Vice-President George Kunda discharged from hospital, due for review on Friday


VICE-PRESIDENT George Kunda was yesterday discharged from Johannesburg’s Morningside Clinic and is now recuperating at a hotel.

Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa Leslie Mbula said in a statement that Mr Kunda was discharged around 14:30 hours and is due to go for review on Friday.

“We expect that after the review on Friday, the Vice-President will fly back home the following day,” Mr Mbula said.

Mr Mbula and staff from the high commission saw the Vice-President off to the hotel where he is lodged.

[ Zambia Daily Mail]


  1. Dont worry guys, he is just out breifly, he ll soon be going back to the soil! He’d be more useful there!!

  2. Why a hotel in S.A bring him back home dont wast tax payers money. You said Zambia has got better hospitals so let him come and appreciate the Zambian Hospitality

  3. Why cant he recuperate at the high commissioners lavish residence.why a hotel…such waste of money!


    Life and death are in the hands of the Lord unless one is immortal. A normal and sensible people would not wish each other death because every life is precious. His Honor VP Kunda’s life is fully scheduled by the Lord. MMD believes in the sanctity of life and understand that those who callously wish death on others are practically invoking the misfortune instead on their side.

  5. Is a medical an admission? I thought we were told he went for a medical.

    And as if that was not enough, he is recuperating in a hotel in SA. These mugs are sending wrong signals to children.

  6. I wish Hiz Honour, The Vice Prezident a very speedy recovery. Though the govt woul do well to inform the immediately something happenz, rather than leave everything to speculation, only to offer counter statements later .

  7. MMD’s respect for life is unparallel and is ever strongly demonstrated evident by its response to Zambia’s most unstable an ungrateful Michael Sata who kissed death on its door mat but today survives on a temporal inserted pace setting metal in his heart chambers.MMD through the MoH that sponsored Sata out of death have evidence at hand that his heart fails without the inserted metals while his diaphragm is clogged hard with cumulated smoke soot.

  8. Yes tell the nation what is wrong with this man. People need to know. Why would someone go for a medical which only tunrs out to be an admission. Gets out and goes to recuperate in a hotel when the nation doesn`t know what is wrong with him.

    SA or no SA ngakalepuka ninshi nakalepuka. Why a poor country would even be wasting money on certain people no one knows. Next we will be told ka VJ kali ku SA for a medical.

    Kafupi nomba napola mwa?

  9. On “Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa Leslie Mbula said in a statement that Mr Kunda was discharged around 14:30 hours and is due to go for review on Friday… “We expect that after the review on Friday, the Vice-President will fly back home the following day,” Mr Mbula said,” this is good for Minister Vice-President Honourable MP George Kunda and his family.

    The Minister Kunda is required to help the mighty UPND Group move out of the UPND-PF PACT where the UPND is seemingly underrrated by the POST and PF supporters.

    May the good Lord God richly bless him.
    Matt 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.

  10. This means any mountable pressure would snap the metals leading to an instantaneous death of Sata a misfortune HH has been banking on-looking forward to and the undeniable reason for his opportunistic miscalculated marriage of convenience in a cosmetic PACT to nowhere shaped on tribal agenda than national spirit. Today HH’s illusionary hope is that if Sata dies he could inherit his political domain hence sliding with overdrive into an insulting Sata/Mmembe culture to fit Sata’s shoes on the stamp. He has overlloked ex-priest Bwalya’s bemba only president fantasy like his own Tonga only for Presidency dogma.

  11. Zambians and ruling MMD will never wish anybody death or discriminate them against national opportunities as long as they are qualified Zambians. As long as the Lord’s calendar says His Honor VP George Kunda is not over yet until he tells him “son come home”, the eminently qualified and accomplished professional attorney at law, 2-3 term LAZ President, Attorney General, Justice Minister and republican VP George Kunda will keep enjoying his right of serving the nation. Democratic ruling MMD will never be like the xenophobic opposition and their sadistic troll of cadres who believe in unconstitutional discrimination of citizens.

  12. But when hes he dying mwebantu.Cant wait for another bye election but not only that this man has a lot of explanations to do to Mwanawasa!

