have evidence at hand that his heart fails without the inserted metals while his diaphragm is clogged hard with cumulated smoke soot.

  26. This means any mountable pressure would snap the metals leading to an instantaneous death of Sata a misfortune HH has been banking on-looking forward to and the undeniable reason for his opportunistic miscalculated marriage of convenience in a cosmetic PACT to nowhere shaped on tribal agenda than national spirit. HH’s hope is that if Sata dies he could inherit his political domain hence sliding with overdrive into an insulting Sata/Mmembe culture.

  27. MMD will never wish anybody death or discriminate opportunities to any qualified Zambian. As long as the Lord’s calendar says His Honor VP George Kunda is not over yet until he tells him “son come home”, the eminently qualified and accomplished professional attorney at law, 2-3 term LAZ President, Attorney General, Justice Minister and republican VP George Kunda will keep enjoying his right of serving the nation. Democratic ruling MMD will never be like the xenophobic opposition and their sadistic troll of cadres who believe in unconstitutional discrimination of citizens.

  28. This is why MMD find it obnoxious in seeing that UPND under orders of HH has turned into a terrorist organization in the country of democracy and social harmony where HH has resorted to abductions, arson of Churches of Jesus Christ. He has resorted to nefarious acts of human stubbing and machete totting against Zambians.

  29. Let the govt know that no matter what we say of him, he is our VP. I personally like this jovial guy. Remember, this guy never insults but consistently jokes about the pact in a cousin-ship style. Understandably, he is not well and so I wish him quick recovery. Please, GRZ and LT do not fuel sick jokes here by publishing what this lady is saying. She is not qualified spokesperson for the sick. The word “routine” itself is a joke and we require sober minded ministers. To Dora, I say it is not sufficient to just be beautiful. You need to be intelligent & sensitive maam.

  30. Where have you cadres been with your altercations When the likes of Michael Sata have been evacuated to South Africa and snatched from the doormart of death by insertion of a metal pace setter in his fragile heart using tax payers money? Why haven’t you come strong against these moves if you have any sense of care beyond critical need to save human life? Anderson Mazoka frequented the same SA medical systems and on the misfortune of his deathGRZ shipped his body 100% using tax payers. Where have you been not to oppose these moves?????

  31. Just take him to doctor bweleka full stop.What he needs is mankwala yamu katent kaya nima demon.Save our tax payers money.Bless him:-?

  32. number 11 you will die earlier then the person you are wishing dead. the life of each and every person is the hands of our creator. my prayer is that may the almighty God grant him good health.


  33. #4 You so funny… your favorites have been taken.. You now remaining With few of them…RB,Doris etc lets hope Kunda is not one of them…..cos its not good to be on your favourites list…:d/

  34. Veteran
    kindly comment on the killing of innocent children in mufumbwe by the frustrated son of your losing candidate

  35. The problem we have is our Govt thinks these leaders belong to royality. It is only for royal family member whose deaths or sicknesses are announced late.

    That is why there is so much confusion.

    Political parties require loyality (personal commitment) from members for support whilst our traditional rulers govern by royality (birth right) .

    Do not confuse the two !

  36. VETERAN u,a big fool!! very foolish!! *****!! useless chap, to hel with yo mmd!! fusake!! chipuba!!

  37. Dora please explain
    i. what do you mean by the word ‘Routine’?
    ii. when was George’s last routine medical check up?
    why do you people in MMD like taking us for granted?

    I think we’ve been punked by these MMD guys, thinking that they had the best for mother Zambia

  38. LT ****ing stop sensing, let diz i.d.i.o.t.s of yoz kno dat dey,a ****ing useless!!

  39. Government it is unfortunate that the lack of periodic bulletin news on the part of Government of the ailing Zambian Vice-President Mr.Goerge Kunda has given way to rumour mongering. Govt has much to be blamed in the manner and style it has handled the whole illness of Vice-President Goerge Kunda , First it had denied that the Vice- President had been evacuated to South Africa for treatment through the Chief Government Spokesperson Ronnie shikapwasha. It took our High commissioner to South Africa Leslie Mbula to confirm that Mr. Kunda was indeed in South Africa receiving treatment. Blaming the media is indeed cheap politics on the part of Government when the onus is on Government to ensure that it reports back every information concerning the Vice-President’s illness because he is an…

  40. it is unfortunate that the lack of periodic bulletin news on the part of Government of the ailing Zambian Vice-President Mr.Goerge Kunda has given way to rumour mongering. Govt has much to be blamed in the manner and style it has handled the whole illness of Vice-President Goerge Kunda , First it had denied that the Vice- President had been evacuated to South Africa for treatment through the Chief Government Spokesperson Ronnie shikapwasha. It took our High commissioner to South Africa Leslie Mbula to confirm that Mr. Kunda was indeed in South Africa receiving treatment. Blaming the media is indeed cheap politics on the part of Government when the onus is on Government to ensure that it reports back every information concerning the Vice-President’s illness because he is an emp

  41. May I just ask one question what has went wrong for people to hate MMD so much a party which got more than 70% in 1991. Sure something is wrong these leaders have to check themselves. Anything that is MMD is associated is not liked. MMD check yourself before its too late because once the hammer will strike you be left in cold water. Remember Zambians are very brutal. In UK Mando has just committeed suicide he was a minister in Chiluba govt and he supposed to back to Zambia this week

  42. To me George is a condemned criminal on death row for master-minding the robbery of K5 bn from our poor people and shared it with his criminal friends.

