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Fresh minds shun politics because of insults – Bishop Mambo


Bishop John Mambo has observed that the type of politics being practiced by politicians in the country has caused people with fresh minds to shun politics.

Bishop Mambo said the current political environment in the country is saturated with insults making it impossible for fresh minds to join politics. He said Zambian politicians have adopted a culture of insults as the best way to participate in politics.He said if this trend of politics of insults continues, Zambian politics will become meaningless.

Bishop Mambo told QFM in an interview that politicians should concentrate on issue-based politics if Zambia is to develop. He said that politicians should refrain from politics of insults if they are to succeed in governing the country.

He called on politicians to tone down their language in order to make the political environment in the country more conducive.

Bishop Mambo said that Zambia has a lot of knowledgeable citizens who would want to join politics, but are being scared away by the vulgar language being used on the political scene.
[Q FM]


  1. Dont Hate the Game,Hate the Players!!!
    We all know who started these insults,way back during the Kasama by-elections,one Rupiah Bwezani Banda,while addressing a rally,he saw PF members driving past,then he unleashed his vernom on them;
    VIONENI IVO VIMASILU,NOBUFI UBWAKUNYA,,,Sata,HH and Mwanawasa went through a campaign period,we never witnessed such,not untill RB came on the scene

  2. That’s what a typical kaponya does when he sees an educated handsome man who is proposing a same beautiful woman he is after.He will insult and scare away the Gentleman.Pa last ka gelo kweba gentleman ati chipuba chandi ndekeni nemwine chikasungabwino. :d:d

  3. Not suprising of these comprosed pervasion in politics and push for securalism. Look at it

    Masonists, G-a-y s, Marxists, l-e-s-b-i-a-n-s, tribalists and satanists in unholy alliance

    Hichilema, Ackson Sejani-Masonists

    Given Lubinda (Bangladesh -Zambian) also idol worshipping Satanist


    Richard Kapita-Masonist

    Watson Lumba-Masonist

    Guy Scot -Satanist

    Mumbi Phiri-Satanist and L-e-s-b-i-a-n

    Jean Kapata-L-e-s-b-i-a-n

    Ex-priest Bwalya-religious counterfeit cut G-a-y

    Willie and Febian Nsanda- Satanists

    Fred Mmembe-G-a-y marxist

    Sata Michael-Marxist

  4. That is what we get from the infected part of the pact namley PF. Fr Bwalays uttrences are more inportant then developmental issues, as witnessed in the willi banda tirade on Fr bwalya. Banda also rightly so pointed out to the not done driange for which cash was reliased. But this is not important to the pact. They do not care about development, only grabing power at all costs with sata promising 90 days development, when his party cant provide drinage and servicers in councils to the pipo. That is what zambians must expect. No development. As the opposition they should show case their credentials by showing us how they work. If the kanyama drinage saga is anything to go by, expect desaster. There will be total stealing if they are let into GRZ.

  5. These Shape the PF policy on secularism

    They are G-a-y-s themselves that also actually started and are actively cordinating funds for the Zambian Chapter of the G-a-y and L-e-s-b-i-a-n Society in Zambia heavily sponsored by the Internation G-a-y, Le-s-b-ia-n, B-i-s-e-x-u-a-l Transgender Historical Society (IGLBTHS) of Australian, Netherlands and South Africa are:

    Ruf Shenton-G-a-y PF

    William Harrington-G-a-y PF

    Fred Mmembe-G-a-y PF cadre

  6. I agree with the bishop; however I would hope that the wave of change that we are inevitably going to see includes social responsibility by the media and other neutral players. I still maintain that if the media desists from making news out of these practices then people will start to see just who has the ideas to move them out of poverty. We are starting to see increased tribal based negative sentiments from several corners of Zambia in part because of the amount of press insults get. A way to remedy this would be to give individuals that have solid and sober ideas about how to move this nation forward a platform to share and debate for all to hear. Reward those with solid work ethic, honesty and a general care for the everyday Zambian. I URGE US ALL TO BE THE CHANGE WE WANT TO SEE!