  13. Red Card Crankshaft Caburetor Banda ,

    You cankerworm where have you been with your protruding ignorance and altercations when the likes of Anderson Mazoka frequented the same SA medical systems and died there while GRZ shipped the body at 100% responsibility? Where have you been when Michael Sata has been evacuated to South Africa in a snatch from the doormart of death until now a metal is inserted in his fragile heart at a costly ticket to the National treasury? Why haven’t you come strong against these moves if you have any sense of care?

  14. How many politicians have been to Morningside clinic and lived? That clinic is for the terminally ill, at least for zambian politicians. Having GK there is not a good sign.

  15. Kamuzu Banda in the Making ,

    Your failure and endless struggles in the USA despite all the opportunities the country offers to all is in your tongue, mind and demons of hatred that have overtaken your life. Blessed is the day you were born.

  16. We hope and pray that he goes back home well and in good health. Then later on he should resign from active duty, this will greatly help him.

  17. Veteran, thanks for the information on Sata’s-metal-in-th-heart, so does it mean cobra cant stand a magnet near his chest?

  18. #18 Veteran. A person calling himself Veteran is expected to be mature and wise. You are neither, and, instead a mug who is going to sell their country for silver:d.

    It doesn`t matter who gets sent to SA you f o o l. What am against is not telling the nation what is wrong with your vice president and I am sorry to say there are conditions which are just incurable. You will be flown to the best clinic in the world, live in a 5 star hotel and still won`t get better.

    This is the problem we have in Africa not accepting reality. By the way President Banda recently said the hospitals have drugs why send the Veep to SA only for him to end up living in a hotel? Grow up mug. Certain things are beyond party inclination/affiliation. You should be talking the veep having a medical at home.

  19. Red Card Crankshaft Caburetor Banda ,

    You cankerworm did anyone bleach the patient right to privacy on Mazoka, Sata Mainza Chona and others whose evacuations took the national treasury?

  20. i am trying to understand why they have to hide when a head or deputy head of state dies…we have been told not to tell but i cant keep this to myself, uncle George is not coming back. right now we are arranging for the funeral and the arrival of the body.M.H.R.I.P his done so much for me.

  21. Amazing how a routine checkup can result in one Veep being discharged and needing time to recuperate before flying back home! Someone is being economical with the truth here… Time (as usual) will tell all.

  22. MMD believes in nothing other than looting national coffers. Their manifesto may say all these nice sounding things but in reality … I doubt any of the current crop of MMD leadership even know what the manifesto entails. They can lie, cheat and butcher all they want but all is in vain. Remember, the world has seen more brutal dictators than the MMD c*o*w*a*r*d*s and where are these dictators now? RB or his crime family will never enjoy their l*o*o*t. RB may not need to worry about all this because he will probably die soon but he has extremely young sons who will suffer because their m*o*r*o*n*i*c dad cannot resist the temptation to dip his greasy fingers into the tip jar.

  23. Veteran ulichipu ba. You`ve shown yet again your brain is the size of a grain. We are talking about the vice president here you f o o l. He is a servant to Zambians.

    By the way ka VJ, Chiluba, Teta, the list goes on and on. I said grow up and have a life. Learn to go out a bit more. You never knw what you learn mugboy!:d

  24. #25 Veteran….as a member of the ruling party, please torn down. You need the support of every single zambian. I beg you in the name of the LORD my brother show some maturity and stop sounding like a big headed and spoilt brut. Am sure you are good man….just chill my bro. Yours is supposed to be pleading language. Look at Dr Kalombo Mwansa, cool calm and collected….now acting president!

  25. I thought this was the most dangerous hospital with a bad reputation for Zambian patients (7/10) have died there, who includes: Kamuzu Banda! and Misheck Bonshe (who escaped before his sad demise MHSRIP)! Ba Veep please dont stay long there! Come closer like Ba KK (always ku UTH and always comes out since 1964! Whaaaoooo!