  43. This one is too scary to blog on, I do not mean the report on the vice president’s health, but how low some Zambians can sink all because of politics, eish!!

  44. #62, If it’s any comfort to you, the bloggers on LT (you and me included) do not represent the views of the majority of Zambians by any stretch of imagination.

  45. God works in different ways. He first uplifts a sturbon person and then brings him down in order to humble him. Remember to be good when you are climbing the tree and much more when you rich the top coz people on the ground one day will catch you when you start falling. ALASS OUR LEADERS AND THOSE IN ZAMBIAN EMBASSIES OVERSEAS HAVE KEPT ON INSULTING ZAMBIANS. Time for George Kunda has come to fall but people are happy that he should hit his head on the ground. This is how life is.

  46. #67 Katie Good…when were you last in Zambia? For your info, at presidential level, MMD has NEVER gone past 50% since Chiluba’s time. Just admit it, MMD is no longer as popular as it started.

    ‘the bloggers on LT (you and me included) do not represent the views of the majority of Zambians by any stretch of imagination’….you are very bold eeh! but then you are wrong….to a good extent, they do!


  48. #68

    Zambian Embassies is full of un-experienced stuff’s , Govt should best re-train the people they are very un-diplomatic the Embassies is not transparent the stuff’s are out of sight they’ve no time for Zambians.just too busy “shopping as much KATUNDU’s as they Can.

  49. “Life is a terminal disease, no one will get out of it alive…” including George Kunda.

  50. ok! it did crossed my mind…. kunda actually looks dodgy on health issues .i hope he recovers and not what am thinking…………..^:)^:-??

  51. If George Kunda is dead! Then the heavens are answering Zambians’ wishes.In fact the entire MMD must die so Zambians can be free.

  52. let GK rest in peace pipo..we shall bury him..when is state funeral..?we dont need him as veep ever again!!

  53. Why should the sickness of the vice president be a secret. The nation was never told Kunda was flown out of the country. So, how do we believe in their statements.
    Any way whatever the case we wish Mr. Kunda well. My advise to him is that when he recovers let him hang-up politics. His life and family are more important than working for Rupiah Banda who is almost 80 years .

  54. LT is it possible to do an opinion poll on this topic. Between those happy he’s kicked the bucket and the hypocrites/bum lickers wishing him quick recovery.


  56. Job 1 – 21 “…….The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away. Blessed be the name of the Lord,'”

  57. #69 The Legacy, a simple majority 40%-50% score in presidential elections is a sign of a vibrant democracy. What more with the proliferation of political parties. It also helps to keep a winner in check lest he grows wings (i.e. try to become a dictator). I would be very worried for our democracy if landslides became the order of the day, as in the KK days. Of course I know how painful it is to persistently lose by a small margin, but such is divine intervention.
    As to whether your views and mine represent the majority of Zambians, how many are we? When you count the bloggers on LT, do we statistically form a sufficiently large sample of the population? If so, has this been independently verified?

  58. #82 msana wanzili, nothing could ever prepare me for the possibility that you could be a sadist.

  59. #4:d. Blimey! Nothing beats that. Genius! If only you could add your favourite ex president-Kafupi Titus.

  60. Ba Capitalist,
    Nishani yama? You have always wanted to know about Sata’s degrees because he is a public figure, I worried you have failed to ask about Kunda’s problem. Don’t you need to know about his disease? May it is contagious, may incurable, may he can bring problems to Zambia were everyone could have red lips. How about telling us what the problem is?

  61. Please lets talk sensable thing. Death is not a joke. lets just wish this arrogant guy a speed recoverly. through he must start taking ARVs

  62. Ba vice presidento imwe sure. Just 3 weeks ago he challenged the people of Zambia that there ismedicine in hospitals but now he is gone to SA. Chika……… Ito……… Why do you do this to the people of. Zed. As far as I know morning sideisno go zone and expect to come back

  63. #88 KATIE GOOD
    I assume you did read my earlier comment #65. I’ll repeat ‘To me George is a condemned criminal on death row for master-minding the robbery of K5 bn from our poor people and shared it with his criminal friends.