  7. For every George Kunda flown to South Africa for treatment, I would imagine more than 10 Zambians die of preventable or curable disease. For every Zambian bought with an embassy position one deserving one is denied, and other several negatively impacted. For every William Banda that makes the news, a culture of ‘success through boot-licking’ is encouraged. These are but a few of the many things that are wrong with the way our country is run today yet we seemingly spend 90% of our efforts discussing personalities, insults and perpetuating violence. I hope that 2011 will bring in both fresh minds and fresh regulations to counter the power that our leaders have. More importantly, I hope that people will figure ways to demand social responsibility from all forms of leadership.

  8. To all christians i implore you to start interceeding for Zambia without ceasing. Kindly lets be the watchmen over the city against satanism. Put on the full armor of God and declare a wall around the country against the devil restlessly belaboring to tear the national convenant with God and our cultture.Play for wisdom of our given leaders as they discharge their Godly duty in destroying the devil’s agents against the kingdom of God. Zambia is nation chosen, blessed and preserved by God. The devil is under our feet.

  9. VETERAN; what has one’s sexual orientation got to do with this article? You seem to have this very ironic way of exposing your ignorance, a man that can hide behind words but cannot hide his foolishness. It is like you just walked out a nursery school word association class and thought that if you put together some words in association with names of those in opposition to MMD, bloggers here would walk out saying, “wow lets vote for MMD”. Do you understand that this is the 21st century? We no longer judge people by their sexual orientation just as we do not accept apartheid. The country that you reside in would classify your comments as bigotry and hate filled, making you the closest thing to a terrorist on this blog. You disgust me.

  10. # 9 Youthful Citizen please dont waste your time with Veteran. He gets paid to write kak on the blog. He is will do anything at the moment to protect his job. But lets just unite and remove this useless MMD for the sake of our children.

  11. Its actually sickening to read what our politicans insulting each other, Its so childish its like we are going backwards in a modern world moving forward, even China is moving ahead, How on earth can you move forward when you bring back a Unip cadre from the 70s[William Banda] a thug, and our political leadership allows the scumbag to insult professionals in the cabinet, I joined MMD in 1990 we were totally against such low lifes but now in 2010 they are in political mainstream whats gone wrong,

  12. The biggest problem is Voters. If Voters did not tolerate insults, these politicians would become clean over night.

    These politicians insult because they have a following that find it Ok for a president or presidential candidate to insult. Blame the voters who vote for them.

  13. :((:((:((Bishop!! Bishop Mambo please!! You know why the insults have come back to our politics. UNIP is back in full force. A UNIPist UNIP President with his cadre William Banda. UNIP is laughing all the way to the polls. They know that they are back without fighting for the power by simply using MMD. Bwezani Banda cannot change from being UNIP by calling him MMD President. He has personally ,always, confessed that he cannot change from being UNIP. Why is Nawakwi and everybody failing to see that they lost the battle the moment they allowed Levy to appoint a UNIPist to the position of VP just to reward Eastern province. We should all have risen to protest at the appointment like against the third term of Titus Mpundu Kafupi, period.

  14. Hullo Mayo Wandi! You have hit the nail on the Mphuno Ikulu ( The big nose is not an insult because Nkosi yama Kosi Mpezeni called so). The man is confortably mascarading as an MMD president when in reality he 100% UNIP. What did we fight for from 1990 until we got rid of UNIP on 31st Octonber 1991?? UNIP is back and KK is happy and that is why he cannot the unity of PF and UPND which he tried to support when he thought UNIP had no chance of ever coming back to power. The moment KK heard that his man was appointed VP KK whent underground in support of MMD. The old man is always very sniky over such matters. HH and Sata unity is an enigima to the to KK and he has quietly abandoned it in preferrence to representing a UNIP president at wedding where he still sings Betty love songs. We know KK

  15. Bishop Mambo doesn’t have to go far. The calibre of comments from Veteran sums it all. And # 10 Motsepe is just echoing Bishop Mambo’s sentiments, some bloggers cant even comment now because bloggers like Veteran will always make comments that are out of line.

  16. Motsepe I am afraid you are right. I am wasting my time trying to discredit someone that probably does not believe what he/she preaches. Thanks for the advice.

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