  26. #26, its called ‘operational research’, the idea is to determine how long it takes for the information to fall in the hands of the POST. The clock is ticking……

  27. Thought sending our politicians to morningside clinic was not cost-effective. Why was he not evacuated to India, where we were told it is cheaper?

  28. Whether he is in morning side clinic, hotel wherever. The fact is the money can be used to enhance our hospitals in Zambia.

    Until this wastage is stopped, they will all come back as cargo.

  29. :d:d next time evacuate to Conco DR or Angola or Malawi or Mozambique even Tanzania. Why always South Africa when Zambia has 8 neighbours????? its not fair.:d:d:d

    All the same, come back GK….we wish you the best. I may not always agree with your MMD but life is life big man so get well soon. You have innoncet kids that still need a dad. Be strong and hang in there!

  30. Those of you who think that this is a waste of tax payers’ money, why don’t you ask Mr Sata whether he rejected such assistance when his turn came?
    It is taboo to wish death upon a fellow citizen. All reasonable citizens know that death can strike right next to you and when it does we all need each other. In our families we may have different political affiliations but we remain families because it was so annointed by God. But are we talking about reasonable people? Whoever introduced internet in kachasu dens, lol!

  31. Whichever politician that has gone, is going, or will go to South Africa on tax payer’s money for medical treatment is a big fat hypocrite. The issue is that these politicians tell us our medical care is OKAY, but no soon than their words leave their mouths they are off to S.A. for trivial things like medical check ups. If UTH was a decent hospital, no one would criticize politicians for their medical evacuations to S.A. It’s just plain logic, pure and simple!

  32. All I can say is, I remember Lupando Mwape saying, after Levy’s first stroke, “The President is fine. I spoke to him this morning. Actually he was actually jogging this morning.” Don’t even try to imagine Levy jogging. But we are not talking about Levy here, may his soul rest in peace.

    Point is, there is a terrible culture of silence as far as the health of our leaders is concerned.

  33. ma #37
    in as much as i agree that life is important and that almost all Zambian political leaders have had at-least been evacuated to south once or more. but the question that remains is why do they always go out there? ans because they have better services there,so they let the poor and the politically lightweight Zambians to die in this country while evacuating themselves to south africa all the time,even for simple GK life more than of that kidding dying in UHT due lack facilities to treat him/her? is one life more important than the other?how many people have died in UTH WHO WOULD HAVE LIVE IF THEY WERE EVACUATED 2 SA? who is suppose to improve the health sector in Zambia? as long as they are SENT
    to south for medication forget of ever having improved health care in…

  34. Has Sata paid back to the tax-payer the money spent on his treatment in SA – especially according to Sata himself it was only a political gimmick on the part of the late Mwanawasa. If Kunda is too ill to carry out his duties, for me the more interesting question is who will RB appoint to take his place and what impact might that appointment have on next year’s election?

  35. It will definitely be sad to lose a young and youthful leader like George. Someone somewhere will lose a son, dad, husband, uncle, nephew, brother in law, friend, etc. Let us all wish him a quick recovery. We may differ politically but certainly we should never wish each other death. Just do not understand why the Govt can not equip our UTH to bring it to reasonable standard. I do not know where we commoners will be running to if our leaders can run away from health institutions that they themselves manage. How can you cook food and refuse to it it and instead prefer to give it to others and you yourself go to Hungry Lion?

  36. How did “medical review” turn into “hospitalisation”. Something is not right, the sea is calm before a storm.

  37. Ba Veteran, Whatever you are Called!!! Echo bale myebela Ati Tamwakwata Mano! You Just Shot your self in the Foot, @ 8 you did Well by Standing on Principles. Then come comment 12 your Venom is Spat At Sata, Taliko nokubako, Subject matter ni Ba Veep!!! … Two Wrongs Dont Make A right, And Dont Use the Name Of the LORD in Vain.. You Are Not Doing your Job Well, tainting the propaganda machinery of who ever sustains you, by being emotional… You are sowing seeds of dissension in Peace Loving Zambians.. Tone Down Please…Alaaaaaa!! :o:o:o:o:o

  38. TRUTH BE TOLD: Regardless of which politician has been evacuated out of the country on tax payers’ money is a HYPOCRITE! All lives are equal before God and so they should be before men. The life of a poor peasant dying at some ill equiped and unstaffed hospital somewhere in Zambia is as valuable as that of RB, GK or who ever other politician. Like #42 pointed out, who is supposed to improve UTH???? They go out of zambia for medical treatment including just for KNEES while the poor die in Zambia…its not fair!