  64. # 45 Ba Veteran mwifusha ifya kulanda….lets just wait and see….all we can wish for Veep Kunda is for him to recover if is not dead… and if is dead …may his soul rest in peace chapwa. not iyo what what:o:o:o

  65. # 84,, “All sounds a bit familiar if you ask me.” ,nawishiba ichisungu….mu ladani umo ka?

  66. # 4 That is a good prayer…which church do you go to? I may consider joining it, sounds more practical:o:o:o

  67. Gents and Ladies,as much as laughing and jocking about death is tolerable,lets just wish this man the best in his life after death future.M.H.S.R.I.P 🙁

  68. This government especially cannot blame anybody for being so cynical about anything is does or says. Literally on every matter, they have opted for a position that further alienates them from the people. With so much precedent from Levy’s demise abound, who would believe a line like this one coming from an MMD cabinet minister, and quote “the vice president is well and continues undergoing routine medical check-ups in South Africa?.” Looking at that thief Dora Siliya’s face, you could clearly see the gap between her public and private face. Behing the scenes, she was busy snearing at the Post for stating the truth, before she did. And you bet she also wishes the red-lipped snake is breathing his last, so that she can scale the political ladder herself.

  69. Ladies and gentlemen, imagine the cost of taking care of these dying MMD creatures on the tax payer. So many of them are sick and if the NCC had any spunk, they would have made an AIDS test requirement compulsory for all elected office in Zambia.

  70. But the other thing that has been worrying me of late’s language. That woman, when she was minister of finance, was once assaulted by her then boyfriend and now husband. She was thoroughly clobbered and had to be wheelchaired from the car into the UTH emmergency lounge escorted by then veep Christon Tembo. It is this foul language of his that nearly got her killed then and for one, I wonder why Banda can tolerate some of the unfounded and clearly vile verbature only meant to prove that she is politically alive and kicking! She is the same scum of the world that got us swindled under Carlington, with Chiluba and I for one cannot see any value she added to society even when she was minister. She forced Tembo out only to sit in the FDD chair spooked like a rabbit under headlumps. Silly girl.

  71. I dont see any difference now that the VEEP has be evacuated to RSA. The man has nothing to offer. We need leaders who can deliver and not them leaders who physically look diminished.

  72. Why have we allowed sick leaders to continue working?? Country men and women this is very costly. Such leaders should be relived from official duties. Why do we have to be punished (tax payers)to sponsor evacuations which never yield anything apart from incurring more expenses? NCC characters should have taken in to account such issues when they were working on the so called constitution.

  73. won’t say nothing even though i’m forced to. anyway what must, be must. if it is time to die, hell yes! let him do so willingly.

  74. Any latest from SA? We need to know the truth and only the truth shall set us free. We indeed require enough time to prepare for this gre8t one.

  75. Ulubilo lwamwipi kubangilila, please give us the latest up dates so could get read for another opportunity like mulongoti said to mpombo

  76. V.P will come home in a box by Friday.

    Veteran/Senior Citizen and Mwata are only fed what to say.
    Looks like MMD have starved their followers of FACTS.

  77. There are very, very few people who have survived and made it after the rumor of death. I hope our VP will be among those few.

  78. If the chap is dead he is dead period. No wonder his lips were as white as snow. It is indeed prayers answered. I see another by-election being lost by the MMD to the opposition.

  79. From experiance whatever has been dismissed as rumor usually ends up to be true… for warned is for armed ” mwana osanvela ananva nkwagwa ili mumutu”.
    we ve heard it all B4.:-?:-?

  80. No one enjoys the news of death or death-related issues. If GK is still breathing then we can only wish his case well. BUT, it should go without saying that he became irrelevant to the political scene some time after LPM passed on.
    I could vent his irrelevance by hoping he is dead, but that would be inhuman. So, let’s be all hypocritical by wishing him well, provided he is not yet DEAD!!!!!!!!!

  81. Nambala 4, bwa nsekesha! =)) Nufink beats Zed humour! Even in times of sadness (?), we can always rely on our fellow man to make us laugh! :)) As for ba VP, may God’s will be done…

  82. Iwe Veteran, wisen up mambala. its coz of people like you that Zambia will not develop..Naiwe kanshi u should be evacuted to SA mwe



  84. sorry ohhhhh. but hey, everything happens for a purpose and the good thing is that it happens for a good one. MMD start choosing the next plunderer and thief

  85. Tapali efyo mulanda bnonse, if he dies or lives what is the defference. Live the VEEP alone, mwe mbushi mwe.

  86. we mbushi niwe #125. nani ushayishiba at georgr alwala kalaye noko? he has full blown aids no dults about it with his ka deputy minister girlfriend at some ministry aka penta kwati nika sex worker eyebrows.

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