    They send their children to schools abroad while they leave Unza and CBU to rot…its not fair! God will surely find a way of punishing these politicians. If they were using their own money, I would not care not when they use the poor tax payers’ money – May God be the judge!

  39. #8 ba veteran. Don’t misuse/abuse the word(s) honour/honourable. Currently, our ministers don’t deserve such pre-fixes. Especially, GK is one dis-honourable chap I have ever known. He lies, steals from the public, wants good thing for himself and his family only-including going for medical attention where people have worked hard to make hospitals hospitable in the real sense. And so on. These words ba Vet. mean something. They are not just a formality.

  40. Ok If they cant Use UTH!! Has Any One Ever Thought Of Using Wusakili Hospital In Kitwe? What i Know Is That Some Of Its Services Are ISO accredited… I stand to be Corrected. And For Your information the consultants/Medical officers and other Staff that are there are the countries best trained, Men And Women.. they Have years of Vast Experience, and are being sort for by Overseas employers.The Head of the Institution there has undoubted Managerial Skills and he Can Deal With High Profile Patient…. The money being paid to RSA can be circulated within our economy… We need to break this Complex of thinking, Morning-side clinic is better than What we Have At Wusakili !!!… The Government has eroded the confidence and Patriotism of the Medical staff because of that notion.Support Local

  41. Lies lies lies.. what type of medical review requires and 2 week followup and recovery @ a hotel.

    The MMD clowns should improve the Zambia hospitals and not waste money on ” so called special people”.

    KK never went to RSA.. this is the ” New culture” brought in my Lazo kafupi mambala…..

  42. Dr Kaunda s Personal Physician used to be Mr Katema ( MHSRIP), ZCCM and Zambia. Nomba imwe mwebaisapo mwaisa salula Ama Doctors, nama Nurses, nabambi ababomba mufipatala, mwalabutukila ku RSA, Ni BaChiluba Ebalengele fyonse ifi… Please correct the Situation…. If We Asked Proffessor Nkanza Am sure he would Agree that we have it All in Zed , but Govt has no deliberate policy to support and improve the local infrastructures…Ndola Central Hospital is going to crumbles and MoH (Govt) Is Watching!!!… Bamukulu imwe !! imwe muleya out for whatever elyo to fwayeko inchito mu Diaspora mwalatumwenamo… STOP!! The ROT you Leaders! :((:((:((:((:((~X(~X(~X(~X(:-t:-t:-t:-t**==
    Twanaka Ukulatulila amasuku pamitwe(:|(:|(:|(:|(:|(:|

  43. Mu Zambia namo mwaliba ifipuba. I wouldn’t have imagined that Ben Kangwa-#12, can be such an idi.ot. This bootlicking has gone to some peoples’ head in a seriously mental manner.

  44. If it turns out that the Veep is no more, the entire Govt must resign on moral grounds. There is no way an employee can cheat on his employer and continue being in employment even after the employer has discovered that the employee is a cheat. We are not being given any meaningful update on the health status of our Veep and yet we are the employers and are duly entitled to information. These people are difficult to understand; they even go on leave even when they do not have leave days due. What kind of chaps are these!

  45. Veteran I salute you. Your lectures on some of these fools will one Day make them sensible. Bauze!!!

  46. I now Have Great respect for Ba Dr Kaunda, after having Gone Around the country,zambia And Seen The Massive Structures put in place during his Reign. Bapompwe twamichita trust, twamivotela elyo mwalatu shinga fye Butter mumenso… All you have been Doing Is nothing But deals and Insults. Noku lwalalwala..Because of Hatred, Chiluba and His Minions have Run Down What Ba Kaunda Left..Zambians are not Foolish. Leaders have let us Down, Instead of them Serving, they Have just been Stealing, seemingly enriching them selves but alas Morning-side Has been CALLING OUT LOUD!! What they Amass they have Left Behind!!! .. The Zambian People Deserve better service… Please even if MORNING SIDE CALLS >:)>:) Don.t Go Be Near Where People Can Better Watch in vigil

  47. #37 Sober. When did you leave Zambia. Did just start knowing Zambia on this blog? In fact Sata deserves the service of a more equipped hospital because when he was MoH he did quite a lot to not only equip the hospitals with drugs, increased medical personnel salaries, bought equipment, etc, but also sqeak-cleaned hospitals and clinics. Not bankusa aba abaleifolesha fye ndalama for nothing but stealing. Sata is a practical hard worker. It was only when Sata was MoH that most doctors and nurses abroad started coming back.

  48. #37, and be reminded that Sata never went for medicals. He was unconsciously ill in the real sense. George Kunda, RB, etc have been going for medicals. RB, just recently went for a knee check up. What a joke if your hospitals are fully equipped!

  49. That Hospital or Clinic called Morningside should change it’s name to “EVENING SIDE “- It’s just there for the Chronically ill Zambian Leaders . It will soon be out of business ,I wonder wether they tell these Patients of theirs as to what is wrong with them .Who runs this institution anyway ?is it Sangomas ?

  50. Its pointless really to go for treatment in SA when we have a full stash of ARVs in zed.If these govt officials where suffering from illness such as enlarged hearts,some rare cancers or any other illness that require proper attention then we wouldn’t have a problem with the trips to morning-side.
    We have seen people on Tv with terrible illness that cant afford an operation coz of the costs involved and it always breaks my heart.GK has full blown AIDS and is wasting our money on something that very little can be done.
    Come back home GK if you are alive,eat lots of veg and fruits,cut down on booze,drink lots of water,dont skip your daily intake of ARVs,and when you start feeling better-exercise,exercise and exercise!!Sure they have told you that already at Morning side??

  51. Maestro Hhehhehhe
    I like your propaganda.
    On “Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa Leslie Mbula said in a statement that Mr Kunda was discharged around 14:30 hours and is due to go for review on Friday… “We expect that after the review on Friday, the Vice-President will fly back home the following day,” Mr Mbula said,” this is good for Minister Vice-President Honourable MP George Kunda and his family.
    The Minister Kunda is required to help the mighty UPND Group move out of the UPND-PF PACT where the UPND is seemingly underrrated by the POST and PF supporters.

  52. Why cant we give medical check ups to the top brass and make them public before they are into office? This will stop all this nonsense and add some stability to the govt. The point is, if my days are numbered, i will steal and cheat because i know i will be terminally ill soon. So, lets put something in the constitution and save loads of money.

  53. Rt Hon Kunda LLB, SC, MP. I wish you a very speedy recovery. It is not over until the silver cord is snapped. May I encourage you to trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. The nation awaits your recovery and continuing service. For the sake of probity, you may want to disclose why you have had to undergo this impromptu medical review. You are a public personality now and the nation needs to know. Whatever it is, there is no shame in illness, whatever people say because ALL illness is due to one’s fault for ‘all have sinned and fallen short of the glory (that exalted, sinless, ‘diseaseless’ and deathless state) of God.’ Blessed be God, Jesus came so that we may have life and have it abundantly. Because He lives, we live too, by faith!

  54. #68 Akashishi when you are married is inexcusable batata. This is why mukapwila.

    Super Ken who has always kept his pants on has no need to go to SA. He is older than most if not all these people who think they give a second life at Morningside.

  55. Tell us which hotel he is so that Zedians in SA can go and pray for him? I was at morningside clinic yesterday and with what I saw, he might spend the rest of his life there. Please tell the nation the truth.

  56. #70 please you are now probably the only source of credible information we may have. Please tell us: what did you at Morningside clinic? Tell us; we want to know; we have to know. Is everything ok? Based on what you saw, what could be the problem? Please shed more light. Our Govt is a Govt of liars. I really wonder whether most of these leaders know that there is judgement after death!**==

  57. When he proposed those satanic alloance for NCC members, it did not make any sense to me why a schooled chap like him would let his reputation through the floor in broad day light like that. Now I do, he was just rooting for his graduity, posthumously. For those who saw him recently, they would confess one does not need to be a Sangoma to realise that George is marked for death, soon. For one, I will not shed a single tear. When he was enjoying himself groinery and contracting incurable ailements, I was not there. I just hope no state funeral is declared mwe abanthu bakwa Lesa, how many state funerals are we going to have? For some of us, even the tears are now running dry in this moaning christian babylonia of ours. The few I have I want to reserve for me, please.

  58. From the blogs on Rt Hon Kunda’s illness, one may be be forgiven for thinking that we are watching a vampire movie. But then that’s the reality of Zambia today, we live among vampires.

  59. Kunda probably has AIDs. This is so common that every one of us has lost dear ones to this terrible disease. Lets all wish him well. it could be your brother, farther or uncle next. End of the day this pandemic has robbed Zambia of much talent and one should show compassion for the individual then feel for the countris loss. God bless and be with G.Kunda.


  61. #78 I think it is pointless to wish someone well when you do not know whether he is dead or alive! Remember churches in Zambia were very busy not only praying but also fasting for recovery of LPM (MHSRIP) but at the time churches were doing all these things, the man was already in the morgue. But churches were doing all these things because pipo were keeping information to themselves. At the end of the day, it portrayed a picture that suggested that God had no faith in all those who were praying and fasting as their prayers were not answered. I hope we are not being fooled here again. Let us hope he is trully alive. You can not believe how our own so-called servants are keeping us in the dark.**==

  62. Village Concept greetings. For sure it is time to make the mighty UPND stand alone and shine. I am tired of reading insults from PF cadres and the MMD.

    Let us join forces and show these characters that we do not need the backing of Mr PF/MC SATA to get to win the 2011 tripartite elections. In fact the PACT will compromise our numbers in Parliament and so, this is time to do the needful and campaign heavily across Zambia.

    I am offering myself to help the UPND in any way possible to win the 2011 general elections by a landslide.

    Have a blessed day all.
    Matt 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.

  63. # 82 Dont waste your time with Maestro. He is an educated TRIBALIST. Were is Chief Boot licker? I m sure he has seen the status of VP and can’t figure out how to explain it on the blog.

  64. if that is true then why did they not shoot some footage of that ‘n’ send it to znbc to show on the mmd news ‘n’ also why haven’t they named the hotel?

  65. UBUNTU must be our guiding principle in all what we do. I wish George Kunda a quick recovery. Despite the uncertainity ubout hiz ailment and subsequent hospitalization in SA, may the Lord Jehova God Almighty see over him.

  66. :(( quick question ppl….if it truly was a routine check up why did shikapwasha feign ignorance ‘n’ speakin’ of which where is shikapwasha has he too been evacuated?

  67. I’m not the one to shed crocodile tiers, for all I care, the red-lipped snake can kick the bucket and I will not give a damn! His mercenary behaviour especially over the case of that lazo called Chiluba has been pathetic to say the least. If this is god’s punishment to him for his wicked deeds to the people of this country, who am I to feel remorse or worse still ask god to reverse his decision? Let god’s wish prevail, all chameleons like this chap should know that one day, the day of judgement will coming knocking on their lives for pay back. Ba mambala, mwacilamo saana!

  68. Kunda, if you are well. Thank God, but if you are dead, sleep well. You have run your race sir and dying is the best you can do for now. As things are, you will die of stroke when one day you hear that you are no longer VP/Minister.

  69. CFB in Lusaka is private hospital with all the morden facilities equivalent to that morning side, if anything better by the fact that the staff are highly trained and uphold confidentiality ethics.

  70. The VP must go UTH, they are saying more medicine there, why hiding in RSA, even if chronically ill just get treament at UTH. Hope that is not what making the VP making very wrong dcision. Dont frastrate the opposition Boss they will care for you next year. Resign bwana for your health.

  71. we shall meet in that beautiful shore.he has died i have just recieved intelligengy information.MHSRP.

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